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Band, *1981 US, Los Angeles
A.k.a. Alice Malt Camel Tail The Lemmy's

Thrash Metal (Heavy Metal) band from Los Angeles, California (USA). Metallica formed in 1981 by vocalist/guitarist James Hetfield and drummer Lars Ulrich. The duo first met through an ad in a Los Angeles-based music newspaper. At the time, Ulrich had little musical experience and no band but managed to secure a slot on an upcoming compilation record called “Metal Massacre”. Metallica’s contribution, “Hit The Lights”, featured Hetfield, Ulrich and lead guitarist Lloyd Grant. Afterwards, Ron McGovney became the band's bassist and Dave Mustaine joined the band as lead guitarist. This line-up would re-record "Hit The Lights" for subsequent re-pressings of "Metal Massacre" and would also issue several demos. In 1983, McGovney quit the group and was replaced by Cliff Burton, which also saw the band relocate to San Francisco. Metallica then traveled to New York after signing a deal with Megaforce Records. However, once in New York, the band fired Mustaine. It would mark the beginning of a long feud between Mustaine and Metallica, mostly fueled by remarks Mustaine would make to the press. Mustaine was replaced by Kirk Hammett of Exodus (6). Metallica's debut LP, "Kill 'Em All", was released in 1983. It was followed in 1984 by "Ride The Lightning". This led to a major label deal with Elektra. In 1986, the band released "Master Of Puppets", which is considered by many to be one of the greatest heavy metal records of all time. In September of that year, while on tour in Sweden, the band was involved in a bus accident which took the life of Cliff Burton. Eventually, Jason Newsted (of Flotsam And Jetsam) was hired as the band's new bassist and he made his debut on 1987's "Garage Days Re-Revisited", an EP of cover tunes. In 1990, Metallica hooked up with producer Bob Rock for a self-titled release that would become better known as "The Black Album", due to its cover art. Released in 1991, the black album would become one of the best-selling rock albums of all time, selling over 16 million copies in the US alone. In 1996, the band experimented with Rock music style Alternative Rock, this could be heard on the album "Load". The following year, "Reload" appeared which had the similiar formula as ''Load''. The albums continued the band’s trend of more accessible music. In 1999, the group released an album and accompanying film called "S&M", which featured Metallica performing their songs with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. In 2001, as the band was preparing to begin work on a new album, Newsted quit the group, citing personal and musical reasons. Work on the new album was further complicated when Hetfield entered rehab for alcohol abuse. The album, called "St. Anger", was eventually completed in 2003 with producer Bob Rock handling the bass. Upon its release, "St. Anger" drew mostly negative reviews. Following the recording, Robert Trujillo, formerly of Suicidal Tendencies, was hired as bassist. The making of the album was captured in the documentary “Some Kind Of Monster”. In 2008, "Death Magnetic", produced by Rick Rubin, would surface and was hailed by many as Metallica's return to thrash metal. The following year, Metallica was inducted into Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. Former bassist Jason Newsted was present and Cliff Burton's father appeared on Cliff's behalf. Dave Mustaine, who was not inducted, was invited to the ceremony by the band but declined to attend. In 2011, Metallica collaborated with Lou Reed on the album, “Lulu”, which was largely panned by critics and ignored by consumers.

PortraitKirk Hammett
g *1962 US
PortraitLars Ulrich
dr *1963 DK
PortraitDave Mustaine
voc, g *1961 US
PortraitJames Hetfield
voc, g *1963 US
PortraitCliff Burton
b 1962-1986 US
PortraitJason Newsted
b *1963 US
PortraitRobert Trujillo
b *1964 US
PortraitRon McGovney
b *1962 US
PortraitLloyd Grant
g JM
Popular Tracks   
Nothing Else Matters on Metallica by Metallica
Enter Sandman on Metallica by Metallica
Master of Puppets (Remastered) on Master of Puppets by Metallica
The Unforgiven on Metallica by Metallica
One (Remastered) on ...And Justice for All by Metallica
Whiskey In The Jar on Garage, Inc. by Metallica
For Whom The Bell Tolls (Remastered) on Ride The Lightning by Metallica
Sad But True on Metallica by Metallica
Fade To Black (Remastered) on Ride The Lightning by Metallica
Seek & Destroy (Remastered) on Kill 'Em All by Metallica

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Band Membership

Title Artist Year Type
Phantom LordMetallica2019Single
Raleigh: Jan 28 2019Metallica2019Album
Berserker 1.0Metallica2019Album
Helping Hands... Live & Acoustic At The MasonicMetallica2019Album
Cleveland - Feb 01 2019Metallica2019Album
Live In HamburgMetallica2018Album
Cliff Burton Day In TurinMetallica2018Album
Damaged PuppetMetallica2018Album
Hardwired Garage Days RevisitedMetallica2018Compil.
September 06, 2018, Lincoln, NE, Pinnacle Bank ArenaMetallica2018Album
April 30, 2018 Leipzig, GermanyMetallica2018Album
September 11, 2018, Sioux Falls, SD, Denny Sanford Premier CenterMetallica2018Album
April 26, 2018 Munich, GermanyMetallica2018Album
April 28, 2018 Kraków, PolandMetallica2018Album
February 5, 2018 Madrid, Spain-Wizink CenterMetallica2018Album
Exit SandmanMetallica2018Compil.
Now That We're DeadMetallica2018Album
Prague 02 Arena April 2, 2018Metallica2018Album
March 27, 2018 Herning, DenmarkMetallica2018Album
October 27, 2018 Buffalo, N.Y. Keybank CenterMetallica2018Album
February 7, 2018 Barcelona, Palau Sant JordiMetallica2018Album
Exit SandmanMetallica2018Compil.
Seattle '89Metallica2018Album
Albany: October 29, 2018Metallica2018Album
February 1, 2018 Lisbon, PortugalMetallica2018Album
February 16, 2018 Mannheim, GermanyMetallica2018Album
Newkids 1st ShowMetallica2018Album
WorldWired In Europe: 2017/2018Metallica2018Album
Live Metallica: Madison, WI - September 2, 2018Metallica2018Album
WorldWired European Tour 2018 • Rare Live TracksMetallica2018Compil.
Slaughter In The StudioMetallica2018Compil.
...And Justice For JasonMetallica2018Album
April 9, 2018 Stuttgart, GermanyMetallica2018Album
Under The CoversMetallica2018Album
Warriors - LiveMetallica2018Album
Wherever We May RoamMetallica2018Album
International TransmissionsMetallica2018Album
Transmission ImpossibleMetallica2018Album
Seattle ’89Metallica2018Album
April 7, 2018 Stuttgart, GermanyMetallica2018Album
30 Years Of JusticeMetallica2018Album
February 10, 2018 - Turin, ItalyMetallica2018Album
Edinburgh 1988Metallica2018Album
Seek & Destroy - The Dallas Arena FM Broadcast Vol 2Metallica2018Album
Damaged PuppetMetallica2018Album
May 2, 2018 Oslo, NorwayMetallica2018Album
February 14, 2018 Bologna, ItalyMetallica2018Album
Live In ChicagoMetallica2018Album
Eau Claire 1986Metallica2018Album
Classics LiveMetallica2017Album
Foxborough, Massachusetts: May 19, 2017Metallica2017Album
Live At House Of Vans London, England November 18th, 2016Metallica2017Album
East Rutherford, New Jersey (May 14th, 2017)Metallica2017Album
The Broadcast ArchiveMetallica2017Album
June 18, 2017 - Chicago, IL - Soldier FieldMetallica2017Album
July 29, 2017 Pasadena, CaliforniaMetallica2017Album
Live At Baltimore, MarylandMetallica2017Album
June 16, 2017 Dallas, TexasMetallica2017Album
July 14, 2017 Québec City, QuébecMetallica2017Album
Woodstock 99: Digital Master EditionMetallica / Megadeth2017Album
Live Metallica: St. Louis, MO – June 4, 2017Metallica2017Album
Justice For AllMetallica2017Album
So What???!!!Metallica2017Album
Live In San Francisco, CA – August 12, 2017Metallica2017Album
Seek And Destroy - Live At The Hammersmith OdeonMetallica2017Album
Lollapalooza ChileMetallica2017Album
August 4, 2017 Phoenix, ArizonaMetallica2017Album
Fight Fire With FireMetallica2017Compil.
Live at Winston Farm, Saugerties, NY August 13th, 1994Metallica2017Album
March 25, 2017 São Paulo, BrazilMetallica2017Album
The House Into FlameMetallica2017Album
January 11, 2017: Seoul, South KoreaMetallica2017Album
Live at Webster Hall, New York, NY - September 27th, 2016Metallica2017Album
Classics Live Volume 2Metallica2017Album
October 24, 2017 London EnglandMetallica2017Album
September 16, 2017 Cologne,GermanyMetallica2017Album
October 30, 2017 Birmingham EnglandMetallica2017Album
Live At Comerica Park July 12, 2017, Detroit, MichiganMetallica2017Album
March 5, 2017 Mexico City, Mexico Foro SolMetallica2017Album
January 22, 2017 SingaporeMetallica2017Album
August 6, 2017 San Diego, CaliforniaMetallica2017Album
September 2, 2017, Copenhagen, DenmarkMetallica2017Album
September 4, 2017 Amsterdam, NetherlandsMetallica2017Album
August 16, 2017 - Edmonton, AlbertaMetallica2017Album
October 28, 2017 Manchester, EnglandMetallica2017Album
June 7, 2017 Denver, Colorado Sport Authority Field At Mile HighMetallica2017Album
Live in EdmontonMetallica2017Album
May 21, 2017 Columbus, OhioMetallica2017Album
Live in ParisMetallica2017Album
September 14, 2017 Cologne,GermanyMetallica2017Album
September 6, 2017 Amsterdam, NetherlandsMetallica2017Album
January 18, 2017 Beijing, China Lesports CenterMetallica2017Album
August 14, 2017 Vancouver, British ColumbiaMetallica2017Album
November 3, 2017 • Antwerp, Belgium • SportpaleisMetallica2017Album
September 10, 2017 Paris, FranceMetallica2017Album
September 12, 2017 Lyon, FranceMetallica2017Album
Crash Course In Brain SurgeryMetallica2017Single
September 8, 2017 Paris, FranceMetallica2017Album
History Of MetallicaMetallica2017Album
Two By FourMetallica2017Single
July 16, 2017 Toronto, OntarioMetallica2017Album
Justice For AllMetallica2017Album
Oct 26 2017 Glasgow, GBR The SSE HydroMetallica2017Album
Spit Out The Bone (Radio Edit)Metallica2017Single
Live At The 30th Annual Bridge School Benefit - 23.10.2016Metallica2017Album
Best Of (All Stars Presents: Metallica)Metallica2017Compil.
Best Of (All Stars Presents: Metallica)Metallica2017Compil.
October 22, 2017 London, EnglandMetallica2017Album
February 9, 2017 Copenhagen, DenmarkMetallica2017Album
November 1, 2017 • Antwerp, Belgium • SportpaleisMetallica2017Album
Harvesters Of SorrowMetallica2017Album
Crash Course In Brain Surgery: Monsters Of Rock 1987Metallica2016Album
Live At The Playhouse Theatre Winnepeg December 13 1986Metallica2016Album
The Ultimate Roots Of MetallicaMetallica2016Album
City Of RockMetallica2016Album
Metallic Death Vol. 1Metallica2016Album
Dia Do MetalMetallica2016Album
Live At Global Citizen Festival In New York - September 24, 2016Metallica2016Album
In ConcertMetallica2016Album
The Best Part 1Metallica2016Album
October 23, 2016 The Bridge School Benefit, Mountain View, CAMetallica2016Album
Too Heavy 4 HalftimeMetallica2016Album
Honesty Is My Only ExcuseMetallica2016Album
Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité, Metallica!Metallica2016Album
Live Metallica: Berkeley, CA (April 16, 2016)Metallica2016Album
Kill/Ride Deluxe Edition 14-Track SamplerMetallica2016Album
Live In Moscow, 2015Metallica2016Album
Reign In The SunMetallica2016Album
Keep The Flame BurningMetallica2016Album
Broken, Beat And ScarredMetallica2016Album
Hardwired - Moth Into FlameMetallica2016Single
Cliff Burton Last Solo 26/9/1986Metallica, Cliff Burton2016Single
Puppets Tour 86Metallica2016Single
October 22, 2016 The Bridge School Benefit, Mountain View, CAMetallica2016Album
Metallica: The Opera House In Toronto, CanadaMetallica2016Album
Live On Air - The Early Years (Legendary Radio Broadcasts)Metallica2016Album
To Live Is To Die: Live at the Market Square Arena, Indianapolis, November 24th, 1988Metallica2016Album
Monsters Of Rock Broadcast (Moscow, Russia 1991)Metallica2016Album
Day Of The Green 85Metallica2016Single
Live In Canada 1986Metallica2016Single
Den Bosch 1992 HollandMetallica2016Single
Monsters Of Rock 1988Metallica2016Single
Greatest HitsMetallica2016Compil.
House Of Vans And Other Promos 2016Metallica2016Album
Blackened Friday SamplerMetallica2016Album
Bogotá, Colombia. November 1, 2016Metallica2016Album
Live In Paris - Live In LondonMetallica2016Album
Back To The StudioMetallica2016Album
Gold Collection - MP3 StereoMetallica2016Compil.
Blizzkrieg - Live At Blizzcon 2014Metallica2016Album
Metallic Death Vol. 2Metallica2016Album
Moth Into FlameMetallica2016Single
Live In MinnesotaMetallica2016Album
Detroit 1991Metallica2016Album
August 20, 2016, Minneapolis, MN, U.S. Bank StadiumMetallica2016Album
The Story So Far...Metallica2016Album
Hardwired...To Self-DestructMetallica2016Album
Fuck The StudioMetallica2016Album
Destroyed In The MoshMetallica2016Album
Studio ShitMetallica2016Album
Night Of The Banging HeadMetallica2016Album
Hardwired... Live From The House Of Vans, LondonMetallica2016Album
Atlas, Rise!Metallica2016Single
To Live Is To Die: Live at the Market Square Arena, Indianapolis, November 24th, 1988Metallica2016Album
U.S. Bank Stadium 2016Metallica2016Album
Rock Im RevierMetallica2016Album
Легенды Зарубежного РокаRammstein + Metallica2015Album
Istanbul - July 13, 2014Metallica2015Album
Live In Las Vegas May 9, 2015Metallica2015Album
Quito, Ecuador, 2014Metallica2015Album
Live At X Games: June 6, 2015Metallica2015Album
Live At Palace Of Auburn Hills, Michigan, Usa - On The 3rd November 1991Metallica2015Album
Rome, Italy 2014Metallica2015Album
Live At Reading Festival, England - August 29, 2015Metallica2015Album
Poor Touring Me In CopenhagenMetallica2015Album
Live In Quebec City - September 14, 2015Metallica2015Album
Live In Saint Petersburg, Russia, SKK Arena, August 25, 2015Metallica2015Album
August 10, 2013 - Tokyo, Japan - Summer Sonic @ QVC Marine FieldMetallica2015Album
2015 Las Vegas Super ConcertMetallica2015Album
Live In Quebec City, Canada - September 16 2015Metallica2015Album
...Japanese JusticeMetallica2015Album
Master Of Puppets LiveMetallica2015Album
Buenos Aires, Agrentina 2014Metallica2015Album
Asuncion, Paraguay, 2014Metallica2015Album
Bullshit Is Over!Metallica & Megadeth2015Album
Kill'Em All In Chicago 1983Metallica2015Album
August 11, 2013 - Osaka, Japan - Summer Sonic @ MaishimaMetallica2015Album
Brazilian Fuel 2015Metallica2015Single
Rock In Rio - Brasil 2015Metallica2015Album
Reading Festival 2015Metallica2015Album
Bogotá - March 16, 2014Metallica2015Album
Live In Gothenburg, Sweden - August 22, 2015Metallica2015Album
Live At Lollapalooza August 1, 2015Metallica2015Album
Live at Rock In Rio - September 19, 2015Metallica2015Album
By Request Knebworth, England July 6 2014Metallica2014Album
Музыкальная Коллекция. Все Хиты В Формате MP3Metallica2014Compil.
Legendary Quartet : First & LastMetallica2014Compil.
Ronnie RisingMetallica2014Single
By RequestMetallica2014Album
Live In Antarctica - December 8th, 2013Metallica2014Album
EP´s CollectionMetallica2014Compil.
Basel, Switzerland, July 4, 2014Metallica2014Album
By Request - June 9, 2014, Landgraaf, NetherlandsMetallica2014Album
By Request: Stockholm, Sweden May 30, 2014Metallica2014Album
By Request: Horsens, Denmark June 3, 2014Metallica2014Album
One (Awards Show Rehearsal Version)Metallica & Lang Lang2014Single
Chicago 1986 First LegMetallica2014Album
By Request: Montreal, Canada, August 9, 2014Metallica2014Album
No Life 'Til MegaforceMetallica2014Compil.
Bizzcon + More 2014Metallica2014Album
Warsaw, PolandMetallica2014Album
Santiago, Chile, 2014Metallica2014Album
Bogotá, Colombia, 2014Metallica2014Album
May 28, 2014 Sonisphere At Hietaniemi Beach, Helsinki, FinMetallica2014Album
By RequestMetallica2014Album
By Request São Paulo, Brazil, March 22, 2014Metallica2014Album
Rock Am Ring 2014Metallica2014Album
Pulling TeethMetallica2014Album
Rock Am Ring 2014Metallica2014Album
Broke, Beat And ScarredMetallica2014Album
By Request - June 4, 2014, Hamburg, GermanyMetallica2014Album
MusiCares MAP Fund Benefit Concert - May 12, 2014, Los Angeles, CAMetallica2014Album
Vienna, Austria, 2014Metallica2014Album
For Whom The Bell TollsMetallica2014Album
By Request: Lima Peru March 20 2014Metallica2014Album
Live At The Apollo Theater, Harlem, New York, USA - On The 21th September 2013Metallica2014Album
Toulouse, le Riff 22/11/1984Metallica2014Album
Through The NeverMetallica2014Album
Freeze 'Em All: Live In AntarcticaMetallica2014Album
Lords Of Summer 2014Metallica2014Album
Rock Am Ring 2014Metallica2014Album
Prague, Czech RepublicMetallica2014Album
Glastallica June 28,2014 Pilton England Glastonbury FestivalMetallica2014Album
As Requested By Hamburg - 4th June 2014 Live Imtech ArenaMetallica2014Album
Singapore, Singapore - August 24, 2013Metallica2013Album
Nothing ElseMetallica2013Album
Anger ManagementMetallica2013Album
Jakarta, Indonesia - August 25, 2013Metallica2013Album
June 8, 2013 - Detroit, Michigan - Orion Music + MoreMetallica2013Album
Shanghai, China - August 14, 2013Metallica2013Album
Seoul, South Korea - August 18, 2013Metallica2013Album
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - August 21, 2013Metallica2013Album
Rock In Rio 2013Metallica2013Album
Shanghai, China - August 13, 2013Metallica2013Album
Additional Tracks - Live At The Fillmore - San Francisco - December 7th 2011Metallica2013Album
S&M In BerlinMetallica2013Album
Live In San DiegoMetallica2013Album
Master Of ChicagoMetallica2013Album
Back In BerlinMetallica2013Single
Additional Tracks - Live At The Fillmore - San Francisco - December 10th 2011Metallica2013Album
Rock In Rio 2013 + MoreMetallica2013Album
Greatest HitsMetallica2013Compil.
Additional Tracks - Fillmore - Friday December 9 2011 - San FranciscoMetallica2013Album
Live In Melbourne, March 1st 2013Metallica2013Album
Additional Tracks - Live At The Fillmore - San Francisco - December 5th 2011Metallica2013Album
Metal Up Your Ass - Live At OrionMetallica2013Album
Through The Never (Music From The Motion Picture)Metallica2013Album
Orion Music Festival 2012: The Black AlbumMetallica2013Album
Live At Rock Im ParkMetallica2013Album
Garage Days RevisitedMetallica2013Album
Live From Pirate BayMetallica2012Album
Summer VacationMetallica2012Album
Live At The Fillmore - San Francisco - December 7th, 2011Metallica2012Album
The Exorcism BeginsMetallica, Venom2012Album
Live At The Fillmore San Francisco 9th December 2011Metallica2012Album
Seek & DestroyMetallica2012Album
Beyond MagneticMetallica2012Compil.
Rock In RioMetallica2012Album
Live In Passion MexicoMetallica2012Album
Live At The Fillmore - San Francisco - December 5th 2011Metallica2012Album
Live FillmoreMetallica2012Album
Dallas 1989Metallica2012Album
Damaged BritishMetallica2012Album
Quebec MagneticMetallica2012Album
Rock In Rio 2010Metallica2012Album
The Essential Hit'sMetallica2012Compil.
Metal AttackMetallica2012Album
Too Fast To LiveMetallica / Anthrax2012Album
The First 30 YearsMetallica2012Single
Jun 09 2012 Donington, ENG Download FestivalMetallica2012Album
Beyond MagneticMetallica2012Album
Live At The Fillmore San Francisco 10th December 2011Metallica2012Album
Live FillmoreMetallica2012Album
Orion Music + More June 23, 2012Metallica2012Album
The ViewLou Reed & Metallica2011Single
Metal RadicalMetallica2011Album
Live In GothenburgMetallica2011Album
LuluLou Reed & Metallica2011Album
UK / USMetallica2011Album
Nothing Else MattersMetallica2011Album
The Power Of Greatest HitsMetallica2011Compil.
For Whom The Bell Tolls (Live In Australia 2004)Metallica2011Album
Live In Quebec 2011Metallica2011Album
Full Metal PackageMetallica2011Album
14 De Junio De 2010 (Rock In Rio)Metallica2010Album
Final ApocalypseMetallica2010Album
Sad But True / Live In BaltimoreMetallica2010Album
Fame 25Metallica2010Album
Ready To Raise HellMetallica2010Album
Fan Can VIMetallica2010Album
Frantic / ParanoidMetallica / Black Sabbath2010Album
Ride The LightningMetallica2010Album
Auckland Magnetic October 13, 2010Metallica2010Album
Melbourne Magnetic November 20, 2010Metallica2010Album
Melbourne Magnetic November 21, 2010Metallica2010Album
Magnetic Super ArenaMetallica2010Album
Live In Caracas, March 12, 2010Metallica2010Album
Ultra Rare TracksMetallica2010Compil.
Christchurch Magnetic September 22, 2010Metallica2010Album
En SudaméricaMetallica2010Album
The Big 4: Live From Sofia, BulgariaMetallica, Slayer, Megadeth, Anthrax2010Album
Call Of Duty Black OpsMetallica2010Album
Подарочная Серия DVD+MP3Metallica2010Compil.
Six Feet Down Under Part IIMetallica2010Album
Live At Grimey'sMetallica2010Album
Ultra Rare TracksMetallica2010Album
Six Feet Down Under EPMetallica2010Album
Devil's Dance - Live In Lisbon 2008Metallica2009Album
Orgullo, Pasión, Y Gloria - Tres Noches En La Ciudad De MéxicoMetallica2009Album
Dutch MagneticMetallica2009Album
Touring Europe ‘08Metallica2009Album
Copenhagen - Forum - 22.07.09Metallica2009Album
Home Of The New Jersey DevilsMetallica2009Album
Birmingham MagneticMetallica2009Album
The Phantoms Of The MetalMetallica2009Album
Lisbon On Fire (Rock In Rio, Lisbon 2004)Metallica2009Album
Hit The Lights Anniversary CompilationMetallica2009Compil.
Bay Area DungeonMetallica2009Album
Fatal's AttractionMetallica2009Single
Ride The Lightning (The Law Of Ueki)Metallica2009Album
Deaf MagneticMetallica2009Album
Broken, Beat & ScarredMetallica2009Single
Discovering The Price Of FameMetallica2009Album
Seek & DestroyMetallica2009Album
Oberhausen - Köpi-Arena - 16.05.09Metallica2009Album
World Magnetic Tour - CologneMetallica2009Album
Copenhagan 2009, Fan Can Six - 2 DiscMetallica2009Album
Pounding Out AggressionMetallica2009Album
Francais Pour Une Nuit - Live Aux Arènes De Nîmes 2009Metallica2009Album
Enter Sandman (House Remix)Metallica2009Single
First Blood In Feb. 84Metallica2009Album
Seek & DestroyMetallica2009Album
Stockholm - Globen - 07.03.09Metallica2009Album
Juvenile JusticeMetallica2009Album
Ride The Lightning (Mutt Boy)Metallica2009Album
Wicked The GardenMetallica2009Album
Hamburg - Colorline Arena - 12.05.09Metallica2009Album
Death Magnetic (World Tour: Birmingham LG Arena 2009)Metallica2009Album
Newcastle Brown DrunkerMetallica2009Album
World Magnetic Tour - FrankfurtMetallica2009Album
Royal Oak 85Metallica2009Album
Life On Planet LarsMetallica2009Album
Deaf MagneticMetallica2009Album
No Remorse At The LyceumMetallica2008Album
Rock Am RingMetallica2008Album
New Collection - BalladsMetallica2008Compil.
October 27, 2007 The Bridge School Benefit, Mountain View, CAMetallica2008Album
Black Death - Germany 2008Metallica2008Album
Live In SeoulMetallica2008Album
Nashville & Berlin Live 2008Metallica2008Album
Greatest Hits Part IIMetallica2008Compil.
Greatest Hits Part IMetallica2008Compil.
Creeping Death Plagues LisbonMetallica2008Album
New CollectionMetallica2008Compil.
Death Magnetic ● Master Of PuppetsMetallica2008Compil.
BBC Radio TheatreMetallica2008Album
The Eternal BlissMetallica2008Album
Bangers & MashMetallica2008Album
Kill 'em All - The Alternative Way Volume 5Metallica2008Single
Kill 'em All - The Alternative Way Volume 3Metallica2008Single
My ApocalypseMetallica2008Single
Touring Europe '08Metallica2008Album
Greatest HitsMetallica2008Compil.
Death Is Not The End - Vienna, July 5 2007Metallica2008Album
Past MagneticMetallica2008Compil.
Kill 'em All - The Alternative Way Volume 4Metallica2008Single
Mission MetallicaMetallica2008Album
Cyanide (The Dirty Funker Remixes)Metallica2008Album
Death MagneticMetallica2008Album
The Day That Never ComesMetallica2008Single
Pinkpop Festival 2008Metallica2008Album
Музыкальная Коллекция. Все Хиты В Формате MP3Metallica2008Compil.
All Nightmare LongMetallica2008Single
Touring Europe ‘08Metallica2008Album
The Eternal BlissMetallica2008Album
The Interview SessionsMetallica2008Album
The DocumentMetallica2008Album
Thunder Of Orion Part 2Metallica2008Album
Greates HitsMetallica2008Compil.
Best MagneticMetallica2008Compil.
The Day That Never ComesMetallica2008Album
Classic Albums: Metallica / Judas PriestMetallica, Judas Priest2008Album
Music For The Masses - An Acoustic EveningMetallica2008Album
Thunder Of Orion Part 1Metallica2008Album
Death MagneticMetallica2008Compil.
Escape From The Studio ’94Metallica2008Album
Greatest Hits Part IIMetallica2008Compil.
Dave's Last GigMetallica2008Album
Live in SeoulMetallica2008Album
The Judas KissMetallica2008Single
Get UnpluggedMetallica2008Compil.
Ecstasy of Gold - Euro Tour 2007 Oslo NorwayMetallica2007Album
Strangers In MoscowMetallica2007Album
Metallica mp3Metallica2007Compil.
In AmericaMetallica2007Album
MP3 CollectionMetallica2007Compil.
Best OfMetallica2007Compil.
In AmericaMetallica2007Album
A Skeleton In The ClosetMetallica2007Album
In AmericaMetallica2007Album
Justice For All : Die Wahrheit Über MetallicaMetallica2007Compil.
Death Of Mother EarthMetallica2007Album
Kill 'em All - The Alternative Way Volume 2Metallica2007Single
Kill 'em All - The Alternative Way Volume 1Metallica2007Single
Live In EuropeMetallica2007Album
Greatest HitsMetallica2007Compil.
Master Of PuppetsMetallica2007Album
The BestMetallica2007Compil.
Enter Sandman (The Dirty Funker Remixes)Metallica2007Album
Live In San DiegoMetallica2007Album
Thrashing Thru Europe '84Metallica2007Album
The Ecstasy Of GoldMetallica2007Single
Greatest HitsMetallica2007Compil.
August 12 2006 Tokyo, Japan Summer SonicMetallica2006Album
Metallica MP3 Only The BestMetallica2006Compil.
Dead EndMetallica2006Album
Даёшь Музыку MP3 CollectionMetallica2006Compil.
The VideosMetallica2006Album
June 6, 2006 Berlin, Germany WaldbuhneMetallica2006Compil.
In The BeginningMetallica2006Compil.
Damaged Justice RevisitedMetallica2006Album
Live In Arnhem - June 8, 2006Metallica2006Album
Live In SeoulMetallica2006Album
Fan Can VMetallica2006Compil.
Louder BangsMetallica2006Album
The Videos 1989 - 2004Metallica2006Album
Live In San DiegoMetallica2006Album
Rock Am Ring 06 03 2006Metallica2006Album
Rock Am RingMetallica2006Album
Metallica & RammsteinMetallica & Rammstein2006Album
Fifteen NightsMetallica2006Compil.
Shit Hit The FunMetallica2006Album
Live In Castle Donington June 10, 2006Metallica2006Album
Welcome To The Pleasure DomeMetallica2006Album
Master Of Puppets OuttakesMetallica2006Album
VIP Collection (Premium Edition)Metallica2006Compil.
Twenty Years Of Master Of PuppetsMetallica2006Album
Whiskey In The Jar (Cover Versions)Metallica2006Compil.
The Videos 1989 - 2004Metallica2006Album
Metallica MP3Metallica2005Compil.
The Legendary Garage TapesMetallica2005Compil.
Metallica MP3Metallica2005Compil.
The CollectionMetallica2005Compil.
Live At San DiegoMetallica2005Album
Fade To BlackMetallica2005Compil.
King Of Heavy MetalMetallica2005Compil.
Push To The LimitMetallica2005Album
Metalli Kiss - Detroit Rock CityMetallica2005Single
ДВОИНОИ ΧИΤMetallica2005Compil.
The Best Of MetallicaMetallica2005Compil.
Live CoversMetallica2005Album
Heavy Metal BoxMetallica / Iron Maiden / Judas Priest2005Album
Best Off (Best Of)Metallica2005Compil.
The Essential "Unplugged" CollectionMetallica2005Compil.
Metal Militia AlertMetallica2005Album
Любимая МузыкаMetallica & Apocalyptica2005Album
Полная Коллекция АльбомовMetallica2005Compil.
Emotional BlastMetallica2005Album
Live At San Diego 1992Metallica2005Album
Live At San Diego 1992Metallica2005Album
Demolition CrewMetallica2005Album
Diamond CollectionMetallica2005Compil.
Live Shit: Binge & Purge (San Diego)Metallica2005Album
Live Shit: Binge & Purge (San Diego)Metallica2005Album
Madly In Anger With AntwerpenMetallica2004Album
MP3 Звездная СерияMetallica2004Compil.
Limited Box-SetMetallica2004Single
Some Kind Of MonsterMetallica2004Album
Aint My BitchMetallica2004Compil.
Легенды Зарубежного Рока - Ballads Volume 2Metallica2004Compil.
Welcome To The Snakepit - Part OneMetallica2004Album
Madly In Anger Tour 2004Metallica2004Album
Live CoversMetallica2004Album
Life In Las Vegas 13-03-04 Part # 1Metallica2004Album
Metal Hammer Metallica DVDMetallica2004Single
A Spiritless FeelingMetallica2004Album
Live Shit Binge & PurgeMetallica2004Album
Seattle (Live Shit Binge & Purge)Metallica2004Album
The Unnamed FeelingMetallica2004Single
Live, Coast To Coast, Baltimore '85Metallica2004Album
Life In Las Vegas 13-03-04 Part # 2Metallica2004Album
Metallica CD 3Metallica2004Compil.
Limited-Edition Vinyl Box SetMetallica2004Album
Face The MusicMetallica2004Album
Apocalypse Now!Metallica2004Compil.
The 4 Horsemen Of ApocalypseMetallica2004Album
Metallica CD 2Metallica2004Compil.
Some Kind Of MonsterMetallica2004Album
Killing FieldMetallica2004Album
The Heaviest Nights Of Their LifeMetallica2004Album
Georgia On My MindMetallica2004Album
Metallica CD 1Metallica2004Compil.
13 BalladsMetallica2004Compil.
Shoot Me AgainMetallica2004Album
Bercy BeaucoupMetallica2004Album
Легенды Зарубежного РокаMetallica2004Compil.
Live At BercyMetallica2003Album
St. Anger (Clean Version 2 - MTV)Metallica2003Single
St. AngerMetallica2003Album
Live AngerMetallica2003Album
Live Shit Binge & PurgeMetallica2003Album
Metallica The VideosMetallica2003Album
Saint AngerMetallica2003Compil.
Live Shit Binge & Purge Disc 3Metallica2003Album
St. AngerMetallica2003Single
Live In San Diego Featuring Metallica IIMetallica2003Album
Live In San Diego Featuring MetallicaMetallica2003Album
CD 1Metallica2003Album
The Great American MetalibashMetallica2003Album
St. AngerMetallica2003Album
Franticness (Active Legendary Hits)Metallica2003Compil.
Frantic Elektra Studio LiveMetallica2003Compil.
Masters Of Puppets / People Hold On (Remixes)Metallica / Lisa Stansfield2003Album
Best 2002 – 2003Metallica2003Compil.
Enter MudmanMetallica2003Album
San Diego Live Shit: Binge & PurgeMetallica2003Album
Live Shit: Binge & Purge Disc 2Metallica2003Album
Live Shit: Binge & Purge Disc 1Metallica2003Album
Too Unforgiven (The Best Ballads)Metallica2003Compil.
Cunning StuntsMetallica2003Album
The Ultimate CollectionMetallica2003Compil.
Альбомы 1983-1997 CD 1Metallica2003Compil.
Monsters Of Rock (The Very Best Of Metal)Metallica2003Compil.
Riverside Studios 2003Metallica2003Album
Альбомы 1983-1997 CD 1Metallica2003Compil.
Альбомы 1998-2000 CD 2Metallica2003Compil.
Фонотека в карманеMetallica2003Compil.
Live It Or Lie It!Metallica2003Album
Korea Live Presents MetallicaMetallica2003Compil.
53rd & 3rdMetallica2003Single
Trial By FireMetallica2003Album
The Best OfMetallica2003Compil.
Blacken ‘Em AllMetallica2003Album
St. AngerMetallica2003Album
St. Anger (Best & New 2003)Metallica2003Album
Альбомы 1998-2003 CD 2Metallica2003Compil.
Breeding On InsanityMetallica2003Album
Frantic / Eat You Alive / FaceMetallica / Limp Bizkit / Trancecord2003Album
St. AngerMetallica2003Compil.
Metallica CD 2Metallica2003Compil.
Metallica CD 1Metallica2003Compil.
Metallica CD 2Metallica2003Compil.
Metallica Disk 1Metallica2003Album
Metallica Disk 2Metallica2003Album
MP3 Collection Disc 1Metallica2003Album
Metallica Vol. 1Metallica2003Compil.
Metallica CD 1Metallica2003Compil.
Enter SandmanMetallica2003Compil.
Aint My BitchMetallica2003Compil.
Metallica CD3Metallica2003Compil.
Mandatory Metallica 03Metallica2003Compil.
More Maximum Metallica (The Unauthorised Biography Of Metallica)Metallica2003Album
Rock Collection New!Metallica2003Compil.
St. Anger InterviewMetallica2003Album
Music Star CollectionMetallica2003Compil.
Paris In AngerMetallica2003Album
Live at Le TrabendoMetallica2003Album
Love BalladsMetallica2002Compil.
Cunning StuntsMetallica2002Album
Музыкальная MP3 Коллекция Metallica Part 2Metallica2002Album
Rock CollectionMetallica2002Compil.
Metallica The Best Of ...Metallica2002Compil.
Best VideosMetallica2002Compil.
Metallica 1Metallica2002Compil.
Excellent SelectionMetallica2002Compil.
Live Concert Vol : 1Metallica2002Album
Metallica Vol : 1 & Vol : 2Metallica2002Album
Music BoxMetallica2002Album
Rock & SymphonyMetallica, Kiss, Scorpions, Meat Loaf2002Album
Garage Inc. / Until It Sleeps Part 2Metallica2002Compil.
Музыкальная MP3 Коллекция Metallica Part 1Metallica2002Album
American Bad-AssesMetallica2002Single
Greatest HitsMetallica2002Compil.
Best BalladsMetallica2002Album
Destroy GarageMetallica2002Album
Fight Fire With FireMetallica2002Album
Ride The LightningMetallica2002Compil.
Music HeritageMetallica2002Album
The BestMetallica2002Compil.
Kill 'Em All / Hero Of The DayMetallica2002Compil.
MP3 Collection Disc 2Metallica2002Album
St. Anger / St. Anger RehearsalsMetallica2002Compil.
The Excellent SongsMetallica2002Compil.
...And Justice For All / Sad But TrueMetallica2002Compil.
Ride The Lightning / OneMetallica2002Compil.
Fan Can 4Metallica2001Album
Live Shit Binge & PurgeMetallica2001Album
Cliff ‘Em All!Metallica2001Compil.
Gold BalladsMetallica2001Compil.
Metallica & Motley CrueMetallica, Mötley Crüe, Vixen2001Compil.
Unforgiven The Best Of MetallicaMetallica2001Compil.
MTV HitsMetallica2001Compil.
Live In Seattle (Live Shit Binge & Purge)Metallica2001Album
Unforgiven : The Best Of MetallicaMetallica2001Compil.
Exclusive CollectionMetallica2001Compil.
Metallica CD IMetallica2001Compil.
Made In JapanMetallica2001Album
Kill ‘Em AllMetallica2001Compil.
Metallica CD1: 1983-1997Metallica2001Compil.
The Best Ballads (Unforgiven)Metallica2001Compil.
Metallica CD IIMetallica2001Compil.
Live Shit Binge & PurgeMetallica2001Album
Metallica CD2: 1998-2000Metallica2001Compil.
Metallica With Michael Kamen ConductingMetallica2001Compil.
Легенды Зарубежного РокаMetallica2001Compil.
Music HeritageMetallica2001Compil.
Music WorldMetallica2001Compil.
The Collector’s SeriesMetallica2001Compil.
Metallica CD1: 1983-1997Metallica2001Compil.
Grand CollectionMetallica2001Compil.
No Leaf Clover / Nothing Else MattersMetallica Con Michael Kamen Dirigiendo A La The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra2000Single
A Touch Of CrassMetallica & Orchestra Of St. Luke's2000Album
Platinum Collection 2000 - "Ecstasy Of Gold" Greatest Ballads '2000Metallica2000Compil.
Platinum Collection 2000 - "I Disappear" Greatest HitsMetallica2000Compil.
Volume 2Metallica2000Album
Live In Texas Feat. MetallicaMetallica2000Album
Live Shit Binge & PurgeMetallica2000Album
Best Collection (The Best)Metallica2000Album
Gold 2000Metallica2000Compil.
Live Shit Binge & PurgeMetallica2000Album
The Garage Remains The SameMetallica2000Album
I DisappearMetallica2000Single
James DisappearedMetallica2000Album
No Leaf CloverMetallica With Michael Kamen Conducting The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra2000Single
Rock Warriors UnauthorizedMetallica2000Single
Until The Studioshit Load 2000 UnreleasedMetallica2000Compil.
Put Your Lights On / Africa Bamba / I DisappearSantana / Metallica2000Album
S&M 14 HitsMetallica2000Compil.
Hero Of The DayMetallica2000Album
Hungarica Part 1.Metallica2000Album
Greatest HitsMetallica2000Compil.
Live UnreleasedMetallica2000Compil.
Millenium NightsMetallica2000Album
Live At Woodstock '99Metallica2000Album
Hero Of The DayMetallica With Michael Kamen Conducting The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra2000Single
The Metallica DVD Collection SamplerMetallica2000Album
Metallica X-Posed (The Interview)Metallica2000Album
New Best BalladsMetallica2000Album
Star ProfileMetallica2000Compil.
Super Golden Ballads 2000Metallica2000Compil.
Greatest Hits (Voyage Volume 2)Metallica2000Compil.
Seek And DestroyMetallica2000Album
Golden Collection 2000Metallica2000Compil.
Hit Collection 2000Metallica2000Compil.
Kill ‘Em AllMetallica2000Compil.
Romantic Collection (Metal Ballads)Metallica2000Compil.
Metallica With The Orchestra Of St. Luke's (S&M Concert Special)Metallica1999Album
The Unauthorised Biography & InterviewMetallica1999Album
Small Clubs For Big PleasureMetallica1999Album
S&MMetallica With Michael Kamen Conducting The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra1999Album
Forever GoldMetallica1999Compil.
Kill 'Em All (Edited) / Ride The LighteningMetallica1999Album
Die, Die My DarlingMetallica1999Single
"S & M" - InterviewMetallica1999Album
S&M SamplerMetallica1999Album
Metallica 2 In 1Metallica1999Album
Metallica 2 In 1Metallica1999Compil.
200% Ultra HitsMetallica1999Compil.
Rock The RingMetallica1999Album
Best BalladsMetallica1999Compil.
S&M DocumentaryMetallica1999Album
Post Released 99 - Slashes, Crashes & HitsMetallica1999Compil.
Metallica 2 In 1Metallica1999Compil.
Whiskey In The JarMetallica1999Single
Dynamo Open Air 1999Metallica1999Album
For Members OnlyMetallica1999Album
Live GarageMetallica1999Album
Argentinian Garage Disc 2Metallica1999Album
Garage SinglesMetallica1999Album
Maximum Metallica (The Unauthorised Biography Of Metallica)Metallica1999Album
Nothing Else MattersMetallica With Michael Kamen Conducting The San Francisco Symphony Orchestra1999Single
Excellent SelectionMetallica1999Compil.
The Unforgiven Hits Part 1Metallica1999Compil.
The Best Of MetallicaMetallica1999Compil.
World Ballads CollectionMetallica1999Compil.
Garage LimitedMetallica1999Album
Best Ballads ‘99Metallica1999Compil.
Bulgarian AssaultMetallica1999Album
The Garage Remains The SameMetallica1999Album
Ride The Lightning / Jump In The FireMetallica1999Compil.
Detroit LiveMetallica1999Album
…And Justice For AllMetallica1999Compil.
Argentinian Garage Disc 1Metallica1999Album
Golden Collection 2000Metallica1999Compil.
Enter Sandman / Mama Said / The Unforgiven IIMetallica1998Compil.
Low Man's AcousticMetallica1998Album
The Lemmy'sMetallica1998Album
In The StudioMetallica1998Album
Garage Inc, The InterviewMetallica1998Album
The Unforgiven IIMetallica1998Single
Loading San FranciscoMetallica1998Album
Nothing Else Matters / Until It Sleeps / Live In LondonMetallica1998Compil.
Fan Can -The Covers LiveMetallica1998Album
The Unforgiven Hits Part 1Metallica1998Compil.
Damage, IncMetallica1998Single
Better Than YouMetallica1998Single
Unforgiven Hits, Part IIMetallica1998Compil.
The Very Best '98Metallica1998Compil.
Fan Can 3Metallica1998Compil.
The Best OfMetallica1998Compil.
Destroy GarageMetallica1998Album
Poor Touring MeMetallica1998Album
Acoustic MetalMetallica1998Album
Garage Inc.Metallica1998Compil.
Garage Inc.Metallica1998Album
Garage Inc. Vol.1Metallica1998Album
Turn The PageMetallica1998Single
Live In London (Antipodean Tour Edition)Metallica1998Album
Cunning StuntsMetallica1998Album
Byte The LightningMetallica1998Album
CD InterviewMetallica1998Album
Last CaressMetallica1998Album
The BestMetallica1998Compil.
Helpless 2Metallica1997Single
Bay Area Thrashers - The Early DaysMetallica1997Album
The Memory RemainsMetallica1997Single
Live Load & Loaded 21.11.96Metallica1997Album
Garage Days Far BehindMetallica1997Compil.
Juke-Boxed Collector's SeriesMetallica1997Single
Garage Days 3Metallica1997Compil.
End Of The LoadMetallica1997Album
THE HTZ-FM InterviewMetallica With Kristy Knight1997Album
Loaded For Bear '97Metallica1997Album
Bleeding MeMetallica1997Single
Ain't My BitchMetallica1997Single
King NothingMetallica1997Single
Loaded For Bear '97Metallica1997Album
Get ‘Em AllMetallica1997Compil.
Live In Concert (Ultra Rare Trax)Metallica1997Album
Live In Concert (Ultra Rare Trax)Metallica1997Album
Cut The CrapMetallica1997Album
Reload / The Memory RemainsMetallica1997Album
Fuel / Calle Luna Calle SolMetallica / Mangu1997Single
Reload The InterviewMetallica1997Album
Bay Area Thrashers - The Early DaysMetallica1997Album
THE STORY SO FAR PART 2Metallica1997Compil.
Oslo OverloadMetallica1997Album
A Grande Parada XXVIIIBoyzone / Metallica / U2 / Sheryl Crow1997Single
Fan Can 2Metallica1997Compil.
Jason's Second GigMetallica1997Album
The Memory RemainsMetallica1997Single
Creeping Death / Jump In The Fire / The Memory RemainsMetallica1997Compil.
An Interview With MetallicaMetallica1997Album
Reload / LoadMetallica1997Album
Classic ConcertMetallica1997Album
Best CollectionMetallica1997Compil.
Mandatory MetallicaMetallica1997Compil.
The Interview SessionsMetallica1997Album
Live (Ultra Rare Trax)Metallica1997Album
For Members OnlyMetallica1997Album
One LiveMetallica1997Album
Star ProfileMetallica1997Album
First LoadMetallica1997Album
Unplugged & UnloadedMetallica1997Album
Until It Sleeps / CannibalsMetallica / Mark Knopfler1996Single
Fan Can 1Metallica1996Compil.
Helpless 1Metallica1996Single
Hey Hey We're The LemmysMetallica1996Album
The SinglesMetallica1996Compil.
Load And Roll LiveMetallica1996Album
The Rock InterviewMetallica1996Album
Mama SaidMetallica1996Single
Jump In The Fire / Creeping Death / Garage Days Re-RevisitedMetallica1996Compil.
Promo Rádio CidadeMetallica1996Compil.
Shoot Your LoadMetallica1996Album
Full LoadedMetallica1996Album
Hero Of The Day Canadian Box SetMetallica1996Single
Live Shit: Binge & Purge (San Diego)Metallica1996Album
Live Shit: Binge & Purge (San Diego)Metallica1996Album
Fully Illustrated Book & Interview DiscMetallica1996Album
Hero Of The DayMetallica1996Single
On The LoadMetallica1996Album
Live Shit Binge & PurgeMetallica1996Album
Until It SleepsMetallica1996Single
A Change Of SeasonsMetallica1996Album
The Wrath Of GodMetallica1996Album
Load The InterviewMetallica1996Album
Interview Picture Disc And Fully Illustrated BookMetallica1996Album
Hit The First Shit 1986Metallica1996Album
Until It Sleeps / Hero Of The DayMetallica1996Album
The Rockview InterviewsMetallica1996Album
Load Of...Metallica1996Album
Greatest HitsMetallica1996Compil.
Fade To BlackMetallica1996Album
Enter MetalmanMetallica1996Album
Mind The BollocksMetallica1996Album
New & Old HitsMetallica1996Compil.
Candy For The KidsMetallica1995Album
Rock MarathonNirvana, Guns N' Roses, Metallica1995Compil.
First U.K. GigMetallica1995Album
Cliff's 1st ShowMetallica1995Album
The ApocalypseMetallica1995Compil.
Storming The Castle 1995Metallica1995Album
Master Of MetalMetallica1995Album
Sucking My Love - Part 2 (The Sequel)Metallica1995Compil.
Storming The Castle 1995Metallica1995Album
Total DestructionMetallica1995Compil.
Old ShitMetallica1995Album
Metal ClipsMetallica, Guns N' Roses, Ozzy Osbourne, Def Leppard, Van Halen1995Compil.
Covering 'Em Volume IIMetallica1995Compil.
Ultra Rare TraxMetallica1995Compil.
The Journey Of MetallicaMetallica1995Compil.
Secret Gig With New SongsMetallica1995Album
Escape From The Studio '95Metallica1995Album
The Story So FarMetallica1995Compil.
The Complete Demo CollectionMetallica1995Compil.
Metallica Vol. 2Metallica1995Album
From The StormMetallica1995Compil.
Master PiecesMetallica1994Compil.
Sucking My LoveMetallica1994Compil.
Live In ConcertMetallica1994Compil.
Kingdom And EternityMetallica1994Album
Live Fast Die YoungMetallica1994Album
The Other Side LiveMetallica1994Album
Evil Never DiesMetallica1994Album
Live In UsaMetallica1994Album
Woodstock 94Metallica1994Album
Do You Like Our Sound?Metallica1994Compil.
Live In Buenos AiresMetallica1994Album
Mexico City Live Shit Binge & PurgeMetallica1994Album
Middle Shit 1994Metallica1994Album
Covering 'EmMetallica1994Compil.
So F@#/&+/=kin' What!Metallica1994Album
Creeping LifeMetallica1994Album
Europe 1993Metallica1994Album
Earthquake Hits BuffaloMetallica1994Album
Greatest Hits LiveMetallica1994Compil.
The Good,The Bad And The UglyMetallica1994Album
Beyond The Wall Of SoundMetallica1994Album
No Limits, No LawsMetallica1994Album
Final Strike Last AttackMetallica1994Album
The UnforgivenMetallica1994Compil.
The Boys 'R' BackMetallica1994Album
15 Pieces Of Live Shit: Binge & PurgeMetallica1993Compil.
Live Vol. 4Metallica1993Album
The Good, The Bad And MetallicaMetallica1993Album
Live Shit: Binge & PurgeMetallica1993Album
Last Caress LiveMetallica1993Album
Live Shit Binge & PurgeMetallica1993Album
10 Years Live - '82 To '92Metallica1993Compil.
The BestMetallica1993Compil.
Enter Sandman (Vol. 3)Metallica1993Album
Live Shit : Binge & Purge CD 1Metallica1993Album
Live Shit : Binge & Purge Cd 3Metallica1993Album
Wherever We May Roam Tour 91/92Metallica1993Album
Metal Massacre At WembleyMetallica1993Album
Metallican VidMetallica1993Album
Dressing RoomMetallica1993Album
Rough JusticeMetallica1993Album
Live BrasilMetallica1993Album
Roaming In Sweden 921212Metallica1993Album
Live From U.S.-Tour '93Metallica1993Album
Live In ArgentinaMetallica1993Album
Unforgiven KillersMetallica1993Album
The Other Side Of MetallicaMetallica1993Compil.
Live USAMetallica1993Album
The Drippy DrumstickMetallica1993Album
Enter Sandman (Vol.2)Metallica1993Album
Live Vol. 1Metallica1993Album
ONE Skull Limited Box JapanMetallica1993Single
A Fistful Of SteelMetallica1993Album
Forum, Copenhagen 10.12.92Metallica1993Album
All Hell Breaks LooseMetallica1993Album
The Live HistoryMetallica1993Compil.
Black CoffinMetallica1993Single
Live USAMetallica1993Album
Infernal GodsMetallica1993Album
Master Of Puppets / Wherever I May RoamMetallica1993Compil.
Use It Or Lose ItMetallica1993Album
Red DiamondsMetallica1993Album
Of Fans And FriendsMetallica1993Album
Enter MainhattanMetallica1993Album
Last Caress LiveMetallica1993Album
Enter the studioMetallica1993Compil.
Live Birmingham Nec 5-11-92Metallica1993Album
Greatest Live HitsMetallica1993Album
Live - Vol. 2Metallica1993Album
Garage Complete (The Early Unofficial Anthology) 1981 - 1983Metallica1993Compil.
Enter Sandman / OneMetallica1993Single
Four HorsemenMetallica1993Album
The UnforgivenMetallica1993Album
The $5.98 E.P. Garage Days Re-Revisited ...And MoreMetallica1993Compil.
Enter Sandman (Vol. 3)Metallica1993Album
Roaming In ItalyMetallica1993Album
Riding The BlackMetallica1993Album
Live Vol. 3Metallica1993Album
Enter Sandman (Vol.1)Metallica1993Album
One / Eye Of The BeholderMetallica1993Single
Nowhere Else To Roam!Metallica1993Album
Birmingham Bondage (Part Two)Metallica1993Album
Heavy BestMetallica1993Compil.
Kick It LoudMetallica1993Album
Don't Tread On MeMetallica1993Single
New Skulls For The Old CeremonyMetallica1993Compil.
USA '89Metallica1993Album
One Of 282Metallica1993Album
Happy Birthday KirkMetallica1993Album
Birmingham Whiplash Part OneMetallica1993Album
Still RoamingMetallica1993Album
Tearing Your Insides OutMetallica1993Album
Welcome To The Fun PalaceMetallica1993Album
Live Shit : Binge & PurgeMetallica1993Album
Enter Sandman (Vol. 4)Metallica1993Album
Satan Sort ThemMetallica1993Compil.
Live USA Vol. 3Metallica1992Compil.
Sad But True / Wherever I May Roam / One (Live)Metallica1992Compil.
Master Of RealityMetallica1992Album
Nothing Else MattersMetallica1992Single
The 10 Years CollectionMetallica1992Compil.
Marquee MadnessMetallica1992Album
Enter MetalmanMetallica1992Album
Creeping Death: Live In New Orleans,USA 18th January 1992Metallica1992Compil.
Wherever We May Roam TourMetallica1992Album
Metal Lickers '91Metallica1992Album
Stone Cold CrazyMetallica1992Album
A Year And A Half In The Life Of... Part 1Metallica1992Album
Stand Up And Shout - Part 1Metallica1992Album
Live In New Orleans '92Metallica1992Album
A Year And A Half In The Life Of... Part 1 And Part 2Metallica1992Album
Live In Philadelphia 7 4 92Metallica1992Album
Virgin Megastore Box SetMetallica1992Album
Wherever I May Roam / The Metallica Interviews Volume 2Metallica1992Album
Sad But TrueMetallica1992Single
Wherever I May Roam BoxsetMetallica1992Single
After The Sandman Is GoneMetallica1992Album
Texas 1989Metallica1992Album
Stone Cold CrazyMetallica1992Album
Nothing Else Matters / Non Me La Danno MaiMetallica / Dario Vergassola1992Single
Killing FieldsMetallica1992Album
Seeing RedMetallica1992Album
For Those About To Rock: Monsters In MoscowAC/DC, Metallica, The Black Crowes, Pantera, E.S.T.1992Album
Motorcity MadnessMetallica1992Album
Nothing Else Matters / RemedyMetallica / The Black Crowes1992Album
Seattle ColiseumMetallica1992Album
L.A. For A Fuckin' BeerMetallica1992Album
Don't Treat On UsMetallica1992Album
Wherever I May RoamMetallica1992Single
More Than Just MetalMetallica1992Album
Live Long Island 20.12.91Metallica1992Album
Stand Up And Shout - A Metallica InterviewMetallica1992Album
Live USAMetallica1992Album
A Year And A Half In The Life Of ... Continued (Part 2)Metallica1992Album
Welcome HomeMetallica1992Album
Part 2Metallica1992Compil.
Detroit Bad BoysMetallica1992Album
Metallica With Dave Mustaine: Outtakes 1982-1983Metallica1992Album
Monster Of RockMetallica1992Album
The Four HorsemenMetallica1992Album
In The FleshMetallica1992Album
Live At Wembley Stadium London April 20Th 1992Metallica1992Single
Nothing Else Matters (Live At Wembley Stadium London April 20th 1992)Metallica1992Single
.....The Luck Of The Dead.....Metallica1992Album
Stand Up And Shout - Part 2Metallica1992Album
The Metallica Interviews Volume 2Metallica1992Album
Public ExecutionMetallica1992Album
Live In ConcertMetallica1992Album
Fuck In´ PeoriaMetallica1992Album
The Four SandmenMetallica1991Album
The Good The Bad & The LiveMetallica1991Compil.
Enter SandmanMetallica1991Album
Just Another KrautMetallica1991Album
The Metal MastersMetallica1991Album
Shining Star / The UnforgivenINXS / Metallica1991Single
The UnforgivenMetallica1991Single
Enter SandmanMetallica1991Single
Servants of TwilightMetallica1991Album
...The Man Is DeadMetallica1991Album
Live Before Death Vol. TwoMetallica1991Album
Brazilian BoxMetallica1991Album
Metallica (Limited Edition)Metallica1991Compil.
Metallica (Limited Edition)Metallica1991Compil.
The Hammer Hits HungaryMetallica1991Album
Live USAMetallica1991Compil.
Carnage In The ArenaMetallica1991Album
Enter Sandman / Calling ElvisMetallica / Dire Straits1991Single
Damage Justice Vol. IIMetallica1991Album
Seek And DestroyMetallica1991Album
Enter SandmanMetallica1991Single
The Pigs Are AlrightMetallica1991Album
Damage Justice Vol. IMetallica1991Album
...And Justice For All LiveMetallica1991Album
... An Album For YouMetallica1991Album
Live USAMetallica1991Album
European Tour '90Metallica1990Album
At The Stone BalloonMetallica1990Album
One Last VisitMetallica1990Album
Back Door To HellMetallica1990Album
Live Before Death Vol. OneMetallica1990Album
Justice For AdelaideMetallica1990Album
In Vertigo You Will BeMetallica1990Album
Live & DangerousMetallica1990Album
The Good The Bad & The Live:The 6½ Year Anniversary 12" CollectionMetallica1990Album
Things That Should Not BeMetallica1990Album
Precious MetalMetallica1990Album
Leaper MessiahMetallica1990Single
Motor BreathMetallica1990Album
Metallica At The Stone BalloonMetallica1990Album
...Welcome Home (Sanitarium)Metallica1990Album
Metal MilitiaMetallica1990Single
Caught In The Act...Metallica1990Album
Angels From HellMetallica1990Album
Stone Cold CrazyMetallica1990Single
Back In The Saddle AgainMetallica1990Single
You're Gonna Like It, Fuckers!Metallica1990Album
The Gig That Should Not Be?Metallica1990Album
Live 'N' HeavyMetallica1989Single
One / More Than You KnowMetallica / Martika1989Single
The Chris Tetley InterviewsMetallica1989Album
No Life 'Til PowerMetallica1989Album
Ride The LightningMetallica1989Album
Cliff 'Em All!Metallica1989Single
Limited Edition Interview Picture DiscMetallica1989Single
Master Of PuppetsMetallica1989Album
Coliseum Charlotte, N.C. 2-26-1989 / Live At L'Amour Brooklyn, NY 4-9-1983 Dave Mustaine's Last ShowMetallica1989Album
Let God Sort 'Em OutMetallica1989Album
Damaged Justice '88 - '89Metallica1989Album
Limited Edition Interview Picture DiscMetallica1989Album
...And Justice For AllMetallica1989Single
2 Of OneMetallica1989Album
Metal Up Your Ass / No Life 'Till LeathürMetallica1989Single
...Live For AllMetallica1988Album
An Album For AllMetallica, Metal Church1988Album
Limited Edition Picture DiscMetallica1988Album
Calling All DestroyersMetallica1988Album
Maximus MetallusMetallica1988Album
Harvester Of SorrowMetallica1988Single
Eye Of The BeholderMetallica1988Single
Harvester Of Sorrow / BarbablùMetallica / Angelo Branduardi1988Single
...And Justice For AllMetallica1988Album
...An Album For AllMetallica1988Album
Limited Edition Interview Picture Disc IIMetallica1988Album
Mandatory MetallicaMetallica1988Compil.
Bang A GongMetallica1988Album
Killing Time / Let It LooseMetallica1987Single
Molten RockMetallica1987Album
Masters Of EvilMetallica1987Album
Time For Some F*cking Danish BeerMetallica1987Album
A Rare Interview With MetallicaMetallica1987Single
Metallica - Am I Evil?Metallica1987Album
The Devil, Shaved Soap And GasolineMetallica1987Compil.
Terrör IncögnitöMetallica1987Album
For Metallians OnlyMetallica1987Album
Demonic InvocationMetallica1987Album
Weed Killer And SugarMetallica1987Album
For Metallians OnlyMetallica1987Album
The $5.98 E.P. - Garage Days Re-RevisitedMetallica1987Album
The Unstoppable ForceMetallica1987Album
Limited Edition Interview Picture DiscMetallica1987Album
The Freak's Not HereMetallica1987Album
$19.98 Home Vid Cliff 'Em All!Metallica1987Album
Assassin Box SetMetallica1987Album
Up ShotMetallica1987Album
Cee FourMetallica1987Album
Damage Inc.Metallica1987Album
Live Before DeathMetallica1987Single
Monsters Of RockMetallica1987Album
Flintstones & JetsonsMetallica1987Album
The Final GigMetallica1987Album
The $5.98 E.P. - Garage Days Re-RevisitedMetallica1987Album
Master Of PuppetsMetallica1986Album
Disposible HeroesMetallica1986Album
Master Of PuppetsMetallica1986Single
Garage Days RevisitedMetallica1986Compil.
Metal MilitiaMetallica1986Album
Horsemen Of The ApokalypseMetallica1986Compil.
Fade To BlackMetallica1985Single
March 15, 1985 Kabuki Theater, San Francisco, CAMetallica1985Album
Metal Up Your AssMetallica1985Album
San Francisco, CaMetallica1985Album
Metal Up Your AssMetallica1985Album
Metal Up Your AssMetallica1985Album
Ride The LightningMetallica1984Album
For Whom The Bell TollsMetallica1984Single
Fucking NutsMetallica1984Album
The Flight Of A BeeMetallica1984Album
Creeping Death / Jump In The FireMetallica1984Album
Creeping DeathMetallica1984Album
Ride The LightningMetallica1984Album
Cliff's Last ShowMetallica1983Album
Jump In The FireMetallica1983Album
Kill 'Em AllMetallica1983Album
The Real No Life Till LeatherMetallica1982Compil.
British AssaultMetallicaAlbum
The Best HitsMetallicaAlbum
Metallica Part 1MetallicaCompil.
Best, For Whoom The Bell TollsMetallicaAlbum
Metal Up Your AssMetallicaAlbum
Музыкальная Энциклопедия 1983-1999MetallicaAlbum
Thunder and LightningMetallicaSingle
ДАЕШЬ МУЗЬІКУ MP 3 CollectionMetallicaCompil.
The Splendid Collection 12 In 1MetallicaAlbum
Легенды Зарубежного Рока The Best OfMetallica, Led Zeppelin, Iron Maiden, U.D.O.Compil.
Mabuhay GardensMetallicaAlbum
The Best AlbumsMetallicaAlbum
Metal Vol 1 ЗНЦИКЛОЕДИЯHelloween, Megadeth, Metallica, SlayerCompil.
MP3 CollectionMetallicaAlbum
MP3 Collection (New)MetallicaAlbum
Metallica MP3 DiscographyMetallicaCompil.
Direct From Original MastertapeMetallicaCompil.
Metal TerrorMetallicaAlbum
Puppets In El PasoMetallicaAlbum
Best Music Videos & ConcertsMetallicaAlbum
Bay Area TrashersMetallicaAlbum
2 In 1: Metallica ‎– The Unforgiven IIMetallicaCompil.
Live In ParisMetallicaAlbum
Metal MilitiaMetallicaSingle
DeLuxe CollectionMetallicaCompil.
In For The KillMetallicaAlbum
Metallica / The UnforgivenMetallicaCompil.
Last Caress / Green HillMetallicaSingle
The WaitMetallicaSingle
The Metallica InterviewsMetallicaAlbum
Disosable HeroesMetallicaSingle
Crash Course In Brain surgeryMetallicaSingle
Death Magnetic Guitar Hero 3 EditionMetallicaAlbum
All Time Hits 1980-2002 Part 1.MetallicaCompil.
Early Demos 1981-84MetallicaCompil.
Pulling Strings In TokyoMetallicaAlbum
Night Of The Rivvit-HeadsMetallicaCompil.
Interview With MetallicaMetallicaAlbum
Project "Selected Videos"MetallicaCompil.
More Is All You NeedMetallicaAlbum
An Interview With Lars UlrichMetallicaAlbum
The Monster At The MeadowlandsMetallicaSingle
Metal Up Your AssMetallicaAlbum
Metallica, Vol. 2 + 3MetallicaAlbum
Almost The Last Gig... Part 2MetallicaAlbum
Open GravesMetallicaAlbum
Bay Area TrashersMetallicaAlbum
Gold BalladsMetallicaCompil.
Burn, Live In Benelux 89MetallicaAlbum
Garage SessionsMetallicaCompil.
Did Die My Darling / I Finaly Found My WayMetallica / KissAlbum
Interview CDMetallicaAlbum
Almost The Last Gig... Part 1MetallicaAlbum
So What?MetallicaCompil.
Garage Sessions Vol. 2MetallicaCompil.
Rains Of BloodMetallicaAlbum
Grand CollectionMetallicaCompil.
Metallica MP3MetallicaCompil.
Metal Warriors: The MovieMetallicaSingle
Ultimate CollectionMetallicaCompil.
Ultimate CollectionMetallicaAlbum
Золотые ХитыMetallicaCompil.
The Best Music Collection ApocalypticaMetallica, ApocalypticaCompil.
Rock StarsMetallicaCompil.
Gold EditionMetallicaCompil.
Live + One + DemoMetallicaAlbum
Music LegendMetallicaCompil.
Rare Trax Garage Days Demos – B-Sides Live Shit & MoreMetallicaCompil.
Золотой АльбомMetallicaCompil.
Full Metal PackageMetallicaAlbum
Elite MP3 CollectionMetallicaCompil.
Euro Союз (Best Of Metallica)MetallicaAlbum
Metallica MP3MetallicaAlbum
Metallica MP3MetallicaAlbum
DeLuxe Collection MP3MetallicaCompil.
The Wild BunchMetallicaAlbum
Wherever We May Roam Tour '92MetallicaAlbum
Wherever We May Roam Tour '92MetallicaAlbum
Live In Seattle ´92MetallicaAlbum
Gold BalladsMetallicaCompil.
For Fans OnlyMetallicaCompil.
Korea 2006 - Vol 01MetallicaAlbum
Iron Fist And The Hordes From HellMetallicaAlbum
Музыкальная ЭнциклопедияMetallicaCompil.
Gold HitsMetallicaAlbum
Platinum PlusMetallicaCompil.
Strange Little GirlsMetallica, Tori AmosCompil.
Live At Aardschokgad FestivalMetallicaSingle
All Time Hits 1980-2002 Part 2.MetallicaCompil.
Audiobiography CD + BookMetallicaAlbum
Rock actionMetallica, Guns N' RosesAlbum
Am I Evil?MetallicaSingle
Collection 2000MetallicaCompil.
Metallica - 1MetallicaCompil.
Metallica - 1MetallicaCompil.
Metallica - 2MetallicaCompil.
Bestseller 2000MetallicaCompil.
Best BalladsMetallicaCompil.
MP3 CollectionMetallicaAlbum
Beyond Thunder & LightningMetallicaAlbum
MP3 CollectionMetallicaCompil.
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