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The Residents

Band, *1969
Electronic and Rock
A.k.a. Delta Nudes Ivory And The Brain Eaters The College Walkers The Singing Lawn Chairs

"Four interior decorators of the apocalypse" US avant-garde group based in San Francisco. The official inception of the Residents was the release of Meet The Residents in 1974, but members of the group had worked together since 1969 or perhaps earlier. The band is known for its wide range of named guest stars and collaborators, its multitude of concept albums, its ambitious multimedia, audiovisual, and stage projects and the mystery surrounding much of its activities, from its history as a band to the identity of its members The band has consistently related that it took its name from a rejection letter that it had received from Warner Bros. Records. They sent the label a demo tape anonymously--the letter thus simply addressed them as "Residents."

PortraitHardy Fox
1945-2018 US
voc, dr
PortraitRandy Rose
Popular Tracks   
Easter woman on The Commercial Album by The Residents
Amber on The Commercial Album by The Residents
The Booker Tease on Duck Stab / Buster & Glen by The Residents
Boots on Meet The Residents by The Residents
Hello Skinny on Duck Stab / Buster & Glen by The Residents
You Yesyesyes on Fingerprince by The Residents
Red Rider on The Commercial Album by The Residents
Constantinople - Version 1 on Duck Stab / Buster & Glen by The Residents
Moisture on The Commercial Album by The Residents
Perfect love on The Commercial Album by The Residents

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Band Membership

Title Artist Year Type
I Am A Resident!The Residents2018Album
The W***** B*** AlbumThe Residents2018Album
The IntruderThe Residents2018Single
IntrudersThe Residents2018Album
Loss Of The Lizard LadyThe Residents2018Compil.
Frank's LamentThe Residents2017Single
80 Aching OrphansThe Residents2017Compil.
Santa Dog 17The Residents2017Single
Pioneers Of ElectronicaThomas Leer / The Residents2017Single
The Ghost Of HopeThe Residents2017Album
Theory Of Obscurity - A Film About The ResidentsThe Residents2016Album
Rushing Like A BansheeThe Residents2016Single
Disfigured NightThe Residents2016Compil.
The Bunny Boy Alternative InstrumentalsThe Residents2015Album
ShadowlandThe Residents2015Album
Strange Culture / The Rivers Of Hades / Haeckel's TaleThe Residents2015Compil.
Whatever Happened To Vileness Fats? / The Census TakerThe Residents2014Compil.
Mark Of The Mole Mix One - Instrumental VersionThe Residents2014Album
The Wonder Of WeirdThe Residents2014Album
The 12 Days Of Brumalia + Prelude To "The Teds"The Residents2014Compil.
Mush-RoomThe Residents2013Album
Ten Two TimesThe Residents2013Compil.
Demonic! The Residents Live In Oslo!The Residents2012Album
Bad Day On The Midway (Music From The Game Reconsidered)The Residents2012Album
ERA B474The Residents2012Album
D*ck S*ab 35th AnniversaryThe Residents2012Album
Heaven? / Hell!The Residents2012Compil.
Triple Dub-Ya: The Way We Were MelbourneThe Residents2012Album
Black BarryThe Residents2012Single
Talking Light: Bimbo'sThe Residents2011Album
JB@45The Residents2011Single
GBM(i)The Residents2011Single
VFThe Residents2011Single
Talking Light Bimbo'sThe Residents2011Album
OzarkThe Residents2011Album
Mole SuiteThe Residents2011Single
Live At Bimbo's 365 ClubThe Residents2011Album
Coochie BrakeThe Residents Present Sonidos De La Noche2011Album
Talking Light Portland OregonThe Residents2011Album
Chuck's Ghost MusicThe Residents2011Album
CUBE E Dynasone 3EZThe Residents2011Album
The ReplacementThe Residents2011Album
Imaginary JackThe Residents2011Album
Lonely TeenagerThe Residents2011Album
Oh Mummy! Oh Daddy! Can't You See That It's True, What The Beatles Did To Me I Love Lucy Did To YouThe Residents2010Single
Dollar General (One Lost Night In Van Horn, Texas)The Residents2010Album
BravaThe Residents2010Album
Lost In A Vacant LotThe Residents2010Album
Meet The Residents / Not AvailableThe Residents2010Album
Beautiful EyesThe Residents2010Album
Talking Light Live In Rehearsal, Santa Cruz, CaliforniaThe Residents2010Album
Tweedles (Tabasco) InstrumentalThe Residents2010Album
Live At The Snakey WakeThe Residents2010Album
Voice-Less MidnightThe Residents2010Album
So Long SamThe Residents2010Album
13th Anniversary Show - Ritz NY - Jan 16, 1986The Residents2010Album
Morning MusicThe Residents2010Album
Film And Video Series 2 - Strange Culture / Haeckel's TaleThe Residents2010Album
Talking Light Nijmegen HollandThe Residents2010Album
Randy's Ghost StoriesThe Residents2010Album
Talking Light Larvik NorwayThe Residents2010Album
Talking Light Santa CruzThe Residents2010Album
Icky Flix LiveThe Residents2009Album
1997: The Missing Year - The Original Disfigured Night ArrangementThe Residents2009Album
El Año Del MuertoThe Residents2009Album
HadesThe Residents2009Album
Mole Show DVD Bag SetThe Residents2009Album
Bridegroom Of Blood - Gamelan CollectionThe Residents2009Album
1997: The Missing Year - Scattered Unfinished Music SketchesThe Residents2009Album
1997: The Missing Year - The Marlboro Eyeball Experience (Disfigured Night)The Residents2009Album
1997: The Missing Year - The Fillmore Dress Rehearsal (Act One)The Residents2009Album
Documentation - Tunes In Danger Of Becoming LostThe Residents2009Album
1997: The Missing Year - Adobe Disfigured NightThe Residents2009Album
Dogtag (Bunny Intermission)The Residents2009Single
Cover Versions Series 1The Residents2009Album
RMXThe Residents2009Album
Things To ComeThe Residents2009Single
ArkansasThe Residents2009Album
Is Anybody Out There?The Residents2009Album
Ten Little PiggiesThe Residents2009Compil.
The UGHS!The Residents2009Album
Anganok InstrumentalThe Residents2009Single
AnganokThe Residents2009Single
Postcards From PatmosThe Residents2008Album
The Bunny BoyThe Residents2008Album
Smell My PictureThe Residents2008Album
Animal Lover InstrumentalThe Residents2008Album
Night Of The HuntersThe Residents2007Album
The Voice Of MidnightThe Residents2007Album
Best Left Unspoken... Volume Three: For Elsie And Other SelectionsThe Residents2007Compil.
The Sandman WaitsThe Residents2007Album
Best Left Unspoken... Volume Two: High Horses And Other SelectionsThe Residents2007Compil.
River Of Crime! Episodes 1-5The Residents2006Album
River Of Crime!The Residents2006Album
Cube-EThe Residents2006Album
Best Left Unspoken... Volume One: Pollex Christi And Other SelectionsThe Residents2006Compil.
Tweedles!The Residents2006Album
The Residents Play WormwoodThe Residents2005Album
Animal LoverThe Residents2005Album
The Way We WereThe Residents2005Album
Mark Of The Mole & IntermissionThe Residents2005Album
The Tunes Of Two Cities & The Big BubbleThe Residents2005Album
I Murdered Mommy!The Residents2004Album
The King & Eye: RMXThe Residents2004Album
Viva Las Vegas RMXThe Residents2004Single
WB:RMXThe Residents2004Album
The 12 Days Of BrumaliaThe Residents2004Album
Commercial DVDThe Residents2004Album
Kettles Of Fish On The Outskirts Of TownThe Residents2003Compil.
Demons Dance Alone DVDThe Residents2003Album
Golden GoatThe Residents2003Album
EskimoThe Residents2002Album
Petting ZooThe Residents2002Compil.
Demons Dance AloneThe Residents2002Album
Live! ...On The OutskirtsThe Residents2002Album
Roosevelt 2.0The Residents2001Compil.
Icky Flix (Original Soundtrack Recording)The Residents2001Album
Icky FlixThe Residents2001Album
Diskomo 2000The Residents2000Single
Roadworms (The Berlin Sessions)The Residents2000Album
Dot ComThe Residents2000Compil.
RefusedThe Residents1999Compil.
Wormwood Live 1999The Residents1999Album
Land Of MysteryThe Residents1999Compil.
Twenty-Five Years Of Eyeball ExcellenceThe Residents1998Compil.
Live At The FillmoreThe Residents1998Album
I Hate HeavenThe Residents1998Single
Wormwood (Curious Stories From The Bible)The Residents1998Album
Disfigured Night!The Residents1997Single
Our Tired, Our Poor, Our Huddled MassesThe Residents1997Compil.
Pollex ChristiThe Residents1997Album
Have A Bad DayThe Residents1996Album
Louisiana's LickThe Residents1995Compil.
Hunters (The World Of Predators And Prey)The Residents1995Album
Bad Day On The MidwayThe Residents1995Album
Poor Kaw-Liga's PainThe Residents1994Album
Gingerbread ManThe Residents1994Album
Freak Show CD-ROM Video TourThe Residents1994Album
Gingerbread Man (Expanded Album)The Residents1994Album
Freak ShowThe Residents1994Album
In Memoriam TorsoThe Residents1994Album
Uncle Willie's Highly Opinionated Guide To The ResidentsThe Residents1993Compil.
Prelude To "The Teds"The Residents1993Album
Twenty Twisted QuestionsThe Residents1992Album
Santa Dog '92The Residents1992Album
Our Finest FlowersThe Residents1992Album
BlowoffThe Residents1992Album
Freak Show Video Press ReleaseThe Residents1991Album
The Eyes Scream: A History Of The ResidentsThe Residents1991Single
Daydream B LiverThe Residents1991Album
Don't Be CruelThe Residents1990Single
Cube-E (The History Of American Music In 3 E-Z Pieces) - Live In HollandThe Residents1990Album
Stranger Than SupperThe Residents1990Compil.
Liver MusicThe Residents1990Album
DiskomoThe Residents1990Album
Freak ShowThe Residents1990Album
Cube E: The History Of American Music In 3 E-Z Pieces - Piece 3: The Baby KingThe Residents1990Album
The King & EyeThe Residents1989Album
Mole Show (Live In Holland June 6th 1983)The Residents1989Album
Kaw-Liga (Housey Mix)The Residents1989Single
Buckaroo BluesThe Residents1989Album
From The Plains To MexicoThe Residents1989Single
Double ShotThe Residents1988Single
Diskomo - Live In San FranciscoThe Residents1988Single
The Snakey WakeThe Residents1988Album
Santa Dog '88The Residents1988Album
God In Three PersonsThe Residents1988Album
Holy Kiss Of FleshThe Residents1988Album
For ElsieThe Residents1987Single
13th Anniversary Show - Live In HollandThe Residents Featuring Snakefinger1987Album
Video Voodoo Volume IThe Residents1987Album
Hit The Road Jack (Special Almost Dance Mix)The Residents1987Album
Hit The Road Jack / Excerpt From "For Elsie"The Residents1987Single
This Is A Mans Mans Mans World / Jailhouse RockThe Residents1986Single
Heaven?The Residents1986Compil.
Kaw-LigaThe Residents1986Single
Earth Vs. The Flying SaucersThe Residents1986Single
Stars & Hank Forever! (The American Composer's Series - Volume II)The Residents1986Album
Hell!The Residents1986Compil.
13th Anniversary Show - Live In JapanThe Residents Featuring Snakefinger1986Album
Kaw-Liga (Dancemix)The Residents1986Single
PAL TV LPThe Residents1985Compil.
Memorial HitsThe Residents1985Compil.
The Big Bubble (Part Four Of The Mole Trilogy)The Residents1985Album
The Census Taker (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)The Residents1985Album
Whatever Happened To Vileness Fats?The Residents1984Album
Ralph Before '84: Volume IThe Residents1984Compil.
Mole Show / Whatever Happened To Vileness Fats?The Residents1984Single
George & James (American Composer Series - Volume 1)The Residents1984Album
It's A Man's Man's Man's WorldThe Residents1984Single
The White SingleThe Residents1984Single
Residue Of The ResidentsThe Residents1983Compil.
Live In ViennaThe Residents1983Single
Mole ShowThe Residents1983Album
Title In LimboThe Residents & Renaldo & The Loaf1983Album
The Tunes Of Two CitiesThe Residents1982Album
IntermissionThe Residents1982Album
Mark Of The MoleThe Residents1981Album
Commercial SingleThe Residents1980Single
Shut Up, Shut UpThe Residents1980Single
Diskomo / GoosebumpThe Residents1980Album
Commercial AlbumThe Residents1980Album
NibblesThe Residents1979Compil.
EskimoThe Residents1979Album
BabyfingersThe Residents1979Single
Santa Dog '78The Residents1978Single
Duck StabThe Residents1978Single
Not AvailableThe Residents1978Album
Duck Stab / Buster & GlenThe Residents1978Album
The Beatles Play The Residents And The Residents Play The BeatlesThe Residents1977Single
FingerprinceThe Residents1977Album
The Third Reich 'N' RollThe Residents1976Album
SatisfactionThe Residents1976Single
Meet The ResidentsThe Residents1974Album
Meet The ResidentsThe Residents1974Single
Santa DogThe Residents1972Single
UuuuuuuuuuuuutopiaThe ResidentsAlbum
Kaw-LigaThe ResidentsSingle
JambalayaThe ResidentsSingle
UntitledThe Residents Feat. N. SenadaAlbum
The Angry AngakokThe ResidentsSingle
The Washington PostThe ResidentsSingle
SatisfactionThe ResidentsSingle
Silver, SharpThe ResidentsSingle
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