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The Upsetters

Band, 1968-1986 JM, Kingston Parish
A.k.a. Black Ark Players Black Art (5) T.N.T. Players

Lee Perry's studio band for the Upsetter label. Formed in 1968 the Upsetters had three distinct line-ups. The first line-up was comprised of Gladdy Anderson & Winston Wright (keyboards), Jackie Jackson (bass), Hugh Malcom & Lloyd "Tin Legs" Adams (drums). This line-up was also known as Gladdy's All-Stars. They recorded "Man from MI5", "Return of Django" & "Live Injection" with Perry. In 1969, Perry was approached to go on tour in Europe, but Gladdy's All-Stars were not able to make the trip. Perry turned to another young band called The Hippy Boys who were working with Edward "Bunny" Lee. The Hippy Boys consisted of Glen Adams (keyboards), Alva "Reggie" Lewis (guitar) Aston "Family Man" Barrett (bass) and Carlton Barrett (drums). After the European tour Perry and the Upsetters worked closely with The Wailers up until their falling out in 1971. The Barrett brothers went on with Bob Marley at this juncture. By 1972, The Upsetters were a true "floating" band. Perry decided to forego a permanent line-up and simply used the best musicians he could find at the time. During the Black Ark era (1974 - 1979), the core of the band was Boris Gardiner (bass), Mikey Richards, Sly Dunbar, and Benbow Creary (drums), Earl "Chinna" Smith (guitar), and Winston Wright and Keith Stirling (keyboards). The Upsetters 1968 - 1986 Bass: Aston "Family Man" Barrett, Jackie Jackson, Boris Gardiner, Radcliffe Bryan, Robbie Shakespeare, Spike Drums: Carlton Barrett, Lloyd "Tin Leg" Adams, Lloyd Knibb, Mikey Richards, Sly Dunbar, Benbow Creary, Winston Grennan, Hugh Malcolm, Peng Keyboards: Glen Adams, Winston Wright, Ansel Collins, Gladstone Anderson, Keith Stirling, Theophilus Beckford, Robbie Lyn, Augustus Pablo, Mark Downie, Russ Cummings Guitar: Alva Lewis, Hux Brown, Earl "Chinna" Smith, Ron Williams, Ernest Ranglin, Willie Lindo, Michael Chung, Robert Johnson, Geoffrey Chung, Mark Downie, Tarlok Mann Saxophone: Val Bennett, Tommy McCook, Richard "Dirty Harry" Hall, Glen DaCosta, Lloyd Clarke Horns: Vin Gordon, Ron Wilson, Bobby Ellis, David Madden, Egbert Evans, Trevor Jones Vocals: Lee Perry, Dave Barker, Leo Graham, Max Romeo, Jah Lion For the early 1960s ska band, see The Upsetters (3).

PortraitBoris Gardiner
b *1943 JM
PortraitGeorge Faith
voc 1946-2003 JM
PortraitGlen Adams
org 1945-2010 JM
PortraitWinston Wright
org 1944-1993 JM
PortraitAlva "Reggie" Lewis
PortraitCedric Myton
voc, bvoc *1947 JM
PortraitHerman Marquis
as, sax JM
PortraitEarl "Chinna" Smith
g 1955-1968 JM
PortraitCarlton Barrett
dr, perc 1950-1987
PortraitAston "Family Man" Barrett
b, perc *1946 JM
Lloyd Adams
dr JM
PortraitRobert Johnson
g 1583-1633 GB
PortraitMaxie Smith
PortraitErrol Nelson
Popular Tracks   
Chase The Devil on War Ina Babylon by Max Romeo
War Ina Babylon on War Ina Babylon by Max Romeo
I Chase The Devil on Lee 'Scratch' Perry & The Upsetters: Super Ape & Return of the Super Ape by Lee "Scratch" Perry & The Upsetters
Return of Django on Return of Django by The Upsetters
One Step Forward on War Ina Babylon by Max Romeo
Jungle Lion on Return of Django: The Best of The Upsetters by The Upsetters
Croaking Lizard on Super Ape by The Upsetters
Dread Lion on Super Ape by The Upsetters
Dub Dat on The Trojan: Dub Collection by Various Artists
Zion's Blood on Super Ape by The Upsetters

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Title Artist Year Type
Run Up Your MouthStranger Cole, The Heptones / The Upsetters2016Single
Keep On Dubbing Part 1 / Keep On Dubbing Part 2 / Highway Riding Dub / Dub Thief Part 2The Upsetters2016Album
Sun Is ShiningThe Upsetters2016Single
Better Days / Tight SpotCarlton And The Shoes / The Upsetters2014Single
Soulful I / Medical OperationThe Upsetters2013Single
Natural MysticBob Marley And The Upsetters2013Single
Love Oh Love / My MobThe Inspirations / The Upsetters2013Single
Roaring LionLee Perry & His The Upsetters2013Compil.
Mr MusicBob Marley And The Upsetters2013Single
Awake / VersionThe Ethiopians / The Upsetters2012Single
Horny TrainThe Upsetters2012Single
Super Ape & Return Of The Super ApeThe Upsetters2012Album
Ain't No Love / Ain't No Love VersionJimmy London And The Inspirations / The Upsetters2012Single
High Plains Drifter / VersionThe Upsetters2012Single
Strong DrinkThe Upsetters2011Single
Lama LavaThe Upsetters2011Single
Chim CherieThe Upsetters / The Dub Organiser2010Single
Keep On Shanking / Jungle LionBob Marley / The Upsetters2008Single
Blackboard JungleThe Upsetters2005Album
Dub Organiser / Bucky SkankThe Upsetters2005Single
Hurt So Good / FeverSusan Cadogan / The Upsetters2003Album
From Creation / Satta DubClive Hylton / The Upsetters2003Album
Return Of Django - The Best Of The UpsettersThe Upsetters2002Compil.
Dub ChallengeThe Upsetters2001Compil.
You Can Run / You Can DubThe Hurricanes / The Upsetters2000Single
In DubLee Perry & The Upsetters1999Compil.
Solid GroundMike Brooks + The Upsetters1999Album
Lee Perry The Upsetter & The StudentThe Upsetters1995Compil.
The Upsetters And Friends 1969-1970 - Upsetting The NationThe Upsetters1993Compil.
The Upsetter Box SetLee Perry, The Upsetters1985Compil.
Merry Christmas, Happy New Year / Return Of Django 'The Original Version'Lee Perry Featuring Sandra Robinson / The Upsetters1985Single
Elizabethan Reggae / Return Of DjangoBoris Gardiner / The Upsetters1983Single
The Upsetter CollectionThe Upsetters1981Compil.
Sweat Suit / Sweat Suit DubSonny And Debby / The Upsetters1979Single
Rainbow Country / Lama LavaBob Marley / Augustus Pablo And The Upsetters1979Album
Return Of The Super ApeThe Upsetters1978Album
Row Fisherman / Congo DubThe Congos / The Upsetters1977Single
FreedomEarl Sixteen / The Upsetters1977Single
Long Long TimeWinston Heywood / The Upsetters1976Single
Chase The Devil / Croaking LizardMax Romeo / The Upsetters Feat Prince Jazzbo1976Single
Three In One / Curly DubLee Perry & The Upsetters1976Single
Philistines On The Land / Bingo KidJunior Murvin / Earl "Chinna" Smith & The Upsetters1976Single
Ketch VampireDevon Irons / The Upsetters1976Single
War Ina BabylonMax Romeo & The Upsetters1976Album
Super ApeThe Upsetters1976Album
Do It Baby / Dub ItSusan Cadogan / The Upsetters1975Single
Hurt So Good / Loving Is GoodSusan Cadogan / The Upsetters1975Single
Bushwood Contrash / Callying ButtBunny & Ricky / The Upsetters1975Single
Freedom Fighter / Iron WolfBunny & Ricky / The Upsetters, Black Wax1975Single
Ital Locks / Vital DrumsJohnny Lover / The Upsetters1975Single
Bury The RazorThe Upsetters1975Single
Cane River RockThe Upsetters1975Single
I'm A Dread LocksThe Upsetters1975Single
Golden LacksThe Upsetters1974Single
Enter The Dragon / Lady LadyThe Upsetters / Joy White1974Single
San - San / Baby Don't GoThe Upsetters1974Single
Kiss Me Neck / Da-Ba DayThe Upsetters1974Single
Rebels TrainThe Upsetters1974Single
Mumbling And Grumbling / King Size MumbleJunior Byles / The Upsetters1974Single
Bucky Skank / Yucky SkankThe Upsetters1973Single
Cowthief SkankThe Upsetters1973Single
Auntie Lu-Lu / Auntie Lu SkankJunior Byles / The Upsetters1973Single
Tighten Up Skank / Mid-East RockThe Upsetters1973Single
Blackboard Jungle DubThe Upsetters1973Album
Black IPAThe Upsetters1973Single
Words Of My MouthThe Gatherers / The Upsetters1973Single
Upsetters 14 Dub Black Board JungleThe Upsetters1973Album
Lama / Iron FistJah Lloyd / The Upsetters1973Single
Dub Organiser / Tipper SpecialThe Upsetters1973Single
Bathroom Skank / One-Room SkankThe Upsetters1973Single
Double SevenThe Upsetters1973Album
Dub Organiser / Sweet Taste Of MelodyThe Upsetters / Milton Henry1973Single
Sunshine ShowdownThe Upsetters1973Single
Give Me Power # 2 / Public Enemy Number OneKing Iwah / The Upsetters1972Single
Crummy People / Moving (Version)The Upsetters / Big Youth1972Single
Back Biter / Back Biter (Version)Lee Perry & Dennis Alcapone / The Upsetters1972Single
Round And RoundThe Melodians / The Upsetters1972Single
Forword Up / Forword VersionThe Stingers / The Upsetters1972Single
Festival Da-Da / Da-DaThe Upsetters / Junior Byles1972Single
Water PumpThe Upsetters1972Single
Bet You Don't Know / Ring Of FireShenley Duffus / The Upsetters1972Single
Master Key / Key HoleDennis Alcapone / The Upsetters1972Single
Confusion / Confusion VersionThe Inspirations / The Upsetters1971Single
Shocks '71 / You've Got To Be MineDave Barker And The Upsetters / The Hurricanes1971Single
More Axe / The Axe ManBob Marley & The Wailers / The Upsetters1971Single
Uncle Charley / EarthquakeThe Mellotones / Winston Wright & The Upsetters1971Single
Mr. Brown / DraculaBob Marley & The Wailers / The Upsetters, B&C Music1971Single
Give Me Power / The TackroKing Iwah / The Upsetters1971Single
Tipper SpecialThe Upsetters1971Single
All CombineThe Upsetters1971Single
Earthquake / Dark MoonU-Roy / The Upsetters1971Single
Earthquake / Place Called AfricaThe Upsetters / Junior Byles1971Single
Dark MoonThe Upsetters1971Single
Well Dread / DreadThe Upsetters1971Single
Well Dread / Dread A DreadDennis Alcapone, The Upsetters1971Single
The CreeperCharlie Ace & The Upsetters, B&C Music1971Single
Good, Bad & The UpsettersThe Upsetters1971Album
The Miser / Do It MadlyThe Upsetters / Chuck Jnr., B&C Music1970Single
The Pillow / GroovingThe Upsetters1970Single
Na Na Hey Hey / Pick Folk KinkiestThe Upsetters1970Single
Some Day We'll Be Together / Bab ThiefThe Marvels / The Upsetters1970Single
Sipreano Chapter 3 / Take A SipThe Upsetters1970Single
Choking Kind / Penny WiseThe Upsetters / Chuck Jnr., B&C Music1970Single
Roll On / True LoveRoland Alphonso & The Upsetters / Carl Dawkins1970Single
Duppy Conqueror / Zig ZagBob Marley & The Wailers / The Upsetters1970Single
Sipreano / Ferry BoatThe Upsetters1970Single
Tight Spot / Knock On WoodThe Upsetters / Untouchables, B&C Music1970Single
The Result / Feel The SpiritThe Upsetters1970Single
Shocks Of A Mighty / Set Me FreeThe Upsetters / Dave Barker, B&C Music1970Single
Small Axe / Down The RoadBob Marley & The Wailers / The Upsetters1970Single
Conqueror Version 3 / My Mother LawDave Barker & The Upsetters1970Single
Bronco (Ol' Man River)The Upsetters1970Single
Elusion / Big John WayneTeddy And The Upsetters / Val Bennett1970Single
Granny Show (Vers. I)The Upsetters1970Single
Short Waves / SuperiorThe Upsetters1970Single
Mr. Pitiful / Do You Like ItDave Barker / The Upsetters1970Single
Penny Wise / Thunder VersionChuck Josephs / The Upsetters1970Single
Upsetting Station / Dig Your GraveThe Upsetters1970Single
Haunted HouseThe Upsetters1970Single
CapoThe Upsetters1970Single
Shockadilly / Love Me VersionThe Upsetters1970Single
Scratch The Upsetter AgainThe Upsetters1970Album
Family man (Padre de Familia) / Mellow Mood (Con ternura)The Upsetters1970Single
Fire, Fire / The JumperThe Upsetters1970Single
Many Moods Of The UpsettersThe Upsetters1970Album
Heart And Soul / Zig ZagThe Upsetters1970Single
Kill Them AllThe Upsetters1970Single
Clint EastwoodThe Upsetters1970Album
Return Of The UglyThe Upsetters1970Single
The Good, The Bad And The UpsettersThe Upsetters1970Album
The Thanks We GetThe Upsetters1970Single
Self Control / The PillThe Upsetters1970Single
Sons Of Thunder / Only If You UnderstandThe Upsetters1970Single
Return Of The VampireThe Upsetters1970Single
Trying To Upset The Upsetter / Blood PoisonLee Perry & The Upsetters / The Upsetters1970Single
Prisoner Of LoveDave Barker Meets The Upsetters1970Album
Family ManThe Upsetters1970Single
Eastwood Rides AgainThe Upsetters1970Album
Stranger On The Shore / Drugs And PoisonVal Bennett / The Upsetters1969Single
Return Of DjangoThe Upsetters1969Album
Lock Jaw / My DesireTommy McCook And The Upsetters1969Single
Ten To Twelve / People Funny Fi TrueThe Upsetters / Lee Perry1969Single
Shoo Be DoThe Upsetters1969Single
Clint Eastwood / Lenox MoodThe Upsetters / Lennox Brown1969Single
Man From MI5 / What's Wrong With YouThe Upsetters1969Single
Lock Jaw / Light My FireThe Upsetters1969Single
Soulful I / No Bread And ButterThe Upsetters / Milton Henry1969Single
Eight For EightThe Upsetters1969Single
Return Of DjangoThe Upsetters1969Single
Medical Operation / Babam BamThe Upsetters / The Ravers1969Single
A Live Injection / Everything For FunThe Upsetters / The Bleechers, B&C Music1969Single
To Love Somebody / Farmers In The DenBusty Brown / The Upsetters1969Single
Soul Ful I / Dry Up Your TearsThe Upsetters / The Mellotones1969Single
Cold Sweat / Pound Get A BlowThe Upsetters1969Single
Prisoner Of Love / Mixture Of VersionDave Barker / The Upsetters1969Single
Games People PlayThe Upsetters1969Single
Live Injection / Tighten UpThe Upsetters1969Single
Dry Acid / SelassieThe Upsetters / The Reggae Boys1969Single
What A Botheration / Stand By MeThe Upsetters1969Single
What A Situation / Medical OperationSlim Smith / The Upsetters1969Single
My MobThe Upsetters1969Single
Check Him Out / The VampireThe Bleechers / The Upsetters, B&C Music1969Single
Eight For Eight / You Know What I MeanThe Upsetters / The Inspirations1969Single
Taste Of Killing / My MobThe Upsetters1969Single
Man From M.I.5 / Oh LordThe Upsetters / The West Indians1969Single
Tidal Wave / Man From M.I.5The Upsetters1969Single
I'll Be Waiting / Return Of DjangoThe Termites / The Upsetters1968Single
Place In The Sun / Handy CapDavid Isaacs / The Upsetters, Island Music1968Single
Bronco (Django Shoots First) / Uncle DesmondSir Lord Comic & The Upsetters / The Mellotones1968Single
Dollar In The Teeth / BarbaraThe Upsetters / Val Bennett1968Single
Eight For Eight / What A BotherationThe Upsetters / Lee Perry1968Single
Non Such / Stranger On The ShoreThe Mellotones / Val Bennett With The Upsetters1968Single
Live Injection / Freedom TrainErnest Wilson / The UpsettersSingle
Ungrateful SkankThe UpsettersSingle
Ring Of Fire / Bet You Don't KnowThe UpsettersSingle
Dollar In The Teeth / Return Of DjangoThe UpsettersSingle
Verse 5 Africa Stand / Verse 6Dennis Alcapone / The UpsettersSingle
Sunshine ShowdownThe UpsettersSingle
A Wah Dat / Dub DatJunior Dread / The UpsettersSingle
Medical Operation / Give MeThe UpsettersSingle
Dreader Locks / Militant RockJunior Byles / The UpsettersSingle
Jungle Lion / Freak Out SkankLee Perry / The UpsettersSingle
El Pussycat / Return Of DjangoRoland Alphonso / The Upsetters, IBCSingle
This World / Same ThingThe Justice Leagues / The UpsettersSingle
Classic TracksTony Tribe - Eric Donaldson - The Upsetters - Toots & The MaytalsAlbum
Shocks Of Mighty / Earth QuakeThe Upsetters / U-RoySingle
Django Shoot First / Return Of DjangoThe UpsettersSingle
Black PantaThe UpsettersAlbum
Born In The Sky EPCynty And The Monkeys / The Upsetters / Lee PerrySingle
Soulful I / Tidal WaveThe UpsettersSingle
Jam #1Winston Wright & The Upsetters / Vin GordonSingle
Power Pressure / LabrishCornell Campbell / The Upsetters & The AggrovatorsSingle
Night Doctor / Medical OperationThe UpsettersSingle
Enter The DragonThe UpsettersSingle
Cherry Pie / Bring The CatchKoos All Stars / The UpsettersSingle
Alpha Omega / King AlphaThe UpsettersSingle
Want To Be Loved / Puss See HoleWinston Groovy / The UpsettersSingle
Key Card / Domino GamesThe UpsettersSingle
Soulful IThe UpsettersSingle
Stay Dread / Kingdom Of DubLee Perry / The UpsettersSingle
On Board / Do GoodRoy Shirley / The UpsettersSingle
Justice To The People / Verse TwoLee Perry / The UpsettersSingle
Small Axe V. 2 (Shocks Of 71')Dave Barker & The UpsettersSingle
Prison Sentence / Live InjectionThe UpsettersSingle
Three Blind MiceThe UpsettersSingle
More Axe / The Axe ManBob Marley & The Wailers / The UpsettersSingle
Rise & Shine / Shine - A - DubWatty Burnett & Clinton Fearon / The UpsettersSingle
For A Few Dollars More / Can't Get No PeaceThe Upsetters / Eric "Monty" MorrisSingle
Dreamland / Moving OnU-Roy & The Upsetters / Big YouthSingle
Soul For Sale Pt I & IIThe UpsettersSingle
Cross The Nation / CopaseticLittle Roy / The UpsettersSingle
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