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Band, *1968 GB, London

Yes are an English rock band formed in 1968 by bassist Chris Squire and singer Jon Anderson.Yes first achieved success in the 1970s with a progressive, art and symphonic style of rock music. They are distinguished by their use of mystical and cosmic lyrics, live stage sets, and lengthy compositions, often with complex instrumental and vocal arrangements. Nine of their twenty studio albums have reached the top ten in either the UK or US, with two reaching number one in the UK. They have sold 13.5 million certified units in the US. Nineteen people in total have been a part of the band's line-up, including Swiss, South African, American, Russian, and Canadian members. The band's most recent line-up consists of singer Jon Davison, guitarist Steve Howe, bass guitarist Billy Sherwood, keyboardis

PortraitJon Anderson
voc *1944 GB
PortraitTrevor Horn
voc, key *1949 GB
PortraitBill Bruford
dr, perc *1949 GB
PortraitRick Wakeman
key *1949 GB
PortraitPatrick Moraz
key *1948 CH
PortraitTrevor Rabin
g, voc, key *1954 ZA
PortraitSteve Howe
g, voc *1947 GB
PortraitBilly Sherwood
voc, g *1965 US
PortraitGeoff Downes
key *1952 GB
PortraitJay Schellen
dr, voc *1960 US
PortraitAlan White
dr *1949 GB
PortraitPeter Banks
g, voc 1947-2013 GB
PortraitChris Squire
voc, b 1948-2015 GB
PortraitOliver Wakeman
key *1972 GB
PortraitTony Kaye
org, syn, p *1946 GB
PortraitTony O'Reilly
PortraitTom Brislin
key *1973 US
PortraitIgor Khoroshev
key, voc *1965 RU
PortraitBenoît David
voc *1966 CA
PortraitJon Davison
voc, acg *1971 US
PortraitTony Selvidge
key *1946 GB
Popular Tracks   
Owner of a Lonely Heart on 90125 by Yes
Roundabout - 2003 Remaster on Fragile by Yes
I've Seen All Good People: a. Your Move, b. All Good People - 2003 Remaster on The Yes Album by Yes
Sweetness - 2003 Remaster on Yes by Yes
Starship Trooper: a. Life Seeker, b. Disillusion, c. Würm on The Yes Album by Yes
Changes on 90125 by Yes
Long Distance Runaround - 2003 Remaster on Fragile by Yes
Heart of the Sunrise - 2003 Remaster on Fragile by Yes
Love Will Find a Way on Big Generator by Yes
Close to the Edge (i. The Solid Time of Change, ii. Total Mass Retain, iii. I Get up I Get Down, iv. Seasons of Man) - 2003 Remaster on Close to the Edge by Yes

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Band Membership

Title Artist Year Type
The Steven Wilson RemixesYes2018Album
Wembley 1978 Final NightYes2018Album
Philadelphia, 20.07.2018Yes2018Album
Definitive Oakland 1988Yes2018Album
Relayer TourYes2018Album
Cruise To The Edge 2018Yes2018Album
Drama TourYes2018Album
In Concert 1971Yes2018Album
Philadelphia 1987 1st NightYes2018Album
Definitive Tokyo 2014Yes2018Album
Definitive Richfield 1978Yes2018Album
In Concert 1971Yes2017Album
Topographic Drama (Live Across America)Yes2017Album
Tokyo 4th NightYes2017Album
Live From Red RocksYes2017Album
L.A. Forum 1978 1st NightYes2017Album
2017 Japan 3rd NightYes2017Album
2017 Japan 1st NightYes2017Album
2017 Japan 2nd NightYes2017Album
Vancouver 1976Yes2017Album
Tokyo 2016 Original IEM RecordingYes2016Album
Japan Tour 2016 Tokyo 3rd NightYes2016Album
Japan Tour 2016 Tokyo 2nd NightYes2016Album
Live In Osaka 2016Yes2016Album
Kawaguchi 1998Yes2016Album
Canandaigua 1994Yes2016Album
Katowice 1998Yes2016Album
Definitive Maryland Heights 1994Yes2016Album
Tokyo 1988 3rd NightYes2016Album
Japan Tour 2016 Tokyo 1st NightYes2016Album
Foxwoods 2015Yes2015Album
Like It Is: At The Mesa Arts CenterYes2015Album
2014 TDCH 3rd NightYes2015Album
Progeny: Seven Shows From Seventy-TwoYes2015Album
Lost Yes YearsYes2015Album
Progeny: Highlights From Seventy-TwoYes2015Album
Relayer In ColiseumYes2015Album
The Early YearsYes2015Compil.
It's Love For New YorkYes2015Album
The Very Best Of YesYes2014Compil.
Heaven & EarthYes2014Album
Gold Collection - The BestYes2014Compil.
Play Full Albums In AlbanyYes2014Album
Songs From Tsongas - Yes 35th Anniversary ConcertYes2014Album
Live At The Boston Gardens, December 1974Yes2014Album
Like It Is: Yes At The Bristol HippodromeYes2014Album
Live Streaming From UsYes2014Album
Owner Of A Lonely HeartYes2014Album
Cruise To The Edge 2014Yes2014Album
The Scenery MomentaryYes2014Album
Wonderous Tilburg 2014Yes2014Album
The Greatest HitsYes2014Compil.
High Vibration - SACD BoxYes2013Album
Soon LiveYes2013Album
Triple Header Tour 2013Yes2013Album
Original Album SeriesYes2013Album
Astral Traveller -Live-Yes2013Album
The Studio Albums 1969-1987Yes2013Album
Live Hemel Hempstead Pavillion October 3rd 1971Yes2013Album
Amazing GeneratorYes2012Album
La Sélection IdéaleYes2012Album
Almost Like LoveYes2012Album
The Triple Album CollectionYes2012Album
We Can FlyYes2011Single
Live On AirYes2011Album
Fly From HereYes2011Album
In The Present (Live From Lyon)Yes2011Album
Wonderous Stories: The Best Of YesYes2011Compil.
From The Rite Of SpringYes2011Album
Live in LuganoYes2011Album
The Revealing Science Of GodYes2011Album
Masterworks: Live in Concord CA, 2000Yes2011Album
Union LiveYes2011Album
Astral Traveler (The BBC Sessions)Yes2010Compil.
Live At Queen's Park 1975Yes2010Album
Perpetual Member ChangeYes2010Album
Open Your Eyes / MagnificationYes2010Album
Introducing: YesYes2009Compil.
Special SamplerYes2009Compil.
Circus of Heaven: Live in Cleveland OH, 1978Yes2009Album
Best OfYes2009Compil.
Rock HeroesDeep Purple, Yes2009Compil.
The Lost BroadcastsYes2009Album
Symphonic LiveYes2009Album
Rock Of The 70'sYes2009Album
Acoustic Album: XM Radio Sessions 2002Yes2009Album
Heart Of The Far East / Collection Of Thier First Japan TourYes2009Album
In The Big DreamYes2009Album
Live In LuganoYes2009Album
Their Definitive Fully Authorised StoryYes2008Single
Owner Of A Lonely HeartYes2008Compil.
Yes - The New Director's CutYes2008Album
Magnification / TalkYes2008Album
Live At Beatclub, 29 Nov 1969Yes2008Single
Sound Chaser: Live in Boston MA, 1974Yes2008Album
Close EncountersYes2007Album
Roundabout & Other HitsYes2007Compil.
Yes & Friends (Owner Of A Lonely Heart)Yes & Friends Of Yes2007Compil.
Hits And More From The Yes FamilyYes And Friends Of Yes2007Compil.
Live At Montreux 2003Yes2007Album
Live At Montreux 2003Yes2007Album
Lost PerformanceYes2007Album
MP3 Collection Part 1Yes2007Album
MP3 Collection Part 2Yes2007Album
3rd Night At WembleyYes2007Album
MP3 Collection Part 1Yes2007Album
The Definitive Rock CollectionYes2007Compil.
Perpetual Change: Live in New Haven CT, 1971Yes2006Album
Miracle UnitYes2006Album
Surface TensionYes2006Album
Yes, Friends And RelativesYes, Friends Of Yes2006Compil.
In Hawaii With Honolulu SymphonyYes2006Album
Live And Solo (The Yes Collection)Yes2006Compil.
The Word Is LiveYes2006Album
Live At The AcademyYes2006Album
Their Definitive Fully Authorised Story In a 2 disc Deluxe setYes2006Single
Owner Of A Lonely HeartYes & Friends Of Yes2006Compil.
Night Must FallYes2006Album
Owner Of A Lonely HeartYes2006Compil.
Before The Birth Of Yes - Pre-Yes Tracks 1963-1970Yes2006Compil.
Даёшь Музыку MP3 CollectionYes2006Compil.
Songs From Tsongas - Yes 35th Anniversary ConcertYes2005Album
Owner Of A Lonely HeartMax Graham Vs Yes2005Album
Dortmund 1984Yes2005Album
Owner of a lonely heartYes2005Compil.
The Word Is LiveYes2005Album
The Solid Gold CollectionYes2005Compil.
Classical GasYes2005Album
Inside YesYes Plus Friends Of Yes2005Album
MP3 CollectionYes2005Album
Up CloseYes2004Album
Коллекция Записей 1969-1998 (33 Альбома)Yes2004Album
Return To DramaYes2004Album
Tales From Playing The OceansYes2004Album
Going For Mind DriveYes2004Album
Our First Solo And TogetherYes2004Album
Коллекция Альбомов 1969 - 1973Yes2004Compil.
The CollectionYes2004Compil.
Owner Of A Lonely HeartYes / Friends Of Yes2004Compil.
Acoustic- Guaranteed No HissYes2004Album
Коллекция Альбомов 1997 - 1999Yes2003Compil.
The Yes StoryYes2003Compil.
Roundabout - The Best Of Yes LiveYes2003Compil.
Yes + FriendsYes + Friends Of Yes2003Compil.
The Ultimate Yes: 35th Anniversary CollectionYes2003Compil.
Inside Yes 1968-1973 - An Independent Critical ReviewYes2003Album
Special Edition E PYes2003Album
Коллекция Альбомов 1984 - 1996Yes2003Compil.
Коллекция Альбомов 1974 - 1983Yes2003Compil.
Classic Yes In VegasYes2003Album
Фонотека В КарманеYes2003Compil.
Yes, Friends And RelativesYes, Friends Of Yes2002Compil.
Rock Profile - All In The Name Of Love (1983-2001)Yes2002Compil.
Коллекция Альбомов 1991-2001Yes2002Compil.
In A Word: Yes (1969 - )Yes2002Compil.
Live Atlanta 2002Yes2002Album
Symphonic LiveYes2002Album
XM In MMIIYes2002Compil.
Mp3 CollectionYes2002Compil.
Essential ElementsYes And Friends Of Yes2002Compil.
Extended Versions: The Encore CollectionYes2002Compil.
Popular Selections From "Magnification" And "House Of Yes: Live From House Of Blues"Yes2001Album
Symphonic Concert 2001Yes2001Album
Коллекция Альбомов 1969-1987Yes2001Compil.
The Midnight RoundYes2001Album
The Twelve Towers At Dawn LiveYes2001Album
Legendary WorksYes2001Album
Live 1975 At Q.P.R. Vol. 2Yes2001Album
Live 1975 At Q.P.R. Vol. 1Yes2001Album
The Union Tour LiveYes2000Album
Geographic PotionsYes2000Compil.
Same Old YessongsYes2000Album
Full Of NightmarishYes2000Album
The Yes Album / Going For The OneYes2000Compil.
The Best AlbumsYes2000Compil.
Grand CollectionYes2000Compil.
Yes / Close To The EdgeYes2000Compil.
Endless RoadYes2000Album
House Of Yes (Live From House Of Blues)Yes2000Album
Alternate YesshowYes2000Album
The Wizard Of YesYes2000Album
The Swiss PoodleYes2000Album
Drama / Big GeneratorYes2000Compil.
Cracks Appeared In The AirYes2000Album
House Of Yes: Live From House Of BluesYes2000Album
Masterworks SongsYes2000Album
South Side Of The "Tulsa"Yes2000Album
Tormato / RelayerYes2000Compil.
Yes, Friends And Relatives (Volume Two)Yes, Friends Of Yes2000Compil.
Time And A Word / FragileYes2000Compil.
The Masterworks (Your Title)Yes2000Album
Solo Tour '76Yes1999Album
The Gates of Boston GardensYes1999Album
Crystal Pallace Garden Party VYes1999Album
Guessing Problems OnlyYes1999Album
Endless DreamYes1999Album
Soleil Our SightsYes1999Album
The Goddess Of MercyYes1999Compil.
Going For The "Germany"Yes1999Album
Close To VIII ProgressersYes1999Album
Gold Stainless NailYes1999Album
Golden Collection 2000Yes1999Compil.
Excerpt from "Solo Album"Yes1999Album
Milano Stage '71Yes1999Album
Dreams SupremeYes1999Album
The Model For SuccessYes1999Album
Song Of RelayerYes1999Album
Into The DramaYes1999Album
Releasing The ParallelsYes1999Album
Lightning Strikes (She Ay ... Do Wa Bap)Yes1999Single
Astral TravellerYes1999Compil.
Wonderous Mystery TourYes1999Album
If Only You KnewYes1999Single
An Eve Of "Autobiography"Yes1999Album
Cinema - 90XYZYes1999Album
The LadderYes1999Album
Homeworld (The Ladder)Yes1999Single
A Venture SeekerYes1999Album
High Vibration ShipYes1999Album
It's LoveYes1999Album
Arriving U.F.O.Yes1999Album
Luna Park 1999Yes1999Album
Wonderous Stories From BudapestYes1999Album
Swan Lake StoriesYes1999Album
The Best Of Yes 1970-1987Yes1999Compil.
The Best Of MusikLaden LiveYes1999Album
Anniversary Of DecadeYes1998Album
Yessounds Live In Germany 1998Yes1998Album
Yes, Friends And RelativesYes, Friends Of Yes1998Compil.
Stage '98Yes1998Album
Keys To Chris' BirthdayYes1998Album
BBC Sessions 1969-1970Yes1998Album
Seventh Age ImaginationYes1998Album
Light Of ImagesYes1998Album
Revealing Science Of San DiegoYes1998Album
Evening Sunburst 1998Yes1998Album
Look Through The DragonflyYes1998Album
Ultimate ReunionYes1998Album
Keys To Ascension (Volumes 1 And 2)Yes1998Album
Tales From The EdgeYes1998Album
Prelude To AwakenYes1998Album
Digital Reels & Master ReelsYes1998Compil.
Circus Of New HeavenYes1998Album
Paris '74Yes1998Album
Музыкальная ЭнциклопедияYes, Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe1998Compil.
New Yes AnnouncementYes1997Album
The Story Of RelayerYes1997Album
Cans And BrahmsYes1997Album
Something's Coming: The BBC Recordings 1969-1970Yes1997Compil.
Soon The LightYes1997Album
Madrigal Mystery TourYes1997Album
Open Your EyesYes1997Album
The 15th NJF Festival At Reading On 8/23/75Yes1997Album
Open Your EyesYes1997Single
Keys To Ascension 2Yes1997Album
Du SoleilYes1997Album
New State Of MindYes1997Single
Cinema SessionsYes1997Album
Lost Yes YearsYes1996Album
Be The OneYes1996Single
Keys To AscensionYes1996Album
Live In Philadelphia 1979Yes1996Album
That, That IsYes1996Single
The Alternate YessongsYes1996Album
Keys To AscensionYes1996Album
Long Beach Arena '74Yes1995Album
Masters Of TimeYes1995Album
State Of PlayYes1994Single
Circus Of HeavenYes1994Album
Survivors Of The FutureYes1994Album
The CallingYes1994Single
The Perfect UnionYes1994Album
Endless DreamYes1994Album
Yes ActiveYes1994Album
Gimme MoreYes1994Album
Live At L.A. Forum, L.A., USA 1974 & 1987Yes1994Album
Rocking The OrchestraYes1994Album
Heart Of The SunriseYes1994Compil.
Live In LA Forum 1974 & 1987Yes1993Compil.
Live In QuebecYes1993Album
Best OfYes1993Compil.
Unauthorised Live Vol. 1Yes1993Album
Reunion 1992Yes1993Album
U.S.A. 1991Yes1993Album
Highlights: The Very Best Of YesYes1993Compil.
Best OfYes1993Compil.
Live In MontrealYes1992Album
The Age Of Buggles U.S.A. 1980Yes And The Buggles1992Album
Soon LiveYes1992Album
Live USAYes1992Compil.
Live In London 1970-1971Yes1992Album
Live UsaYes1992Album
Starship To The Gates Of EternityYes1992Album
The Golden AgeYes1992Album
Superstar Concert SeriesYes1992Album
The Gates Of JerseyYes1992Album
Live 1975 At Q.P.R.Yes1992Album
Quasi-Mystical VisionYes1992Album
G.O. 1984Yes1992Album
The Return To FantasyYes1992Album
Saving My HeartYes1991Single
Greatest Video HitsYes1991Album
Lift Me UpYes1991Single
Super Golden Radio Shows No 021 - Live In London 1975Yes1991Album
Make It EasyYes1991Single
I Would Have Waited ForeverYes1991Single
Yes Special DigestYes1991Compil.
Looking AroundYes1991Album
Looking AroundYes1991Compil.
The World Of YesYes1991Compil.
Super Golden Radio Shows No 046 - Live In Quebec 1979Yes1991Album
Off The Record Specials With Mary Turner 91-37Yes1991Album
Say YesYes1991Album
Yes YearsYes1991Compil.
Chasing Sounds Through The Boston GardensYes1990Album
Rehearsal TalesYes1990Album
Sound ChaserYes1990Album
Siberian KhatruYes1990Album
Resurrecting DragonsYes1990Album
Wembley Arena 1978Yes1990Album
Live At Hollywood Sportatorium On The 1988 World TourYes1988Album
The Big TourYes1988Album
The Big Tour (Volume 2)Yes1988Album
Big GeneratorYes1987Album
Chord Of LifeYes1987Album
Love Will Find A WayYes1987Single
Big Generator (Remix Version)Yes1987Album
The Story Of YesYes1987Compil.
Rhythm Of LoveYes1987Single
Love Will Find A Way / Rhythm Of LoveYes1987Single
9012Live - The SolosYes1985Album
Hold OnYes1985Album
Turn It Around / Leave ItGino Soccio / Yes1984Single
It Can HappenYes1984Single
Captured Live (Show 1)Yes1984Album
Our SongYes1984Album
Captured Live (Show 2)Yes1984Album
Lonely HeartsYes1984Album
Say YesYes1984Album
Off The Record SpecialYes1984Album
Owner Of A Lonely Heart / Ain't NobodyYes / Rufus & Chaka Khan1983Single
Jump / Owner Of A Lonely HeartVan Halen / Yes1983Single
Owner Of A Lonely HeartYes1983Single
Leave ItYes1983Album
Roundabout / I`ve Seen All Good PeopleYes1981Single
Classic YesYes1981Compil.
Run Through The LightYes1980Single
Into The LensYes1980Single
The Real Thang / Does It Really Happen?Narada Michael Walden / Yes1980Single
Live In LondonYes1979Album
The Affirmery (A Passing Inevitable - A Quantum Disregard)Yes1979Album
In The RoundYes1978Album
We Have WembleyYes1978Album
Amazing WembleyYes1978Album
Don't Kill The WhaleYes1978Single
Release, ReleaseYes1978Single
Nightbird & Company: Cosmic Connections Presented By The National GuardYes / Stephen Bishop / John Klemmer1977Compil.
Wonderous StoriesYes1977Single
Yesshows World Tour 1977Yes1977Album
Going For The OneYes1977Album
Feel The Need / YessongsDetroit Emeralds, Yes1977Album
Wonderous Stories / AwakenYes1977Single
At The RainbowYes1977Album
Turn Of The Century / Wonderous StoriesYes1977Single
Music / An Evening With Jon AndersonYes1977Album
PromocionalRod Stewart, Crosby, Stills & Nash, The Rolling Stones, Yes1977Single
Going For The OneYes1977Single
Mark's LPYes1976Album
Inner ViewYes1976Album
Sorcerer's ApprenticeYes1975Album
Live In EuropeYes1975Album
The Affirmery (A Passing Inevitable A Quantum Disregard)Yes1975Album
Time And A WordYes1975Album
Stellar AttractionYes1975Album
America / Yours Is No DisgraceYes1974Single
Live At The Long Beach Arena, Calif. 3/19/74Yes1974Album
And You And I / RoundaboutYes1974Single
Live In JapanYes1974Album
2 Originals Of YesYes1973Compil.
And You And I Live Part 1 Et 2Yes1973Single
Son Of My Father / Underdog / Heartbroken Bopper / RoundaboutGiorgio Moroder / The Guess Who / Yes1973Compil.
Tales From Topographic OceansYes1973Album
Songs From Topographic OceansYes1973Album
Yessongs / AnthologyYes / Quicksilver Messenger Service1973Album
The Yes Album / Fragile / Close To The EdgeYes1973Compil.
No Opportunity NecessaryYes1972Single
Siberian KhatruYes1972Single
And You And I (Part I & II)Yes1972Single
A Revealing 14 Minute Interview With The YesYes1972Single
Close To The EdgeYes1972Album
White Yes AlbumYes1972Album
The Yes AlbumYes1971Album
Your MoveYes1971Single
Yours Is No Disgrace / The ClapYes1971Single
Time And A Word / The Yes AlbumYes1971Compil.
I've Seen All Good People: Your Move / Starship Trooper: Life SeekerYes1971Single
I've Seen All Good People / The ClapYes1971Single
Something Is Coming / Dear FatherYes1971Single
Your MoveYes1971Single
Time And A WordYes1970Album
Sweet DreamsYes1970Single
Sweet DreamsYes1970Compil.
Time And A Word / The ProphetYes1970Single
Looking AroundYes1969Single
Fly At LastYesAlbum
Close To The EndYesAlbum
Delirium Of JoyYesAlbum
Close To The EastYesAlbum
Sweden Rock FestivalYesAlbum
Electric FreedomYesAlbum
Going For The BestYesAlbum
Le Coliseum du Quebec 1979YesAlbum
Night Of HistoryYesAlbum
Endless NightYesAlbum
Yesshows '78 4th Night At WembleyYesAlbum
Going For The LastYesAlbum
Mike's MintYesAlbum
Master Of LightYesAlbum
Play Full Albums In New YorkYesAlbum
Progressive Pop Festival 1970YesAlbum
Master DegreeYesAlbum
Long Beach BoogieYesAlbum
Hail To MikeYesAlbum
Alternate ViewYesAlbum
Heaven & Earth In Los AngelesYesAlbum
In Colours Of JadeYesAlbum
Living GodYesAlbum
Fragile ArticleYesAlbum
Close To The Edge / FragileYesCompil.
Dramatic PlayYesAlbum
The Gates Of Delirium Section II / Jerusalem / Hoedown / Still ... You Turn Me OnYes, Emerson, Lake & PalmerSingle
Piazza Della Riforma - Part I & IIYesAlbum
Blockbuster II: Camden 2000YesAlbum
Siberian KhatruYesAlbum
1971 In The Beginning Is A Future...YesAlbum
The AffirmativesYesAlbum
Perpetual ChangeYesAlbum
Time For 'A PlanetYesAlbum
Owner Of A Lonely HeartYes / Friends Of YesCompil.
Sons Of OliasYesCompil.
Yes IndeedYesAlbum
Yesshows '88YesCompil.
To The UnionYesAlbum
Live In Chile 1994YesAlbum
Estival Jazz Lugano 2004YesAlbum
Rays Of LightYesAlbum
Definitive Nagoya 2014YesAlbum
Pieced TogetherYesAlbum
Yes Meeting 1996YesCompil.
On Digital ReelsYesAlbum
Experience The FutureYesAlbum
World Tour 1984YesAlbum
Definitive TourmatoYesAlbum
Seasons Will Pass YouYesAlbum
Lugano Estival Jazz 2004YesAlbum
File Under: YesYesAlbum
Live At The Yale Bowl 1971YesAlbum
Tokyo 2016 Final NightYesAlbum
Tokyo 2016 3rd NightYesAlbum
American Symphonic FinalYesAlbum
Your MoveYesSingle
Life Flower GardensYesAlbum
Awaken In The City Of LightsYesAlbum
Open The GatesYesAlbum
Survival In ChicagoYesAlbum
Legendary Works Live In DevoreYesAlbum
Full Circle In ClearwaterYesAlbum
Gaelic Park 1971YesAlbum
9012 What?YesAlbum
Also Sprach YESYesAlbum
MP3 - Part 2YesCompil.
Bristol 1973YesAlbum
Albany 2016YesAlbum
Capitol Theater 2016YesAlbum
Red Rocks Amphitheater 2004YesAlbum
Osaka 2016YesAlbum
Nagoya 2016YesAlbum
Tokyo 2016 1st NightYesAlbum
Tokyo 2016 2nd NightYesAlbum
Room For The ImaginationYesAlbum
The Gates Of Stellar AttractionYesAlbum
Музыкальная Энциклопедия 1969 2001YesCompil.
Chicago Of Heaven 4 June 79YesAlbum
An Evening Of Yes Music Plus • Vol. I (Live 1994)YesAlbum
Suite DistanceYesAlbum
Yes 2002 - Konocti Harbor Resort 07-19-02YesAlbum
Classic Yes Tour 2002 - Chicago 7-26-02YesAlbum
An Evening Of Yes Music Plus • Vol. II (Live 1994)YesAlbum
Tales From Great WesternYesAlbum
Scottish SymphonyYesAlbum
Lightning Strikes The OrpheumYesAlbum
Swirling WindYesAlbum
Blockbuster: Devore 2000YesAlbum
Clapping And Tap DanceYesAlbum
The Tour Of The OceansYesAlbum
The Guardian Of HeavenYesAlbum
Long Beach Arena 1975YesAlbum
Opening Night 1998YesAlbum
Black & White / America / I Believe In Music / It's Too LateThree Dog Night / Yes / Gallery / Bill Deal & the RondellsSingle
The AffirmaryYesAlbum
For The Type Of EncounterYesAlbum
The Astral Travellers In Cologne '70YesSingle
Release The FreedomYesAlbum
The Years Of DeliriumYesAlbum
The Yale Bowl 1971YesAlbum
Towards PerfectionYesAlbum
Roundabout / Your MoveYesSingle
Saving Grace Of GodYesAlbum
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