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The Sweet

Band, 1968-1982 GB, Harefield

UK glam rock band

PortraitAndy Scott
g, voc, syn GB
PortraitPhil Lanzon
key, voc *1950 GB
PortraitMick Tucker
voc, dr 1947-2002 GB
PortraitSteve Priest
voc, eb, b *1948 GB
PortraitBrian Connolly
voc 1945-1997 GB
PortraitPaul Mario Day
voc GB
PortraitJeff Brown
b, bvoc GB
PortraitPeter Lincoln
voc, b GB
PortraitSteve Grant
key, voc, bvoc *1958
PortraitStuart Smith
g *1956 GB
PortraitTony O'Hora
voc, key *1967 GB
PortraitBruce Bisland
dr GB
PortraitMick Stewart
g GB
PortraitFrank Torpey

Band Membership

Title Artist Year Type
Sensational Sweet Chapter One: The Wild BunchThe Sweet2017Album
Fox On The RunThe Sweet2017Single
The Lost SinglesThe Sweet2017Compil.
Are You Ready? - The RCA EraThe Sweet2017Album
The Polydor AlbumsThe Sweet2017Album
The Very Best OfThe Sweet2016Compil.
The Very Best OfThe Sweet2016Compil.
Action (The Ultimate Story)The Sweet2015Album
Ballroom Blitz Live In Berlin 1976The Sweet2015Album
Finale - Live In Berlin 2015The Sweet2015Album
Action (The Ultimate Story)The Sweet2015Compil.
Yesterday´s Rain - Live At Grona Lund, Stockholm, Sweden May 5, 1976The Sweet2015Album
HitsThe Sweet2015Album
New York Groove PlusThe Sweet2015Album
Finale Live in Berlin 2015The Sweet2015Album
Still Got The RockThe Sweet2015Single
Live At The Marquee 1986The Sweet2013Album
Fox On The Run; Rare Studio TracksThe Sweet2013Compil.
Best of DiscoThe Sweet2012Compil.
Live In Concert Denmark 1976The Sweet2010Album
MP3 CollectionThe Sweet2009Album
Action: The Sweet AnthologyThe Sweet2009Compil.
CollectionsThe Sweet2008Compil.
Greatest HitsThe Sweet2008Compil.
Ballroom Hits / The Very Best OfThe Sweet2008Album
BestThe Sweet2008Compil.
2 CDs With The Best Of: The SweetThe Sweet2008Compil.
Hit CollectionThe Sweet2007Compil.
BlockbustersThe Sweet2007Compil.
Даёшь Музыку MP3 CollectionThe Sweet2007Compil.
Blockbuster! (The Best Of Sweet)The Sweet2007Compil.
MP3The Sweet, Andy Scott & Brian Connolly2006Compil.
BlockbustersThe Sweet2006Compil.
Block BusterThe Sweet2006Album
AnthologyThe Sweet2006Compil.
MP3 Коллекция. Часть 2The Sweet2005Album
UhHuh / Oxygena-ha / The Sweet2005Album
The Very Best Of SweetThe Sweet2005Album
Sweet'nersThe Sweet2005Compil.
The Very Best Of SweetThe Sweet2005Compil.
SweetThe Sweet2005Album
MP3 Коллекция. Часть 1The Sweet2005Album
Ballroom Blitz - The Best OfThe Sweet2004Compil.
The Best & LiveThe Sweet2004Compil.
Sweetlive (The Greatest Hits)The Sweet2004Album
Mp3The Sweet2004Album
Most Famous Hits: The AlbumThe Sweet2004Compil.
Фонотека В КарманеThe Sweet2004Compil.
Glitz, Blitz, & HitzThe Sweet2004Album
Ballroom BlitzThe Sweet2004Compil.
Sweetlike (Most Famous Hits)The Sweet2003Album
Here And NowThe Sweet2003Album
RetrospectiveThe Sweet2003Compil.
In The MixThe Sweet2003Compil.
The Very Best OfThe Sweet2003Album
Коллекция Альбомов 1982-2001 (1982-1996 & Solo)The Sweet2003Compil.
Triple TreasuresThe Sweet2002Compil.
The SweetThe Sweet2002Compil.
Do It All Over AgainThe Sweet2002Single
Коллекция Альбомов 1971 - 1980The Sweet2002Compil.
All Time Hits 1980-2002The Sweet2002Compil.
SweetlifeThe Sweet2002Album
Better Than BestThe Sweet2002Compil.
ChronologyThe Sweet2002Compil.
The Best Of SweetThe Sweet2002Compil.
Stairway To The Stars - Live & RareThe Sweet2002Album
The Very Best Of The SweetThe Sweet2001Compil.
The Sweet / Desolation BoulevardThe Sweet2001Compil.
2 Originals Of Sweet (Live At The Marquee / "A")The Sweet2001Album
Sweetest Power HitsThe Sweet2001Compil.
The SweetThe Sweet2001Compil.
Previously unreleased Tracks + versionsThe Sweet2001Album
Ballroom HitzThe Sweet2001Compil.
The BestThe Sweet2001Compil.
HellraiserThe Sweet2001Compil.
The Greatest HitsThe Sweet2000Compil.
3 CD BoxThe Sweet2000Compil.
Sweets, Glams & Glitter RocksThe Sweet2000Compil.
Best - Fox On The RunThe Sweet2000Compil.
Greatest HitsThe Sweet2000Compil.
Hell Raisers!The Sweet2000Compil.
Greatest HitsThe Sweet2000Compil.
The Greatest HitsThe Sweet2000Compil.
Sweet Fanny Adams / Desolation BoulevardThe Sweet2000Compil.
HitStoryThe Sweet2000Compil.
Live (Živý Záznam Dánského Koncertu 1976)The Sweet1999Album
Complete WorksThe Sweet1999Compil.
Blockbuster Alternate TracksThe Sweet1999Compil.
Teenage RampageThe Sweet1999Compil.
Музыкальная ЭнциклопедияThe Sweet + Roxette1999Compil.
Greatest HitsThe Sweet1999Compil.
LiveThe Sweet1999Album
Live Ballroom BlitzThe Sweet1999Compil.
Forever GoldThe Sweet1999Compil.
Fox On The RunThe Sweet1999Album
Millenium CollectionThe Sweet1999Compil.
The SweetThe Sweet1999Compil.
Live At The Rainbow 1973 (The Complete Concert)The Sweet1999Album
LiveThe Sweet1998Album
Only The BestThe Sweet1998Compil.
Biggest Hits / Desolation BoulevardThe Sweet1998Compil.
Solid Gold SweetThe Sweet1998Compil.
The Sweet Feat. Brian ConnollyThe Sweet Feat. Brian Connolly1998Compil.
GoldThe Sweet1998Compil.
The Hard Rock TapesThe Sweet1998Album
Fanny Adams / Level HeadedThe Sweet1998Compil.
The Best Of SweetThe Sweet1998Compil.
Fox On The Run (Sweet & Foxy '98 Digital Mixes)The Sweet1998Single
Give Us A Wink / Off The RecordThe Sweet1998Compil.
Sweet On The RunThe Sweet1997Album
The SweetThe Sweet1997Compil.
The Best Of SweetThe Sweet1997Compil.
Live For TodayThe Sweet1997Album
The Legendary RivalsThe Sweet / Slade / Status Quo1997Compil.
The Best Of SweetThe Sweet1997Compil.
Let's GoThe Sweet1997Compil.
Electric LandladyThe Sweet1997Compil.
GoldThe Sweet1997Compil.
Live In Sweden 1971The Sweet1996Single
The Best Of Sweet Featuring Brian ConnollyThe Sweet1996Compil.
Golden HitsThe Sweet1996Compil.
Hell RaiserThe Sweet1996Album
The Best Of SweetThe Sweet1996Compil.
Ballroom Hitz - The Very Best Of SweetThe Sweet1996Compil.
Greatest HitsThe Sweet1996Compil.
Live In SwedenThe Sweet1996Single
Greatest HitsThe Sweet1996Compil.
Blockbuster (Live On Stage)The Sweet1996Album
The SweetThe Sweet1996Compil.
Solid Gold Action: 15 Alternative MixesThe Sweet1996Compil.
Hellraisers - Live And RareThe Sweet1996Compil.
Platinum RareThe Sweet1995Compil.
Fox On The Run - CollectionThe Sweet1995Compil.
LiveThe Sweet1995Album
Greatest HitsThe Sweet, Andy Scott1995Compil.
The Rock YearsThe Sweet1995Compil.
The Great Sweet LiveThe Sweet1995Compil.
Trans Europe Express / Funk It UpKraftwerk / The Sweet1995Single
Hit-SinglesThe Sweet1995Compil.
The SweetThe Sweet1995Compil.
The Legend Lives OnThe Sweet1995Compil.
Greatest HitsThe Sweet Featuring Brian Connolly1995Compil.
The Sweet CollectionThe Sweet1995Compil.
The Sweet featuring Brian ConnollyThe Sweet1995Compil.
The Private CollectionThe Sweet1995Compil.
LiveThe Sweet1995Album
BlockbusterThe Sweet & Badfinger1994Album
Fox On The RunThe Sweet1994Compil.
The Sweet‎ (Live) «Litte Willy»The Sweet1994Album
The CollectionThe Sweet1994Compil.
Tom Tom TurnaroundThe Sweet1994Single
The Sweet‎ (Live) «Hell Raiser»The Sweet1994Album
BreakdownThe Sweet1994Compil.
The OuttakesThe Sweet1994Album
In ConcertThe Sweet1994Compil.
Baby What Do You Want Me To DoThe Sweet1994Single
GoldThe Sweet1993Album
Gold - 20 Super HitsThe Sweet1993Compil.
The Sweet Featuring: Brian ConnellyThe Sweet Featuring: Brian Connolly1993Compil.
Rock GoldThe Sweet1993Compil.
Great Balls Of Fire!The Sweet1993Album
Live 1973The Sweet1993Compil.
The Sweet Live!The Sweet1993Album
Greatest HitsThe Sweet1993Compil.
A Portrait OfThe Sweet1993Compil.
Love Is Like Oxygen: The Single Collection 1978 - 1982The Sweet1993Compil.
Live For TodayThe Sweet1993Compil.
Land Of Hope And GloryThe Sweet1993Album
Greatest Hits - LiveThe Sweet1993Album
Best Of The SweetThe Sweet1992Compil.
Rock & Roll Disgrace - Live In JapanThe Sweet1992Album
The Ballroom Blitz & More Sweet HitsThe Sweet1992Compil.
The Best Of The SweetThe Sweet1992Compil.
The Best Of SweetThe Sweet1992Compil.
Wig-Wam Bam / Co-Co / Little WillyThe Sweet1992Single
A.C.D.C./Fox On The Run/ActionThe Sweet1992Compil.
Rebel RouserThe Sweet1991Album
Blockbuster! / Hellraiser! / Ballroom BlitzThe Sweet1991Single
First Recordings 1968-1971The Sweet1991Compil.
Relax / Love Is Like Oxygen / Why MeFrankie Goes To Hollywood / The Sweet / Planet P Project1991Album
Rock ConcertThe Sweet1990Album
Castle Masters CollectionThe Sweet1990Compil.
The CollectionThe Sweet1990Compil.
Rockin' The RainbowThe Sweet1990Album
Love Is Like Oxygen (Live) / Reach Out ... I'll Be ThereThe Sweet1989Single
Live At The MarqueeThe Sweet1989Album
Ballroom BlitzThe Sweet1989Album
BlockbusterThe Sweet1989Single
Live At The MarqueeThe Sweet1989Album
Wig Wam BamThe Sweet1989Single
BlockbustersThe Sweet1989Compil.
Starke ZeitenThe Sweet1988Compil.
Teenage Rampage / Hell RaiserThe Sweet1988Single
Wig Wam Bam / Co CoThe Sweet1988Single
It's It's The Sweet MixThe Sweet1988Single
Hard Centres - The Rock YearsThe Sweet1987Compil.
Fox On The Run / Ballroom BlitzThe Sweet1987Single
Block Buster / Little WillyThe Sweet1987Single
Greatest HitsThe Sweet1986Compil.
Sweet 2th - The Wigwam-Willy MixThe Sweet1985Compil.
Die Großen Erfolge Einer SupergruppeThe Sweet1985Compil.
The Sixteens / ActionThe Sweet1984Single
Sweet 16: It's It's....Sweet's HitsThe Sweet1984Compil.
It's It's... The Sweet MixThe Sweet1984Single
Love Is Like Oxygen / Fresh AirThe Sweet / Quicksilver Messenger Service1982Single
Identity CrisisThe Sweet1982Album
Identity CrisisThe Sweet1982Single
Blockbuster / HellraiserThe Sweet1981Single
Ballroom Blitz / Wig Wam BamThe Sweet1981Single
Teenage RampageThe Sweet1981Compil.
Peppermint TwistThe Sweet1981Single
California Nights / Love Is Like OxygenThe Sweet1981Single
VIThe Sweet1980Album
Sixties ManThe Sweet1980Single
Fox On The Run / Hell Raiser / Blockbuster! / Ballroom BlitzThe Sweet1980Single
Give The Lady Some RespectThe Sweet1980Single
Tell The Truth = Di La Verdad / At Midnight = A MedianocheThe Sweet1980Single
Co Co / Block BusterThe Sweet1980Single
Funny Funny / Poppa JoeThe Sweet1980Single
Waters EdgeThe Sweet1980Album
Call MeThe Sweet1979Single
Mother EarthThe Sweet1979Single
Cut Above The RestThe Sweet1979Album
Big Apple WaltzThe Sweet1979Single
The SweetThe Sweet1978Compil.
In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida / California NightsJulia Keen & Pin Up Stick / The Sweet1978Single
Love Is Like OxygenThe Sweet1978Single
Short And SweetThe Sweet1978Album
Love Is Like Oxygen / Bomba O Non Bomba...The Sweet / Antonello Venditti1978Single
Love Is Like Oxigen / On The StripThe Sweet / Paul Nicholas1978Single
California NightsThe Sweet1978Single
Level HeadedThe Sweet1978Album
Air On 'A' Tape LoopThe Sweet1978Album
"Disco De Ouro"The Sweet1978Compil.
Stairway To The StarsThe Sweet1977Single
Off The RecordThe Sweet1977Album
Funk It Up (David's Song)The Sweet1977Album
Fever Of LoveThe Sweet1977Single
Fever Of Love / Heartbreak TodayThe Sweet1977Single
Sweet's Golden GreatsThe Sweet1977Compil.
Fever Of Love - In To The NightThe Sweet1977Single
Stairway To The StarsThe Sweet1977Single
Sweet For A.O.R. Radio OnlyThe Sweet1976Compil.
Give Us A WinkThe Sweet1976Album
Action / MedussaThe Sweet1976Single
Sweet Singles AlbumThe Sweet1976Compil.
The Lies In Your Eyes / Berta FilavaThe Sweet / Rino Gaetano1976Single
Action / I Wanna Be CommitedThe Sweet1976Single
4th Of JulyThe Sweet1976Single
SweetThe Sweet1976Compil.
Give Us A Wink / StarcastleThe Sweet / Starcastle1976Album
Live In England!The Sweet1976Album
Aimez vous les yeux noirs?The Sweet1976Album
The Lies In Your EyesThe Sweet1976Single
Lost AngelsThe Sweet1976Single
Fox On The RunThe Sweet1976Single
Fox On The RunThe Sweet1975Single
Strung UpThe Sweet1975Compil.
The Ballroom BlitzThe Sweet1975Single
ActionThe Sweet1975Single
Fox On The RunThe Sweet1975Single
Ballroom Blitz / Fox On The RunThe Sweet1975Single
Солнечные СныThe Sweet1975Album
Party Freaks / Fox On The RunMiami Featuring Robert Moore / The Sweet1975Single
Action / Gimme SomeThe Sweet / Jimmy "Bo" Horne1975Single
Desolation BoulevardThe Sweet1974Album
Teenage RampageThe Sweet1974Single
Peppermint TwistThe Sweet1974Single
Turn It DownThe Sweet1974Single
Чоп-ЧопThe Sweet1974Single
The Six TeensThe Sweet1974Single
El Relampago = The Ballroom BlitzThe Sweet1974Single
Sweet Fanny AdamsThe Sweet1974Album
Blockbuster!The Sweet1973Compil.
Hell RaiserThe Sweet1973Single
Lo Mejor De The SweetThe Sweet1973Compil.
Paperback WriterThe Sweet1973Single
I'm On My Way / My Little Girl From KentuckyThe Sweet1973Single
Пуканки / Тема От Филма "Shaft" / Ко-ко / Много СмешноGershon Kingsley / Isaac Hayes / The Sweet1973Single
The Ballroom BlitzThe Sweet1973Single
The SweetThe Sweet1973Compil.
Block BusterThe Sweet1973Single
El Relampago / Hombre De Mecca / Liera / EnsueñoThe Sweet1973Single
Baby I Love You / Block Buster!Dave Edmunds / The Sweet1973Single
Little WillyThe Sweet1973Single
It's Lonely Out ThereThe Sweet1973Single
The Sweet Featuring "Little Willy" & "Blockbuster"The Sweet1973Compil.
The Sweet's Biggest HitsThe Sweet1972Compil.
Poppa JoeThe Sweet1972Compil.
The SweetThe Sweet1972Compil.
Santa Monica Brillo De Sol = Santa Monica SunshineThe Sweet1972Single
The Sweet EPThe Sweet1972Single
Little WillyThe Sweet1972Single
Wig-Wam BamThe Sweet1972Single
Without You / Poppa JoeHarry Nilsson / The Sweet1972Single
Poppa Joe / JeanieThe Sweet1972Single
Co-Co / Funny FunnyThe Sweet1971Single
Co-CoThe Sweet1971Single
Co-Co / Rain DanceThe Sweet / The Guess Who1971Single
Funny Funny/Co-CoThe Sweet1971Single
Funny Funny / SunnyThe Sweet / Los Indios Tabajaras1971Single
Alexander Graham BellThe Sweet1971Single
Funny How Sweet Co-Co Can BeThe Sweet1971Album
Funny, FunnyThe Sweet1971Single
Santa Monica SunshineThe Sweet1971Single
Tom Tom TurnaroundThe Sweet1971Single
Get On The LineThe Sweet1970Single
The Lollipop ManThe Sweet1969Single
All You'll Ever Get From MeThe Sweet1969Single
Slow MotionThe Sweet1968Single
Slow MotionThe Sweet1968Compil.
10 Years On TopThe SweetCompil.
Various ArtistsThe Sweet, Al Green, James TaylorSingle
Gimme Dat DingThe Sweet & The PipkinsCompil.
Live In ColchesterThe SweetAlbum
Co-Co / Funny FunnyThe SweetSingle
Middle Of The Road - SweetMiddle Of The Road, The SweetCompil.
Are You Coming To See Me?The SweetSingle
MP3The SweetCompil.
Ballroom To BarroomThe SweetAlbum
Sweet's Greatest Hits Vol.1The SweetCompil.
Complete SweetThe SweetCompil.
Love Is More Than OxygenThe SweetAlbum
Into The Light - Rare & UnreleasedThe SweetAlbum
Hallo A / Little WillyMouth & MacNeal / The SweetSingle
Poppa Joe / Beg Steal Or BorrowThe Sweet / The New SeekersSingle
At The BeebThe SweetCompil.
Co Co / Funny FunnyThe SweetSingle
From The Vaults Volume 12The SweetAlbum
Poppa Joe / Du Lebst In Deiner WeltThe Sweet / Daisy DoorSingle
Spanish Harlem / Co CoAretha Franklin / The SweetSingle
MP3 CollectionThe SweetAlbum
De Luxe CollectionThe SweetCompil.
Коллекция Альбомов часть 1-2The SweetAlbum
Музыкальная MP3 КоллекцияThe SweetCompil.
Crazy - Live In ConcertThe SweetAlbum
Grand CollectionThe SweetCompil.
At The BeebThe SweetSingle
Live Santa Monica 24/3/1976The SweetAlbum
Live At Gota Lejon Stockholm 15.2.1978The SweetAlbum
Little Willy / It's Cold OutsideThe Sweet / The ChoirSingle
Fox On The Run / BlockbusterThe SweetSingle
Live In Stockholm 1978The SweetAlbum
Live At LastThe SweetAlbum
Live In Concert Denmark 1976The SweetAlbum
The SpiderThe SweetCompil.
MP3 CollectionThe Sweet & Andy Scott & Brian ConnollyAlbum
Sweet LifeThe SweetAlbum
20 АЛЬБОМОВ (в т.ч. Andy Scott U Brian Connolly)The SweetCompil.
What A Surprise!!The SweetAlbum
Toronto "Give Us A Wink"The SweetAlbum
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