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King Crimson

Band, *1968 GB, London
A.k.a. 81 To 99 Discipline (6) ProjeKct X

One of the pioneers of the progressive rock genre. The first official rehearsal of the band was on January 13, 1969. The first line-up comprised guitarist Robert Fripp, lyricist and lighting man Peter Sinfield (who “invented” the name of the band), composer and multi-instrumentalist Ian McDonald, bassist and vocalist Greg Lake, and drummer Michael Giles. They toured extensively and released the album In The Court Of The Crimson King (An Observation By King Crimson), a seminal piece of late ’60s music. Shortly afterwards, the band split to reform again suffering continuous personnel changes for a period of two and a half years (early 1970-mid 1972), releasing three more studio albums and one recorded live, with Robert Fripp as the only remaining member. The new King Crimson that evolved in July 1972 (featuring ex-Yes drummer Bill Bruford, ex-Family and later Asia (2) bassist/vocalist John Wetton and other more transitory members) marked a turn toward a heavier progressive sound, with experimental and fusion overtones, climaxing in unique semi-improvisatory live performances. This core line-up carried on until mid-1974, when Fripp broke up the band (as he thought) for good. In mid-1981, after a full 7 years, a newly-formed band including Robert Fripp, with Adrian Belew on vocals and guitar, Tony Levin on bass and Chapman Stick, and Bill Bruford on acoustic and electronic drums, changed its name from Discipline to King Crimson. This line-up remained intact until summer 1984, releasing three studio albums. Ten years later (May 1994), King Crimson started rehearsing again, this time as a "double trio" including Pat Mastelotto on drums and percussion and Trey Gunn on Stick in addition to the 1980s line-up; it released two full albums and a handful of EPs through Fripp's own Discipline Global Mobile label. A process of “fractalization” led to the creation of multiple spin-off groups containing three or four King Crimson members, dubbed "ProjeKcts" One, Two, Three, Four, and X, which released live and studio sessions through DGM. Having regained the rights to the full King Crimson catalogue, DGM put out numerous other recordings from all periods of the band's existence, including "King Crimson Collectors' Club" bi-monthly releases available only to members of the label's website. In the hands of DGM, the King Crimson back catalogue (with most late additions available only on FLAC/MP3 format rather than on CD) grew enormously, making it one of the biggest for any rock group ever. The next reincarnation of the band, jokingly dubbed the "double duo", omitted Bill Bruford and Tony Levin. Its first complete studio album was “The ConstruKction of Light” (May 2000), and the line-up carried on until the end of 2003. Since then, Tony Levin rejoined the group and Trey Gunn departed. In 2008, with the addition of Gavin Harrison the new King Crimson began performed a 40th Anniversary Tour. Robert Fripp stated in an August 2012 interview that he had retired from the music business, but 2014 found a new King Crimson line-up touring, including Fripp (guitar), Mel Collins (saxophones, flute), Tony Levin (basses, stick), Pat Mastelotto (drums, percussion), Gavin Harrison (drums, percussion), Jakko M. Jakszyk (vocals, guitar, flute), and William Rieflin (drums, percussion, synthesizer). In 2016 Jeremy Stacey (drums, keyboards) joined as an eighth member making the group a ""double quartet".

PortraitRobert Fripp
g *1946 GB
PortraitMel Collins
fl, sax *1947 GB
PortraitAdrian Belew
voc, g *1949 US
PortraitBill Bruford
dr, perc *1949 GB
PortraitWilliam Rieflin
dr *1960 US
PortraitDavid Cross
vn, vl *1949 GB
PortraitKeith Tippett
p *1947 GB
PortraitJohn Wetton
voc, b *1949 GB
PortraitJamie Muir
perc GB
PortraitGordon Haskell
voc, eb *1946 GB
PortraitAndy McCulloch
dr *1945 GB
PortraitPeter Sinfield
acg, syn, voc *1943 GB
PortraitTony Levin
b, bvoc *1946 US
PortraitIan McDonald
voc, key *1946 GB
PortraitGreg Lake
voc, b 1947-2016 GB
PortraitMichael Giles
dr, voc, perc *1942 GB
PortraitTrey Gunn
g *1960 US
PortraitPat Mastelotto
dr, perc *1955 US
PortraitJeremy Stacey
dr, key *1963 GB
PortraitBoz Burrell
voc, b, eb 1946-2006 GB
PortraitIan Wallace
dr 1946-2007 GB
PortraitGavin Harrison
dr, perc *1963 GB
PortraitJakko M. Jakszyk
voc, g *1958
Popular Tracks   
21st Century Schizoid Man - Including "Mirrors" on In The Court Of The Crimson King by King Crimson
I Talk To The Wind on In The Court Of The Crimson King by King Crimson
Epitaph - Including "March for No Reason" and "Tomorrow and Tomorrow" on In The Court Of The Crimson King by King Crimson
The Court Of The Crimson King - Including "The Return of the Fire Witch" and "The Dance of the Puppets" on In The Court Of The Crimson King by King Crimson
Starless on Red by King Crimson
Moonchild - Including "The Dream" and "The Illusion" on In The Court Of The Crimson King by King Crimson
Peace - A Theme on In The Wake Of Poseidon by King Crimson
Matte Kudasai on Discipline by King Crimson
Book Of Saturday on Larks' Tongues In Aspic by King Crimson
Fallen Angel on Red by King Crimson

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Band Membership

Title Artist Year Type
21st Century Schizoid ManKing Crimson2019Single
1972 - 1974King Crimson2019Album
Eyes Wide OpenKing Crimson2019Album
The Terrifying Tale Of Thela Hun GinjeetKing Crimson2019Single
Cadence And CascadeKing Crimson2019Single
April 06, 1973 - Palazzo Dello Sport, Rome, ItalyKing Crimson2019Album
October 26, 1973 - Rainbow, London, EnglandKing Crimson2019Album
The Mincer / Law Of Maximum DistressKing Crimson2019Single
Audio Diary 2014-2017King Crimson2018Compil.
Nakano Sunplaza, Tokyo, Japan October 05, 1995King Crimson2018Album
Live In ViennaKing Crimson2018Album
The Elements (2018 Tour Box)King Crimson2018Compil.
Uncertain TimesKing Crimson2018Album
Collectors' Club 1995 Nen 10 Gatsu 9 Nichi Osaka Festival HallKing Crimson2018Album
December 14, 2001 - Beacon Theater, New York, United StatesKing Crimson2018Album
Meltdown - Live in MexicoKing Crimson2018Album
Tribute To The Love Generation, Tokyo, Japan, October 02, 2000King Crimson2018Album
1969-1972King Crimson2018Compil.
Strange Tales Of The SailorsKing Crimson2017Album
Kokusai Theater, Tokyo, Japan (December 18, 1981)King Crimson2017Album
HeroesKing Crimson2017Album
Kokusai Theater, Tokyo, Japan (December 16, 1981)King Crimson2017Album
November 03, 1973 - Jahrhunderthalle, Frankfurt, GermanyKing Crimson2017Album
Mainichi Hall, Osaka, Japan (December 13, 1981)King Crimson2017Album
The Elements (2017 Tour Box)King Crimson2017Compil.
Shibuya Kohkaido, Tokyo, Japan (December 9, 1981)King Crimson2017Album
Expo Hall, Osaka, Japan (December 12, 1981)King Crimson2017Album
Kokusai Theater, Tokyo, Japan (December 14, 1981)King Crimson2017Album
Kokusai Theater, Tokyo, Japan (December 15, 1981)King Crimson2017Album
Nagoyashi Kohkaido, Nagoya, Japan (December 10, 1981)King Crimson2017Album
May 08, 1973 - Masonic Temple, Detroit, United StatesKing Crimson2017Album
Sailors' TalesKing Crimson2017Album
DGM HQ, Salisbury, UKKing Crimson2017Single
Live In ChicagoKing Crimson2017Album
May 06, 1973 - Palace Theatre, WaterburyKing Crimson2017Album
November 12, 1973 - Palatza Delo Sports, Turin, ItalyKing Crimson2017Album
Live In Detroit & Denver (November 1971 - March 1972)King Crimson2016Album
Moonchild Radio Sessions And Album Outtakes 1969King Crimson2016Album
On (And Off) The RoadKing Crimson2016Album
Live In TorontoKing Crimson2016Album
Larks' Tongues In Aspic / Starless And Bible Black / Red / USAKing Crimson2016Album
Radical Action (To Unseat The Hold Of Monkey Mind)King Crimson2016Album
The Elements (2016 Tour Box)King Crimson2016Compil.
In The Court Of The Crimson King (An Observation By King Crimson) / In The Wake Of Poseidon / Lizard / IslandsKing Crimson2016Album
Rehearsals & Blows (May - November 1983)King Crimson2016Album
Pop Spectacular Bbc In ConcertKing Crimson2016Album
Barcelona 2016King Crimson2016Album
November 14, 1972 Town Hall, Watford, EnglandKing Crimson2015Album
THRAK BOX (King Crimson Live And Studio Recordings 1994-1997)King Crimson2015Album
The Elements (2015 Tour Box)King Crimson2015Compil.
American Tour 1974King Crimson2015Album
CyclopsKing Crimson2015Album
December 13, 1972 - Rainbow, London, EnglandKing Crimson2015Album
Live At The OrpheumKing Crimson2015Album
Live At The Fillmore (November - December 1969)King Crimson2014Album
StarlessKing Crimson2014Album
May 1, 1974 - Felt Forum, NYCKing Crimson2014Album
The Elements (2014 Tour Box)King Crimson2014Compil.
Live On French Tv 1974King Crimson2013Album
1969-1982 "Eras"King Crimson2013Album
The Road To RedKing Crimson2013Album
Thunder GateKing Crimson2012Album
June 22, 1974 - Performing Arts Centre, Milwaukee, WIKing Crimson2012Album
Live In Argentina, 1994King Crimson2012Album
Live At The Marquee (August 10, 1971)King Crimson2012Album
Larks' Tongues In Aspic (The Complete Recordings)King Crimson2012Album
June 14, 1996 - Stadtpark, Hamburg, GermanyKing Crimson2012Album
May 22, 1971 - Town Hall, Birmingham, EnglandKing Crimson2012Album
March 10, 1972 - The Barn, Peoria, ILKing Crimson2011Album
Live In Toronto (June 24, 1974)King Crimson2011Album
Live In New Haven, CT (November 16, 2003)King Crimson2011Album
March 21, 1972 - San Francisco, Winterland ArenaKing Crimson2011Album
February 25, 1972 - Auditorium, Miami Beach, FLKing Crimson2011Album
The Collectable King Crimson Volume Five (Live In Japan 1995 - The Official Edition)King Crimson2010Album
May 4, 1995 - Teatro Toniola, Mestre Venice, ItalyKing Crimson2010Album
May 3, 1995 - Teatro Tenda, Florence, ItalyKing Crimson2010Album
May 1, 1995 - Kulturhaus, Dornbirn, AustriaKing Crimson2010Album
March 19, 1974 - Palazzo Dello Sport, Udine, ItalyKing Crimson2010Album
Live In Chicago, IL (November 29, 1995)King Crimson2010Album
February 17, 1972 - Grand Ballroom, Detroit, MIKing Crimson2010Album
June 07, 1974 - Fairground Arena, Oklahoma City, OKKing Crimson2010Album
May 13, 1995 - Zenith, Paris, FranceKing Crimson2010Album
September 7, 1969 - Jazz Club, Chesterfield, EnglandKing Crimson2010Album
May 17, 1995 - Royal Albert Hall, London, EnglandKing Crimson2010Album
July 15, 2003 - Millenaris Centre Budapest, HungaryKing Crimson2009Album
Live In Zurich (November 15, 1973)King Crimson2009Album
April 29, 1974 - Stanley Warner Theatre, Pittsburgh, PAKing Crimson2009Album
The Collectable King Crimson Volume Three (Live At The Shepherds Bush Empire, London, 1996)King Crimson2008Album
Live In Milan (June 20, 2003)King Crimson2008Album
November 25, 1972 New Theatre, Oxford, EnglandKing Crimson2008Album
Mr Stormy's Monday Selection Vol.1King Crimson2008Album
April 09, 1973 - Olympia, Paris, FranceKing Crimson2008Album
Live In Philadelphia, PA (August 26, 1996)King Crimson2008Album
40th Anniversary Tour BoxKing Crimson2008Compil.
Level Max Crimson 08King Crimson2008Album
February 11, 1972 - Armoury, Wilmington, DelawareKing Crimson2008Album
October 13, 2000 - Izumi T-21, Sendai, JapanKing Crimson2008Album
Live At The Pier, New York (August 2, 1982)King Crimson2008Album
June 23, 1973 - Richards Club, Atlanta, GeorgiaKing Crimson2008Album
August 07, 2008 - Park West, Chicago, IllinoisKing Crimson2008Album
July 31, 1982 - The Convention Hall, Asbury Park, New JerseyKing Crimson2007Album
June 29, 1974 - Penn State University, University Park, PennsylvaniaKing Crimson2007Album
April 28, 1974, Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Columbus, OhioKing Crimson2007Album
March 27, 1974, Augsburg, GermanyKing Crimson2007Album
Collectors' King Crimson Box 4 (1981-1982)King Crimson2007Album
IndisciplineKing Crimson2007Album
Collectors' King Crimson Box 6 (ProjeKcts)King Crimson2007Album
October 24, 2000 - House of Blues, Los AngelesKing Crimson2007Album
March 14, 2003 - Park West, Chicago, IllinoisKing Crimson2007Album
Going To CaliforniaKing Crimson2007Album
Mother Of DeceitKing Crimson2007Album
Collectors' King Crimson Box 3 (1972-1974)King Crimson2007Album
Collectors' King Crimson Box 1 (1969)King Crimson2007Album
Collectors' King Crimson Box 7 (Sessions & Rehearsals)King Crimson2007Album
The Collectable King Crimson Volume Two (Live In Bath, 1981 / Live In Philadelphia, 1982)Discipline / King Crimson2007Album
November 10, 1972 Technical College, Hull, EnglandKing Crimson2007Album
Live In Kassel (April 1, 1974)King Crimson2007Album
Live In Denver, CO (March 13, 1972)King Crimson2007Album
April 15, 1971 - Zoom Club, Frankfurt, GermanyKing Crimson2006Album
June 21, 2003 - Teatro Carlo Felice, Genova, ItalyKing Crimson2006Album
April 14, 1971 - Zoom Club, Frankfurt, GermanyKing Crimson2006Album
March 8, 1972 - Riverside Theatre, Milwaukee, WisconsinKing Crimson2006Album
October 06, 1973 - University Of Texas, Arlington, TexasKing Crimson2006Album
The Condensed 21st Century Guide To King Crimson 1969 - 2003King Crimson2006Compil.
June 27, 1974 - Kennedy Centre, Washington D.C.King Crimson2006Album
March 06, 1972 - Stanley Warner Theatre, Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaKing Crimson2006Album
November 14, 2003 - Ulster Performing Arts Centre, Kingston, New YorkKing Crimson2006Album
October 8, 1994 - Broadway Theatre, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaKing Crimson2006Album
The Collectors' King Crimson (Volume Ten)King Crimson2006Album
The Collectable King Crimson Volume One (Live In Mainz, 1974 / Live In Asbury Park, 1974)King Crimson2006Album
Live In Munich (September 29, 1982)King Crimson2006Album
December 9, 2001 - Palace Theater, New Haven, ConneticutKing Crimson2006Album
August 05, 1982 - Place De Nations, Montreal, Quebec, CanadaKing Crimson2006Album
Orpheum's DiamondKing Crimson2006Album
Fades Into GreyKing Crimson2006Album
Jumble Of LiesKing Crimson2006Album
October 14, 1981 - StadtHalle, Cologne, GermanyKing Crimson2006Album
October 23, 1973 - Apollo, Glasgow, ScotlandKing Crimson2006Album
June 06, 2000 - Musemplatz, Bonn, GermanyKing Crimson2006Album
April 13, 1971 - Zoom Club, Frankfurt, GermanyKing Crimson2005Album
Live In Warsaw (June 11, 2000)King Crimson2005Album
March 31, 1974 - Jahnhalle, Pforzheim, GermanyKing Crimson2005Album
Live In Heidelberg (March 29, 1974)King Crimson2005Album
April 12, 1971 - Zoom Club, Frankfurt, GermanyKing Crimson2005Album
Live At The Wiltern (July 1, 1995)King Crimson2005Album
September 28, 1994 - Prix D'Ami, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaKing Crimson2005Album
August 29, 1982 - Arena, Reggio Nell Emilia, ItalyKing Crimson2005Album
The Collectors' King Crimson (Volume Nine)King Crimson2005Album
June 04, 2000 - Circus Krone, Munich, GermanyKing Crimson2005Album
Inside King Crimson 1972-1975King Crimson2005Single
RefleKcted: Live At San Diego 2001Tool & King Crimson2005Album
The 21st Century Guide To King Crimson (Volume Two 1981-2003)King Crimson2005Compil.
King Crimson MP3 15 AlbumsKing Crimson2005Compil.
June 28, 1974 - Casino, Asbury Park, New JerseyKing Crimson2005Album
June 9, 2000 - Arena, Poznan, PolandKing Crimson2005Album
March 20, 1974 - Palazzo Dello Sport (Palasport), Brescia, ItalyKing Crimson2005Album
Atlanta 1973 Real StereoKing Crimson2004Album
Live In Philadelphia, PA (July 30, 1982)King Crimson2004Album
Neal And Jack And MeKing Crimson2004Album
Live At Fillmore East (November 21 & 22, 1969)King Crimson2004Album
The 21st Century Guide To King Crimson (Volume One 1969-1974)King Crimson2004Compil.
The Collectors' King Crimson (Volume Eight)King Crimson2004Album
King Crimson (4)King Crimson2003Compil.
The Power To Believe (Tour Box)King Crimson2003Album
The Power To BelieveKing Crimson2003Album
Live In Guildford (November 13, 1972)King Crimson2003Album
King Crimson (1)King Crimson2003Compil.
The Collectors' King Crimson (Volume Seven)King Crimson2003Album
Live In Orlando, FL (February 27, 1972)King Crimson2003Album
Eyes Wide OpenKing Crimson2003Album
EleKtriK (Live In Japan 2003)King Crimson2003Album
Level Five / Pie JesuKing Crimson / Robert Fripp2002Compil.
Happy With What You Have To Be Happy WithKing Crimson2002Album
The Collectors' King Crimson (Volume Six)King Crimson2002Album
Live At The Zoom Club (October 13, 1972)King Crimson2002Album
Champaign-Urbana Sessions (January 17-30, 1983)King Crimson2002Album
Live In Nashville, TN (November 9 & 10, 2001)King Crimson2002Album
Live In Hyde Park (July 5, 1969)King Crimson2002Album
Ladies Of The Road: Live 1971-1972King Crimson2002Album
Lady Supermarket In San FranciscoKing Crimson2001Album
Munchen 2000King Crimson2001Album
Pandemonium / LamentKing Crimson2001Compil.
iMPRoVaTTaKc Volume # 1King Crimson2001Compil.
VROOOM VROOOMKing Crimson2001Compil.
Live In Mainz (March 30, 1974)King Crimson2001Album
The Guide To Larks' Tongues In Aspic (Parts 1 - 4)King Crimson2001Compil.
Level FiveKing Crimson2001Album
The Collectors' King Crimson (Volume Four)King Crimson2001Album
Old Waldorf '81King Crimson2001Album
Live In Berkeley, CA (August 13, 1982)King Crimson2001Album
Live In Detroit, MI (December 13, 1971)King Crimson2001Album
The Collectors' King Crimson (Volume Five)King Crimson2001Album
The Collectors' King Crimson (Volume Two)King Crimson2000Album
Live At Summit Studios, Denver (March 12, 1972)King Crimson2000Album
King Crimson (1)King Crimson2000Compil.
The Collectors' King Crimson (Volume Three)King Crimson2000Album
A Beginners' Guide To The King Crimson Collectors' ClubKing Crimson2000Compil.
Live In Central Park, NYC 07-01-74King Crimson2000Album
Live At Plymouth Guildhall, May 11, 1971King Crimson2000Album
Nashville RehearsalsKing Crimson2000Album
The ConstruKction Of LightKing Crimson2000Album
King Crimson (3)King Crimson2000Compil.
Heavy ConstruKctionKing Crimson2000Album
The Beat Club Bremen 1972King Crimson1999Album
In Kaminari GateKing Crimson1999Album
Live in Mexico CityKing Crimson1999Album
The VROOOM Sessions April May 1994King Crimson1999Album
Live At Cap D'Agde, 1982King Crimson1999Album
The Collectors' King Crimson (Volume One)King Crimson1999Album
Doctor DiamondKing Crimson1999Album
The Rusted Chains Of Prison MoonKing Crimson1999Album
Cirkus (The Young Persons' Guide To King Crimson Live)King Crimson1999Album
King Crimson (1969-1984)King Crimson1999Compil.
On BroadwayKing Crimson1999Album
The ProjeKctsKing Crimson1999Album
The Deception Of The Thrush (A Beginner's Guide To ProjeKcts)King Crimson1999Compil.
Halfcut DiamondKing Crimson1998Album
Cosmic MuirKing Crimson1998Album
Cigarettes And Ice CreamKing Crimson1998Album
Live At Jacksonville, 1972King Crimson1998Album
Great BibleKing Crimson1998Album
Live At The Fillmore West San Francisco, CA, USA December 15, 1969King Crimson1998Album
King CrimsonKing Crimson1998Compil.
Absent Lovers (Live In Montreal 1984)King Crimson1998Album
Live At The Marquee 1969King Crimson1998Album
Absent LoversKing Crimson1998Album
New York City 1995King Crimson1998Album
Studio RehearsalsKing Crimson1997Album
EpitaphKing Crimson1997Album
The Nightwatch (Live At The Amsterdam Concertgebouw November 23rd 1973)King Crimson1997Album
living in triologyKing Crimson1996Album
Live In JapanKing Crimson1996Album
Schizoid ManKing Crimson1996Compil.
Schizoid ManKing Crimson1996Album
THRaKaTTaKKing Crimson1996Album
The Double TrioKing Crimson1996Album
Sit Down, Shut Up, Listen, Enjoy!King Crimson1995Album
THRAK (4 Track Sampler)King Crimson1995Album
B'Boom (Official Bootleg - Live In Argentina)King Crimson1995Album
DinosaurKing Crimson1995Single
Crimson Collection Vol.2 (In The Wake Of Poseidon / Starless And Bible Black)King Crimson1995Compil.
AAA SamplerKing Crimson1995Album
March For No ReasonKing Crimson1995Album
Sex Sleep Eat Drink DreamKing Crimson1995Single
Crimson Collection Vol.6 - Three Of A Perfect Pair / VrooomKing Crimson1995Compil.
Manicured NoiseKing Crimson1995Album
Schizoids At The DomeKing Crimson1995Album
Texas Hall ArlingtonKing Crimson1995Album
Crimson Collection Vol.5 - Discipline / BeatKing Crimson1995Compil.
PeopleKing Crimson1995Single
LIVROOMKing Crimson1995Album
THRAKKing Crimson1995Album
Crimson Collection Vol.4 - Islands / 4 Tracks From 3 AlbumsKing Crimson1995Compil.
Crimson Collection Vol.3 - Lizard / RedKing Crimson1995Compil.
Screetch!King Crimson1995Album
Celebration Of The LizardKing Crimson1994Album
A Weird Person's Guide To King CrimsonKing Crimson1994Album
A Weird Person's Guide To ... Vol. 2King Crimson1994Compil.
Talk To The WindKing Crimson1994Album
21st CenturyKing Crimson1994Album
The Mincer - From N.Y. To DetroitKing Crimson1994Album
VROOOMKing Crimson1994Album
Avenida CorrientesKing Crimson1994Album
The Sheltering SkyKing Crimson1993Album
The First ThreeKing Crimson1993Album
Sleepless - The Concise King CrimsonKing Crimson1993Compil.
The MinceKing Crimson1992Album
The Great Deceiver (Live 1973 - 1974)King Crimson1992Album
Atmosphere (Last Live Show)King Crimson1991Album
Arlington 1973, Part TwoKing Crimson1991Album
Lost IslandKing Crimson1991Album
Frame By Frame (The Essential King Crimson)King Crimson1991Compil.
Live In Atlanta 1973 + Pittsburgh 1975King Crimson1991Album
Cat FoodKing Crimson1991Album
Arlington 1973, Part OneKing Crimson1991Album
United Kingdom CrimsonKing Crimson1991Album
Arlington 1973, Part TwoKing Crimson1991Album
The Great DeceiverKing Crimson1990Album
ExilesKing Crimson1990Album
Astral Navigation / The Talking DrumKing Crimson1990Album
Live In Germany '73King Crimson1990Album
MirrorsKing Crimson1990Album
The Return Of The Crimson KingKing Crimson1990Album
1989King Crimson1989Compil.
The Court Of The Shizoid ManKing Crimson1989Album
Americans' LamentKing Crimson1989Album
King Biscuit Flower HourGenesis / King Crimson1988Album
The Compact King CrimsonKing Crimson1986Compil.
SleeplessKing Crimson1984Single
RhapsodyKing Crimson1984Album
Three Of A Perfect Pair - Live In JapanKing Crimson1984Album
Three Of A Perfect PairKing Crimson1984Album
The Noise Frejus 1982King Crimson1984Album
Three Of A Perfect PairKing Crimson1984Single
BBC College Concert Series #26King Crimson1983Album
HeartbeatKing Crimson1982Single
Mirage / BeatFleetwood Mac / King Crimson1982Album
Offenbach 16.10.81 Vol. 2King Crimson1982Album
BeatKing Crimson1982Album
Indisciple Mining RocksKing Crimson1982Album
Shock The Monkey / HeartbeatPeter Gabriel / King Crimson1982Single
Fripp's Return At The Court Of Crimson King - Live At The Venue: Act 1King Crimson1981Single
Matte Kudasai (Special Mix)King Crimson1981Single
DisciplineKing Crimson1981Album
Fripp's Return At The Court Of Crimson King - Live At The Venue: Act 2King Crimson1981Single
Elephant Talk (Dance Remix)King Crimson1981Album
Fripp's Return At The Court Of Crimson King - Live At The Venue: Act 3King Crimson1981Single
Thela Hun GinjeetKing Crimson1981Single
Live At The Elzerhof, Mainz, Germany - March 30 1974King Crimson1980Single
Live In Italy Vol.1King Crimson1980Album
In The Court Of The Crimson King/Larks' Tongues In AspicKing Crimson1980Compil.
The Best Of The BBC Rock Hour #40King Crimson1978Album
Arlington TexasKing Crimson1976Album
Epitaph / 21st Century Schizoid ManKing Crimson1976Single
USAKing Crimson1975Album
Cadence And CascadeKing Crimson1975Album
Texas Hall ArlingtonKing Crimson1975Album
Nightbird & Company: Cosmic ConnectionsKing Crimson / Captain And Tennille / Danny O'Keefe / Eumir Deodato1975Compil.
The Young Persons' Guide To King CrimsonKing Crimson1975Compil.
HereticKing Crimson1974Album
RedKing Crimson1974Album
SenabularKing Crimson1974Album
Starless And Bible BlackKing Crimson1974Album
The Night WatchKing Crimson1974Single
Stereo Pop Special-70King Crimson1974Album
Promotion E.P. PR - 190King Crimson1973Single
Larks' Tongues In AspicKing Crimson1973Album
EarthboundKing Crimson1972Album
IslandsKing Crimson1971Album
GroonKing Crimson1970Album
LizardKing Crimson1970Album
Cat Food / GroonKing Crimson1970Single
In The Court Of The Crimson King An Observation By King Crimson EpitaphKing Crimson1970Compil.
In The Wake Of PoseidonKing Crimson1970Album
King Crimson (USA)King Crimson1969Compil.
The Court Of The Crimson KingKing Crimson1969Single
In The Court Of The Crimson King (An Observation By King Crimson)King Crimson1969Album
MP3 CollectionKing CrimsonAlbum
Live LarksKing CrimsonAlbum
In Support Of Their Satanic MajestiesKing CrimsonAlbum
Get Thy BearingsKing CrimsonAlbum
Chicago 1973King CrimsonAlbum
Songs For EuropeKing CrimsonAlbum
UnpronounceableKing CrimsonAlbum
Larks' Tongues In DusseldorfKing CrimsonAlbum
Hyde Park, London 1971King CrimsonAlbum
Nuclear FusionKing CrimsonAlbum
Majestical AlchemyKing CrimsonAlbum
The Abbreviated King Crimson: HeartbeatKing CrimsonCompil.
Sleepless DusseldorfKing CrimsonAlbum
King Of Kings "O"King CrimsonAlbum
King Of Kings "T"King CrimsonAlbum
King Of Kings "N"King CrimsonAlbum
Schizophrenic TendenciesKing CrimsonAlbum
King Of Kings "K"King CrimsonAlbum
Starless BannerKing CrimsonAlbum
Avant GardeKing CrimsonAlbum
TrilogyKing CrimsonAlbum
Mortal FleshKing CrimsonAlbum
King Crimson Часть 3-4: Коллекция Альбомов (1992-1998) (1999-2003)King CrimsonAlbum
ImprovisatorsKing CrimsonAlbum
Best OfKing CrimsonCompil.
"Heart beat"91King CrimsonAlbum
MP3 CollectionKing CrimsonAlbum
The Best (Giga Collection)King CrimsonCompil.
King Crimson Часть 1-2: Коллекция Альбомов (1969-1982) (1981-1997)King CrimsonAlbum
Feel Your FenderKing CrimsonAlbum
HisperideKing CrimsonAlbum
ImprovisationsKing CrimsonAlbum
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