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William Parker

b, *1952
Musician of Jazz

Jazz bassist from NYC, born 10th January 1952. Vital musician in the New York City experimental jazz scene. Together with his wife, dancer Patricia Nicholson, he is organizing the annual Vision Festival in New York City.

  • Bass
  • Double bass
  • Saxophone
  • Percussion
  • Bass guitar
  • Jazz
  • Electronic
  • Spoken Word
Plays With
'Kidd' Jordan Quartet
Agustí Fernández Trio
Assif Tsahar Trio
Billy Bang Sextet
Billy Bang's Survival Ensemble
By Any Means
Cecil Taylor European Orchestra
Cecil Taylor Segments II
Charles Gayle Quartet
Collective 4tet
Dave Burrell Full-Blown Trio
David S. Ware Quartet
David S. Ware String Ensemble
David S. Ware Trio
Declared Enemy
Die Like a dog quartet
Douglas Ewart Quintet
Echoes Quintet
Ellen Christi Quartet
Eloping With The Sun
Frank Lowe Quartet
Frode Gjerstad Trio
Gianni Lenoci 4tet
In Order To Survive
Ivo Perelman Quartet
Jemeel Moondoc & Muntu
Jemeel Moondoc Quintet
Jemeel Moondoc Sextet
Jemeel Moondoc Trio
Jerome Cooper Quintet
Joe Morris - Rob Brown Quartet
Joe Morris Ensemble
John Blum Astrogeny Quartet
Marco Eneidi Quintet
Mat Maneri Quartet
Matthew Shipp Horn Quartet
Matthew Shipp Quartet
Matthew Shipp Quartet Declared Enemy
Matthew Shipp String Trio
Matthew Shipp Trio
Matthew Shipp's New Orbit
Melodic Art-Tet
Michael Marcus Trio
Muntu Ensemble
New York 3
Other Dimensions In Music
Peter Brötzmann Tentet
Peter Kuhn Quartet
Peter Kuhn Quintet
Raining On The Moon
Rob Brown Ensemble
Rob Brown Quartet
Rob Brown Trio
Roscoe Mitchell And The Note Factory
Roy Campbell Pyramid Trio
Sonoluminescence Trio
Steve Swell Quintet
Steve Swell's Fire Into Music
Steve Swell's Kende Dreams
The Blue Series Continuum
The Cecil Taylor Quartet
The Celestrial Communication Orchestra
The Feel Trio
The Jemeel Moondoc All-Stars
The Little Huey Big Band
The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra
The Marco Eneidi Coalition
The Music Ensemble
The Olmec Group
The Raphe Malik Quartet
Tony Malaby's Tamarindo
Trio Hurricane
Udu Calls Trio
William Hooker Quartet
William Parker Bass Quartet
William Parker Clarinet Trio
William Parker Creation Ensemble
William Parker Double Quartet
William Parker Orchestra
William Parker Organ Quartet
William Parker Quartet
William Parker Septet
William Parker Trio
William Parker Violin Trio
William Parker-Daniel Carter Duo
Ye Ren
Matthew Shipp Duo
The Free Zen Society
Tommy Tedesco
Farmers By Nature
The Improvising Orchestra
Bin Ramke
Sonny Simmons 25Th Century Orchestra
Popular Tracks   
The Golden Light (Hymn) on Trencadis: a selection from Migration of Silence Into and Out of The Tone World by William Parker
Luc's Lantern on Luc's Lantern by William Parker
Tabasco on Mayan Space Station by William Parker
A Thing & Nothing on Village Mothership by Whit Dickey, William Parker & Matthew Shipp
Whirling In The Void on Village Mothership by Whit Dickey, William Parker & Matthew Shipp
Nothingness on Village Mothership by Whit Dickey, William Parker & Matthew Shipp
Rocas Rojas on Mayan Space Station by William Parker
A Great Day To Be Dead on Trencadis: a selection from Migration of Silence Into and Out of The Tone World by William Parker
Domingo on Mayan Space Station by William Parker
Village Mothership on Village Mothership by Whit Dickey, William Parker & Matthew Shipp

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Band Members

Title Artist Year Type
Lake of Light : Compositions for AquaSonicsWilliam Parker2018Album
Flower In A Stained-Glass Window & The Blinking Of The EarWilliam Parker2018Album
In Between The Tumbling A StillnessAssif Tsahar, William Parker, Hamid Drake2018Album
The Flow Of Spirit (Live Concert Tokyo)Evan Parker, Toshi Tsuchitori, William Parker2018Album
Voices Fall From The SkyWilliam Parker2018Album
Seraphic LightDaniel Carter, William Parker, Matthew Shipp2018Album
Hope Cries For JusticePatricia Nicholson & William Parker2017Album
Emptying The SelfPaula Shocron, William Parker, Pablo Díaz2017Album
Frode Gjerstad With Hamid Drake And William ParkerFrode Gjerstad With Hamid Drake And William Parker2017Album
Bass DuoWilliam Parker & Stefano Scodanibbio2017Album
Magnetism(s)Matthew Shipp, William Parker, Rob Brown2017Album
Vol. 2 Toronto Live!Daniel Carter, Watson Jennison, William Parker, Federico Ughi2017Album
Vol. 3 Rochester Live!Daniel Carter, Watson Jennison, William Parker, Federico Ughi2017Album
HeptagonIvo Perelman, Matthew Shipp, William Parker, Bobby Kapp2017Album
Vol. 1 Erie Live!Daniel Carter, Watson Jennison, William Parker, Federico Ughi2017Album
What I Saw This MorningWilliam Parker & David Budbill2017Album
Stan's Hat Flapping In The WindWilliam Parker2016Album
The Art Of The Improv Trio Volume 4Ivo Perelman, William Parker, Gerald Cleaver2016Album
Song SentimentalePeter Brötzmann, William Parker, Hamid Drake2016Album
For Those Who Are, StillWilliam Parker2015Album
Live At La ResistenzaJohn Dikeman, William Parker, Hamid Drake2015Album
Entropy/EnthalpyTheTurbine! Special Guest Jean-Luc Cappozzo, Lionel Garcin, William Parker2015Album
Live At NHKMKonstrukt & William Parker2015Album
Song For A New DecadeMikko Innanen, William Parker, Andrew Cyrille2015Album
To RoyOliver Lake, William Parker2015Album
Conversations II Dialogues & MonologuesWilliam Parker2015Album
Live At The Tranzac Vol. 1Ken Aldcroft / William Parker2015Album
Live At Jazzwerkstatt PeitzCharles Gayle / William Parker / Hamid Drake2015Album
Cleaning the MirrorJohn Dikeman, Hamid Drake, William Parker2015Album
Great SpiritWilliam Parker / Raining On The Moon2015Album
The Vancouver TapesUdu Calls Trio Feat. William Parker2014Album
Alternating CurrentJeff Cosgrove / Matthew Shipp / William Parker2014Album
Medicine BuddhaBilly Bang / William Parker2014Album
Tender ExplorationWilliam Parker / Conrad Bauer / Hamid Drake2013Album
Henrik Walsdorff TrioHenrik Walsdorff Trio - Henrik Walsdorff, Jonas Westergaard, William Parker, Christian Lillinger2013Album
Wood Flute Songs. Anthology / Live 2006-2012William Parker : William Parker Quartet / William Parker Quintet / William Parker Sextet / William Parker Septet / William Parker Creation Ensemble2013Album
Vita BrevisBorah Bergman, Kidd Jordan, William Parker, Michael Wimberly2013Album
Navajo SunriseDaniel Carter, William Parker, Federico Ughi2013Album
CHILE NEW YORK AfghanIRAQWilliam Parker, Jeff Schlanger, Roy Campbell, Bill Cole, Michael Wimberly, Joe McPhee, Bob Stewart, Takeshi Zen Matsuura, Julius A Hemphill, Warren Smith, David Mott2013Album
AltitudeJoe Morris • William Parker • Gerald Cleaver2012Album
The Gowanus SessionThollem McDonas / William Parker / Nels Cline2012Album
Planetary Unknown: Live At Jazzfestival Saalfelden 2011David S. Ware / Cooper-Moore / William Parker / Muhammad Ali2012Album
Centering. Unreleased Early Recordings 1976-1987William Parker2012Album
Crumbling In The Shadows Is Fraulein Miller's Stale CakeWilliam Parker2011Album
ConversationsWilliam Parker2011Album
One SundayKen Aldcroft / William Parker2011Album
Winter Sun CryingWilliam Parker & ICI Ensemble Munich2011Album
At Christ Church Deer ParkThe Element Choir, William Parker2011Album
Secret GardenGianni Lenoci 4tet Feat. William Parker2011Album
WeSteve Cohn, William Parker, Tommy Tedesco2011Album
Planetary UnknownDavid S. Ware / Cooper-Moore / William Parker / Muhammad Ali2011Album
Knives From HeavenMatthew Shipp, William Parker, Beans, H Prizm2011Album
Serving An Evolving HunanityWilliam Parker, Gianni Lenoci, Vittorino Curci, Marcello Magliocchi2010Album
At Somewhere ThereWilliam Parker2010Album
PrismNinni Morgia & William Parker2010Album
I Plan To Stay A Believer: The Inside Songs Of Curtis MayfieldWilliam Parker2010Album
Live In The GhettoPasquale Innarella . William Parker . Hamid Drake2009Album
In The Shade Of SunJohn Blum With Sunny Murray And William Parker2009Album
Tribute To Albert Ayler / Live At The DynamoJoe McPhee / Roy Campbell / William Parker / Warren Smith2009Album
TemporaryWilliam Parker, Giorgio Dini2009Album
Live At DunoisJoëlle Léandre & William Parker2009Album
Farmers By NatureGerald Cleaver / William Parker / Craig Taborn2009Album
Washed Away, Live At The SunsideSophia Domancich / Hamid Drake / William Parker2009Album
DMG @ The Stone Volume 2: December 26, 2006Raoul Björkenheim, William Parker, Hamid Drake2008Album
On Reade StreetFrode Gjerstad With William Parker & Hamid Drake2008Album
Double Sunrise Over NeptuneWilliam Parker2008Album
CT: The Dance ProjectCecil Taylor - William Parker - Masashi Harada2008Album
Beyond QuantumAnthony Braxton, Milford Graves, William Parker2008Album
TamarindoTony Malaby / William Parker / Nasheet Waits2007Album
Blown AwayPhilip Gibbs, Roy Campbell, Paul Dunmall, Daniel Carter, Paul Rogers, William Parker, Hamid Drake2007Album
The Last DancesHamid Drake / Anders Gahnold / William Parker2007Album
Summer Snow : Volume 2William Parker & Hamid Drake2007Album
The Inside Songs Of Curtis Mayfield - Live In RomeWilliam Parker2007Album
Corn Meal DanceWilliam Parker / Raining On The Moon2007Album
First Communion + Piercing The Veil : Volume 1 CompleteWilliam Parker & Hamid Drake2007Album
OnlyBeans Feat. William Parker & Hamid Drake2006Album
Evolving Silence Vol. 2Hamid Drake, Albert Beger, William Parker2006Album
Palm Of SoulKidd Jordan, Hamid Drake, William Parker2006Album
Long Hidden: The Olmec SeriesWilliam Parker2006Album
The DreamDaniel Carter / William Parker / Federico Ughi2006Album
For Percy HeathWilliam Parker & The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra2006Album
Luc's LanternWilliam Parker2005Album
Blue WinterFred Anderson / Hamid Drake / William Parker2005Album
Evolving Silence Vol. 1Hamid Drake, Albert Beger, William Parker2005Album
Two Masters (Live At The Prism)Bill Cole & William Parker2005Album
Brooklyn CallingWilliam Parker, Ad Peijnenburg2004Album
After You GoneBarre Phillips, Joëlle Léandre, William Parker, Tetsu Saitoh2004Album
Deep MusicPeter Kowald / William Parker / Peter Jacquemyn2004Album
Never Too Late But Always Too EarlyPeter Brötzmann / William Parker / Hamid Drake2003Album
SpontaneousWilliam Parker & The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra2003Album
The All-Star GameMarshall Allen / Hamid Drake / Kidd Jordan / William Parker / Alan Silva2003Album
LiveSpring Heel Jack with Matthew Shipp, Evan Parker, J. Spaceman, William Parker, Han Bennink2003Album
Songs For A Suffering WorldDavid Budbill, William Parker, Hamid Drake2003Album
Fractured DimensionsWilliam Parker With Roy Campbell, Daniel Carter & Alan Silva2003Album
Mass For The Healing Of The WorldWilliam Parker & The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra2003Album
The Victoriaville TapePeter Kowald / William Parker2003Album
The Cooler SuiteThomas Borgmann / Peter Brötzmann / William Parker / Rashid Bakr2003Album
NothungPeter Brötzmann, William Parker, Michael Wertmüller2002Album
Eloping With The SunWilliam Parker, Joe Morris, Hamid Drake2002Album
Emancipation Suite #1Alan Silva / Kidd Jordan / William Parker2002Album
The CosmosamaticsThe Cosmosamatics - Sonny Simmons, Michael Marcus, William Parker, Jay Rosen2001Album
2nd SetAgustí Fernandez & William Parker2001Album
Raincoat In The River Vol.1 / ICA ConcertWilliam Parker & The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra2001Album
New World Pygmies Vol. 2Jemeel Moondoc & William Parker With Hamid Drake2001Album
Song CycleWilliam Parker2001Album
Piercing The VeilWilliam Parker & Hamid Drake2001Album
Mayor Of PunkvilleWilliam Parker & The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra2000Album
2 Days In AprilFred Anderson, Hamid Drake, Kidd Jordan, William Parker2000Album
New World PygmiesJemeel Moondoc & William Parker1999Album
DNAMatthew Shipp Duo With William Parker1999Album
A Hero's Welcome: Pieces For Rare OccasionsAlan Silva & William Parker1999Album
Posium PendasemWilliam Parker / In Order To Survive1999Album
Cherry BoxMarco Eneidi, William Parker, Donald Robinson1999Album
Zen Mountains Zen StreetsDavid Budbill & William Parker1999Album
Lifting The SanctionsWilliam Parker1998Album
ContrabassesJoëlle Léandre / William Parker1998Album
The Peach OrchardWilliam Parker / In Order To Survive1998Album
AuthenticityJoel Futterman, William Parker, Jimmy Williams1998Album
Live At Radio ValenciaMarco Eneidi / Glenn Spearman / William Parker / Jackson Krall1997Album
Invisible WeaveJoe Morris / William Parker1997Album
Sad LifeIvo Perelman With William Parker And Rashied Ali1997Album
LiveIvo Perelman, William Parker, Rashied Ali1997Album
Sunrise In The Tone WorldWilliam Parker & The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra1997Album
Seeing New York From The EarRashid Bakr - Frode Gjerstad - William Parker1996Album
Compassion Seizes Bed-StuyWilliam Parker / In Order To Survive1996Album
TestimonyWilliam Parker1996Album
Cama De TerraIvo Perelman + Matthew Shipp, William Parker1996Album
SummertimeMatthew Shipp Duo With William Parker1995Single
HarrasDerek Bailey / John Zorn / William Parker1995Album
In Order To SurviveWilliam Parker1995Album
ZoMatthew Shipp Duo With William Parker1994Album
Flowers Grow In My RoomWilliam Parker & The Little Huey Creative Music Orchestra1994Album
Sacred ScrapePeter Brötzmann / Gregg Bendian / William Parker1994Album
Kingdom ComeCharles Gayle With Sunny Murray & William Parker1994Album
Touchin' On TraneCharles Gayle, William Parker, Rashied Ali1993Album
Some Order, Long UnderstoodWayne Horvitz - Butch Morris - William Parker1993Album
Looking (Berlin Version) CoronaCecil Taylor / Harald Kimmig / Muneer Abdul Fataah / William Parker / Tony Oxley1991Album
Vermont Spring 1986Marco Eneidi, William Parker, Denis Charles1986Album
Through Acceptance Of The Mystery PeaceWilliam Parker1980Album
Broken/CircleDorgon + William ParkerAlbum
9Dorgon + William ParkerAlbum
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