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Band, 1987-1994

Alternative Rock (Modern Rock) band from Aberdeen, Washington (USA). Nirvana formed in 1987. Considered by many to be the leading lights of the Seattle grunge scene of the late 1980s/early 1990s, and perhaps the most influential rock band of Generations X & Y, Nirvana was a powerful trio of musicians who brought a unique aesthetic to a growing-stale rock scene. They had already made some waves on Sub Pop with their debut, "Bleach". But it wasn't until their major-label debut for DGC/Geffen Records, 1991's "Nevermind" - perhaps, more specifically, the first 30 seconds of "Smells Like Teen Spirit" - that they broke into the mainstream of America - not really because they wanted to. Lead singer frontman Kurt Cobain's death (suspected suicide) in April 1994 brought an untimely end to the band. Drummer Dave Grohl went on to form the Foo Fighters. In the fall of 2004, "With The Lights Out" (a 3-CD/DVD set of mostly unreleased material) confirmed that interest in the band is still very high. Most young rock stars today will likely cite Nirvana as a major influence on them. Nirvana disbanded in 1994.

PortraitDave Grohl
dr, voc *1969 US
PortraitChad Channing
dr *1967 US
PortraitDan Peters
dr, voc *1967 US
PortraitDale Crover
dr *1967 US
PortraitKurt Cobain
voc, g 1967-1994 US
PortraitKrist Novoselic
b *1965 US
PortraitJason Everman
g *1967 US
PortraitAaron Burckhard
dr *1963 US
PortraitGeorg Ruthenberg
*1959 US
PortraitDave Foster
dr US
Popular Tracks   
Smells Like Teen Spirit on Nevermind by Nirvana
Come As You Are on Nevermind by Nirvana
Heart-Shaped Box on In Utero - 20th Anniversary - Deluxe Edition by Nirvana
Something In The Way on Nevermind by Nirvana
Lithium on Nevermind by Nirvana
The Man Who Sold The World on MTV Unplugged In New York by Nirvana
About A Girl on Nirvana by Nirvana
Dumb on In Utero - 20th Anniversary Remaster by Nirvana
In Bloom on Nevermind by Nirvana
All Apologies on In Utero - 20th Anniversary Remaster by Nirvana

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Band Membership

Title Artist Year Type
Del MarNirvana2019Album
Best Of Live On Air 1987Nirvana2018Album
Greatest Hits Live in ConcertNirvana2018Compil.
The Black AlbumNirvana2017Album
Hollywood Rock Festival US TV Broadcast 1993Nirvana2017Album
The Broadcast CollectionNirvana2017Album
Live To Air - The Greatest Hits On AirNirvana2017Compil.
Students' Union, Leeds Polytechnic, United Kingdom 1990Nirvana2017Single
Live at Vera Club - Groningen The Netherlands 2-11-1989Nirvana2017Single
The Red AlbumNirvana2017Album
Best of Live On Air 1987Nirvana2017Album
The Triple J Broadcast... And More Rare And Unreleased TracksNirvana2017Album
Greatest Hits Live On AirNirvana2016Album
Hollywood Rock Festival, Rio '93Nirvana2016Album
Manchester 1989Nirvana2016Album
Down On A Saturday NightNirvana2016Album
The Demotapes & More Vol 1Nirvana2016Album
Live On AirNirvana2016Compil.
Radio FriendlyNirvana2016Album
The Demotapes & More Vol 2Nirvana2016Album
Love Us LoudlyNirvana2016Album
Solid Gold- The Greatest Hits On AirNirvana2016Compil.
Transmission Impossible -Rare US TV & Radio Appearances-Nirvana2015Compil.
Grunge In Brazil 1993Nirvana2015Single
Transmission ImpossibleNirvana2015Compil.
Kaos TheoryNirvana2015Album
Raw PowerNirvana2015Compil.
1991 The Year Grunge BrokeNirvana2015Album
Fucked Up In UK 1992Nirvana2015Single
Легенды Зарубежного РокаNirvana + The Offspring + Red Hot Chili Peppers2015Album
The Radio VaultsNirvana2015Album
The Music Of NirvanaNirvana2014Album
Damage, Mon AmourNirvana2014Compil.
At The End Of Lonely StreetNirvana2014Compil.
Maybe You Live TwiceNirvana2014Compil.
The Essential HitsNirvana2014Compil.
At The End Of Lonely StreetNirvana2014Compil.
Illiteracy Will PrevailNirvana2013Album
Collectors Edition 3 DVD Box SetNirvana2013Album
In Bloom CollectionNirvana2013Compil.
Live And LoudNirvana2013Album
The Coloquix Bootlegs - Vol. #02: NirvanaNirvana Vs. Coloquix2013Album
Heart - Shaped Box 2013 MixNirvana2013Album
MP3 CollectionNirvana2012Compil.
The Final Solution - Outcesticide IIINirvana2012Compil.
...and the rest-bbc sessionsNirvana2012Single
Feels Like The First Time: Broadcasts 1992-1993Nirvana2012Compil.
Almost Everything - The BBC SessionsNirvana2012Compil.
The Sun Is Gone And I Have A LightNirvana2012Album
Greatest HitsNirvana2012Compil.
Smells Like Teen Spirit (David Binoise Remixes)Nirvana2012Album
Lounge ActNirvana2012Single
Rise And Fall (More Demo Outtakes)Nirvana2011Compil.
Nevermind - The SinglesNirvana2011Single
Live At The ParamountNirvana2011Album
Extraits De La Réédition 20ème Anniversaire De Nevermind Et Du Best OfNirvana2011Album
The LowdownNirvana2011Album
Where Did You Sleep Last Extremely Long Cold NightBedawang vs Nirvana2011Single
Smells Like Teen SpiritNirvana2010Single
Smells Like... Cover Versions!Nirvana2010Compil.
MP3 КоллекцияNirvana2010Compil.
Incesticide + In UteroNirvana2009Compil.
In Bloom CollectionNirvana2009Album
Live At ReadingNirvana2009Album
On A Plain (Live at Reading)Nirvana2009Album
Blew Into ChicagoNirvana2008Album
Smells Like Teen SpiritNirvana2008Compil.
Полное Собрание СочиненийNirvana2008Album
Greatest HitsNirvana2008Compil.
New CollectionNirvana2008Compil.
All The Kings HorsesNirvana2007Album
The Songs Of Kurt CobainNirvana2007Compil.
Даёшь Музыку MP3 CollectionNirvana2006Compil.
The DocumentNirvana2006Album
MP3 CollectionNirvana2006Compil.
Sex PistolsSex Pistols, Nirvana2006Compil.
MTV Unplugged UncutNirvana2006Album
Аллея ЗвезdNirvana2006Compil.
Golden CollectionNirvana2006Album
The Definitive Critical ReviewNirvana2006Album
Live On AirNirvana2005Album
Nevermind Remix 2Nirvana2005Album
A Modern Day Fairy TaleNirvana2005Album
Demolition ManNirvana2005Album
Inside NirvanaNirvana2005Compil.
April 17, 1991 OK HotelNirvana2005Album
The Final CurtainNirvana2005Album
Iguanas In ConcertNirvana2005Album
Ultimate Unplugged In New YorkNirvana2005Album
The SessionsNirvana2005Album
Come As You Are / Pistol WhippedFreddy Filter ,Vs Nirvana, Sex Pistols2005Album
The MTV Files - UncutNirvana2005Album
Teen Spirit (Live 1989-1991)Nirvana2005Album
Sliver - The Radio SpecialNirvana2005Album
Live On AirNirvana2005Album
The Broadcast ArchivesNirvana2005Album
Blew SessionsNirvana2005Compil.
Their Greatest PerformanceNirvana2005Album
The Comfort In Being SadNirvana2005Album
Drain You / NarayanNirvana / The Prodigy2005Album
Sliver: The Best Of The BoxNirvana2005Compil.
1987-1993 (The Ultimate & Complete Radio And Studio Sessions)Nirvana2005Compil.
Nirvana 1989-1996Nirvana2005Album
The Ultimate ReviewNirvana2005Album
Smells Like Teen Spirit (Bk Mix)Nirvana2004Single
"With The Lights Out" TrailerNirvana2004Single
You Know You're RightNirvana2004Compil.
Nightly Nirvana Week TenNirvana2004Album
Nirvana: About A BandNirvana2004Album
Lives ForeverNirvana2004Album
Nightly Nirvana Week NineNirvana2004Album
A Rock Portrait Document / With The Lights OutNirvana2004Album
The Album NetworkNirvana2004Album
The Classic InterviewsNirvana2004Album
Nightly Nirvana Week SixNirvana2004Album
The Best Of HitsNirvana2004Compil.
Nightly Nirvana Week FiveNirvana2004Album
Nightly Nirvana Week TwoNirvana2004Album
Servant Of GrungeNirvana2004Compil.
Nightly Nirvana Week FourNirvana2004Album
About A BoyNirvana2004Album
The Best Of HitsNirvana2004Compil.
Selections From With The Lights OutNirvana2004Album
Nightly Nirvana Week EightNirvana2004Album
Collector's BoxNirvana2004Compil.
With The Lights OutNirvana2004Compil.
Nightly Nirvana Week SevenNirvana2004Album
Nightly Nirvana Week ThreeNirvana2004Album
Nightly Nirvana Week OneNirvana2004Album
In PerformanceNirvana2003Single
Absolutely Live In ConcertQueens Of The Stone Age / Foo Fighters / Nirvana2003Album
Last American ShowNirvana2003Album
The Best OfNirvana2003Compil.
Sub Pop Sessions LiveNirvana2003Album
Outcesticide Vol. 6Nirvana2003Compil.
De Incesticide A in UteroNirvana2003Album
Krist JammingNirvana2003Album
Outcesticide 6 - A Mess Of BluesNirvana2003Compil.
Unseen Unplugged New York CityNirvana2003Album
Music BoxNirvana2003Album
Rock BalladsNirvana2003Compil.
The Untold StoriesNirvana2003Album
Secret Songs - The Unreleased AlbumNirvana2003Compil.
The Trees Club Dallas TexasNirvana2003Album
Pissing In Your TerritoryNirvana2003Album
Ultra Rare Cover VersionsNirvana2002Compil.
Trust No OneNirvana2002Album
You Know You're RightNirvana2002Album
Outcesticide Box SetNirvana2002Compil.
You Know You're RightNirvana2002Single
The Alternate AlbumNirvana2002Compil.
A Rock Portrait DocumentNirvana2002Album
You Know You're RightNirvana2002Compil.
Sub Pop SessionsNirvana2002Compil.
Maximum Nirvana (The Unauthorised Biography Of Nirvana)Nirvana2002Album
You Know You're RightNirvana2002Album
Cash CowNirvana2002Compil.
13 Track CompilationNirvana2002Album
Breed (The Nevermind Sessions)Nirvana2002Compil.
Collector's Series Unrelease AlbumNirvana2001Album
The Legends Of The XXth CenturyNirvana2001Compil.
Легенды Зарубежного РокаNirvana2001Compil.
The Collector's SeriesNirvana2001Compil.
Star ProfileNirvana2001Compil.
Alternative CollectionNirvana2001Compil.
Golden CollectionNirvana2001Compil.
The White AlbumNirvana2000Album
In ConcertNirvana2000Album
Demos and SessionsNirvana2000Album
Digital NirvanaNirvana2000Album
I Can't Live - The Unfinished AlbumNirvana2000Compil.
Best Of NirvanaNirvana2000Compil.
The Best Of NirvanaNirvana2000Compil.
Rape Me Again - The Full ShowNirvana2000Album
The Greatest HitsNirvana2000Compil.
An Uncensored Biography Of Nirvana - The Full Story With InterviewsNirvana1999Album
More Than RareNirvana1999Compil.
In Utero / NevermindNirvana1999Album
The InterviewNirvana1999Album
Outcesticide V • DisintegrationNirvana1998Compil.
Welcome To ItalyNirvana1998Album
Up CloseFoo Fighters, Nirvana1998Album
На гребне сиэтлской волны [On the crest of a wave Seattle]Nirvana1997Compil.
Live In Austin, TexasNirvana1997Album
In ConcertNirvana, Soundgarden1997Album
Moist Vagina IINirvana1997Compil.
Moist VaginaNirvana1997Compil.
Sydney 1992Nirvana1997Album
The Sermon On The MountNirvana1996Album
Drain YouNirvana1996Album
Put The Money DownNirvana1996Album
Bleach Out! Break Out!Nirvana1996Album
The Demotapes (1988-1990)Nirvana1996Album
Up In SmokeNirvana1996Album
Alternate Albini MixNirvana1996Album
4 Disc Pack From The Muddy Banks Of The WishkahNirvana1996Album
Supercolossal Big MuffNirvana1996Album
Limited Single Rare TracksNirvana1996Compil.
Before And After The StormNirvana1996Album
Outcesticide IV • Rape Of The VaultsNirvana1996Compil.
From The Muddy Banks Of The WishkahNirvana1996Album
Murder By GuitarNirvana1996Album
From The Muddy Banks Of The WishkahNirvana1996Album
En ConciertoNirvana1996Single
Over The RainbowNirvana1996Album
Drain YouNirvana1996Single
Help Me, I'm HungryNirvana1996Album
In Memory Of "Kurdt Kobain" 2Nirvana1996Compil.
Had It AllNirvana1996Album
Feedback MentalityNirvana1996Album
Interview Picture DiscNirvana1996Album
Bizzarre TaleNirvana1996Compil.
The Rockview InterviewsNirvana1996Album
In ConcertThe Smashing Pumpkins / Nirvana1996Album
Complete Sub Pop SinglesNirvana1996Compil.
In Memory Of "Kurdt Kobain"Nirvana1996Compil.
The MasqueradeNirvana1996Album
A Season In Hell Part TwoNirvana1996Album
Live At Duffy'sNirvana1996Album
Fire ExtinguisherNirvana1995Album
Legacy Of NoiseNirvana1995Album
Final SolutionNirvana1995Album
Stiff DrinksNirvana1995Album
Live - Vol. 2Nirvana1995Album
The Final Solution - Outcesticide IIINirvana1995Compil.
Fully Illustrated Book & Interview DiscNirvana1995Album
Beautiful DemiseNirvana1995Album
Your OpinionNirvana1995Single
Pay To PlayNirvana1995Compil.
Playing At The MoonNirvana1995Album
The Man Who Sold The WorldNirvana1995Single
Do Re MiNirvana1995Album
The Needle & The Damage Done: Outcesticide IINirvana1995Compil.
The Man Who Sold The World / Walk On WaterNirvana / Aerosmith1995Single
Flogging A Dead AngelNirvana1995Album
The First NightNirvana1995Album
First American ConcertNirvana1995Compil.
Rare Tracks Vol. INirvana1995Compil.
Ooh-ah-aa (I Feel It) / Come As You AreE.Y.C. / Nirvana1995Single
Rare Traks Vol. IINirvana1995Compil.
Rock MarathonNirvana, Guns N' Roses, Metallica1995Compil.
Outcesticide IVNirvana1995Compil.
First Avenue ClubNirvana1995Album
Peel SessionsNirvana1995Compil.
Dressed For SuccessNirvana1995Album
Come As You AreNirvana1995Album
In The RawNirvana1995Compil.
B-Side ThemselvesNirvana1995Compil.
Fecal MatterNirvana1995Album
Twilight Of The GodsNirvana1995Compil.
The Back CatalogueNirvana1995Compil.
Grunge Is DeadNirvana1994Compil.
Plugged And Unplugged ("In Memory Of Kurt Cobain" ✝ 1994)Nirvana1994Album
Mtv Unplugged + Live! Tonight! Sold Out!Nirvana1994Single
The BestNirvana1994Compil.
The Best OfNirvana1994Compil.
PromoAerosmith, Nirvana, Eagles1994Album
Dynamic LiveNirvana1994Album
20 Great Songs Oh, Well Whatever..NevermindNirvana1994Compil.
Live In Long Beach California USA 19 90Nirvana1994Album
Walk On Water / The Man Who Sold The World / Sympathy For The DevilAerosmith / Nirvana / Guns N' Roses1994Album
Nirvana Unplugged W/The MeatpuppetsNirvana W/ The Meat Puppets1994Single
The Complete Radio SessionsNirvana1994Album
Lake Of FireNirvana1994Single
Heart-Shaped Box Vol. 2Nirvana1994Album
Heart-Shaped Box Vol. 1Nirvana1994Album
Lake Of FireNirvana1994Single
Outcesticide (In Memory Of Kurt Cobain)Nirvana1994Compil.
It's Better To Burn Out Than To Fade Away...Nirvana1994Compil.
Heart Shaped Box Vol. 2Nirvana1994Compil.
Novembre 1991 Paradiso AmsterdamNirvana1994Album
Where Did You Sleep Last NightNirvana1994Album
Live In JapanNirvana1994Album
The Concert In Milan 25/2/94Nirvana1994Album
Heart-Shaped BoxNirvana1994Album
Into The BlackNirvana1994Compil.
Live In Seattle '93Nirvana1994Album
Verse Chorus VerseNirvana1994Compil.
Va Te Faire EnculerNirvana1994Album
How All Started...Nirvana1994Compil.
Nirvana Vol.2 Live & AliveNirvana1994Album
Rape MeNirvana1994Album
MTV Unplugged In New YorkNirvana1994Album
All AcousticallyNirvana1994Album
Greatest Hits Live & Assorted RaritiesNirvana1994Compil.
Pennyroyal TeaNirvana1994Single
About A GirlNirvana1994Single
The Eternal LegacyNirvana1994Album
The Last ConcertNirvana1994Album
Out Of The Womb - In Utero DemosNirvana1994Album
Legacy 1988-1994Nirvana1994Album
Sliver And DumbNirvana1994Album
Unplugged & More ...Nirvana1994Compil.
In ScopeNirvana1994Album
About a Girl / Blind ManNirvana / Aerosmith1994Album
Hobkan 1989Nirvana1994Album
Come As You AreNirvana1994Album
New Year's EveNirvana1994Album
Seattle 1988Nirvana1994Album
Tacoma 1987Nirvana1994Album
The Last American ConcertNirvana1994Album
A Season In Hell Part OneNirvana1994Album
The Lunatic Is In My HeadNirvana1994Compil.
Kurt's Home Guitar RehearsalsNirvana1994Album
Live! Tonight! Sold Out!!Nirvana1994Album
Unplugged In New YorkNirvana1994Single
See You SoonNirvana1994Compil.
Piper 1989Nirvana1994Album
About A Girl / Blind ManNirvana / Aerosmith1994Single
Heroes And HeroineNirvana1994Album
Pissing In ActionNirvana1994Compil.
Under The Milky WayNirvana1994Album
XXII II MCMXCIVNirvana1994Album
Fatal AttractionNirvana1994Album
Live And Demo(n)sNirvana1994Compil.
Rare TraxxNirvana1994Compil.
The Concerts In ItalyNirvana1994Album
Greatest Hits LiveNirvana1994Compil.
San Francisco 1993Nirvana1993Album
Heart-Shaped BoxNirvana1993Single
As Alive As EverNirvana1993Album
All Apologies ● Rape Me ● MVNirvana1993Single
Smells Like...... (Vol. 1)Nirvana1993Album
The Live Collection - In BloomNirvana1993Compil.
Interview Shaped CDNirvana1993Album
Puss / Oh, The GuiltThe Jesus Lizard / Nirvana1993Single
Seattle Connection Part 2Nirvana / Soundgarden1993Compil.
I Hate Myself And I Want To DieNirvana1993Album
SacrificeMelvana W/ Members Of Nirvana & Melvins1993Single
In UteroNirvana1993Album
Banned For LifeNirvana1993Album
Rough TapesNirvana1992Compil.
In The Bloom 1990 TourNirvana1992Album
In BloomNirvana1992Single
Rags To RichesNirvana1992Single
Endless, Nameless / Goo Is YouNirvana / Sonic Youth1992Single
Amsterdam 91Nirvana1992Album
Come As You AreNirvana1992Single
Europe 1991Nirvana1992Album
Total Fucking GodheadNirvana1992Single
Forum 89Nirvana1992Album
Firework NightNirvana1992Album
In Concert 92-12Led Zeppelin & Nirvana1992Album
Smells Like Punk SpiritNirvana1992Album
Down With MeNirvana1992Compil.
Live Dallas '91Nirvana1992Album
Bleach PopNirvana1992Album
Nevermind, It's An InterviewNirvana1992Album
The DemosNirvana1992Album
Molly's LipsNirvana1992Album
At The Hollywood PalladiumNirvana1992Album
Down Under '92Nirvana1992Album
Hardcore ActNirvana1992Album
Where Were You In '89Nirvana1992Album
Bleach B Side & The Sport/ No No Man B SideNirvana / Steven Jesse Bernstein1992Album
Seattle Sound, Sounds GreatNirvana1992Album
Early Single Collection Vol 1Nirvana1992Compil.
Seventh HeavenNirvana1992Album
Classic 1992 Broadcast Come As You AreNirvana1992Album
Penu BabyNirvana1992Single
In BloomNirvana1992Single
Reading 91Nirvana1992Album
Live BuzzNirvana1992Album
Mark Goodier Radio Sessions 11-91Nirvana1991Single
Smells Like Teen SpiritNirvana1991Single
Smells Like Teen SpiritNirvana1991Single
Hormoaning (Exclusive Australian '92 Tour EP)Nirvana1991Album
Cabaret Metro 1989Sonic Youth & Special Guests Nirvana1991Album
Beauty And Power E.P.Nirvana1991Single
Seventh HeavenNirvana1991Album
Candy (Live) / Molly's Lips (Live)The Fluid / Nirvana1991Single
Here She Comes Now / Venus In FursNirvana / Melvins & King Buzzo1991Single
On A PlainNirvana1991Single
Oi! Kinnock GiveNirvana1990Single
Acoustic EPNirvana1989Single
Love Buzz b/w Big CheeseNirvana1988Single
Demos & SessionsNirvanaAlbum
MP3 CollectionNirvanaCompil.
The Sermon On The MountNirvanaAlbum
Outcesticide Vol. 4NirvanaCompil.
Heart Shaped Box Vol. 6NirvanaCompil.
Return of the ratNirvanaAlbum
Heart Shaped Box Vol. 1NirvanaCompil.
Reciprocal Studio DemosNirvanaAlbum
Heart-Shaped Box Vol.7NirvanaAlbum
In Extremis - Nirvana RemixedNirvanaAlbum
Nirvana BoxNirvanaCompil.
In Store SamplerNirvanaAlbum
Morituri SalutantNirvanaAlbum
Melbourne 1992NirvanaAlbum
Rare Take & Tracks Volume 1NirvanaCompil.
Territorial PossessionNirvanaAlbum
Ultra Rare Trax Vol 3NirvanaCompil.
Nevermind The Bollocks!NirvanaAlbum
The Last New Years EveNirvanaAlbum
Rare Take & Tracks Volume 2NirvanaCompil.
MTV Music HistoryNirvanaCompil.
Bleach SessionsNirvanaCompil.
Ultra Rare TraxNirvanaCompil.
Household Drugs...And Other HitsNirvanaSingle
The Ghost Of Seattle, The TV EP Volume OneNirvanaSingle
Christmas In Seattle 1988NirvanaCompil.
Dive Into HoleNirvanaAlbum
Unplugged AlternativeNirvanaCompil.
Come Back With UsNirvanaAlbum
"Love Buzz Sessions"NirvanaSingle
Coming Down HeavyNirvanaSingle
Scentless ApprenticeNirvanaSingle
Ultimate In Utero SessionsNirvanaCompil.
Talk To Me 1989-1993NirvanaAlbum
Nirvana часть 3NirvanaAlbum
Reading & WrithingNirvanaAlbum
Nirvana часть 1-2NirvanaAlbum
Heart Shaped Box Vol. 3NirvanaAlbum
MP3 CollectionNirvanaCompil.
Золотой АльбомNirvana, Pearl JamCompil.
MP3 КоллекцияNirvanaAlbum
Manchester 4.12.91NirvanaAlbum
Live New YorkNirvanaAlbum
DeLuxe Collection MP3Nirvana & Pearl Jam & Foo FightersCompil.
Live In Seattle, WA 1993NirvanaAlbum
Live In Europe 1991NirvanaAlbum
1989 - 2002NirvanaCompil.
Spank ThruNirvanaSingle
Ultra Rare Trax Vol 4NirvanaCompil.
The Interview SessionsNirvanaAlbum
Ultimate Bleach SessionsNirvanaCompil.
Ultra Rare Trax Vol 2NirvanaCompil.
Unsurpassed Master DemosNirvanaCompil.
Old AgeNirvanaSingle
Milk ItNirvanaSingle
Bambi SlaughterNirvanaSingle
I Don't Have A Gun!NirvanaAlbum
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