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Band, *1969 GB

Formed in 1969, Hawkwind are a prolific and pioneering space-rock group from the UK. Within weeks of their formation, the band had made a name for themselves on the free festival circuit and would perform live without fee wherever they were able. By the time of their 1971 album 'X In Search Of Space', Hawkwind were infamous for their science fiction themed music and theatrical concerts, the latter renowned as exhibitions of pulsing electronics, dazzling light shows, LSD consumption and (from 1971-75) a nude dancer in the form of Stacia Blake . Despite a near-constant revolving door of members, Founder member Dave Brock has been the sole mainstay and the core of the band since its inception and has steered the band from its psychedelic rock roots into flirtations with heavy metal, new wave, ambient and techno. Notable contributors have included "accidental" bassist Lemmy (who would go on to greater fame with Motörhead), Cream (2)'s Ginger Baker and science fiction writer Michael Moorcock.

PortraitKeith Hale
key *1950 GB
PortraitHarvey Bainbridge
voc, key *1949 GB
PortraitNik Turner
voc, fl, sax *1940 GB
PortraitTim Blake
syn, key *1952 GB
PortraitPaul Rudolph
g, voc *1947 CA
PortraitRobert Calvert
voc 1945-1988 GB
PortraitGinger Baker
dr, voc *1939 GB
PortraitRobert Heaton
dr, g, bvoc 1961-2004 GB
PortraitClive Deamer
dr GB
PortraitDel Dettmar
syn *1947 GB
PortraitSimon King
dr, perc *1950 GB
PortraitSimon House
vn, syn *1948 GB
PortraitDave Brock
voc, g *1941 GB
PortraitHuw Lloyd-Langton
voc, g 1951-2012 GB
PortraitTerry Ollis
dr, perc *1952 GB
PortraitJohn Clark
dr, perc
PortraitRichard Chadwick
dr, voc, perc *1957 GB
PortraitAdrian Shaw
b *1947 GB
PortraitMartin Griffin
dr GB
PortraitDik Mik
syn 1943-2017 GB
PortraitAndy Anderson
dr, perc 1951-2019 GB
PortraitJohn Harrison
b, eb US
PortraitAlan Davey
b, voc *1963 GB
PortraitJerry Richards
g, voc GB
PortraitRon Tree
voc *1963
PortraitDave Anderson
b *1949 GB
PortraitJason Stuart
key 1968-2008 GB
PortraitSteve Swindells
key *1952 GB
PortraitDanny Thompson
dr, voc
PortraitThomas Crimble
voc, b *1947 GB
PortraitAlan Powell
dr, perc GB
PortraitBridget Wishart
voc *1962 GB
PortraitNiall Hone
g, b *1970 GB
PortraitPaul Hayles
key, syn *1948 GB
PortraitViv Prince
dr *1941 GB
PortraitMick Slattery
g, eg, acg GB
PortraitIan Fraser Kilmister
voc, b 1945-2015 GB
PortraitKeith Kniveton
syn GB
PortraitPhillip Reeves
PortraitJonathan Hulme Derbyshire
b, voc
Rik Martinez
dr GB
PortraitHaz Wheaton
b, key
PortraitMagnus Martin
key, g, acg GB
Popular Tracks   
Silver Machine - Live at the Roundhouse London; 1996 Remaster on In Search Of Space by Hawkwind
Hurry on Sundown - 1996 Remaster on Hawkwind by Hawkwind
Master of the Universe - 1996 Remaster on In Search Of Space by Hawkwind
Assault and Battery / The Golden Void on Warrior on the Edge of Time by Hawkwind
Urban Guerilla - 1996 Remaster on Doremi Fasol Latido by Hawkwind
Motorhead on Hawkwind Decades: 70s by Hawkwind
Orgone Accumulator - 2007 Remaster on Space Ritual by Hawkwind
Brainstorm - 1996 Remaster on Doremi Fasol Latido by Hawkwind
You Shouldn't Do That - 1996 Remaster on In Search Of Space by Hawkwind
You'd Better Believe It - Live at Edmonton Sundown; 1996 Remaster on Hall of the Mountain Grill by Hawkwind

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Band Membership

Title Artist Year Type
Rangoon, LangoonsHawkwind2019Single
Best of LiveHawkwind2018Album
The Emergency Broadcast Years 1994-1997Hawkwind2018Compil.
Road To UtopiaHawkwind2018Album
Dark Matter (The Alternative Liberty / U.A. Years 1970 – 1974)Hawkwind2018Compil.
Space Rock - 1969​-​1979Hawkwind2018Album
At The RoundhouseHawkwind2017Album
Best Of The United Artists Years 1971-1974Hawkwind2017Compil.
The GWR Records Years 1988-1991Hawkwind2017Compil.
Into The WoodsHawkwind2017Album
The RCA Active Years 1981-1982Hawkwind2016Compil.
Solitary ManHawkwind2016Single
The Machine StopsHawkwind2016Album
The Silver MachineHawkwind2016Single
The Charisma Years 1976-1979Hawkwind2016Compil.
Coded LanguagesHawkwind2015Album
Hawkwind Live at O2 ABCHawkwind2015Album
Space Ritual LiveHawkwind2015Album
This Is Your Captain Speaking ... Your Captain Is Dead (The Albums And Singles 1970 - 1974)Hawkwind2015Compil.
Sonic Attack Feat. Brian BlessedHawkwind2014Album
Live At The London Astoria 2007Hawkwind2014Single
The Flicknife Years • 1981-1988Hawkwind2014Compil.
Space PreviewHawkwind2014Album
5 Album SetHawkwind2013Album
Co-Pilots Of Spaceship EarthHawkwind2012Album
Leave No Star UnturnedHawkwind2011Album
Parallel Universe: A Liberty/U.A. Years Anthology 1970-1974Hawkwind2011Compil.
4 AlbumsHawkwind2011Album
Space Chase 1980-1985Hawkwind2011Compil.
Blood Of The EarthHawkwind2010Album
The Weird Tapes No 1 & No 2Hawkwind, Sonic Assassins, Dave Brock, Hawklords2010Compil.
Treworgey 1989Hawkwind2010Album
Silver MachineHawkwind2010Album
Live Sonic AttackHawkwind2010Compil.
At The BBC - 1972Hawkwind2010Compil.
Winter Solstice 2005Hawkwind2009Album
Reading 1992Hawkwind2009Album
40th Anniversary Party Commemorative CDHawkwind2009Album
Alien AutopsyHawkwind2009Album
The Dream Goes On - An Anthology 1985 - 1997Hawkwind2008Compil.
Spirit Of The Age - An Anthology 1976-1984Hawkwind2008Compil.
Knights Of SpaceHawkwind2008Album
Minneapolis 1989Hawkwind2008Album
USA Tour 1989-1990Hawkwind2008Album
The Return Of The Legendary Space RangersHawkwind2008Album
Space Ritual Sundown V.2 / Masters Of The UniverseHawkwind2008Compil.
Winter Solstice 2005Hawkwind2008Album
USA Tour 1989-1990Hawkwind2008Album
Knights Of SpaceHawkwind2008Album
Silver MachineHawkwind2007Album
Welcome To The FutureHawkwind2006Compil.
Live 1984 -1995Hawkwind2006Album
Space SymphonyHawkwind2006Album
Take Me To Your FutureHawkwind2006Album
The Empire Pool Wembley 1973Hawkwind2006Album
Hawkwind LiveHawkwind2006Compil.
Live '74Hawkwind2006Album
The CollectionHawkwind2006Compil.
The EssentialHawkwind2005Compil.
Take Me To Your LeaderHawkwind2005Album
Spirit Of The AgeHawkwind2005Single
Take Me To Your Leader (Radio Interview EP)Hawkwind2005Album
Spaced Out In LondonHawkwind2004Album
Out Of The ShadowsHawkwind2004Album
Seasons Greetings From Deep SpaceHawkwind2004Album
1st Summer CampHawkwind2003Album
Love In SpaceHawkwind2003Album
Doremi Fasol Latido / In Search Of SpaceHawkwind2003Compil.
Cosmic OverdriveHawkwind2002Album
Zones / Do Not PanicHawkwind2002Compil.
Canterbury Fayre 2001Hawkwind2002Album
Live In NottinghamHawkwind2002Album
2nd Annual Christmas PartyHawkwind2002Compil.
Masters Of RockHawkwind2002Compil.
Live 1990Hawkwind2002Album
Epoch Eclipse Single Album CDHawkwind2001Compil.
The Hawkwind EPHawkwind2001Album
Masters Of The Universe / Hall Of The Mountain GrillHawkwind2001Compil.
Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music / Quark, Strangeness And CharmHawkwind2001Compil.
Codename HawkwindHawkwind2001Compil.
Canterbury Fayre 2001 PromoHawkwind2001Album
Yule RitualHawkwind2001Album
Friend & Relations - The Very Best Of Plus RaritiesHawkwind2001Compil.
The Hawkwind Collection (Volume One)Hawkwind2000Compil.
Thrilling Hawkwind Adventures Live 1976Hawkwind2000Album
The Stonehenge CollectionHawkwind2000Compil.
Atomhenge 76Hawkwind2000Album
Silver Machine - Infected By The Scourge Of The EarthHawkwind1999Album
Collector Series Vol 1 - Complete '79Hawkwind1999Album
Epocheclipse - 30 Year AnthologyHawkwind1999Compil.
Hawkwind 1997Hawkwind1999Album
Epocheclipse - The Ultimate Best OfHawkwind1999Compil.
Master Of The UniverseHawkwind1999Compil.
Year 2000 : Codename Hawkwind Volume OneHawkwind1999Compil.
Dawn Of HawkwindHawkwind1999Album
Collector Series Vol 2: Choose Your MasquesHawkwind1999Album
Golden Void 1969-1979Hawkwind1999Compil.
Sonic Attack In Chicago 1997Hawkwind1999Single
Live At Glastonbury 1990Hawkwind1999Album
Anthology 1967-1982Hawkwind1998Compil.
The Masters: 10 Classic TracksHawkwind1998Compil.
Silver MachineHawkwind1998Compil.
In Your AreaHawkwind1998Album
The Elf And The HawkHawkwind1998Compil.
Sonic Boom Killers (Best Of Singles A's And B's From 1970 To 1980)Hawkwind1998Compil.
Exclusive Tribute CD - The Pink Floyd EncyclopediaHawkwind1998Album
The Entire And Infinite Universe Of HawkwindHawkwind1997Compil.
The '1999' Party - Live At The Chicago Auditorium March 21 1974Hawkwind1997Album
Welcome To The FutureHawkwind1997Compil.
The Ambient AnarchistsHawkwind1997Compil.
Distant HorizonsHawkwind1997Album
Live & Rare (Onward Flies The Bird)Hawkwind1997Compil.
Love In SpaceHawkwind1996Album
Future Reconstructions - Ritual Of The SolsticeHawkwind1996Album
Love In SpaceHawkwind1996Album
Silver MachineHawkwind1995Compil.
Area S4Hawkwind1995Album
Independent Days Volumes 1 & 2Hawkwind1995Compil.
Space Is DeepHawkwind1995Compil.
Alien 4Hawkwind1995Album
The Best OfHawkwind1994Compil.
The Business TripHawkwind1994Album
Silver MachineHawkwind1994Compil.
ShowdownElectric Light Orchestra, Hawkwind1994Album
Silver MachineHawkwind1994Compil.
25 Years OnHawkwind1994Compil.
Prog-RockProcol Harum, Dick Heckstall-Smith, Hawkwind1994Compil.
Rock City - 16 November 1993Hawkwind1994Album
Quark, Strangeness And CharmHawkwind1994Album
25 Years On 1977-1986 Volume 3Hawkwind1994Compil.
The Solstice At Stonehenge 1984Hawkwind1993Album
Live – St. Albans U.K. Winter Tour 1979Hawkwind1993Album
It Is The Business Of The Future To Be DangerousHawkwind1993Album
Decide Your FutureHawkwind1993Album
Lord Of LightHawkwind1993Compil.
Spirit Of The Age - Solstice RemixesHawkwind1993Album
Acid Daze Volume 1Hawkwind1993Compil.
The Friday Rock Show SessionsHawkwind1992Album
Live LegendsHawkwind1992Album
Psychedelic WarlordsHawkwind1992Compil.
Mighty Hawkwind Classics 1980-1985Hawkwind1992Compil.
Electric TepeeHawkwind1992Album
California BrainstormHawkwind1992Album
Tales From Atom Henge: The Robert Calvert YearsHawkwind1992Compil.
3 OriginalsHawkwind1992Compil.
Promo CollectionHawkwind1992Album
Spirit Of The AgeHawkwind1991Compil.
The Academy - BournemouthHawkwind1991Album
BBC Radio One Live In ConcertHawkwind1991Album
Live In Space 1990Hawkwind1991Album
Masters Of The UniverseHawkwind1991Compil.
Palace SpringsHawkwind1991Album
The Early Years LiveHawkwind1990Album
Castle Masters CollectionHawkwind1990Compil.
Night RidingHawkwind1990Compil.
Space BanditsHawkwind1990Album
Acid Daze Volume 3Hawkwind1990Compil.
Acid Daze (The History Of Hawkwind)Hawkwind1990Compil.
Stasis The U.A. Years 1971-1975Hawkwind1990Compil.
Treworgey Tree FayreHawkwind1990Album
The Best Of & The Rest OfHawkwind1990Compil.
Acid Daze Volume IIHawkwind1990Compil.
Night Of The HawkHawkwind1989Compil.
Silver Machine / Urban GuerillaHawkwind1989Single
14 Rock Hard HitsHawkwind1989Compil.
Levitation & Hawkwind LiveHawkwind1988Compil.
The Xenon CodexHawkwind1988Album
Spirit Of The AgeHawkwind1988Compil.
The Official Picture Log BookHawkwind1987Album
Early DazeHawkwind1987Album
British Tribal MusicHawkwind1987Compil.
Out & IntakeHawkwind1987Album
Anthology Volume IHawkwind1986Compil.
Live ChroniclesHawkwind1986Album
The Hawkwind CollectionHawkwind1986Compil.
Anthology Volume IIHawkwind1986Compil.
Angels Of DeathHawkwind1986Compil.
Silver MachineHawkwind1986Single
Anthology Volume IIIHawkwind1986Compil.
Approved History Of HawkwindHawkwind1986Compil.
Motorhead/Hurry on SundownHawkwind1986Single
Live '70/'73Hawkwind1985Compil.
The Chronicle Of The Black SwordHawkwind1985Album
Space Ritual Volume 2Hawkwind1985Album
Bring Me The Head Of Yuri GagarinHawkwind1985Album
Utopia 1984Hawkwind1985Compil.
The Chronicle Of The Black SwordHawkwind1985Album
Needle GunHawkwind1985Album
Night Of The HawksHawkwind1984Single
Independent DaysHawkwind1984Compil.
Stonehenge / This Is Hawkwind, Do Not PanicHawkwind1984Album
Night Of The HawksHawkwind1984Album
The Text Of Festival - Hawkwind Live 1970-72Hawkwind1983Album
Motorway CityHawkwind1983Single
Masters Of The UniverseHawkwind1982Compil.
Choose Your MasquesHawkwind1982Album
Silver Machine / Psychedelic WarlordsHawkwind1982Single
Silver Machine / Ask Me WhyHawkwind, The Beatles1982Single
Church Of HawkwindHawkwind1982Album
Sonic AttackHawkwind1981Album
Motorhead / Valium TenHawkwind1981Single
Live At The Bottom Line, New York, 1978Hawkwind1981Album
Angels Of DeathHawkwind1981Single
Live At The Watchfield And Stonehenge Festivals, 1976Hawkwind1981Album
Who's Gonna Win The War?Hawkwind1980Single
Repeat PerformanceHawkwind1980Compil.
Live - Shot Down In The NightHawkwind1980Single
Live Seventy NineHawkwind1980Album
Hassan I SahbaHawkwind1977Single
Back On The StreetsHawkwind1977Single
Quark, Strangeness And CharmHawkwind1977Album
Rock On!Hawkwind / Van Der Graaf Generator1977Compil.
Quark, Strangeness And Charm / Iron DreamHawkwind1977Single
Hassan I SahbaHawkwind1977Single
Astounding Sounds, Amazing MusicHawkwind1976Album
Kerb CrawlerHawkwind1976Single
Warrior On The Edge Of TimeHawkwind1975Album
Kings Of SpeedHawkwind1975Single
Hall Of The Mountain GrillHawkwind1974Single
Hall Of The Mountain GrillHawkwind1974Album
The Psychedelic Warlords (Disappear In Smoke)Hawkwind1974Single
You'd Better Believe It / ParadoxHawkwind1974Single
Hurry On SundownHawkwind1973Single
Space RitualHawkwind1973Album
Sonic AttackHawkwind1973Single
Big HitHawkwind1973Single
Lord Of Light / Born To GoHawkwind1973Single
Ultimo Tango A Parigi / Silver MachineGato Barbieri / Hawkwind1973Single
Urban GuerrillaHawkwind1973Single
Silver Machine / Shelter Me From The Rain (Mispress)Hawkwind, Sylvia McNeill1972Single
Doremi Fasol LatidoHawkwind1972Album
Stereo Pop Special-27Hawkwind1972Album
Silver Machine / Seven By SevenHawkwind1972Single
X In Search Of SpaceHawkwind1971Album
Hurry On SundownHawkwind1970Single
Hurry On SundownHawkwind1970Single
Hurry On Sundown / Kiss Of The Velvet WhipHawkwind1969Single
Hawkwind 9-10HawkwindAlbum
Hawkwind 7-8HawkwindAlbum
Wind Of ChangeHawkwindSingle
Hawkwind 3-4HawkwindAlbum
A Night At Oxford 1979HawkwindSingle
Hawkwind 5-6HawkwindAlbum
Dealing with the DevilHawkwindSingle
The Reason Is?HawkwindSingle
Brainstorm In The Moon '84HawkwindSingle
Ghost DanceHawkwindSingle
Born To GoHawkwindSingle
Hawkwind 11-12HawkwindAlbum
Live At Stonehenge Free FestivalHawkwindAlbum
Hawkwind 1-2HawkwindAlbum
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