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Uriah Heep

Band, *1969 GB, London
A.k.a. Spice (15)

Uriah Heep are an English rock band formed in London in 1969. Twelve of the band's albums have made it to the UK Albums Chart (Return to Fantasy reached No. 7 in 1975) while of the fifteen Billboard 200 Uriah Heep albums Demons and Wizards was the most successful (#23, 1972). In the late 1970s the band had massive success in Germany, where the "Lady in Black" single was a big hit. Along with Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, Uriah Heep had become one of the top rock bands in the early 1970s.

PortraitNigel Olsson
dr, perc *1949 GB
PortraitJohn Wetton
voc, b *1949 GB
PortraitTrevor Bolder
b, voc, eb 1950-2013 GB
PortraitBob Daisley
b *1950 AU
PortraitKen Hensley
*1945 GB
PortraitChris Slade
dr *1946 GB
PortraitJohn Lawton
voc *1946 GB
PortraitLee Kerslake
dr, voc, perc *1947 GB
PortraitJohn Sloman
voc, bvoc *1957 GB
PortraitMick Box
g, voc *1947 GB
PortraitDavid Byron
voc 1947-1985 GB
PortraitIan Clarke
PortraitPaul Newton
voc, eb, b *1948 GB
PortraitKeith Baker
dr *1948 GB
Alex Napier
dr GB
PortraitGary Thain
b, eb 1948-1975 NZ
PortraitMark Clarke
voc, b, eb *1950 GB
PortraitBernie Shaw
voc *1956 CA
PortraitPhil Lanzon
key, voc *1950 GB
PortraitGreg Dechert
PortraitRussell Gilbrook
dr, voc *1964 GB
PortraitJohn Sinclair
key, voc GB
PortraitPeter Goalby
voc *1950 GB
Colin Wood
key *1943 GB
PortraitDave Rimmer
b, bvoc
Popular Tracks   
Lady in Black on Celebration by Uriah Heep
Easy Livin' on The Collection by Uriah Heep
The Wizard - 2017 Remastered on Demons and Wizards by Uriah Heep
Lady In Black - Alternate Version on Salisbury by Uriah Heep
Stealin' on Sweet Freedom by Uriah Heep
July Morning on Celebration by Uriah Heep
Easy Livin' - 2017 Remastered on Demons and Wizards by Uriah Heep
Lady in Black on Salisbury by Uriah Heep
Free Me on Innocent Victim by Uriah Heep
Lady In Black on The Best of... Pt. 1 by Uriah Heep

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Band Membership

Title Artist Year Type
The High And Mighty TourUriah Heep2018Album
Our Return To FantasyUriah Heep2018Album
He Was The WizardUriah Heep2018Compil.
Ten Miles High-The Lost John Lawton AlbumUriah Heep2018Album
The Look At Yourself Sessions 1970Uriah Heep2018Album
Mister WonderworldUriah Heep2018Album
The Sweet Freedom TourUriah Heep2018Album
The Very 'Eavy Very 'Umble Sessions 1970Uriah Heep2018Album
Uncasville, 23.02.2018Uriah Heep2018Album
Best of King Biscuit Flower Hour PresentsUriah Heep2018Album
Living The DreamUriah Heep2018Album
Gold From The Byron AgeUriah Heep2018Album
Easy Livin'Uriah Heep2018Compil.
Boston,06.05.1976Uriah Heep2018Album
Gold From The Byron EraUriah Heep2017Compil.
Selections From Totally DrivenUriah Heep2017Compil.
Early Sessions And Rare Live Recordings 1969-1971Uriah Heep2017Compil.
Live in Boston 1976Uriah Heep2016Album
Live At Budokan 1973Uriah Heep2016Album
Your Turn To Remember - The Definitive Anthology 1970-1990Uriah Heep2016Compil.
Words In The Distance 1994-1998Uriah Heep2016Compil.
The Classic Rock YearsUriah Heep2016Compil.
Kawasaki 2016 - 2nd NightUriah Heep & Lucifer's Friend2016Album
Totally DrivenUriah Heep2015Compil.
Playlist: The Very Best Of Uriah HeepUriah Heep2015Compil.
Access All AreasUriah Heep2015Compil.
Live At KokoUriah Heep2015Album
Live In Zurich 1971Uriah Heep2015Album
OutsiderUriah Heep2014Album
MP3Uriah Heep2014Compil.
The Official Bootleg Series BoxsetUriah Heep2013Compil.
Easy Livin'Uriah Heep2013Compil.
Official Bootleg Volume Six - Live At The Rock Of Ages Festival Germany 2008Uriah Heep2013Album
Logical RevelationsUriah Heep2012Compil.
Official Bootleg Volume Five - Live In Athens Greece 2011Uriah Heep2012Album
Greatest HitsUriah Heep2012Compil.
IconUriah Heep2012Compil.
Live In ArmeniaUriah Heep2011Album
Into The WildUriah Heep2011Album
Official Bootleg Volume Four - Live In Brisbane Australia 2011Uriah Heep2011Album
Official Bootleg Volume Three: Live In Kawasaki Japan 2010Uriah Heep2011Album
5 Original AlbumsUriah Heep2011Album
Official Bootleg 01.12.2011 Wulfrun Hall WolverhamptonUriah Heep2011Album
The Best Of Uriah Heep - WizardsUriah Heep2011Compil.
The Spitfire YearsUriah Heep2011Compil.
Official Bootleg Volume II - Live At Budapest Hungary 2010Uriah Heep2010Album
Firefly / AbominogUriah Heep2010Compil.
Live On AirUriah Heep2010Album
The Uriah Heep CollectionUriah Heep2010Compil.
Official Bootleg: Live At Sweden Rock Festival 2009Uriah Heep2010Album
On The Rebound (A Very 'Eavy 40th Anniversary Collection)Uriah Heep2010Compil.
Official Bootleg - 19.12.2009 Gusswerk, SalzburgUriah Heep2009Album
Celebration - Forty Years Of RockUriah Heep2009Album
The Definitive Spitfire CollectionUriah Heep2009Compil.
Official Bootleg - 20-11-2009 Mühltalhalle Bad Rappenau GermanyUriah Heep2009Album
Official Bootleg 21-11-2009 KUFA KrefeldUriah Heep2009Album
Live From The Byron EraUriah Heep2009Album
Best OfUriah Heep2009Compil.
Wake The SleeperUriah Heep2008Album
Star-Club Präsentiert Uriah HeepUriah Heep2008Compil.
Classic LiveUriah Heep2008Album
Greatest Hits (1970 - 1978)Uriah Heep2008Compil.
The Very Best OfUriah Heep2007Compil.
The Definitive CollectionUriah Heep2007Compil.
MP3 CollectionUriah Heep2007Album
Loud, Proud & Heavy - The Best OfUriah Heep2007Compil.
The Definitive CollectionUriah Heep2007Album
Uriah Heep (Platinum Collection)Uriah Heep2007Compil.
Easy LibinUriah Heep2007Album
Easy Livin'Uriah Heep2007Compil.
Easy Livin´Uriah Heep2007Compil.
Look Back And LiveUriah Heep2006Album
Wake Up - The Singles CollectionUriah Heep2006Single
The Very Best Of Uriah HeepUriah Heep2006Compil.
Easy Livin' - The Singles A's & B'sUriah Heep2006Compil.
Bits And Pieces About...Uriah Heep2006Compil.
Bird Of Prey - The Best OfUriah Heep2006Compil.
Greatest HitsUriah Heep2006Compil.
Даёшь Музыку MP3 CollectionUriah Heep2006Compil.
Wizards And Demons - The Official History Of Uriah HeepUriah Heep2005Album
Easy Livin'Uriah Heep2005Compil.
The Official Live Collection - 35th Anniversary EditionUriah Heep2005Album
Chapter & Verse - The Uriah Heep StoryUriah Heep2005Compil.
MP3 Collection (All MP3 + DVD Video)Uriah Heep2005Album
Uriah Heep MP3Uriah Heep2005Compil.
Between Two Worlds (Live In London)Uriah Heep2005Album
Classic AirwavesUriah Heep2005Album
MP3 Звездная СерияUriah Heep2005Compil.
Transmissions (Classic airwaves)Uriah Heep2005Album
Between Two Worlds (Live In London)Uriah Heep2005Album
Gold From The Byron EraUriah Heep2004Album
MP3 CollectionUriah Heep2004Compil.
Inside Uriah Heep The Hensley Years 1970 - 1980 And Independent Critical ReviewUriah Heep2004Single
Magic NightUriah Heep2004Album
Classic Heep Live From The Byron EraUriah Heep2004Album
Classic Heep Live CollectionUriah Heep2004Album
The Ultimate AnthologyUriah Heep2004Album
Rainbow DemonUriah Heep2004Compil.
Revelations - The Uriah Heep AnthologyUriah Heep2004Compil.
Demons In AmericaUriah Heep2004Album
Легенды Зарубежного РокаUriah Heep2004Compil.
The AnthologyUriah Heep2004Album
The Other Side Of MidnightUriah Heep2004Compil.
Коллекция Альбомов (1970-1974) СD1Uriah Heep2004Compil.
Uriah Heep In GoldUriah Heep2004Compil.
Live In The USAUriah Heep2003Album
The Equatorial Horizon 1985Uriah Heep2003Album
Rock StarsUriah Heep2003Compil.
Live In The USAUriah Heep2003Album
The Very Best Of Uriah HeepUriah Heep2003Compil.
Легенды Зарубежного РокаUriah Heep2003Compil.
The Ultimate CollectionUriah Heep2003Compil.
Wonder DreamUriah Heep2002Album
The Very Best Of...Uriah HeepUriah Heep2002Compil.
The Magician's Birthday PartyUriah Heep2002Album
The BestUriah Heep2002Album
The Great Legends Of RockStatus Quo / Motörhead / Uriah Heep2002Album
One More NightUriah Heep2002Album
MP3 CollectionUriah Heep2002Compil.
Fantasy NightUriah Heep2002Album
Moscow and BeyondUriah Heep2002Album
All Gold Of The WorldUriah Heep2002Compil.
You Can't Keep A Good Band DownUriah Heep2002Compil.
The Golden PalaceUriah Heep2002Compil.
Moscow and BeyondUriah Heep2002Album
Between Two WorldsUriah Heep2002Compil.
The Magician's Birthday PartyUriah Heep Featuring Ken Hensley, John Lawton2002Album
Kings Of World MusicUriah Heep2001Compil.
Rock ChampionsUriah Heep2001Compil.
Come Away Melinda: The BalladsUriah Heep2001Compil.
Easy Livin'Uriah Heep2001Compil.
Empty The Vaults: The RaritiesUriah Heep2001Compil.
Sailing The Sea Of LightUriah Heep2001Album
The Legend Continues... A Celebration Of Thirty Years In RockUriah Heep2001Album
Future Echoes Of The PastUriah Heep2001Album
Remasters - The Official AnthologyUriah Heep2001Compil.
Acoustically DrivenUriah Heep2001Album
Blood On Stone - Anthology Volume 2Uriah Heep2001Compil.
Electrically DrivenUriah Heep2001Album
Greatest HitsUriah Heep2001Compil.
Lady In BlackUriah Heep2001Single
The Legend Continues... A Celebration Of Thirty Years In RockUriah Heep2001Album
Come Away MelindaUriah Heep2001Single
Acoustically DrivenUriah Heep2001Album
Easy Livin'Uriah Heep2000Compil.
2 Originals Of Uriah Heep - Sea Of Light, Spellbinder (2cd)Uriah Heep2000Compil.
(CD2) Коллекция Альбомов (1977-1998)Uriah Heep2000Compil.
Golden Years 1970-1980Uriah Heep2000Compil.
July Morning / Traveller In TimeUriah Heep2000Single
GoldUriah Heep2000Compil.
Single CollectionUriah Heep2000Compil.
World Ballads CollectionUriah Heep2000Compil.
Всё Золото Мира CD1Uriah Heep2000Compil.
Музыкальная ЭнциклопедияUriah Heep1999Compil.
Travellers In Time Anthology Vol. 1Uriah Heep1999Compil.
The Magician's Birthday / Innocent VictimUriah Heep1999Compil.
Stage (March 1973)Uriah Heep1999Album
The BestUriah Heep1998Compil.
BBC Session & LiveUriah Heep1998Album
Salisbury / Return To FantasyUriah Heep1998Compil.
All StarsUriah Heep1998Compil.
Look At Yourself / FireflyUriah Heep1998Compil.
Three Classic AlbumsUriah Heep1998Compil.
Live On The King Biscuit Flower HourUriah Heep1998Album
...Very 'Eavy ...Very 'Umble / WonderworldUriah Heep1998Compil.
Demons And Wizards / High And MightyUriah Heep1998Compil.
Romantic BalladsUriah Heep1998Compil.
Heartless LandUriah Heep1998Single
Classic Heep - An AnthologyUriah Heep1998Compil.
Still 'Eavy, Still ProudUriah Heep1998Compil.
Sonic OrigamiUriah Heep1998Album
Fallen Angel TourUriah Heep1997Album
Return To WettonUriah Heep1997Album
Forever - 33 Greatest HitsUriah Heep1997Compil.
Time Was Gypsy EyesUriah Heep1997Album
Rock GiantsUriah Heep1997Compil.
Beast PartyUriah Heep1997Album
SympathyUriah Heep1997Album
The Best Of...Part 2Uriah Heep1997Compil.
The Best Of...Parts 1&2Uriah Heep1997Compil.
The Legendary ArtistsUriah Heep1997Compil.
Uriah Heep BestUriah Heep1997Compil.
Metal Master Series Volume 1Uriah Heep1997Compil.
The Best Of... Part 1Uriah Heep1996Compil.
A Time Of Revelation - 25 Years OnUriah Heep1996Compil.
Look At Far EastUriah Heep1996Album
SpellbinderUriah Heep1996Album
Free MeUriah Heep / The Dooleys / Shaun Cassidy / Dead End Kids1995Single
The Best OfUriah Heep, Aerosmith1995Compil.
Free MeUriah Heep1995Compil.
Dream OnUriah Heep1995Single
Sea Of LightUriah Heep1995Album
The Best Of Uriah HeepUriah Heep1995Compil.
The BalladsUriah Heep1994Compil.
Lady In BlackUriah Heep1994Compil.
Diamond CollectionUriah Heep1994Album
Kill The King DavidUriah Heep1994Album
The Lansdowne TapesUriah Heep1994Compil.
The Gold CollectionUriah Heep1994Compil.
Their HitsUriah Heep1994Compil.
The Very Best OfUriah Heep1993Compil.
SpotlightUriah Heep1992Compil.
The Best Of Uriah HeepUriah Heep1992Compil.
Easy Livin'Uriah Heep1992Compil.
Easy Livin'Uriah Heep1992Compil.
Different WorldUriah Heep1991Single
The Wizard / The Park / July MorningUriah Heep1991Single
LiveUriah Heep1991Compil.
Echoes In The DarkUriah Heep1991Compil.
Different WorldUriah Heep1991Album
Rarities From The Bronze AgeUriah Heep1991Compil.
July MorningUriah Heep1991Single
Best - Easy Livin'Uriah Heep1991Compil.
July Morning / RainUriah Heep1991Compil.
Chris Tetley Presents The Uriah Heep StoryUriah Heep1990Single
Still 'eavy, Still Proud Two Decades Of Uriah HeepUriah Heep1990Compil.
Two Decades In RockUriah Heep1990Compil.
GypsyUriah Heep1990Album
LIVE LegendsUriah Heep1990Album
MilestonesUriah Heep1989Compil.
Lady In Black / Gypsy / Easy Livin'Uriah Heep1989Single
Raging Through The SilenceUriah Heep1989Album
Raging SilenceUriah Heep1989Album
Blood Red RosesUriah Heep1989Single
14 Rock Hard HitsUriah Heep1989Compil.
Super 20Uriah Heep1989Compil.
Hold Your Head UpUriah Heep1989Album
The CollectionUriah Heep1989Compil.
Lady In Black - July Morning (Live) - Easy Livin'Uriah Heep1988Album
CollectionUriah Heep1988Compil.
The CollectionUriah Heep1988Compil.
Easy Livin' (Live)Uriah Heep1988Album
Look At Yourself / Very'Eavy Very'UmbleUriah Heep1988Compil.
Power to the RockersUriah Heep1988Compil.
Live In Moscow = Сам В МосквеUriah Heep1988Album
MP3 CollectionUriah Heep1988Compil.
DeLuxe CollectionUriah Heep1988Compil.
Live In Europe 1979Uriah Heep1986Album
Anthology Vol. 1Uriah Heep1986Compil.
Masters Of RockUriah Heep1986Compil.
Live At Shepperton '74Uriah Heep1986Album
Easy Livin' - A History Of Uriah HeepUriah Heep1985Album
EquatorUriah Heep1985Album
RockaramaUriah Heep1985Single
AnthologyUriah Heep1985Compil.
The Best OfUriah Heep1985Compil.
Poor Little Rich GirlUriah Heep1985Single
Rockarama / 2 Minutes To MidnightUriah Heep / Iron Maiden1984Single
Rockarama / 2 Minutes To MidnightUriah Heep / Iron Maiden1984Single
Stay On TopUriah Heep1983Single
Head FirstUriah Heep1983Album
Lonely NightsUriah Heep1983Single
AbominogUriah Heep1982Album
On The Rebound / Too Scared To RunUriah Heep1982Single
That's The Way That It Is / Son Of A BitchUriah Heep1982Single
Abominog JuniorUriah Heep1982Single
Lady In Black / Easy Livin'Uriah Heep1981Single
On The ReboundUriah Heep1981Single
Twenty Golden Greats Of Uriah HeepUriah Heep1980Compil.
Love Stealer / No ReturnUriah Heep1980Single
ConquestUriah Heep1980Album
Think It OverUriah Heep1980Single
Carry OnUriah Heep1980Single
Feelings / Been HurtUriah Heep1980Single
The Best OfUriah Heep1979Compil.
Love Or NothingUriah Heep1978Single
Come Back To MeUriah Heep1978Single
One More Night (Remixed Version)Uriah Heep1978Single
Fallen AngelUriah Heep1978Album
Come Back To MeUriah Heep1978Single
Wise ManUriah Heep1977Single
Free MeUriah Heep1977Single
FireflyUriah Heep1977Album
SympathyUriah Heep1977Single
Lady In Black / Free MeUriah Heep1977Single
Innocent VictimUriah Heep1977Album
The 'Rest' of Uriah HeepUriah Heep1976Single
One Way Or AnotherUriah Heep1976Single
High And MightyUriah Heep1976Album
The Best Of Uriah HeepUriah Heep1976Compil.
Woman Of The WorldUriah Heep1976Single
Make A Little LoveUriah Heep1976Single
Uriah Heep Live EPUriah Heep1975Single
Return To FantasyUriah Heep1975Album
Return To FantasyUriah Heep1975Single
The Best Of...Uriah Heep1975Compil.
Prima DonnaUriah Heep1975Single
Something Or Nothing / The Lord's PrayerUriah Heep / Sister Janet Mead1974Single
The Best Of Uriah HeepUriah Heep1974Compil.
The Best Of Uriah HeepUriah Heep1974Compil.
DownundaUriah Heep1974Compil.
Best OfUriah Heep1974Compil.
Something Or Nothing / What Can I DoUriah Heep1974Single
The Very Best Of Uriah HeepUriah Heep1974Compil.
The Very Best Of URIAH HEEPUriah Heep1974Compil.
The Best Of Uriah HeepUriah Heep1974Compil.
Best Of Uriah HeepUriah Heep1974Compil.
WonderworldUriah Heep1974Single
The Best Of Uriah Heep Volume 2Uriah Heep1974Compil.
Best Of Uriah HeepUriah Heep1974Compil.
WonderworldUriah Heep1974Album
DreamerUriah Heep1973Single
VibrationsUriah Heep / Trapeze1973Album
Sweet FreedomUriah Heep1973Single
Sweet FreedomUriah Heep1973Album
Stealin'Uriah Heep1973Single
Love Machine / Easy Livin'Uriah Heep1973Single
Seven Stars / SunriseUriah Heep1973Single
Sweet FreedomUriah Heep1973Single
July Morning / Tears In My EyesUriah Heep1973Single
Uriah Heep LiveUriah Heep1973Album
Il Guerriero / Stealin'Mia Martini / Uriah Heep1973Single
Gipsy / Lady In BlackUriah Heep1972Single
Easy Livin' / GypsyUriah Heep1972Single
The Magician's BirthdayUriah Heep1972Album
Special DJ CopyUriah Heep1972Compil.
Easy Livin'Uriah Heep1972Single
The Wizard / GypsyUriah Heep1972Single
Sweet LorraineUriah Heep1972Single
July Morning / Love MachineUriah Heep1972Single
Demons And WizardsUriah Heep1972Album
Spider WomanUriah Heep1972Single
The Wizard / WhyUriah Heep1972Single
Look At YourselfUriah Heep1971Single
Lady In BlackUriah Heep1971Single
High Priestess / Time To LiveUriah Heep1971Single
Lady In BlackUriah Heep1971Single
Lady In BlackUriah Heep1971Single
SalisburyUriah Heep1971Single
Look At YourselfUriah Heep1971Album
I Wanna Be FreeUriah Heep1971Single
SalisburyUriah Heep1971Album
Lucky Man / Look At YourselfEmerson, Lake & Palmer / Uriah Heep1970Single
GypsyUriah Heep1970Single
Coleccion Underground Nº 2Uriah Heep1970Single
Uriah HeepUriah Heep1970Single
...Very 'Eavy Very 'Umble...Uriah Heep1970Album
Wake Up (Set Your Sights)Uriah Heep1970Single
We Got We / Something Or Nothing / I Won't MindUriah HeepSingle
Circle Of Hands / Paradise / Spider WomanUriah HeepSingle
Child In Time / July MorningDeep Purple \ Uriah HeepSingle
The Wizard / The Park / Lady In Black / TalesUriah HeepSingle
Osaka 2016Uriah Heep & Lucifer's FriendAlbum
Sunrise / Sweet Lorraine / Echoes In The Dark / Spider WomanUriah HeepSingle
PilgrimUriah HeepSingle
The ParkUriah HeepSingle
MP3Uriah HeepAlbum
Boston 1976Uriah HeepAlbum
Acoustic PassionUriah HeepAlbum
Been Away Too Long / Sand in Your ShoesUriah Heep / Al StewartSingle
Gypsy / I'll Keep On TryingUriah HeepSingle
Firefly Tour ´77Uriah HeepAlbum
All My LifeUriah HeepSingle
Summer Night City / Fallen AngelABBA / Uriah HeepSingle
Theme From "Shaft" / Look At YourselfIsaac Hayes, Uriah HeepSingle
Across The MilesUriah HeepSingle
SunriseUriah HeepSingle
HomeCollectionUriah HeepAlbum
GypsyUriah HeepSingle
Free Me / In The Flesh / DiscobeatlemaniaUriah Heep / Blondie / D.B.M.Single
The Live BroadcastsUriah HeepAlbum
Walking Your Shadow / Gypsy / Look At Yourself / Love MachineUriah HeepSingle
Bird Of PreyUriah HeepSingle
Golden Hits 2005Uriah HeepAlbum
Live in BaselUriah HeepAlbum
Free Me / Silver Lady / How Deep Is Your Love / Handy ManUriah Heep, David Soul, Bee Gees, James TaylorSingle
What's It All About?Uriah Heep / FoghatSingle
July Morning / Sunrise / The ParkUriah HeepSingle
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