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The Kinks

Band, *1963 GB, London
A.k.a. Ray Davies, Dave Davies, Mick Avory, Pete Quaife Muswell Ravens The Boll-Weevils The Ravens (6)

The Kinks are one of the most important bands from the "British Invasion" in the sixties. The band, based in Muswell Hill in London, consisted of the brothers Davies, (Ray and Dave), Mick Avory and Pete Quaife. During their existence they have played different styles of rock ('n' roll) music. Interesting were their lyrics, usually about the lower class of society. Singer Ray Davies has always had a fascination for the ordinary people. After two flops they had their first big hit in 1964: You Really Got Me. This song had a rough guitar riff, that's why some people even call it the first heavy metal song ever. They kept scoring hits after that, timeless songs like Sunny Afternoon, Waterloo Sunset, Lola and All Day And All Of The Night. Albums such as The Village Green Preservation Society (1968) and Arthur (1969) are seen as classics nowadays. Pete Quaife left The Kinks during the Arthur Or The Decline And Fall Of The British Empire rehearsals. In the beginning of the seventies it was over with the hit singles. They started a series of rockopera's, which were not very succesful. In 1977, with the release of Sleepwalker, they went back to more normal rock. Their popularity started to rise again, especially in America. They have produced records until 1996, some with more success than others. Ray and Dave are both doing solo tours and releasing solo albums. In a June 2018 interview, Ray Davies stated that he, along with brother Dave, and drummer Avory, had reformed The Kinks for a new studio album and to potentially perform live. Inducted into Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in 1990 (Performer). Pete Quaife, who had been receiving kidney dialysis for more than ten years, died on 23 June 2010, aged 66.

PortraitRay Davies
voc, g *1944 GB
PortraitDave Davies
voc, g *1947 GB
PortraitJohn Dalton
eb, b, bvoc
Alan Holmes
cl, bs GB
PortraitJohn Beecham
tb, tu GB
PortraitBob Henrit
dr, perc *1944 GB
PortraitJim Rodford
b, bvoc *1941 GB
PortraitMick Avory
dr *1944 GB
PortraitIan Gibbons
key, bvoc GB
PortraitJohn Gosling
key *1948 GB
PortraitAndy Pyle
b, eb *1946 GB
PortraitPete Quaife
eb, bvoc, b 1943-2010 GB
PortraitGordon Edwards
voc, g, key GB
Laurie Brown
tr, fl, ts
PortraitNick Newall
sax, key
Popular Tracks   
You Really Got Me on Kinks by The Kinks
Lola - 2020 Stereo Remaster on Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Pt. 1 by The Kinks
All Day and All of the Night on Kinks by The Kinks
Sunny Afternoon on Face to Face by The Kinks
Waterloo Sunset on Something Else by The Kinks
A Well Respected Man on Kinda Kinks by The Kinks
Strangers - 2020 Stereo Remaster on Lola Versus Powerman and the Moneygoround, Pt. 1 by The Kinks
Lola - Live at Providence Civic Center, September 1979 on One for the Road by The Kinks
Supersonic Rocket Ship on Everybody's in Show-Biz by The Kinks
Come Dancing on State of Confusion by The Kinks

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Band Membership

Title Artist Year Type
Live On US TV 1965The Kinks2018Single
Time Song (Single Mix)The Kinks2018Single
Rock 'N' Roll Cowboys b/w Oklahoma U.S.ARay Davies / The Kinks2017Single
You Really Got MeThe Kinks2017Compil.
Sunday Afternoon (Live In Concert)The Kinks2016Compil.
Till Death Us Do PartThe Kinks2016Single
Live On Air 1964 - 1965 Volume OneThe Kinks2016Album
The Best Of The Kinks 1964-1970The Kinks2016Compil.
You Really Got MeThe Kinks2016Compil.
The Mono CollectionThe Kinks2016Compil.
Face To FaceThe Kinks2016Single
Kinks In Koncert 1965The Kinks2016Album
You Really Got MeThe Kinks2015Single
Sunny Afternoon - The Very Best OfThe Kinks2015Compil.
Sunny AfternoonThe Kinks2015Single
Till The End Of The Day / Sunny AfternoonThe Kinks2015Single
Soap OperaThe Kinks2014Album
The Essential KinksThe Kinks2014Compil.
Muswell Hillbillies + KatalogThe Kinks2014Compil.
The Best Of The Kinks 1964-1971The Kinks2014Compil.
Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround Part One And PercyThe Kinks2014Compil.
The Anthology 1964-1971The Kinks2014Single
Chicago 1987 2nd NightThe Kinks2013Album
Mr. Reporter And Other Unreleased 60's GemsThe Kinks2013Compil.
The Kinks At The BBCThe Kinks2012Compil.
The Kinks At The BBC - Radio & TV Sessions And Concerts: 1964-1994The Kinks2012Album
The Kinks At The BBCThe Kinks2012Compil.
IconThe Kinks2012Compil.
Waterloo Sunset - The Very Best Of The Kinks & Ray DaviesThe Kinks & Ray Davies2012Compil.
Paris 1965 Broadcast ArchivesThe Kinks2012Album
In Mono Box SetThe Kinks2011Compil.
Pictures From The PastThe Kinks2011Album
Kinks Kollekted - Complete History 1964 - 1994The Kinks2011Compil.
Rhode Island SurvivorsThe Kinks2011Album
Kinks KollektedThe Kinks2011Album
Preservation In New YorkThe Kinks2010Album
Preservation ShowThe Kinks2010Album
Live In London 1973/1977The Kinks2010Album
Live In London 1973/1977The Kinks2010Album
Full Moon NightThe Kinks2010Album
Paris Party 1965The Kinks2009Album
The End Of The RoadThe Kinks2009Album
Night StalkerThe Kinks2009Album
Picture BookThe Kinks2008Album
I'm Really DissapointedThe Kinks2008Album
Sexually LolaThe Kinks2008Album
Beat Beat BeatThe Kinks2008Album
Born To RoamThe Kinks2008Album
The EP CollectionThe Kinks2007Album
Here Comes The GrooveThe Kinks2007Album
TransmissionsThe Kinks2007Compil.
Old Damon AlcoholThe Kinks2007Album
Greatest Hits 1970 - 1986The Kinks2007Compil.
LiveThe Kinks2007Album
Даёшь Музыку MP3 Collection CD3The Kinks2006Compil.
RCA YearsThe Kinks2006Album
Даёшь Музыку MP3 CollectionThe Kinks2006Compil.
The Kinks - Arista YearsThe Kinks2006Album
Aquarius And OrpheumThe Kinks2005Album
Live Over JapanThe Kinks2005Album
Classic AirwavesThe Kinks2005Compil.
The Kinks 1964-1978 (An Independent Critical Review)The Kinks2005Single
You Really Got...Video:Rare Footage 1964-1971The Kinks2005Album
The Pye Album CollectionThe Kinks2005Album
Sleepwalking In BostonThe Kinks2005Album
40th Anniversary SACD SamplerThe Kinks2005Album
KronologyThe Kinks2005Album
A Strange EffectThe Kinks2004Single
The Kinks 3 Classic AlbumsThe Kinks2004Compil.
You Really Got MeThe Kinks2004Single
Come Dancing At The Riviera TheatreThe Kinks2003Album
Special Edition EPThe Kinks2003Album
Superstar Concert SeriesThe Kinks2002Album
UntitledThe Kinks2002Album
The Ultimate CollectionThe Kinks2002Compil.
Kinky Beebs & BootsThe Kinks2002Compil.
Kollectable Kinks Kontraband - Revised EditionThe Kinks2002Album
Live At The Hippodrome Golders Green • London 7-14-74The Kinks2002Album
Secret SessionsThe Kinks2002Compil.
The Marble Arch YearsThe Kinks2001Album
The Greatest Hits III 1977-84The Kinks2001Compil.
The KinksThe Kinks2001Compil.
Rare Anthology Volume TwoThe Kinks2001Album
One For The RoadThe Kinks2001Album
The Greatest Hits I 1964-71The Kinks2001Compil.
BBC Sessions 1964 - 1977The Kinks2001Compil.
The Greatest Hits II 1971-75The Kinks2001Compil.
Selections From BBC Sessions 1964 - 1977The Kinks2001Compil.
The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society / Arthur Or The Decline And Fall Of The British EmpireThe Kinks2001Compil.
The Archway Tavern Collection (Fan Club - Limited Edition)The Kinks2001Compil.
A Raving Rhythm & Blues Session With The KinksThe Kinks2000Compil.
The EP Collection Vol.1 & Vol.2The Kinks2000Compil.
The EP Collection 2The Kinks2000Album
Neue Revue - The Great Lost AlbumThe Kinks2000Compil.
Live In GermanyThe Kinks2000Album
The Kinks Present A Soap Opera - LiveThe Kinks2000Album
The Best Of The Kinks - You Really Got MeThe Kinks1999Compil.
Phobia CompanionThe Kinks1999Album
Back In The USA!The Kinks1999Album
Paranoia & DestroyerThe Kinks1999Album
Double Feature - Return To Waterloo / Come Dancing With The KinksThe Kinks, Ray Davies1999Album
Midlife KrisisThe Kinks1999Album
Twelve Inches Or MoreThe Kinks1999Compil.
It's The KinksThe Kinks1999Compil.
Missing LinksThe Kinks1999Compil.
Rehearsals 1989 - 1991The Kinks1999Album
Limited Edition Compilation 3The Kinks1999Compil.
Borders CompilationThe Kinks1998Compil.
Couch Potatoes!The Kinks1998Album
Live At The BBC 1964-1967The Kinks1998Album
The Kinks BestThe Kinks1998Compil.
Limited Edition CompilationThe Kinks1998Compil.
Rare AnthologyThe Kinks1998Album
Limted Edition Compilation 2The Kinks1998Compil.
The EP CollectionThe Kinks1998Album
Anthology - Unfinished BusinessDave Davies With The Kinks1998Compil.
God Save The KinksThe Kinks1998Compil.
God Save The KinksThe Kinks1998Compil.
Kriminally RareThe Kinks1998Compil.
God Save The KinksThe Kinks1998Compil.
X-Norman: A Soap OperaThe Kinks1997Album
Kollectable Kinks KontrabandThe Kinks1997Album
The Singles CollectionThe Kinks1997Compil.
The Kinks Greatest Hits Volume TwoThe Kinks1997Compil.
Greatest HitsThe Kinks1997Compil.
Tell Tales - Interview Picture DiscThe Kinks1997Album
The Very Best OfThe Kinks1997Compil.
Greatest Hits Volume OneThe Kinks1997Compil.
You Really Got Me (Live)The Kinks1997Single
The Singles Collection / Waterloo SunsetThe Kinks1997Compil.
The Days EPThe Kinks1996Album
My FavoriteThe Kinks1996Album
Electric Ladyland: Live New York, May 12th 1993 "No Hatred"The Kinks1996Album
Greatest HitsThe Kinks1996Compil.
The Kinks Collection Volume OneThe Kinks1996Compil.
To The BoneThe Kinks1996Single
Afternoon Tea With The KinksThe Kinks1995Compil.
Kinks On HolidayThe Kinks1995Album
LolaThe Kinks1995Compil.
The Story Of The KinksThe Kinks1995Compil.
U.S. JiveThe Kinks1995Album
KontrastsThe Kinks1995Compil.
One More For The RoadThe Kinks1994Album
Waterloo Sunset '94 EPThe Kinks1994Single
20 Rock Shots 1964 - 1967The Kinks1994Compil.
On The Road Again! ~ Japan Tour 1993 ~The Kinks1994Album
You Really Got MeThe Kinks1994Compil.
Glam ShoesGraham Parker And The Rumour / The Kinks / David Bowie1994Compil.
Double GoldThe Kinks1994Compil.
Waterloo SunsetThe Kinks1994Compil.
The Early YearsThe Kinks1994Compil.
To The BoneThe Kinks1994Album
The Great Lost Kinks Kartridge - 25 TracksThe Kinks1994Album
King Biscuit Flower HourThe Kinks1994Album
You Really Got Me - The Very Best Of The KinksThe Kinks1994Compil.
60 Rock Shots 1964-1967The Kinks1994Compil.
Castle Masters Collection Volume 2The Kinks1994Compil.
The Best And Kollektable KinksThe Kinks1993Compil.
PhobiaThe Kinks1993Album
Gold - Greatest HitsThe Kinks1993Compil.
Hatred (A Duet)The Kinks1993Single
ScatteredThe Kinks1993Single
Don't Forget To DanceThe Kinks1993Single
The Complete Singles Collection 1964-1970The Kinks1993Compil.
Drift AwayThe Kinks1993Single
A Portrait Of The KinksThe Kinks1993Compil.
All The Hits ... And MoreThe Kinks1993Compil.
The Best Of The BalladsThe Kinks Feat. Ray Davies1993Compil.
Only A DreamThe Kinks1993Single
The Gallery Volume 10The Kinks1993Compil.
Still SearchingThe Kinks1993Single
Greatest HitsThe Kinks1993Compil.
Shadows Of Knight, Byrds, Young Rascals, Kinks - The Original Hits Vol. 3The Shadows Of Knight, The Byrds, The Young Rascals, The Kinks1993Compil.
The KinksThe Kinks1992Compil.
King Biscuit Flower Hour, The Kinks, February 3-9, 1992The Kinks1992Album
3 OriginalsThe Kinks1992Album
The Kinks Collection, Volume 3The Kinks1992Compil.
The Kinks Story Volume 2 · 1967 - 1971The Kinks1992Compil.
The Kinks StoryThe Kinks1992Compil.
Celluloid HeroesThe Kinks1992Album
Chicago Really Got MeThe Kinks1992Album
Shindig! Presents The KinksThe Kinks1992Album
All Night StandThe Kinks1992Album
The Kinks Collection, Volume 1The Kinks1992Compil.
The ★ CollectionThe Kinks1992Compil.
Anthologie 1964/1971The Kinks1992Compil.
Kink-Size Kollektion - The Very Best Of The KinksThe Kinks1992Compil.
AlcoholThe Kinks1992Album
The Kinks Collection, Volume 2The Kinks1992Compil.
Preservation (A Play In Two Acts)The Kinks1991Compil.
Greatest Hits Volume 2The Kinks1991Compil.
Lost & Found (1986-89)The Kinks1991Compil.
You Really Got Me / All Day And All Of The Night / Tired Of Waiting For YouThe Kinks1991Single
The KinksThe Kinks1991Compil.
The EP Collection Vol.TwoThe Kinks1991Compil.
Kinks Special CollectionThe Kinks1991Compil.
IntrospectiveThe Kinks1991Album
Waterloo Sunset / Sunny AfternoonThe Kinks1991Single
Did YaThe Kinks1991Single
The Kinky KinksThe Kinks1991Compil.
Westwood One In Concert # 91-32Dire Straits / The Kinks1991Album
The Very Best Of The KinksThe Kinks1991Compil.
You Really Got MeThe Kinks1991Compil.
Greatest HitsThe Kinks1991Compil.
Single Hits: 1964 - 1970The Kinks1991Compil.
KinksThe Kinks1991Compil.
The Complete CollectionThe Kinks1991Compil.
The Very Best OfThe Kinks1991Compil.
Castle Masters CollectionThe Kinks1991Compil.
Greatest HitsThe Kinks1990Compil.
Sunny AfternoonThe Kinks1990Compil.
Night RidingThe Kinks1990Compil.
Lola And Other Sophisticated SongsThe Kinks1990Album
Best - You Really Got MeThe Kinks1990Compil.
Me And My BrotherThe Kinks1990Single
The Kinks StoryThe Kinks1990Compil.
The Best Of The Kinks 1964 - 1971The Kinks1990Compil.
The EP CollectionThe Kinks1990Compil.
Slum KidsThe Kinks1990Album
The Queen Of The BitchesThe Kinks1990Album
Fab Forty - The Singles Collection 1964-1970The Kinks1990Compil.
14 Classic HitsThe Kinks1989Compil.
Greatest Hits - The Kinks Are Well Respected MenThe Kinks1989Compil.
Waterloo SunsetThe Kinks1989Album
July 16-18 The KinksThe Kinks1989Single
EntertainmentThe Kinks1989Single
How Do I Get CloseThe Kinks1989Album
LolaThe Kinks1989Compil.
"Percy" + The Album That Never WasThe Kinks, Dave Davies1989Compil.
Kinks KontroversyThe Kinks1989Compil.
Best Of The Kinks 1966-67The Kinks1989Compil.
From 64 At 70The Kinks1989Compil.
UK JiveThe Kinks1989Album
You Really Got MeThe Kinks1989Compil.
The Kinks Greatest HitsThe Kinks1989Compil.
The Ultimate CollectionThe Kinks1989Compil.
Death Of A Clown - 20 Greatest HitsThe Kinks1989Compil.
Down All The Days (Till 1992)The Kinks1989Album
Kulled From The ArkivesThe Kinks1989Compil.
The KinksThe Kinks1988Compil.
Father Christmas / (Wish I Could Fly Like) Superman / Lola (Live)The Kinks1988Album
Art Lover / DestroyerThe Kinks1988Single
You Really Got Me / Tired Of Waiting For YouThe Kinks1988Single
The RoadThe Kinks1988Album
Something Else & Live At The Kelvin HallThe Kinks1988Compil.
Come Dancing / Destroyer / Rock 'N' Roll FantasyThe Kinks1988Album
Complete Singles Collection 1964-1966The Kinks1988Compil.
Death Of A Clown / Sunny AfternoonDave Davies, The Kinks1988Single
First & Kinda KinksThe Kinks1988Compil.
Kinks-Size KinkdomThe Kinks1988Compil.
The Kink Kontroversy & Face To FaceThe Kinks1988Compil.
The Kinks‎ – Westwood One Radio Networks Superstar Concert SeriesThe Kinks1988Album
Complete Singles Collection 1966-1970The Kinks1988Compil.
KontrabandThe Kinks1988Compil.
Better Things From The KinksThe Kinks1987Album
Schoolboys On StageThe Kinks1987Album
The RoadThe Kinks1987Album
Detroit FireThe Kinks1987Album
Sunny AfternoonThe Kinks1987Single
Sunny Afternoon / Explosion In My SoulThe Kinks / Soul Survivors1987Single
The Kinks Are Well Respected MenThe Kinks1987Compil.
Lost & FoundThe Kinks1987Single
The Best Of The KinksThe Kinks1986Compil.
Come Dancing With The Kinks / The Best Of The Kinks 1977-1986The Kinks1986Compil.
Victoria Lola - The Best Of The Kinks 1968 - 1970The Kinks1986Compil.
The Ray Davies InterviewThe Kinks1986Single
Live In Los Angeles And LondonThe Kinks1986Single
A Look At "Think Visual" (An Interview With Dave Davies Of The Kinks)The Kinks1986Album
Sunny Afternoon / Tired Of Waiting For YouThe Kinks1986Single
Think VisualThe Kinks1986Album
You Really Got Me - The Best Of The Kinks 1964 - 1967The Kinks1986Compil.
How Are YouThe Kinks1986Single
Come Dancing With The KinksThe Kinks1986Album
Dedicated Follower Of FashionThe Kinks1986Single
You Really Got MeThe Kinks1986Album
Rock 'N' Roll CitiesThe Kinks1986Single
Spotlight On The Kinks Volume TwoThe Kinks1986Compil.
Lost And FoundThe Kinks1986Album
Preservation In Concert. Live At Palace Theatre Albany, New York, November 24, 1974The Kinks1986Album
Backtrackin'The Kinks1985Compil.
Backtrackin' - Volume TwoThe Kinks1985Compil.
A Virgin Video Music Biography - The Kinks 1964-1984The Kinks1985Album
A Soap Opera / Schoolboys In DisgraceThe Kinks1985Compil.
Living On A Thin Line / Sold Me OutThe Kinks1985Album
Story Of The KinksThe Kinks1985Compil.
Backtrackin' - Volume OneThe Kinks1985Compil.
The Kinks CollectionThe Kinks1985Compil.
Destroyer / Come DancingThe Kinks1984Single
KoversThe Kinks1984Compil.
Do It AgainThe Kinks1984Single
Word Of MouthThe Kinks1984Album
Greatest HitsThe Kinks1984Compil.
20th Anniversary Box SetThe Kinks1984Album
A Compleat CollectionThe Kinks1984Compil.
Kristmas KinksThe Kinks1984Album
The HitsThe Kinks1984Compil.
Good DayThe Kinks1984Single
KollectablesThe Kinks1984Compil.
Greatest HitsThe Kinks / The Yardbirds1984Compil.
A Compleat Collection 20th Anniversary EditionThe Kinks1984Compil.
Greatest HitsThe Kinks1984Compil.
Summer's GoneThe Kinks1984Single
The State Of Confusion 4 Track E.PThe Kinks1984Single
Late Late ShowThe Kinks1983Album
The Singles 1964-1970The Kinks1983Compil.
El Disco De Oro De Los Kinks Vol. 2The Kinks1983Compil.
Shape Of Things To ComeThe Kinks1983Compil.
Kinks AttackThe Kinks1983Album
More Kinks On PieThe Kinks1983Compil.
State Of ConfusionThe Kinks1983Single
It Is Time...The Kinks1983Album
Tired Of Waiting For YouThe Kinks1983Single
Earth News For The Week Of October 10, 1983Culture Club, Juice Newton, Spandau Ballet, Eddie Murphy, Paul Kantner, The Kinks1983Album
Candy From Mr. DandyThe Kinks1983Album
State Of ConfusionThe Kinks1983Single
Don't Forget To Dance / Young ConservativesThe Kinks1983Single
You Really Got MeThe Kinks1983Single
Kwack KinksThe Kinks1983Compil.
State Of ConfusionThe Kinks1983Album
Rare Collection Vol. 1The Kinks1983Single
Rare Collection Vol. 2The Kinks1983Single
Kollektable KinksThe Kinks1983Compil.
Destroyer / Art Lover / Add It Up / Killers EyesThe Kinks1982Album
The History Of Rock (Volume Seven)The Hollies / The Searchers / The Kinks / Manfred Mann1982Compil.
The KinksThe Kinks1982Compil.
Come DancingThe Kinks1982Single
Spotlight On The Kinks Vol. 2The Kinks1982Compil.
Better ThingsThe Kinks1981Single
Give The People What They WantThe Kinks1981Album
The KinksThe Kinks1981Compil.
DestroyerThe Kinks1981Single
PredictableThe Kinks1981Single
Spotlight On The KinksThe Kinks1981Compil.
What's It All About?Glen Campbell / The Kinks1981Single
Better Things / Runaway BoysThe Kinks / Stray Cats1981Single
Spotlight On The Kinks Volume OneThe Kinks1981Compil.
Hit StationThe Kinks1981Compil.
The Best OfThe Kinks1981Compil.
Art Lover / PredictableThe Kinks1981Single
The Best Of The KinksThe Kinks1981Compil.
Intro: Lola, LolaThe Kinks1980Single
Earth News For The Week Of November 17, 1980The Kinks1980Album
'Till The End Of The Day (Live '79)The Kinks1980Single
The Kinks Live EPThe Kinks1980Single
Lola (Live)The Kinks1980Single
Años Dorados Especial RadioThe Kinks1980Single
Second Time AroundThe Kinks1980Compil.
VictoriaThe Kinks1980Single
Kinky GemsThe Kinks1980Compil.
Lola / You Really Got MeThe Kinks1980Single
Waterloo SunsetThe Kinks1980Single
LolaThe Kinks1980Single
Misfits Never DieThe Kinks1980Album
You Really Got MeThe Kinks1980Single
One For The RoadThe Kinks1980Album
The Kinks CollectionThe Kinks1980Compil.
Winterland 2/77 Part 1The Kinks1980Album
(Wish I Could Fly Like) SupermanThe Kinks1980Single
You Really Got MeThe Kinks1980Single
Lola / Celluloid Heroes (Live)The Kinks1980Single
4 Live Hits From One For The RoadThe Kinks1980Album
Lola / Death Of A ClownThe Kinks1980Single
Catch Me Now I'm FallingThe Kinks1979Single
Moving PicturesThe Kinks1979Single
Low Budget InterviewThe Kinks1979Album
You Really Got MeThe Kinks1979Compil.
Dandy / Waterloo SunsetThe Kinks1979Single
All Day And All Of The Night - The Kinks - Vol. 2The Kinks1979Compil.
Superstars Of The 60s And The 70s, (Side 9/10)The Kinks / The Troggs1979Compil.
A Gallon Of GasThe Kinks1979Single
(Wish I Could Fly Like) SupermanThe Kinks1979Album
Low BudgetThe Kinks1979Album
Attitude / Catch Me Now, I'm FallingThe Kinks1979Single
PressureThe Kinks1979Single
You Really Got Me / A Well Respected ManThe Kinks1979Single
Ihre 20 Größten HitsThe Kinks1978Compil.
LolaThe Kinks1978Compil.
Historia De La Musica Pop Inglesa / Vol. 7The Kinks1978Compil.
Father ChristmasThe Kinks1978Album
The KinksThe Kinks1978Compil.
Waterloo SunsetThe Kinks1978Single
MisfitsThe Kinks1978Album
You Really Got Me / Dedicated Follower Of FashionThe Kinks1978Single
A Rock 'N' Roll FantasyThe Kinks1978Single
Misfit RecordThe Kinks1978Single
Black MessiahThe Kinks1978Single
Yesteryear SeriesThe Kinks1978Single
In Concert-170The Kinks1978Album
Live LifeThe Kinks1978Single
Lo Mejor De The KinksThe Kinks1978Compil.
20 Golden GreatsThe Kinks1978Compil.
Rock 'n' Roll FantasyThe Kinks1978Single
LolaThe Kinks1977Album
LolaThe Kinks1977Single
The Kinks Best CollectionThe Kinks1977Compil.
The Best Of The KinksThe Kinks1977Compil.
What's It All About?The Kinks / Charley Pride1977Single
El Disco De Oro De Los KinksThe Kinks1977Compil.
SleepwalkerThe Kinks1977Album
Historia De La Música Pop Inglesa / Vol.1The Kinks1977Compil.
La Mejor Hora De The KinksThe Kinks1977Compil.
SleepwalkerThe Kinks1977Single
The KinksThe Kinks1977Compil.
Juke Box MusicThe Kinks1977Single
The File SeriesThe Kinks1977Compil.
The Story Of PopThe Kinks1977Compil.
Lola / Sunny AfternoonThe Kinks1977Single
Los Legendarios KinksThe Kinks1977Compil.
Father ChristmasThe Kinks1977Single
Inner-View: Ray Davies / KinksRay Davies / The Kinks1976Album
The KinksThe Kinks1976Compil.
Celluloid Heroes - The Kinks' GreatestThe Kinks1976Compil.
The Kinks Vol. 2The Kinks1976Compil.
Schoolboys In DisgraceThe Kinks1975Album
A Well Respected Man / Sunny AfternoonThe Kinks1975Single
The Pye History Of British Pop MusicThe Kinks1975Compil.
The Best Of The KinksThe Kinks1975Compil.
You Can't Stop The MusicThe Kinks1975Single
PreservationThe Kinks1975Single
StarmakerThe Kinks1975Single
Soap OperaThe Kinks1975Album
I'm In DisgraceThe Kinks1975Single
No More Looking BackThe Kinks1975Single
Ducks On The WallThe Kinks1975Single
Don't Touch That Dial!The Kinks1975Album
The Pye History Of British Pop Music - Best Of The British InvasionThe Kinks1975Compil.
EncoreThe Kinks1975Compil.
Survivors - Kaught Konspicuously In KoncertThe Kinks1975Album
Long Tall SallyThe Kinks1975Compil.
Holiday RomanceThe Kinks1974Single
Lola, Percy & The Apemen Come Face To Face With The Village Green Preservation Society... Something ElseThe Kinks1974Compil.
Money TalksThe Kinks1974Single
Mirror Of LoveThe Kinks1974Single
Preservation Act 2The Kinks1974Album
Stereo Pop Special-76The Kinks1974Album
Where Have All The Good Times GoneThe Kinks1973Single
The Great Lost Kinks AlbumThe Kinks1973Album
Sweet Lady Genevieve / Sitting In My HotelThe Kinks1973Single
Sitting In The Midday Sun / One Of The SurvivorsThe Kinks1973Single
Pop ChronikThe Kinks1973Compil.
Golden Hour Of The Kinks Vol. 2The Kinks1973Compil.
Tired Of Waiting For You / Waterloo SunsetThe Kinks1973Single
One Of The SurvivorsThe Kinks1973Single
Sweet Lady GenevieveThe Kinks1973Single
Preservation Act 1The Kinks1973Album
All The Good TimesThe Kinks1973Compil.
Kriminal KinksThe Kinks1973Album
Here Comes Yet Another DayThe Kinks1972Single
King KongThe Kinks1972Single
20 Century ManThe Kinks1972Single
Everybody's In Show-Biz - Everybody's A StarThe Kinks1972Album
Supersonic Rocket ShipThe Kinks1972Single
You Really Got MeThe Kinks1972Single
Supersonic Rocket Ship / 20Th Century ManThe Kinks1972Single
Muswell Hillbillies / EvolutionThe Kinks, Iron Butterfly1972Album
The Kink KroniklesThe Kinks1972Compil.
Supersonic Rocket Ship / La GioventùThe Kinks / Sylvie Vartan1972Single
Sunny Afternoon / Dedicated Follower Of FashionThe Kinks1972Single
Lo Mejor De The KinksThe Kinks1972Compil.
Disco Recuerdos Vol.IIThe Kinks, Donovan, Jefferson, Kenny Ball1972Single
Celluloid Heroes / Hot PotatoesThe Kinks1972Single
Muswell HillbilliesThe Kinks1972Single
Grandes Exitos Vol.1The Kinks1972Compil.
Lola / ApemanThe Kinks1972Single
Have A Cuppa TeaThe Kinks1972Single
Muswell HillbilliesThe Kinks1971Album
You Really Got MeThe Kinks1971Single
Muswell HillbillyThe Kinks1971Single
PercyThe Kinks1971Album
God's ChildrenThe Kinks1971Single
Waterloo SunsetThe Kinks1971Compil.
The KinksThe Kinks1971Compil.
The Best OfThe Kinks1971Compil.
LolaThe Kinks1971Compil.
God's ChildrenThe Kinks1971Single
God's ChildrenThe Kinks1971Single
The Kinks' Greatest HitsThe Kinks1971Album
Animals In The Zoo / Denmark StreetThe Kinks1971Single
Golden Hour Of The KinksThe Kinks1971Compil.
LolaThe Kinks1970Single
ApemanThe Kinks1970Single
History Vol. 2The Kinks1970Compil.
The KinksThe Kinks1970Compil.
LolaThe Kinks1970Single
Lola / VictoriaThe Kinks1970Single
LolaThe Kinks1970Single
History Vol. 1The Kinks1970Compil.
Lola (Live)The Kinks1970Single
Mini De Luxe - 2The Kinks1970Single
LolaThe Kinks1970Single
Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround, Part OneThe Kinks1970Album
AustraliaThe Kinks1969Single
Day'sThe Kinks1969Single
Arthur Or The Decline And Fall Of The British EmpireThe Kinks1969Album
Plastic ManThe Kinks1969Single
Status Quo / The KinksStatus Quo / The Kinks1969Compil.
Los Kinks (Manejando)The Kinks1969Single
ShangrilaThe Kinks1969Single
Then Now And InbetweenThe Kinks1969Compil.
VictoriaThe Kinks1969Single
Los KinksThe Kinks1969Single
Hits Mini De LuxeThe Kinks1969Single
The Village Green Preservation SocietyThe Kinks1969Single
VictoriaThe Kinks1969Single
Drivin'The Kinks1969Single
The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation SocietyThe Kinks1968Album
United Kinks Dom (Kontraversy) / Something Else By The KinksThe Kinks1968Compil.
The Village Green Preservation SocietyThe Kinks1968Single
Are The Village Green Preservation SocietyThe Kinks1968Single
A Well Respected Man / Set Me FreeThe Kinks1968Single
All Day And All Of The Night / Tired Of Waiting For YouThe Kinks1968Single
Day'sThe Kinks1968Single
Starstruck / Picture BookThe Kinks1968Single
Los Kinks Vol. 10The Kinks1968Single
WonderboyThe Kinks1968Single
WonderboyThe Kinks1968Single
Lincoln CountyDave Davies, The Kinks1968Single
The KinksThe Kinks1968Single
Vol. 9The Kinks1968Single
Waterloo SunsetThe Kinks1967Single
Mr. PleasantThe Kinks1967Single
Autumn AlmanacThe Kinks1967Single
The KinksThe Kinks1967Compil.
Mister PleasantThe Kinks1967Single
Something Else By The KinksThe Kinks1967Album
Arde Paris? / El SimpáticoCyril Stapleton And His Orchestra / The Kinks1967Single
Tin Soldier ManThe Kinks1967Single
David WattsThe Kinks1967Single
Live At Kelvin HallThe Kinks1967Album
The Live KinksThe Kinks1967Album
Sunny AfternoonThe Kinks1967Compil.
El Disco De Oro De Los KinksThe Kinks1967Compil.
Party LineThe Kinks1967Single
Waterloo Sunset / Mr. PleasantThe Kinks1967Single
Waterloo SunsetThe Kinks1967Single
Deadend Street / Sunny AfternoonThe Kinks1967Single
Death Of A ClownDave Davies / The Kinks1967Single
Autumn AlmanacThe Kinks1967Single
Milk Cow BluesThe Kinks1966Single
Sunny AfternoonThe Kinks1966Single
Vol. 2The Kinks1966Single
Well Respected KinksThe Kinks1966Compil.
You Do Something To MeThe Kinks1966Single
Wonder Where My Baby Is TonightThe Kinks1966Single
The Kinks Greatest Hits!The Kinks1966Compil.
Tired Of Waiting For YouThe Kinks1966Single
Die Neue Kinks RevueThe Kinks1966Compil.
En Una Tarde De Sol = Sunny AfternoonThe Kinks1966Single
Sunny AfternoonThe Kinks1966Single
Callejon Sin SalidaThe Kinks1966Single
Dandy / Long Tall SallyThe Kinks1966Single
Little Miss Queen Of Darkness / Too Much On My MindThe Kinks1966Single
DandyThe Kinks1966Single
Dedicated Follower Of FashionThe Kinks1966Single
Follower Of FashionThe Kinks1966Single
A Well Respected Man / Long Tall ShortyThe Kinks1966Single
Tomaré El Primer Avión / Fanático De La Moda / Sentado En Mi Sofá / Demasiado TardeThe Kinks1966Single
Dedicated KinksThe Kinks1966Single
DandyThe Kinks1966Single
Till The End Of The DayThe Kinks1966Single
Till The End Of The DayThe Kinks / The Kingsmen1966Single
Tarde De Verano (Los Kinks Vol.5)The Kinks1966Single
A Well Respected ManThe Kinks1966Single
Dead End StreetThe Kinks1966Single
Dead End StreetThe Kinks1966Single
The Kinks Hit!!The Kinks1966Single
Sunny AfternoonThe Kinks1966Single
The Kinks In SwedenThe Kinks1966Single
La Balada De Las Gorras Verdes / Un Fanático De La ModaAlan Moorhouse, The Kinks1966Single
Face To FaceThe Kinks1966Album
The Kinks At Drop InThe Kinks1966Single
Cansado De EsperarteThe Kinks1965Single
Mira, Amigo / Demasiado Trabajo / Quién Será El Próximo / Todos Estarán ContentosThe Kinks1965Single
Got Love If You Want ItThe Kinks1965Single
Set Me FreeThe Kinks1965Single
I'm A Lover Not A Fighter / Beautiful DelilahThe Kinks1965Single
Bald Headed WomanThe Kinks1965Single
Kinksize HitsThe Kinks1965Single
CadillacThe Kinks1965Single
Los KinksThe Kinks1965Compil.
Vol. 3The Kinks1965Single
The Kinks Hits!The Kinks1965Compil.
Kinda KinksThe Kinks1965Album
See My FriendThe Kinks1965Single
# 3 A Well Respected ManThe Kinks1965Album
A Well Respected Man / Oh, Rock My SoulThe Kinks / Peter, Paul & Mary1965Single
The Kink KontroversyThe Kinks1965Album
Set Me FreeThe Kinks1965Single
De Día Y De NocheThe Kinks1965Single
I Took My Baby Home / Long Tall ShortyThe Kinks1965Single
Kwyet KinksThe Kinks1965Single
Tired Of Waiting For YouThe Kinks1965Single
Sesion Con The KinksThe Kinks1965Single
Tired Of WaitingThe Kinks1965Single
A Well Respected ManThe Kinks1965Single
Cadillac / Just Can't Go To SleepThe Kinks1965Single
Kinks KinkdomThe Kinks1965Album
Vol. 5The Kinks1965Single
Tired Of Waiting For YouThe Kinks1965Single
Stop Your SobbingThe Kinks1965Single
Till The End Of The DayThe Kinks1965Single
A Well Respected ManThe Kinks1965Single
Kinda KinksThe Kinks1965Album
Everybody Is Gonna Be Happy / Who'll Be The Next In LineThe Kinks1965Single
Till The End Of The DayThe Kinks1965Single
The Kinks In GermanyThe Kinks1965Album
Kinks-SizeThe Kinks1965Album
Vol. 2The Kinks1965Album
A Well-Respected ManThe Kinks1965Single
Till The End Of The DayThe Kinks1965Single
Los KinksThe Kinks1965Single
I'm On An IslandThe Kinks1965Single
Kinda KinksThe Kinks1965Compil.
Long Tall SallyThe Kinks1964Single
Kinksize SessionThe Kinks1964Single
You Still Want MeThe Kinks1964Single
You Really Got MeThe Kinks1964Single
All Day And All Of The NightThe Kinks1964Single
Longtall SallyThe Kinks1964Single
Beautiful DelilahThe Kinks1964Single
Till The End Of The Day / What's In Store For MeThe Kinks1964Single
Have I The Right ? / Please Don't Pretend Again / You Really Got Me / It's All RightThe Honeycombs / The Kinks1964Single
KinksThe Kinks1964Album
The KinksThe Kinks1964Compil.
You Really Got MeThe Kinks1964Single
All Day And All Of The NightThe Kinks1964Single
The Kinks часть 3-4The KinksAlbum
As Kinky As It GetsThe KinksCompil.
Dedicated Follower Of Fashion / Who'll Be Next In LineThe KinksSingle
Star-DiscothekThe KinksCompil.
Los Kinks El Hombre MonoThe KinksSingle
Los Kinks Vol. 6The KinksSingle
Dedicated Follower Of Fashion / Set Me FreeThe KinksSingle
This Strange AffectThe KinksSingle
Top 20The KinksCompil.
The Kinks часть 1-2The KinksAlbum
Lola / Purple HazeThe Kinks / Jimi HendrixSingle
Deveras Me Atrapaste = You Really Got MeThe KinksSingle
Super GroupsThe KinksAlbum
Vol. 1+2The KinksCompil.
Vol. 7 La Pequeña Reina De La ObscuridadThe KinksSingle
Soap Opera On TVThe KinksAlbum
Winterland 2/77 Part 1The KinksAlbum
What's It All About?The Kinks / Rex SmithSingle
You Really Got Me / Gotta Move / Milk Cow BluesThe KinksSingle
Na KanapieThe KinksSingle
Father ChristmasThe KinksSingle
Lola / Mindless Child Of MotherhoodThe KinksSingle
RemasteredThe KinksCompil.
Inner View Kinks Ray DaviesThe Kinks, Ray DaviesAlbum
Sunny Afternoon / Explosion In Your SoulThe Kinks / Soul SurvivorsSingle
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