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Todd Rundgren

voc, g, *1948 US, Upper Darby Township, Delaware County, Pennsylvania
Singer / Musician / Songwriter / Producer of Rock
A.k.a. Todd Harry Rundgren Runt TR-i You-Know-Who

American musician (vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, saxophone, theremin), singer-songwriter and record producer. Born June 22, 1948 in Upper Darby, a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Todd Rundgren began his career in blues band Woody's Truck Stop but left to form Nazz in 1967 who charted with "Open My Eyes" and "Hello It's Me." He left Nazz in 1969 to pursue a solo career and released Runt (1970), Runt: The Ballad of Todd Rundgren (1971) and double LP Something/Anything? (1972) on which he singly wrote, performed and produced 3 of the 4 sides of the album, the 4th side being a single live take with a studio band. Rundgren also took on production projects for other groups at Bearsville Studios whilst his musical boundaries stretched from Pop to Heavy Metal to Soul as demonstrated by 'A Wizard, A True Star' (1973), followed by another double album 1974's Todd and 1975's Initiation. At this time he also started to release progressive and experimental live and studio material with his backing band Utopia. Rundgren continued to produce solo material, notably Faithful (1976) featuring one side of originals and one side of covers from 1966, Hermit of Mink Hollow (1978), Healing (1981), The Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect (1983) and the aptly named A Cappella (1985). Utopia disbanded in 1986 having released a string of live and studio albums under the Todd Rundgren/Utopia banner all of which featured Rundgren's seemingly inexhaustible songwriting, vocal and performance contributions. After a break he released the live studio album Nearly Human (1989) followed by 2nd Wind (1991) performed before a live audience who were instructed to remain silent. In 1993 Rundgren reinvented himself again on the Internet as TR-i ("Todd Rundgren interactive") and "released" New World Order followed by The Individualist (1995). His Patronet work, which trickled out to subscribers over more than a year, was released in 2000 as One Long Year. Rundgren returned to recording under his own name for With a Twist, an album of bossa-nova covers of his older material. Also released were Reconstructed which features techno remixes of Rundgren and Utopia tracks by other artists and Todd Rundgren and His Friends which contains various artists remakes and remixes Rundgren songs. In 2004, Rundgren released Liars and in 2005, following considerable rumour and speculation it was announced that he was joining the line-up of 80's rock band The Cars, now renamed as The New Cars. A live album The New Cars: It's Alive, was released in 2006. Rundgren and long term partner Bebe Buell raised actress Liv Tyler as his daughter until age 11 due to the drug excesses of her biological father, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith.

  • Vocals
  • Guitar
  • Piano
  • Keyboards
  • Saxophone
  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Electronic
Popular Tracks   
I Saw the Light - 2015 Remaster on Something / Anything? by Todd Rundgren
Hello It's Me on Something / Anything? by Todd Rundgren
Bang the Drum All Day on The Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect by Todd Rundgren
The Shape I'm In - Remastered 2000 on Stage Fright by The Band
Izzat Love? - 2015 Remaster on Todd by Todd Rundgren
Can We Still Be Friends? - 2015 Remaster on Hermit of Mink Hollow by Todd Rundgren
Bang On The Drum All Day on Greatest Classics: With A Twist by Todd Rundgren
Healing, Pt. 1 - 2015 Remaster on Healing by Todd Rundgren
We Gotta Get You a Woman - 2015 Remaster on Runt by Todd Rundgren
Stage Fright - Remastered 2000 on Stage Fright by The Band

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Band Members

Title Artist Year Type
All Sides Of The Roxy - May 1978Todd Rundgren2018Album
White KnightTodd Rundgren2017Album
Can We Still Be FriendsTodd Rundgren2017Single
I Saw The Light / Hello It's MeTodd Rundgren2017Single
An Evening With Todd Rundgren Live At The RidgefieldTodd Rundgren2016Album
Box O' ToddTodd Rundgren2016Album
Runddans (Remixed)Todd Rundgren, Emil Nikolaisen, Lindstrøm2015Album
Live At The Old WaldorfTodd Rundgren & Utopia2015Album
GlobalTodd Rundgren2015Album
RunddansTodd Rundgren, Emil Nikolaisen, Lindstrøm2015Album
Live At The Electric Ballroom – Milwaukee 23rd October 1978Todd Rundgren And Utopia2014Album
At The BBC 1972-1982Todd Rundgren2014Compil.
World (No Order) Tour 1993-94 (Live In Cyberia)Todd Rundgren2014Album
StateTodd Rundgren2013Album
Live From Counterpart Studios 1973Todd Rundgren2013Album
Todd Rundgren's Johnson LiveTodd Rundgren2013Album
A Cappella + Nearly Human + 2nd WindTodd Rundgren2012Compil.
HealingTodd Rundgren2012Album
Hermit Of Mink Hollow + Healing + The Ever Popular Tortured Artist EffectTodd Rundgren2012Compil.
Live At The Warfield – 10th March 1990Todd Rundgren2012Album
Disco JetsTodd Rundgren & Utopia2012Album
Runt + Runt. The Ballad Of Todd RundgrenTodd Rundgren2011Compil.
Flashback With Todd RundgrenTodd Rundgren2011Compil.
A Wizard, A True Star + ToddTodd Rundgren2011Compil.
ToddTodd Rundgren2011Album
(Re)ProductionTodd Rundgren2011Album
A Wizard A True Star - Live February 2010Todd Rundgren2010Album
For Lack Of Honest WorkTodd Rundgren2010Compil.
Todd Rundgren's JohnsonTodd Rundgren2010Album
Original Album SeriesTodd Rundgren2010Album
StrikeTodd Rundgren2008Single
ArenaTodd Rundgren2008Album
Arena Radio SamplerTodd Rundgren2008Album
Todd RundgrenTodd Rundgren2007Compil.
The Definitive Rock CollectionTodd Rundgren2006Compil.
Hello It's MeTodd Rundgren2005Compil.
Best Of Todd Rundgren LiveTodd Rundgren2005Compil.
In ConcertTodd Rundgren2005Album
Liars LiveTodd Rundgren2005Album
LiarsTodd Rundgren2004Album
Soul BrotherTodd Rundgren2004Album
Bang The Drum All Day / Can We Still Be FriendsTodd Rundgren2003Single
Can't Stop RunningTodd Rundgren2003Compil.
While My Guitar Gently WeepsTodd Rundgren2003Album
Re-MixesTodd Rundgren2003Compil.
Greatest Classics: With A TwistTodd Rundgren2003Compil.
Bootleg Series Vol. 3 Nearly Human Tour Japan '90Todd Rundgren2003Album
Live In San FranciscoTodd Rundgren2002Album
Todd Rundgren RocksTodd Rundgren2002Compil.
Bootleg Series Vol. 1 Live at the Forum, London '94Todd Rundgren2002Album
Nazz Vs. ToddzillaNazz feat. Todd Rundgren2002Compil.
Hello It's Me: A RetrospectiveTodd Rundgren2001Compil.
Their Greatest HitsTodd Rundgren vs Utopia2001Compil.
ReconstructedTodd Rundgren2001Album
Extended VersionsTodd Rundgren2001Compil.
Another Side of RoxyTodd Rundgren2001Album
Deface The Music TourUtopia Featuring Todd Rundgren2001Album
Demos And Lost AlbumsTodd Rundgren2001Compil.
A Cappella TourTodd Rundgren2001Album
One Long YearTodd Rundgren2000Album
LiveTodd Rundgren2000Album
Best Of - I Saw The LightTodd Rundgren2000Compil.
Live In N.Y.C '78Todd Rundgren1999Album
The Best Of Todd Rundgren "Go Ahead. Ignore Me."Todd Rundgren1999Compil.
TR TV Volume 2Todd Rundgren1999Album
Live in Chicago '91Todd Rundgren1999Album
Love Is The AnswerTodd Rundgren1998Album
The Best Of Todd RundgrenTodd Rundgren1998Compil.
Somewhere/Anywhere? Unreleased TracksTodd Rundgren1998Compil.
Quattro 1991Todd Rundgren1998Album
TR TV Volume 1Todd Rundgren1998Album
Free Soul - The Classic Of Todd RundgrenTodd Rundgren1998Compil.
Up Against ItTodd Rundgren1997Album
I Saw The Light And Other HitsTodd Rundgren1997Compil.
The Very Best Of Todd RundgrenTodd Rundgren1997Compil.
With A Twist...Todd Rundgren1997Album
Complete Bearsville BoxTodd Rundgren1996Compil.
Live In Mink HollowTodd Rundgren1996Album
Can't Stop RunningTodd Rundgren1995Album
The Obvious List/The Less Obvious ListTodd Rundgren1995Compil.
PropertyTodd Rundgren / TR-i1994Single
GrokGazer - Your Visual Concert HallTodd Rundgren, David Levine1994Single
PropertyTodd Rundgren / TR-i1993Single
No World Order (Yokohama Morning Version)Todd Rundgren1993Album
Todd Rundgren: Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect / VideosyncracyTodd Rundgren1993Album
No World OrderTodd Rundgren1993Album
Live USATodd Rundgren1993Album
Fascist ChristTodd Rundgren1993Single
The Best Of Todd RundgrenTodd Rundgren1992Compil.
Cleveland RocksTodd Rundgren1992Album
Todd RundgrenTodd Rundgren1992Compil.
2nd WindTodd Rundgren1991Album
Ultra SonicTodd Rundgren And Hello People1991Album
Public ServantTodd Rundgren1991Single
What's Going OnTodd Rundgren1991Album
The 2nd Wind Concert SessionsTodd Rundgren1991Album
Hello It's Me!Todd Rundgren1991Album
Change MyselfTodd Rundgren1991Single
Live In JapanTodd Rundgren1991Album
Parallel LinesTodd Rundgren1989Single
Can't Stop RunningTodd Rundgren1989Single
The Want Of A NailTodd Rundgren1989Single
Anthology - (1968 - 1985)Todd Rundgren1989Compil.
In Todd We TrustTodd Rundgren / Nazz / Runt / Utopia1989Album
Nearly HumanTodd Rundgren1989Album
Lil' Bit Of GoldTodd Rundgren1988Compil.
Runt / Hermit Of Mink HollowTodd Rundgren1988Compil.
SinglesTodd Rundgren1988Compil.
Faithful / InitiationTodd Rundgren1988Compil.
Just When I Needed You Most / I Saw The LightRandy Vanwarmer / Todd Rundgren1988Single
AnthologyTodd Rundgren1987Compil.
Something To Fall Back OnTodd Rundgren1986Single
Johnee JingoTodd Rundgren1985Single
Loving You's A Dirty Job But Somebody's Gotta Do ItBonnie Tyler Duet With Todd Rundgren1985Single
A CappellaTodd Rundgren1985Album
Guest D.J.Robby Krieger / Todd Rundgren1983Album
VideosyncracyTodd Rundgren1983Album
Bang The Drum All DayTodd Rundgren1983Single
The Ever Popular Tortured Artist EffectTodd Rundgren1982Album
BBC ROCK HOURTodd Rundgren1982Album
HealingTodd Rundgren1981Single
February Sales SamplerBunny Wailer / The Melodians / Todd Rundgren / Brian Briggs1981Album
HideawayTodd Rundgren1981Single
Time HealsTodd Rundgren1981Single
CompassionTodd Rundgren1981Single
Nimbus ThitherwardTodd Rundgren / Utopia1980Album
Songs From Back To The BarsTodd Rundgren1979Compil.
It Wouldn't Have Made Any DifferenceTodd Rundgren1978Single
Hermit Of Mink HollowTodd Rundgren1978Album
All The Children SingTodd Rundgren1978Single
Back To The BarsTodd Rundgren1978Album
Rundgren Comes AliveTodd Rundgren1978Single
Can We Still Be FriendsTodd Rundgren1978Single
You Cried WolfTodd Rundgren1978Single
Looking At UsTodd Rundgren And Utopia1977Album
FaithfulTodd Rundgren1976Album
Black And White / Love Of The Common ManTodd Rundgren1976Single
Good VibrationsTodd Rundgren1976Single
Nimbus Thitherward (Finally On The Beach In London 1976)Todd Rundgren / Utopia1976Album
Love Of The Common ManTodd Rundgren1976Single
InitiationTodd Rundgren1975Album
Real ManTodd Rundgren1975Single
Hello It's MeTodd Rundgren1974Compil.
ToddTodd Rundgren1974Album
Todd Rundgren InterviewTodd Rundgren1974Album
Wolfman JackTodd Rundgren1974Single
A Dream Goes On ForeverTodd Rundgren1974Single
Something / Anything?Todd Rundgren1974Single
SomethingTodd Rundgren1973Single
International FeelTodd Rundgren1973Single
I Saw The Light / We Gotta Get You A WomanTodd Rundgren1973Single
Grandes HitsThe Marvelous, The Chartbusters, Todd Rundgren, Erlon Chaves E Sua Banda Veneno1973Single
A Wizard, A True StarTodd Rundgren1973Album
We Gotta Get You A WomanTodd Rundgren1973Single
Sometimes I Don't Know What To FeelTodd Rundgren1973Single
Hello It's MeTodd Rundgren1973Single
The Todd Rundgren Radio ShowTodd Rundgren1972Album
Couldn't I Just Tell YouTodd Rundgren1972Single
Something / Anything?Todd Rundgren1972Album
I Saw The LightTodd Rundgren1972Single
Hello It's Me / Cold Morning LightTodd Rundgren1972Single
Hola,Soy Yo +3Todd Rundgren1972Single
I Saw The LightTodd Rundgren1972Single
RuntTodd Rundgren1970Album
Puttin' On A RitzTodd RundgrenAlbum
Hello It's Me / A Dream Goes On ForeverTodd RundgrenSingle
The Desktop Collection And 2nd Wind Live Recording SessionsTodd RundgrenAlbum
Real ToddTodd RundgrenAlbum
Time HealsTodd RundgrenSingle
Hello It's Me / Can We Still Be Friends?Todd RundgrenSingle
Live In The Studio 5/2/72Todd Rundgren And Hello PeopleAlbum
Bang On The Drum All Day / Good VibrationsTodd RundgrenSingle
From Here To UtopiaTodd Rundgren & UtopiaAlbum
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