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Psychic TV

Band, 1982-1999 GB, London Borough of Hackney
Electronic and Rock
A.k.a. Genesis P-Orridge, David Max, Alice Genese, Lady Jaye, Eddie O'Dowd, Markus "Fabulous" Persson Deep Fry ESsence (5) Griselda Homeboy Posse Jack The Tab Love In Life Nobody Uninc Over Thee Brink Pearl Necklace The King Cut Groovers Too See Bee White Dove Wolves Of The Sun

Formed: 1981 in Hackney, London, United Kingdom by Genesis P-Orridge and Peter Christopherson (after Throbbing Gristle ceased to exist) with Alex Fergusson. Soon, PTV became a post industrial supergroup, expanding the core line-up with the talents of frequent collaborators Monte Cazazza, David Tibet, and John Balance, which led to the classic 1983 album Dreams Less Sweet. After Peter and John's departure in late 1984 to concentrate on their Coil project, Psychic TV's style evolved more in the direction of psychedelic or acid rock, then called "hyperdelic" rock by the band, a style they would return to in later years. In 1988, Alex Fergusson departed, and a move back to more electronic based music took place, featuring the talents of Fred Giannelli, Greedy Beat Syndicate, and Richard Schiessl. PTV were found at the forefront of acid house with the fake compilations "Acid Tablets Volume One", "Tekno Acid Beat", and various releases featuring rotating line-ups under different monikers (Mistress Mix, Sickmob, & DJ Doktor Megatrip). Well documented constant touring and recording took its toll. A relocation to the USA in 1993, the closure of the band's independent label Temple Records in 1994, and perhaps most prominently the separation from Paula P-Orridge left Genesis P. Orridge to be the only permanent member of Psychic TV. The name "Psychic TV & Genesis P-Orridge" was used for a number of Psychic TV re-releases and experimental projects by Genesis P-Orridge and Larry Thrasher, before Genesis formed Thee Majesty with Bryin Dall. A final concert was announced and held at the Royal Festival Hall, London in May 1999. In 2003, Genesis P. Orridge (now Breyer P. Orridge) toured with a new line up as PTV3, musically leaning towards the "hyperdelic" phase. Silently, he restarted the once dismissed TOPY and re-activated the dormant Temple Records for a batch of new and old releases.

PortraitRichard Norris
voc, key *1965 GB
PortraitFred Giannelli
g, key *1960 US
PortraitPeter Christopherson
voc 1955-2010 GB
PortraitPhilipp Erb
PortraitKen Thomas
acc GB
PortraitMonte Cazazza
voc US
PortraitDanny Hyde
*1962 GB
PortraitDave Ball
key *1959 GB
PortraitDrew McDowall
syn *1961 GB
PortraitWilliam Breeze
vl, syn, eb *1955 FR
PortraitLarry Thrasher
tab, perc *1959 US
PortraitJordi Valls
voc *1960 ES
eb, b
PortraitGini Ball
vn GB
PortraitHilmar Örn Hilmarsson
key *1958 IS
PortraitRichard Schiessl
Alex Russell
PortraitDavid Michael Bunting
PortraitDavid Max
eg, b
PortraitAlex Fergusson
g, tam *1952 GB
PortraitAndy Chatterley
key *1973 GB
Hugo Longden
PortraitMatthew Best
PortraitJohn Gosling
p *1963 GB
PortraitGenesis Breyer P-Orridge
PortraitLady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge
sampler, voc, perc 1969-2007 US
PortraitSean Maher
PortraitDouglas Rushkoff
key *1961 US
PortraitPaula P-Orridge
perc, dr, vib *1963 GB
Daniel Black
Craig Ellenwood
PortraitGeoff Rushton
tr, vib, b 1962-2004 GB
PortraitÞorsteinn Magnússon
g *1955
PortraitAlice Genese
Markus Persson
key, syn
PortraitRichard Evans
PortraitEdward ODowd
dr, perc, sampler
Scott Nobody
g GB
PortraitJeff Berner
PortraitJess Stewart
key, p
PortraitDorothy Max Prior
dr *1953 GB
John Weingarten
p, key
Popular Tracks   
Godstar on Allegory & Self by Psychic TV
The Orchids on Dreams Less Sweet by Psychic TV
White Nights on Dreams Less Sweet by Psychic TV
Just Like Arcadia on Allegory & Self by Psychic TV
Just Drifting on Force the Hand of Chance by Psychic TV
Meet Every Situation Head On (Noise & Mista Luv Mix) on Origin Of The Species Volume Too! - Third Tablet Of Acid by Psychic TV
Stolen Kisses on Force the Hand of Chance by Psychic TV
Interlude on Force the Hand of Chance by Psychic TV
We Kiss on Allegory & Self by Psychic TV
Black Moon on Dreams Less Sweet by Psychic TV

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Band Membership

Title Artist Year Type
Live In KyivPsychic TV2018Album
Allegory And Self / Pagan Day SamplerPsychic TV2017Album
Fishscales Falling: A Smorgasbord Ov Delights - Mixtape Volume 2Psychic TV2017Album
In The Shadow Of The SunPsychic TV2017Single
AlienistPsychic TV2016Album
Fishscales Falling: A Smorgasbord Ov Delights - Mixtape Volume 1Psychic TV2016Album
Alien Be-InPsychic TV2015Album
LA AngelPsychic TV2014Single
SnakesPsychic TV2014Album
PTV3 USB StickPsychic TV2014Album
Greyhounds Of The Future b/w Alien Lightning Meat Machine Part IIPsychic TV2013Album
1987 - Thee Last Recordings From The Sheffield MissionPsychic TV2013Single
ParamarthaPsychic TV2013Album
Silver SundownPsychic TV2013Single
HaçiendaPsychic TV2013Album
ParamarthaPsychic TV2012Album
BatschkappPsychic TV2012Album
Pirate TapePsychic TV2012Single
Silver Sundown Machine Vs. Alien Lightning Meat MachinePsychic TV2012Single
Mother Sky Vs Alien SkyPsychic TV2011Single
B.K. ScumPsychic TV, Stareyes & Dust La Rock2011Album
ThemesPsychic TV2011Album
Live In BasildonPsychic TV2011Album
Thank YouPsychic TV2011Single
Psychic TV And White Stains At Stockholm 1990/ Jarman Themes/ Live Danceteria, New York City Nov. 17, 1983/ Unreleased RaritiesPsychic TV2011Compil.
DNA Lounge Live: Psychic TV (2004-11-03)Psychic TV With I Am Spoonbender2011Album
Alien Brain Vs. Maggot BrainPsychic TV2010Single
Thee Psychick VideosPsychic TV2009Album
Live At WFMU On Fabio's Show On 9/7/2006Psychic TV2008Album
Mr. Alien Brain Vs. The SkinwalkersPsychic TV2008Album
Hell Is Invisible...Heaven Is Her/ePsychic TV2007Album
Live In RussiaPsychic TV2006Album
Godstar: Thee Director's CutPsychic TV2004Compil.
Flores Monstrosi E.P.Psychic TV / K.I.M.2003Album
Live In Europa IPsychic TV2003Album
Live In Thee East VillagePsychic TV2003Album
Live In Thee Mean FiddlerPsychic TV2003Album
Black JoyPsychic TV2003Album
Live In Thee SubterraniaPsychic TV2003Album
Snowflake / IllusivePsychic TV2002Single
"Origin Of The Species" Volume III (The Final Supply Of Two Tablets Of Acid)Psychic TV2002Compil.
Time's Up LivePsychic TV2001Album
"Origin Of The Species" Volume Too! A Second Supply Of Two Tablets Of AcidPsychic TV1999Compil.
Were You Ever Bullied At School... Do You Want Revenge?Psychic TV1999Compil.
Best Ov: Time's UpPsychic TV1999Compil.
"Origin Of The Species" A Supply Of Two Tablets Of AcidPsychic TV1998Compil.
E-LusiveColumn One & Psychic TV1997Album
Cold Blue TorchPsychic TV1996Album
Trip ResetPsychic TV1996Album
SirensGenesis P-Orridge And Psychic TV1995Compil.
God Star: The Singles - Pt. TwoGenesis P-Orridge & Psychic TV1995Compil.
Themes Part IGenesis P-Orridge & Psychic TV1995Album
Beauty From Thee BeastPsychic TV1995Album
Electric Newspaper Issue TwoPsychic TV1995Album
Beauty From Thee Beast - Thee Best Ov Psychic TV And Genesis P. OrridgePsychic TV And Genesis P-Orridge1995Compil.
Breathe - Spoken Ambient WordsGenesis P-Orridge And Psychic TV1995Album
TripPsychic TV1995Single
Electric Newspaper Issue ThreePsychic TV1995Album
UltradrugGenesis P-Orridge & Psychic TV1994Album
SugarmorphosesGenesis P-Orridge & Psychic TV1994Album
Cathedral EnginePsychic TV1994Album
Mein*Goett*In*GenPsychic TV1994Compil.
Tribal (Drum Club Remixes)Psychic TV1994Album
Hex Sex · The Singles - Pt. OneGenesis P-Orridge & Psychic TV1994Compil.
AL - OR - ALPsychic TV & XKP1994Album
Electric Newspaper Issue OnePsychic TV1994Album
A Hollow CostGenesis P-Orridge And Psychic TV Featuring Larry Thrasher1994Album
Re-MindPsychic TV1993Single
Splinter Test 2Psychic TV1993Album
Peak HourPsychic TV1993Album
Rare And AlivePsychic TV1993Album
Temporary Temple & AtonalGenesis P-Orridge & Psychic TV1993Compil.
Splinter Test 1Psychic TV1993Album
Cold Dark MatterGenesis P-Orridge And Psychic TV1992Album
Ultrahouse (The Twelve Inch Mixes)Psychic TV Presents Homeboy Posse / Adam & Eve1991Album
Direction Ov TravelPsychic TV1991Album
City Ov London / City Ov GlasgowPsychic TV1991Compil.
Maple SyrupPsychic TV1991Album
Ultrahouse (The L.A. Connection)Psychic TV1991Compil.
Live In BerlinPsychic TV1990Album
Live In Pittsburgh 6 17 90Psychic TV1990Single
I.C. WaterPsychic TV1990Single
Thee City Ov Tokyo / Thee City Ov New YorkPsychic TV1990Compil.
Live At The Berlin Wall Part TwoPsychic TV1990Album
Live At The Berlin Wall Part OnePsychic TV1990Album
Towards Thee Infinite BeatPsychic TV1990Album
At StockholmPsychic TV & White Stains1990Album
Live In BregenzPsychic TV1990Album
Beyond Thee Infinite Beat (Ravemaster Mixes)Psychic TV1990Album
Kondole - Ov Dolphins And WhalesPsychic TV1989Album
A Real Swedish Live ShowPsychic TV1989Album
PTV Interview 4-11-89Psychic TV1989Single
Live At Thee RitzPsychic TV1989Album
Live At Thee PyramidPsychic TV1989Album
Love War RiotPsychic TV1989Album
JoyPsychic TV1989Album
Je T'AimeMistress Mix And Psychic TV1989Album
Tune In (Turn On The Acid House)Psychic TV1988Album
Live At The Mardi GrasPsychic TV1988Album
Album 10Psychic TV1988Album
Allegory And Self (Illustrations In Sound)Psychic TV1988Album
Live At Thee CircusPsychic TV1988Album
Listen Today...Psychic TV1987Album
Live In GlasgowPsychic TV1987Album
Live In GottingenPsychic TV1987Album
Live In TorontoPsychic TV1987Album
Live In ReykjavikPsychic TV1987Album
Temporary TemplePsychic TV1987Album
Live In HeavenPsychic TV1987Album
8 Transmissions 8Psychic TV1987Album
Themes 3Psychic TV1987Album
Live En SuissePsychic TV1987Album
The Magickal Mystery D Tour E.P.Psychic TV1986Single
Live In ParisPsychic TV1986Album
Live In TokyoPsychic TV1986Album
HyperdeliaPsychic TV1986Single
Live At Final WarsPsychic TV1986Compil.
Magick Defends ItselfPsychic TV1986Single
Themes 2Psychic TV1985Album
Mouth Of The NightPsychic TV1985Album
GodstarPsychic TV And The Angels Of Light1985Single
DescendingPsychic TV1985Album
Berlin Atonal Vol. 2Psychic TV / La Loora1984Album
Berlin Atonal Vol. 1Psychic TV / Z'EV1984Album
A Pagan Day (Pages From A Notebook)Psychic TV1984Album
UncleanPsychic TV1984Album
Roman P.Psychic TV & Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth1984Single
N.Y. ScumPsychic TV1984Album
Those Who Do NotPsychic TV1984Album
Dreams Less SweetPsychic TV1983Album
White NightsPsychic TV1983Single
The OrchidsPsychic TV1983Single
The Orchids / White NightsPsychic TV1983Single
First TransmissionPsychic TV1982Album
Just DriftingPsychic TV1982Single
Force The Hand Of ChancePsychic TV1982Album
BlackPsychic TVAlbum
UncleanPsychic TVAlbum
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