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The Ventures

Band, *1958 US, Tacoma, Washington
Rock and Pop

American instrumental rock group formed in 1958 by Bob Bogle and Don Wilson in Tacoma, Washington. Inducted into Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in 2008 (Performer). Line up: 1958 (as The Versatones): Don Wilson (Rhythm Guitar) Bob Bogle (Lead Guitar) 1959: Don Wilson (Rhythm Guitar) Bob Bogle (Lead Guitar) Earl Herbert (Bass Guitar) George T. Babbitt, Jr. (Drums) 1960 (Walk, Don't Run sessions): Don Wilson (Rhythm Guitar) Bob Bogle (Lead Guitar) Nokie Edwards (Bass) Skip Moore (Drums) 1960–1961: Don Wilson (Rhythm Guitar) Bob Bogle (Lead Guitar) Nokie Edwards (Bass) Howie Johnson (Drums) 1961–1962: Don Wilson (Rhythm Guitar) Bob Bogle (Bass Guitar) Nokie Edwards (Lead Guitar) Howie Johnson (Drums) 1963–1968: Don Wilson (Rhythm Guitar) Bob Bogle (Bass Guitar) Nokie Edwards (Lead Guitar) Mel Taylor (Drums) 1968–1969: Don Wilson (Rhythm Guitar) Bob Bogle (Bass Guitar) Gerry McGee (Lead Guitar) Mel Taylor (Drums) 1969–1972: Don Wilson (Rhythm Guitar) Bob Bogle (Bass Guitar) Gerry McGee (Lead Guitar) Mel Taylor (Drums) John Durrill (Keyboards) 1972–1973: Don Wilson (Rhythm Guitar) Bob Bogle (Bass Guitar) Gerry McGee (Lead Guitar) Joe Barile (Drums) 1973–1979: Don Wilson (Rhythm Guitar) Bob Bogle (Bass Guitar) Nokie Edwards (Lead Guitar) Joe Barile (Drums) 1979–1984: Don Wilson (Rhythm Guitar) Bob Bogle (Bass Guitar) Nokie Edwards (Lead Guitar) Mel Taylor (Drums) 1985–1996: Don Wilson (Rhythm Guitar) Bob Bogle (Bass Guitar) Gerry McGee (Lead Guitar) Mel Taylor (Drums) 1996–2005: Don Wilson (Rhythm Guitar) Bob Bogle (Bass Guitar) Gerry McGee (Lead Guitar) Leon Taylor (Drums, son of Mel Taylor) 2005–present: Don Wilson (Rhythm Guitar) Bob Spalding (Bass Guitar) Gerry McGee (Lead Guitar) Leon Taylor (Drums) Nokie Edwards (Lead Guitar, as a special guest)

PortraitDavid Gates
syn *1940 US
Leon Taylor
dr, perc
PortraitDon Wilson
g US
PortraitMel Taylor
dr 1933-1996 US
PortraitJerry McGee
stg, sit, g *1937 US
PortraitNokie Edwards
g, eb, b 1935-2018 US
PortraitRobert Lenard Bogle
eb, b 1934-2009 US
PortraitJohn Durrill
key, org US
PortraitJoe Barile
perc, dr, tim US
PortraitHowie Johnson
dr US
Bob Spalding
g, eb US
Popular Tracks   
Hawaii Five-O on Hawaii Five-O by The Ventures
Walk, Don't Run on Walk Don't Run by The Ventures
Pipeline on Surfing by The Ventures
Wipeout on 60s Rock Instrumental Collection, Vol. 2 by The Ventures
Perfidia on The Ventures by The Ventures
Guitar Boogie Shuffle on 60s Rock Instrumental Collection, Vol. 2 by The Ventures
Apache on Play Telstar, The Lonely Bull & Others by The Ventures
The Twilight Zone on Ventures In Space by The Ventures
Batman Theme on 60s Rock Instrumental Collection, Vol. 2 by The Ventures
Windy And Warm on Surfing by The Ventures

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Title Artist Year Type
Eight Classic AlbumsThe Ventures2018Compil.
The Absolutely Essential 3 CD CollectionThe Ventures2017Compil.
The Ventures Greatest HitsThe Ventures2016Compil.
Play Telstar + Going To The Ventures Dance Party!The Ventures2015Compil.
Live! The VenturesThe Ventures2014Album
In The Vaults Volume 5The Ventures2014Compil.
Ventures On Stage '72The Ventures2014Album
Walk Don't Run / Where The Action Is Japan BoxThe Ventures2013Compil.
Twist partyThe Ventures2013Single
4 Original Albums: Mono EditionsThe Ventures2013Compil.
The Real McCoyThe Ventures2013Single
The Ventures + Walk Don't RunThe Ventures2013Compil.
The TwompThe Ventures2013Single
Greatest HitsThe Ventures2013Compil.
TelstarThe Ventures2013Album
Greatest HitsThe Ventures2013Compil.
CaravanThe Ventures2013Single
CaravanThe Ventures2013Album
No TrespassingThe Ventures2013Compil.
Greatest HitsThe Ventures2013Compil.
Long Play CollectionThe Ventures2013Album
Golden Disk Vol.1The Ventures2012Compil.
Walk, Don't RunThe Ventures2012Compil.
Volume 2. - (Ghost) Riders In The SkyThe Ventures2012Compil.
Walk Don't RunThe Ventures2012Compil.
10 Great SongsThe Ventures2012Compil.
Walk Don't RunThe Ventures2012Compil.
The Ventures LiveThe Ventures2012Compil.
4 Original AlbumsThe Ventures2012Compil.
Hawaii Five-OThe Ventures2011Single
PerfidiaThe Ventures2011Single
Hawaii Five-OThe Ventures2011Single
Perfidia - Walk Don't RunThe Ventures2011Compil.
In Japan Live 2010The Ventures2011Album
Walk Don't RunThe Ventures2011Compil.
Ram-Bunk-ShushThe Ventures2011Compil.
PerfidiaThe Ventures2011Single
Bob Bogle Memorial AlbumThe Ventures2011Compil.
Hawaii Five-OThe Ventures2011Single
PerfidiaThe Ventures2011Single
Hawaii Five-OThe Ventures2010Compil.
ポップス・イン・ジャパン = Pops In JapanThe Ventures2010Compil.
ヒット・パレード Vol.2The Ventures2010Compil.
ヒット・パレード Vol.1The Ventures2010Compil.
VenturizedThe Ventures2010Compil.
Go With The Ventures Vol.1The Ventures2009Single
The Greatest HitsThe Ventures2009Compil.
Two Car Garage (50 Years Of Rock 'N Roll)The Ventures & The Wailers2009Compil.
Play Kayama YuzoThe Ventures2009Album
50th Anniversary Walk Don't RunThe Ventures2009Album
Popular Hits AlbumThe Ventures2009Compil.
Play Southern All StarsThe Ventures2009Compil.
The Ventures' ChristmasThe Ventures2008Single
The Very Best Of The VenturesThe Ventures2008Compil.
Wipe OutThe Ventures2008Single
Walk, Don't RunThe Ventures2008Compil.
21 Black JackThe Ventures2007Compil.
Live In Tokyo 2006The Ventures2007Album
RockyThe Ventures2007Album
1999-2006The Ventures2006Compil.
Walk Don't RunThe Ventures2006Compil.
MP3The Ventures2005Compil.
This Is The Ventures Volume 3The Ventures2005Compil.
In The Vaults Volume 3The Ventures2005Compil.
J-Rock Summer Wind - Melodies In MemoriesThe Ventures2005Compil.
(In Concert) Hawaii Five-OThe Ventures2005Album
Hawaii Five-O And Other Assorted Surfin’ TunesThe Ventures2005Compil.
The Ventures (1) (1960-1967)The Ventures2004Album
Surfin' To BajaThe Ventures2004Compil.
The Ventures - Simply the bestThe Ventures2004Compil.
Sixties Guitar PartyThe Ventures2004Compil.
Walk Don't RunThe Ventures2004Compil.
Walk, Don't Run '64 Japan BoxThe Ventures2004Album
The Ventures (2) (1967-1996)The Ventures2004Album
The Best Of Guitar SurfThe Ventures2004Compil.
Your Hit Parade 60'sThe Ventures2003Album
Evergreen SelectionThe Ventures2003Compil.
ダイモンド ヘッドThe Ventures2003Compil.
In Japan Live 2002The Ventures2003Album
Guitar ChristmasThe Ventures2003Album
Play The Greatest Instrumental Hits Of All Time, Vol. 2The Ventures2003Compil.
Walk Don't Run The Very Best Of The VenturesThe Ventures2002Compil.
Gold CollectionThe Ventures2002Compil.
Christmas JoyThe Ventures2002Album
Hyper V-GoldThe Ventures2002Album
Driving GuitarsThe Ventures2002Compil.
Twangin' GuitarDuane Eddy & The Ventures2002Compil.
Greatest GoldThe Ventures2002Album
Walk Don't RunThe Ventures2002Compil.
Surf Rock AnthologyThe Ventures2002Compil.
Driving GuitarsThe Ventures2002Compil.
Play The Greatest Instrumental Hits Of All TimeThe Ventures2002Compil.
Greatest Surfin' Hits Of All-TimeThe Ventures2001Compil.
Plays Southern All Stars~TSUNAMIThe Ventures2001Album
Guitar LegendsThe Ventures2001Compil.
Journey To The StarsThe Ventures2001Compil.
All About The VenturesThe Ventures2001Compil.
All About The VenturesThe Ventures2001Compil.
The StoryThe Ventures2000Compil.
MTV History 2000The Ventures2000Compil.
Pops Best 14The Ventures2000Compil.
Acoustic RockThe Ventures2000Album
The StoryThe Ventures2000Compil.
GoldThe Ventures2000Album
The Ultimate CollectionThe Ventures2000Compil.
Walk Don't Run 2000The Ventures1999Album
V-Gold Live!The Ventures1999Compil.
Pops In Japan/Pops In Japan No. 2The Ventures1999Compil.
The VenturesThe Ventures1999Compil.
In The Vaults Volume 2The Ventures1999Compil.
Super Best HitsThe Ventures1999Compil.
In The Vaults Volume 1The Ventures1999Compil.
Golden Pops / Pops In Japan '71The Ventures1999Compil.
Ventures In Japan / Ventures In Japan Vol. 2The Ventures1999Compil.
New DepthsThe Ventures1999Album
In The Vaults Volume 4The Ventures1999Compil.
The EP Collection Volume ThreeThe Ventures1998Compil.
10th Anniversary Album / Only Hits!The Ventures1998Compil.
Journey To The StarsThe Ventures1998Compil.
Stars On GuitarsThe Ventures1998Compil.
SixtiesThe Ventures1998Compil.
On Stage Encore!/Live Again!The Ventures1998Compil.
30 Golden HitsThe Ventures1998Compil.
Rock And Roll Forever / Rocky RoadThe Ventures1998Compil.
The Shadows & The Ventures Back 2 BackThe Shadows / The Ventures1998Compil.
Let's Go The VenturesThe Ventures1997Album
The Lonely Bull / $1,000,000 WeekendThe Ventures1997Compil.
'Play Guitar' 'Play Guitar Vol. 2'The Ventures1997Compil.
Surf On Guitar - Medley, Interview With The VenturesThe Ventures1997Album
The Horse / New TestamentThe Ventures1997Compil.
On Stage / SurfingThe Ventures1997Compil.
Walk-Don´t RunThe Ventures1997Compil.
Wild Again II - Tribute To Mel TaylorThe Ventures1997Album
Cool De LuxeThe Ventures1997Compil.
The Best Surfin' HitsThe Ventures1997Compil.
Batman / Tv ThemesThe Ventures1997Compil.
Grand CollectionThe Ventures & The Shadows1997Compil.
Leyendas Del RockThe Ventures1997Album
Giants Of The GuitarThe Ventures1997Compil.
Theme From Shaft / Rocky RoadThe Ventures1997Compil.
Guitar Freakout / Wild Things!The Ventures1997Compil.
The Jim Croce Song Book / The Ventures Play The CarpentersThe Ventures1997Compil.
New Testament / More Golden GreatsThe Ventures1997Compil.
Wild Things! / The Fabulous VenturesThe Ventures1997Compil.
Let's Go! / The Ventures Play The Country ClassicsThe Ventures1997Compil.
36 All-Time Greatest Hits!The Ventures1997Compil.
T.V. Themes / Bobby Vee Meets The VenturesThe Ventures1997Compil.
The Fabulous Ventures / The Ventures A Go-GoThe Ventures1997Compil.
Rock And Roll Forever / Now PlayingThe Ventures1997Compil.
Joy! The Ventures Play The Classics / Latin AlbumThe Ventures1996Compil.
Spool ParadiseThe Ventures1996Single
Theme From Shaft / The HorseThe Ventures1996Compil.
Go With The Ventures / Batman ThemeThe Ventures1996Compil.
Flights Of Fantasy / Underground FireThe Ventures1996Compil.
Mashed Potatoes And Gravy / Going To The Ventures Dance Party!The Ventures1996Compil.
Super Psychedelics / $1,000,000 WeekendThe Ventures1996Compil.
Beach Party (Mashed Potatoes And Gravy) / Going To The Ventures Dance PartyThe Ventures1996Compil.
Wild Again (The Ventures Play Heavy Hitters)The Ventures1996Album
Where The Action Is / The Ventures Knock Me Out!The Ventures1996Compil.
Walk Don't Run / Walk Don't Run, Vol. 2The Ventures1996Compil.
Tele-VenturesThe Ventures1996Compil.
Super Instrumental 24The Ventures1996Compil.
Best Of Pops Sound / Go With The VenturesThe Ventures1996Compil.
FavoritesThe Ventures1996Compil.
Another Smash / The VenturesThe Ventures1996Compil.
Surfing / The Colorful VenturesThe Ventures1996Compil.
Best Hits 30The Ventures1996Compil.
Hawaii Five-O / Swamp RockThe Ventures1996Compil.
The VenturesThe Ventures1996Compil.
Underground Fire / Hollywood Metal Dinamic Sounds 3000The Ventures1996Compil.
Flights Of Fantasy / The Ventures In SpaceThe Ventures1996Compil.
The OriginalThe Ventures1995Compil.
SurfingThe Ventures1995Compil.
Pops A La CarteThe Ventures1995Album
Walk Don't RunThe Ventures1995Single
Walk Don't Run Vol 2 / Knock Me OutThe Ventures1995Compil.
CaravanThe Ventures1995Single
Live In Japan '65The Ventures1995Album
Guitar Freakout/Super PsychedelicsThe Ventures1995Compil.
Best Hit 60The Ventures1994Compil.
Play The Carpenters / The Jim Croce SongbookThe Ventures1994Compil.
Forever Fender (20 Original Instrumental Hits)The Ventures1994Compil.
Another Smash!!! / The Colorful VenturesThe Ventures1994Compil.
A Go-Go / Where The Action IsThe Ventures1994Compil.
Japan Tour '93The Ventures1994Album
Walk Don't Run / The VenturesThe Ventures1994Compil.
Twist With The Ventures / Twist Party Vol. 2The Ventures1994Compil.
The World Of Ventures / Walk Don't RunThe Ventures1993Compil.
Single Collection Vol. 1The Ventures1993Compil.
The EP Collection Volume TwoThe Ventures1993Compil.
Single Collection Vol. 2The Ventures1993Compil.
GoldThe Ventures1993Compil.
The Ventures Play Mega HitsThe Ventures1993Album
Super Best Vol.2The Ventures1993Compil.
Single Collection Vol. 4The Ventures1993Compil.
Walk Don't RunThe Ventures1993Compil.
Single Collection Vol. 3The Ventures1993Compil.
The Ventures Best Hit CollectionThe Ventures1993Compil.
Knock Me Out! & The Ventures On StageThe Ventures1992Compil.
Twist With The Ventures Part 1The Ventures1992Single
The VenturesThe Ventures1992Compil.
Greatest HitsThe Ventures1992Compil.
The Ventures Vol. 1The Ventures1992Compil.
The Ventures Play Telstar - The Lonely Bull And Others / (The) Ventures In SpaceThe Ventures1992Compil.
Live In Japan 1990The Ventures1992Album
Flyin' HighThe Ventures1992Album
60's PopThe Ventures1992Compil.
Bel Age With The VenturesThe Ventures1992Album
Cult! The VenturesThe Ventures1992Compil.
Say YesThe Ventures1992Album
The Very Best Of The VenturesThe Ventures1992Compil.
The Best Hits By RequestThe Ventures1992Compil.
ベスト・ライブ ! = The Best Of Live!The Ventures1991Album
Memories Of LoveThe Ventures1991Single
Surfing Golden HitsJan & Dean, The Ventures, The Beach Boys1991Single
The RaritiesThe Ventures1991Compil.
Play Major Motion PictureThe Ventures1991Album
Apache / TelstarThe Ventures / The Tornados1991Single
Seaside StoryThe Ventures1991Album
Best Now The Ventures Vol. 2The Ventures1991Compil.
Esto Es... Rock 'N' Roll Vol. 12The Beach Boys, Jan & Dean, The Ventures1991Compil.
The Bright Old DaysThe Ventures1991Compil.
Greatest HitsThe Ventures1991Compil.
Champion Selection SeriesThe Ventures1991Compil.
Greatest HitsThe Ventures1990Compil.
VenturesThe Ventures1990Compil.
Walk - Don't Run--The Best Of The VenturesThe Ventures1990Compil.
Live In Japan 1990The Ventures1990Album
The Ventures Play Southern All StarsThe Ventures1990Album
The EP CollectionThe Ventures1990Compil.
Slaughter On Tenth Avenue: Greatest HitsThe Ventures1990Compil.
Castle Masters CollectionThe Ventures1990Compil.
Honky TonkThe Ventures1989Compil.
Walk - Don't RunThe Ventures1989Compil.
ForeverThe Ventures1989Compil.
The Best Hit CollectionThe Ventures1989Compil.
ApacheThe Ventures1989Album
The VenturesThe Ventures1989Compil.
Walk - Don't Run: The Ventures All-Time Greatest HitsThe Ventures1989Compil.
The VenturesThe Ventures1989Single
The Ventures CollectionThe Ventures1988Compil.
Lil' Bit Of GoldThe Ventures1988Compil.
Masters of Pop MusicThe Ventures1988Compil.
Rock N' Roll AdventureThe Ventures1988Compil.
Greatest HitsThe Ventures1988Compil.
Walk Don't RunThe Ventures1988Compil.
Guitar World HitsThe Ventures1988Album
The Best Of VenturesThe Ventures1987Compil.
The Compact VenturesThe Ventures1987Compil.
Beloved Invaders - The Golden Era Of The VenturesThe Ventures1987Album
Walk Don't Run / PerfidiaThe Ventures1987Single
Beloved Invaders - The Golden Era Of The VenturesThe Ventures1987Album
Radical GuitarsThe Ventures1987Compil.
The Best Of The VenturesThe Ventures1987Compil.
On Stage Around The WorldThe Ventures1985Album
Venture 25/Blue DawnThe Ventures1985Single
Pioneros Del RockThe Ventures1985Compil.
Greatest HitsThe Ventures1984Compil.
Farewell PartyOrange Sisters With The Ventures1984Album
Summer VenturesThe Ventures1984Compil.
Movie ThemeThe Ventures1983Compil.
Surfin' DeluxeThe Ventures1983Compil.
ClassicsThe Ventures1983Compil.
The Japanese MelodyThe Ventures1983Album
NASA 25th Anniversary Commemorative AlbumThe Ventures1983Album
The Ventures TodayThe Ventures1983Compil.
Last Album On LibertyThe Ventures1982Album
The Best Of The VenturesThe Ventures1982Compil.
Stars On GuitarsThe Ventures1982Album
Ride On TryThe Ventures1982Single
60's PopThe Ventures1981Album
Japanese GraffitiThe Ventures1981Album
Pops In Japan '81The Ventures1981Album
Surfin' & Spyin'The Ventures1981Single
Tokyo Callin' (60's Pop Of Japan)The Ventures1981Album
Hits! Up To DateThe Ventures1981Album
Live In L.A.The Ventures1981Album
ChameleonThe Ventures1980Album
Ventures New Best 20The Ventures1980Album
The Best Of The Ventures On StageThe Ventures1980Compil.
The Ventures Greatest Hits Volume IIThe Ventures1980Compil.
Best 20The Ventures1980Compil.
KIKI Presents The Ventures Big HitsThe Ventures1980Compil.
Pops In JapanThe Ventures1980Album
The Ventures Greatest HitsThe Ventures1980Compil.
Super Live '80The Ventures1980Album
Ventures Rare Collections/ For Great Collectors onlyThe Ventures1980Album
Surfin' '79The Ventures1979Compil.
Ventures Original FourThe Ventures1979Album
Latin AlbumThe Ventures1979Album
Greatest Hits Vol.2The Ventures1979Compil.
Le Dernier Train De L'EspaceThe Ventures1979Single
20 Rock 'N' Roll HitsThe Ventures1979Compil.
Greatest Hits Vol.1The Ventures1979Compil.
Charlie's Angels = Los Angeles De CharlieThe Ventures1978Single
Pops in Japan Best 20The Ventures1978Compil.
Double Gold SuperdiscThe Ventures1978Compil.
さすらいのギター = Manchurian BeatThe Ventures1978Single
Hawai 5-0 / Telestar / El Cumbanchero / ContrapuntoThe Ventures1978Single
Double DeluxeThe Ventures1978Compil.
Theme From Star Wars / Theme From Close Encounters Of The Third KindThe Ventures1978Single
CaravanThe Ventures1978Album
Surfin' U.S.A. '78The Ventures1978Compil.
Theme From Star Wars / Cantina BandThe Ventures1978Single
さすらいのギター = Manchurian BeatThe Ventures1978Single
The Ventures' Best 20The Ventures1977Compil.
Surfin '77The Ventures1977Album
20 Greatest HitsThe Ventures1977Compil.
Starsky & Hutch / Streets Of San FranciscoThe Ventures1977Single
ジングル・ベル・ロック = Jingle Bell RockThe Ventures1977Single
Drôles De DamesThe Ventures1977Single
Rock 'N' Roll GraffitiThe Ventures1977Album
Runaway = 悲しき街角The Ventures1977Single
Peace Pipe / Walk Don't Run '77The Ventures1977Single
Red River RockThe Ventures1977Single
Theme From Starsky & Hutch / Theme From Charlie's AngelsThe Ventures1977Single
Live In Japan '77The Ventures1977Album
Walk - Don't Run, '77The Ventures1977Single
T.V. ThemesThe Ventures1977Album
Early Sounds Of The VenturesThe Ventures1976Album
The Ventures On Stage '76The Ventures1976Album
Pop ChronikThe Ventures1976Compil.
Serenata A La Luz De La Luna = Moonlight SerenadeThe Ventures1976Single
Moonlight SerenadeThe Ventures1976Single
Golden Double 32 vol.1The Ventures1976Compil.
Golden Double 32, Vol.2The Ventures1976Compil.
Moonlight Serenade / Temptation, TemptationThe Ventures1976Single
さすらいのギター = Manchurian BeatThe Ventures1976Single
Joy RideThe Ventures1976Single
Pops In Japan Vol.1The Ventures1976Album
The 15th Anniversary Special Digest Album The Ventures ForeverThe Ventures1975Album
Now PlayingThe Ventures1975Album
HollywoodYuya Uchida Meets The Ventures1975Album
Walk Don't Run / Wipe-OutThe Ventures1975Single
Superstar Revue / Live And Let DieThe Ventures1975Single
On StageThe Ventures1975Album
15 Years of Japanese PopsThe Ventures1975Album
Golden Disk Vol.3The Ventures1975Compil.
Superstar RevueThe Ventures1975Single
The Very Best Of The VenturesThe Ventures1975Compil.
On Stage '75The Ventures1975Album
Joy / Theme From "Shaft"The Ventures1974Single
Main Theme From "The Young And The Restless"The Ventures1974Single
The Ventures On Stage '74The Ventures1974Album
The Ventures Best 20The Ventures1974Compil.
The Man With The Golden Gun / Theme "Airport 1975"The Ventures1974Single
The Ventures Play The CarpentersThe Ventures1974Album
Camina, No CorrasThe Ventures1974Single
The Jim Croce SongbookThe Ventures1974Album
Legendary Masters SeriesThe Ventures1974Compil.
Best 20The Ventures1974Compil.
The Young And The Restless / EliseThe Ventures1974Single
(Ghost) Riders In The Sky / House Of The Rising SunThe Ventures1973Single
Pops In Japan '73The Ventures1973Album
Beethoven's Sonata In C MinorThe Ventures1973Single
Last Tango In Paris / Prima VeraThe Ventures1973Single
The Cisco KidThe Ventures1973Single
Only Hits! Vol-2The Ventures1973Compil.
Only Hits!The Ventures1973Compil.
Perfidia / TelstarThe Ventures1973Single
SuriyakiThe Ventures1973Single
Only Hits!The Ventures1973Compil.
Skylab (Passport To The Future)The Ventures1973Single
Skylab (A Passport To The Future)The Ventures1973Single
The Cisco KidThe Ventures1973Single
On Stage '73The Ventures1973Album
JoyThe Ventures1972Album
Rock And Roll ForeverThe Ventures1972Album
Main Theme From The Young And The Restless / Elise (From "Fur Elise")The Ventures1972Single
Ventures On Stage '72 - Golden Disk Vol. 4The Ventures1972Compil.
Honky TonkThe Ventures1972Single
Ram-Bunk-ShushThe Ventures1972Single
The VenturesThe Ventures1971Compil.
恋の湖 = Squaw Man / ジョイ = JoyThe Ventures1971Single
Portait Of The VenturesThe Ventures1971Compil.
Nagasaki MemoriesThe Ventures1971Single
Indian SunThe Ventures1971Single
Love MelodyThe Ventures1971Compil.
On Stage '71The Ventures1971Album
Something Old Something NewThe Ventures1971Album
さすらいのギター = Manchurian BeatThe Ventures1971Single
DeluxeThe Ventures1971Compil.
Pops In Japan '71The Ventures1971Album
Mozart CuarentaThe Ventures1971Single
Joy / Cherries JubileeThe Ventures1971Single
Deluxe In Gogo BeatThe Ventures And Sandy Nelson1971Compil.
The Best Of Pops Sound 日本のメロディーThe Ventures1971Album
New TestamentThe Ventures1971Album
A Decade With The VenturesThe Ventures1971Compil.
Theme From 'Shaft'The Ventures1971Single
Theme From ShaftThe Ventures1971Album
FreeThe Ventures1971Single
Hawaii Five-0 / Theme From "Shaft"The Ventures1971Single
The VenturesThe Ventures1971Compil.
The Best Of The Ventures On StageThe Ventures1970Compil.
Deluxe In Rock BeatThe Ventures, Sandy Nelson1970Compil.
Swan LakeThe Ventures1970Single
Mission:Impossible / Hawaii Five-OThe Ventures1970Single
京都慕情The Ventures1970Single
Swan LakeThe Ventures1970Single
Best 20The Ventures1970Compil.
Golden Greats Vol. 4The Ventures1970Compil.
Best 20 Vol. 2The Ventures1970Compil.
More Golden GreatsThe Ventures1970Compil.
10th Anniversary AlbumThe Ventures1970Album
The Swingin' Creeper / Teen BeatThe Ventures / Sandy Nelson1970Single
More Golden GreatsThe Ventures1970Compil.
Hawaii Five-OThe Ventures1969Album
Golden Greats Vol.3The Ventures1969Compil.
FireThe Ventures1969Single
The Ventures' Christmas AlbumThe Ventures1969Single
Hawaii Five-OThe Ventures1969Single
GumboThe Ventures1969Single
Theme From A Summer PlaceThe Ventures1969Single
Hawaii Five-O : Golden GreatsThe Ventures1969Compil.
The MercenaryThe Ventures1969Single
Golden PopsThe Ventures1969Compil.
The MercenaryThe Ventures1969Single
The Ventures In JapanThe Ventures1969Album
Red River Rock / TelstarThe Ventures1969Single
Journey To The MoonThe Ventures1969Album
Hawaii Five-OThe Ventures1969Single
Hawaii Five-O (Hawaii Cinco-0)The Ventures1969Single
SupergroupThe Ventures1969Compil.
Swamp RockThe Ventures1969Album
Underground FireThe Ventures1969Album
This Is The Ventures Volume 2The Ventures1969Compil.
Guitar Genius of The VenturesThe Ventures1969Compil.
Hawaii Five-OThe Ventures1969Single
This Is The VenturesThe Ventures1969Compil.
Summertime Blues / Flights Of FantasyThe Ventures1968Single
The Trini Lopez ShowTrini Lopez Featuring The Ventures + Nancy Ames1968Album
The HorseThe Ventures1968Album
The VenturesThe Ventures1968Album
Medley: Walk Don't Run, Land Of 1000 DancesThe Ventures1968Single
キャラバン/十番街の殺人The Ventures1968Single
PipelineThe Ventures1968Single
Max A Go-GoThe Ventures1968Single
Flights Of FantasyThe Ventures1968Album
Great Performances Volume 1The Ventures1968Compil.
Hawaii Five-OThe Ventures1968Single
Walk Don't Run-Land Of 1000 DancesThe Ventures1968Single
Hawai Cinco - O / Cosas AmablesThe Ventures1968Single
El GrecoThe Ventures1968Single
Live Again!The Ventures1968Album
Walk Don't RunThe Ventures1968Album
Flights Of Fantasy / VibrationsThe Ventures1968Single
The HorseThe Ventures1968Single
Walk Don't RunThe Ventures1968Single
Theme From "The Wild Angels" / Theme From "Endless Summer"The Ventures1968Single
Golden Greats Vol. 2The Ventures1968Compil.
Walk Don't Run-Land Of 1000 DancesThe Ventures1968Single
In Tokyo '68The Ventures1968Album
Kagayaku Hoshini / Max A Go-GoThe Ventures1968Single
Groovin' With The VenturesThe Ventures1968Album
Diamond Head / PipelineThe Ventures1968Single
Hawaii Five-OThe Ventures1968Single
Flights Of FantasyThe Ventures1968Single
Special Album Spot CommercialThe Ventures1968Single
What Now My LoveThe Ventures1968Single
Batman ThemeThe Ventures1967Single
Fuzzy And WildThe Ventures1967Single
The Versatile VenturesThe Ventures1967Album
Theme from "The Wild Angels"The Ventures1967Single
$1,000,000.00 WeekendThe Ventures1967Album
Guitar Genius Of The VenturesThe Ventures1967Compil.
北国の青い空 = Hokkaido SkiesThe Ventures1967Single
The Best Of The VenturesThe Ventures1967Compil.
Theme From "The Wild Angels" / On The RoadThe Ventures1967Single
On The Road / Mirrors And ShadowsThe Ventures1967Single
Theme From The Endless SummerThe Ventures1967Single
Endless Dream / Vibrations / Psychedelic Venture / Strawberry Fields ForeverThe Ventures1967Single
Theme From "The Wild Angels" / KickstandThe Ventures1967Single
Super PsychedelicsThe Ventures1967Album
Pops In JapanThe Ventures1967Album
Wild Things!The Ventures1967Single
サイケデリック・ドリーム = Endless DreamThe Ventures1967Single
レッツ・ゴー / スリープ・ウォーク = Let's Go / Sleep WalkThe Ventures1967Single
Scandalo Al Sole / On The RoadSanto & Johnny / The Ventures1967Single
Guitar FreakoutThe Ventures1967Album
エル・グレコ = El GrecoThe Ventures1967Single
Hakkaido Skies / Road To Somewhere / Tokyo Nights / Wakareta-Hito-ToThe Ventures1967Single
Dance Party SpectacularThe Ventures1967Compil.
Good Thing / Wack WackThe Ventures1967Single
Theme From "The Wild Angels"The Ventures1967Single
Wack Wack / Theme From "The Wild Angels"The Ventures1967Single
Blue Chateau / HallelujahThe Ventures1967Single
Blue Chateau / Sentimental Guitar / Hallelujah / Slow SundownThe Ventures1967Single
The Wonderful VenturesThe Ventures1967Album
Mod EastThe Ventures1967Single
Golden Greats By The VenturesThe Ventures1967Compil.
Batman Theme / PercolatorThe Ventures1967Single
Theme From The Endless SummerThe Ventures1967Single
Strawberry Fields ForeverThe Ventures1967Single
On Stage, Encore!The Ventures1967Album
The Best Of The Ventures Vol. 2The Ventures1966Compil.
A' Go Go With The VenturesThe Ventures1966Single
Secret Agent Man / Wipe OutThe Ventures1966Single
Wild ThingThe Ventures1966Single
Green Hornet ThemeThe Ventures1966Single
California Dreamin'The Ventures1966Single
Night Train, Tequila, Memphis, RaunchyThe Ventures1966Single
The Lonely BullThe Ventures1966Single
Wild Thing / PenetrationThe Ventures1966Single
Runnin’ StrongThe Ventures1966Compil.
ActionThe Ventures1966Single
Batman Theme / Blue StarThe Ventures1966Single
The VenturesThe Ventures1966Album
Green FieldsThe Ventures1966Single
Blue StarThe Ventures1966Single
二人の銀座 (Ginza Lights)The Ventures1966Single
The Batman Theme Played By The VenturesThe Ventures1966Single
ActionThe Ventures1966Single
Secret Agent ManThe Ventures1966Single
Ginza Lights / Eight Miles High - 二人の銀座 / 霧の8マイルThe Ventures1966Single
Escape / Go - エスケープ / ゴーThe Ventures1966Single
Besame Mucho TwistThe Ventures1966Single
Play Guitar With The Ventures Volume 3The Ventures1966Album
Blue Sunset (Yuhi Wa Akaku)The Ventures1966Single
ArabesqueThe Ventures1966Single
アウト・オブ・リミッツ / ペネトレーションThe Ventures1966Single
Blue Star / Comin' Home BabyThe Ventures1966Single
君といつまでも / 夜空の星The Ventures1966Single
Stop Action / Whittier Blvd.The Ventures1966Single
密の味 / ビートでOKThe Ventures1966Single
Wild Things!The Ventures1966Album
Go With The VenturesThe Ventures1966Album
ジングル・ベル (Jingle Bells)The Ventures1966Single
The VenturesThe Ventures1966Single
Blue StarThe Ventures1966Single
Play Electric Bass With The Ventures • Play Guitar With The Ventures - Volume FourThe Ventures1966Album
Go WithThe Ventures1966Single
Secret Agent MenThe Ventures1966Single
A Go-Go DancerThe Ventures1965Single
The Stranger / Bird RockersThe Ventures1965Single
パイド・パイパー = Pied Piper / ラ・バンバ = La Bamba (Live)Don Wilson, The Ventures1965Single
Ten Seconds To HeavenThe Ventures1965Single
A Taste Of HoneyThe Ventures1965Single
'A Go-GoThe Ventures1965Single
I Go Go DancerThe Ventures1965Single
Walk - Don't RunThe Ventures1965Single
ジングル・ベル = Jingle BellsThe Ventures1965Single
Ten Seconds To Heaven / Bird RockersThe Ventures1965Single
Diamond HeadThe Ventures1965Single
The Ventures' ChristmasThe Ventures1965Single
キャラバン = Caravan / ブルドッグ = BulldogThe Ventures1965Single
Mariner No. 4The Ventures1965Single
Ten Seconds To Heaven / Bird RockersThe Ventures1965Single
Diamond Head / ApacheThe Ventures1965Single
BulldogThe Ventures1965Single
Snow FlakesThe Ventures1965Single
Cruel SeaThe Ventures1965Single
The Stranger / Bird RockersThe Ventures1965Single
Poison ivy / Summertime / Scratch / LucilleThe Ventures1965Single
Sleigh RideThe Ventures1965Single
青い渚をぶっとばせ (Kickstand)The Ventures1965Single
Play Guitar With The Ventures!The Ventures1965Album
ダイアモンド・ヘッド = Diamond Head / 朝日のあたる家 = The House Of The Rising SunThe Ventures1965Single
Ventures In Japan Vol. 2The Ventures1965Album
The Ventures' Christmas AlbumThe Ventures1965Album
On StageThe Ventures1965Album
À Go-GoThe Ventures1965Album
Ventures In JapanThe Ventures1965Album
Let's GoThe Ventures1965Single
木の葉の子守唄 = Lullaby Of The Leaves / アパッチ = ApacheThe Ventures1965Single
クルーエル・シー (Cruel Sea) / 逃亡者 (The Fugitive)The Ventures1965Single
La Bamba / GeminiThe Ventures1965Single
The Swingin' Creeper / Pedal PusherThe Ventures1965Single
Where The Action IsThe Ventures1965Album
The Ventures A Go GoThe Ventures1965Single
Mariner No.4The Ventures1965Single
Pedal PusherThe Ventures1965Single
WALK DON'T RUN ' 64The Ventures1965Single
Caravan '65The Ventures1965Single
Walk -- Don't Run: Volume 2The Ventures1964Single
(The) Ventures In SpaceThe Ventures1964Album
Walk - Don't Run '64 / Let's GoThe Ventures1964Single
Walk, Don't Run '64 / Rap CityThe Ventures1964Single
The Ventures Vol. 2The Ventures1964Single
Walk - Don't Run '64The Ventures1964Single
Surfing/Walk Don't Run '64'The Ventures1964Single
Smash HitsThe Ventures1964Single
Walkin' With PlutoThe Ventures1964Single
Walk Don't Run / Yellow BirdThe Ventures1964Single
Play Guitar With The Ventures! Volume 2The Ventures1964Album
Walk Don't RunThe Ventures1964Single
ダイアモンド・ヘッド = Diamond HeadThe Ventures1964Single
パイプライン = Pipeline / ロンリー・シー = The Lonely SeaThe Ventures1964Single
War Of The SatellitesThe Ventures1964Single
Walk, Don't Run Vol. 2The Ventures1964Album
Fugitive / Scratchin'The Ventures1964Single
Out Of LimitsThe Ventures1964Single
The Fabulous VenturesThe Ventures1964Album
Walk, Don't Run '64The Ventures1964Single
FugitiveThe Ventures1964Single
Solar Race / Love Goddess Of Venus / The Twilight Zone / The Fourth DimensionThe Ventures1964Single
Aquarius / Let The Sunshine InThe Ventures1964Single
The "Fabulous" VenturesThe Ventures1964Single
Knock Me Out!The Ventures1964Album
The Ventures Vol. 2The Ventures1964Album
Walk Don't Run / MoreThe Ventures1964Single
The SavageThe Ventures1964Single
The Ventures Vol.2The Ventures1964Compil.
The Fabulous VenturesThe Ventures1964Single
The Ventures Original HitsThe Ventures1964Compil.
Slaughter On Tenth Avenue / Rap CityThe Ventures1964Single
PenetrationThe Ventures1964Single
Let's GoThe Ventures1964Single
The Savage / Out Of LimitsThe Ventures1964Single
The Ventures Vol.2The Ventures1964Compil.
Twist With The Ventures Volume IIIThe Ventures1963Single
SurfingThe Ventures1963Single
Walk, Don't RunThe Ventures1963Single
The Ventures' BestThe Ventures1963Compil.
The Ninth WaveThe Ventures1963Single
More / RunawayThe Ventures1963Single
El Cumbanchero / Skip To M' LimboThe Ventures1963Single
The Loco-Motion / Limbo RockThe Ventures1963Single
TelstarThe Ventures1963Single
MemphisThe Ventures1963Single
Play The CountryThe Ventures1963Single
The Wah Watusi / Hully GullyThe Ventures1963Single
Let's Go With The VenturesThe Ventures1963Single
Hitparty with the VenturesThe Ventures1963Compil.
Let's Go!The Ventures1963Album
Going To The Ventures Dance PartyThe Ventures1963Single
Telstar / The Lonely BullThe Ventures1963Single
Raw-HideThe Ventures1963Single
MemphisThe Ventures1963Single
Tequila / The Lonely BullThe Ventures1963Single
PenetrationThe Ventures1963Single
SurfingThe Ventures1963Album
The Ventures Play The Country ClassicsThe Ventures1963Album
The Savage / The ChaseThe Ventures1963Single
The Ventures Play Country GreatsThe Ventures1963Single
SurfingThe Ventures1963Single
Damaged GoodsThe Ventures1963Single
The Ventures StyleThe Ventures1963Single
SurfingThe Ventures1963Album
Walk Right In / SukiyakiThe Ventures1963Single
The Ventures Vol. 3The Ventures1963Single
The Ventures U.S.A.The Ventures1963Album
Bobby Vee Meets The VenturesBobby Vee Meets The Ventures1963Album
TelstarThe Ventures1963Single
Bobby Vee Meets The VenturesBobby Vee, The Ventures1963Single
The Ventures Play Telstar, The Lonely BullThe Ventures1962Album
Instant Mashed / My Bonnie LiesThe Ventures1962Single
Shake party With The VenturesThe Ventures1962Single
Going To The Ventures Dance Party!The Ventures1962Album
Twist PartyThe Ventures1962Single
Guitar TwistThe Ventures1962Single
The Ventures Play Telstar ● The Lonely Bull And OthersThe Ventures1962Single
TelstarThe Ventures1962Single
Play Telstar And Lonely BullThe Ventures1962Single
Mashed Potatoes And GravyThe Ventures1962Album
Dance With The VenturesThe Ventures1962Compil.
Twist Party Vol. 2The Ventures1962Album
Twist With The VenturesThe Ventures1962Album
Twist With The VenturesThe Ventures1962Single
Lucille / Lolita Ya-YaThe Ventures1962Single
Yellow Jacket / GenesisThe Ventures1962Single
The 2,000 Pound BeeThe Ventures1962Single
Walk, Don't RunThe Ventures1962Single
Twist With The Ventures Part 2The Ventures1962Single
Besame Mucho / Dark EyesThe Ventures1962Single
Blue Skies EPThe Ventures1962Single
Teensville!Bobby Vee, Johnny Burnette, The Fleetwoods, The Ventures1962Compil.
Another SmashThe Ventures1961Single
(Theme From) Silver CityThe Ventures1961Single
The Colorful VenturesThe Ventures1961Album
The Dynamic VenturesThe Ventures1961Single
Blue Moon / Wailin'The Ventures1961Single
Another SmashThe Ventures1961Album
The VenturesThe Ventures1961Album
Blue Moon / Lady Of SpainThe Ventures1961Single
Ginchy / Lullaby Of The LeavesThe Ventures1961Single
The Magnificent VenturesThe Ventures1961Compil.
The VenturesThe Ventures1961Compil.
PerfidiaThe Ventures1961Single
The VenturesThe Ventures1961Compil.
GinchyThe Ventures1961Single
The VenturesThe Ventures1961Album
The Colourful VenturesThe Ventures1961Single
The VenturesThe Ventures1961Compil.
The VenturesThe Ventures1961Compil.
Driving Guitars (Ventures Twist) / ShanghiedThe Ventures1961Single
The VenturesThe Ventures1961Compil.
The VenturesThe Ventures1961Single
The VenturesThe Ventures1961Album
The VenturesThe Ventures1961Single
The Real McCoyThe Ventures1960Single
Walk - - Don't RunThe Ventures1960Single
Walk -- Don't Run / The McCoyThe Ventures1960Single
The VenturesThe Ventures1960Single
Ram-Bunk-Shush / Lonely HeartThe Ventures1960Single
Walk - Don't Run / HomeThe Ventures1960Single
Walk Don't RunThe Ventures1960Album
Perfidia / No TrespassingThe Ventures1960Single
The VenturesThe Ventures1960Single
Walk Don't Run / PerfidiaThe Ventures1960Single
Ram-Bunk-ShushThe Ventures1960Single
Go Go Slow / Go Go GuitarThe VenturesSingle
Golden HitsThe VenturesCompil.
Gringo / ShanghiedThe VenturesSingle
Soul Coaxing (Ame Caline)The VenturesSingle
Volume 1The VenturesCompil.
Nagasaki BojouThe VenturesSingle
Best CollectionThe VenturesCompil.
Raw-HideThe VenturesSingle
Born To Be WildThe VenturesSingle
The House Of The Rising SunThe VenturesCompil.
Penetration / PipelineThe VenturesSingle
Volume 2The VenturesCompil.
The Good, The Bad And The UglyThe VenturesSingle
Born to be wildThe VenturesSingle
The Ventures' Best-2The VenturesCompil.
Oh Pretty WomanThe VenturesSingle
Revolving SoundsThe VenturesAlbum
Pipe LineThe Ventures, Al Caiola And His OrchestraSingle
Plays James Bond Music / Pops In Japan 1970The VenturesCompil.
Volume 3The VenturesCompil.
Sunshine Of Your LoveThe VenturesSingle
Satisfaction / Night Stick / Wooly Bully / A Go Go GuitarThe VenturesSingle
Surfin' GuitarsThe VenturesCompil.
The MercenaryThe VenturesSingle
Perfidia / Dream That I Love YouThe Ventures / Ken DoddSingle
Billboard Hits U.S.A.The VenturesCompil.
Walk Right In / Let's GoThe VenturesSingle
Wooly BullyThe VenturesSingle
PortraitThe VenturesCompil.
Telstar / Out Of LimitsThe VenturesSingle
Music To Watch Girls ByThe VenturesCompil.
Surfparty In Lagune / DiamondsThe VenturesSingle
New Original Best 4The VenturesSingle
Walk - - Don't RunThe VenturesSingle
St. Louis MemoryThe VenturesCompil.
恋の散歩道 = On The RoadThe VenturesSingle
Touch MeWillie Nelson / Bobby Vee E The VenturesSingle
The Very Best Of The Ventures: 28 Original Greatest HitsThe VenturesCompil.
Blue StarThe VenturesSingle
A Apache '65The VenturesSingle
The Ventures Meet The TornadosThe Ventures & The TornadosCompil.
Wipe-Out / Nadia's Theme (The Young And The Restless)The VenturesSingle
Ram-Bunk-Shush / Walk - Don't RunThe VenturesSingle
パラダイス・ア・ゴー・ゴー = Ten Seconds To HeavenThe VenturesSingle
Slaughter On 10th AvenueThe VenturesSingle
Hawai Five-O / Walk - Don't Run, 1964The VenturesSingle
Аллея ЗвёздThe VenturesCompil.
The Ventures "Rock" Best 8The VenturesSingle
Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer / Frosty (The Snow Man)The Ventures, Jan & DeanSingle
雨の御堂筋The VenturesSingle
Best SelectionThe VenturesCompil.
Reflections / Western UnionThe VenturesSingle
The Ventures Feel FineThe VenturesSingle
Hot InstrumentalsThe Hunters, The Ventures, Mood MosaicSingle
Greatest Hits Vol. 2The VenturesCompil.
Great PerformancesThe VenturesCompil.
Standard Best 4The VenturesSingle
Walk Don't Run '64 / Rap CityThe VenturesSingle
Immortal Popular HitThe VenturesCompil.
A Taste Of HoneyThe VenturesSingle
MP3 Collection (Новая Коллекция)The VenturesAlbum
The MercenaryThe VenturesSingle
Hawai 5-0 / Telestar / El Cumbanchero / ContrapuntoThe VenturesSingle
Kickstand/Candy Apple RacerThe VenturesSingle
Diamond Head - Big Artist AlbumThe VenturesCompil.
Torquay / RaunchyThe VenturesAlbum
Diamond HeadThe VenturesCompil.
Special CollectionThe VenturesCompil.
Oczy Czarne / Besame MuchoThe VenturesSingle
Hawaii Five-0 = Hawaii Cinco-0The VenturesSingle
AlegriaThe VenturesSingle
Storefront Lawyers / Undergound FireThe VenturesSingle
Memphis / San Antonio RoseThe VenturesSingle
Pops In Japan No.2The VenturesCompil.
What It Was, Was Football / Hawaii Five-0Andy Griffith / The VenturesSingle
Best SelectionThe VenturesCompil.
La Bamba/GeminiThe VenturesSingle
Psyched OutThe VenturesSingle
PipelineThe VenturesAlbum
京都の恋 = Kyoto DollThe VenturesSingle
Exitos De Oro - Mision: ImposibleThe VenturesSingle
Ventures A Go GoThe VenturesSingle
Live!The VenturesAlbum
Acapulco / Summer In The CityOrchester Roland Kovac / The VenturesSingle
Play Guitar With The Ventures Volume 7The VenturesAlbum
京都の恋 = Kyoto DollThe VenturesSingle
Hawaii Five-O / Classical GasThe VenturesSingle
AgainThe VenturesCompil.
Perfidia / Blue MoonThe VenturesSingle
The Original Hits Vol. 2Johnny Burnette, Si Zentner, Bobby Vee, The VenturesSingle
Wabash Cannonball / Wildwood FlowerThe VenturesSingle
Bessa MuchoThe VenturesSingle
The Golden Hits In 69' (Soul & A Go Go)The VenturesCompil.
Meet James BondThe VenturesCompil.
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