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key, voc, *1965 IS, Reykjavík
Singer / Songwriter of Electronic and Pop
A.k.a. Björk Guðmundsdóttir

Björk Guðmundsdóttir (Icelandic pronunciation: [ˈpjœr̥k ˈkvʏðmʏntsˌtoʊhtɪr]), known by her stage name Björk, is an Icelandic singer and musician, born 21 November 1965 in Reykjavík. Well known for her creative compositional style and distinct singing, Björk's recording career began in 1977 at the age of 11, when she released (as Björk Guðmundsdóttir) her first album, while studying piano and flute at music school. Although the album became platinum, she refused to make another disco-folk follow-up and, at the age of 13, formed her first short-lived punk band, all-girl alliance Spit and Snot (Saliva and Phlegm), where she played the drums. Later on she was involved in projects such as Exodus and Jam 80, all of which without known record releases. In 1982 she launched punk-pop Tappi Tíkarrass (Cork The Bitch's Arse), releasing an EP and a LP, before she turned into a "serious" rebel by joining forces of the political "existential jazz-punk" of Kukl (Witchcraft), releasing three records. While Björk's vocal expression had matured in Kukl, she attracted worldwide prominence for the first time as one of the lead vocalists of the avant-pop Icelandic sextet The Sugarcubes. In 1992 she emigrated to the UK, launched a solo career and quickly eclipsed her old band's popularity. Rather than following the Sugarcubes' artsy guitar rock, Björk immersed herself in dance and club culture, working with many of the biggest names in the genre, and receiving remix treatments from Underworld, Dom T., Fluke, µ-Ziq, Goldie, Mika Vainio, Alec Empire, Bogdan Raczynski, Beastie Boys and others. Her first album Debut established her new artistic direction and became an international hit, making her one of the '90s most unlikely stars. Although the album was recorded with producer Nellee Hooper in 1993, its songs were actually composed during the previous ten years while she was in bands. Björk quickly developed as a producer, moving from co-producer role on her early albums to full producer role in her later work, as her Music Producers Guild Award for Innovation in the category of production testifies. She is well recognized in both pop and experimental music worlds: her album Vespertine became album of the year by The Wire Magazine in 2001 and she won more than 20 awards in Europe and received 15 nominations in the US. While Björk developed her unconventional song structures, she has worked with many renowned artists, mainly in the realm of electronic music. One of her long-time friends and main collaborators was Mark Bell of LFO who co-produced many of her songs and even co-wrote a number of pieces over the years. There are other artists who played important roles in the creative part of her work: Guy Sigsworth, Icelandic poet Sjón who helped on lyrics for some of her key songs and video director Michel Gondry. Acts such as Plaid, Leila, Matmos, Talvin Singh were at times part of her live band. Furthermore, she has shortly worked together with Howie B., Graham Massey, Tricky, Eumir Deodato, Mike Patton, Matthew Herbert, John Tavener, Evelyn Glennie and has sung duets with Thom Yorke, PJ Harvey, Catherine Deneuve and Anthony Hegarty. Cover♦Sample♦Björk♦Sugarcubes.

  • Keyboards
  • Vocals
  • Harp
  • Strings
  • Bass
  • Electronic
  • Pop
  • Rock
  • Dance
  • Spoken Word
Popular Tracks   
Army of Me on Post by Björk
Venus as a Boy on Debut by Björk
It's Oh So Quiet on Post by Björk
Human Behaviour on Debut by Björk
Hyperballad on Post by Björk
Joga on Homogenic by Björk
Atopos on Fossora by Björk
All Is Full of Love on Greatest Hits by Björk
Big Time Sensuality on Debut by Björk
Come to Me on Debut by Björk

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Title Artist Year Type
Cvalda RemakeBjörk & FAT V2018Single
Arisen My SensesBjörk2018Album
Mutual Core (Nicolas Rada Remix)Björk2018Single
Blissing MeBjörk2017Single
The GateBjörk2017Single
Come To Me (Vulnicura Live Version)Björk2016Album
Sends LightAnsidis, Björk2016Single
Debut / Volta / MedullaBjörk2016Album
Lionsong (Choral Mix Featuring Untold)Björk2015Single
'Vulnicura' Remix Project - Part 1Björk2015Album
Vulnicura LiveBjörk2015Album
Mouth Mantra (The Haxan Cloak)Björk2015Single
Lionsong (Juliana Huxtable Remix)Björk2015Single
Notget (Lotic Fromdeath Version)Björk2015Single
Family (Remix By Katie Gately)Björk2015Single
History Of Touches (Rabit Naked Mix)Björk2015Single
Stonemilker (Patten Rework)Björk2015Single
Vulnicura Remix Project - Part 2Björk2015Album
Notget (Lotic Keptsafe Version)Björk2015Single
Family (Bloom's North Mix)Björk2015Single
History Of Touches (Krampfhaft Remix)Björk2015Single
Venus In Denmark 1993Björk2015Single
Black Lake (Bloom Remix)Björk2015Single
Vulnicura StringsBjörk2015Album
Lionsong (Kareokieijd Remix By Mica Levi)Björk2015Single
Vulnicura: Remix Project Part 3Björk2015Album
Medulla RMX SessionsBjörk2014Album
Volta RMX SessionsBjörk2014Album
Björk En GlastonburyBjörk2014Album
Biophilia LiveBjörk2014Album
When Björk Met AttenboroughBjörk2014Single
Biophilia RMX SessionsBjörk2014Album
Cvalda (Remix)Björk2013Single
Like A MushroomBjörk2013Album
Homogenic / VespertineBjörk2012Album
Mutual Core (Waxx Crooks Remix)Björk2012Single
New York Hall Of Science, Queens, NY, February 12, 2012Björk2012Album
Biophilia Remixes Part SixBjörk2012Album
Biophilia Remixes Part TwoBjörk2012Album
Biophilia Remixes Part OneBjörk2012Album
Biophilia Remixes Part FiveBjörk2012Album
Biophilia Remixes Part SevenBjörk2012Album
Biophilia Remixes Part ThreeBjörk2012Album
Biophilia Remixes Part EightBjörk2012Album
Hidden Place (Imago Bootleg)Björk2012Single
Biophilia Remixes Part FourBjörk2012Album
Thunderbolt (Live)Björk2011Single
Never Thought / ConstellationSade / Björk2011Album
Star Hit: Новое и лучшееBjörk2010Compil.
The Comet SongBjörk2010Single
Debut + PostBjörk2009Album
Best Of BjörkBjörk2009Compil.
Debut / Post / HomogenicBjörk2009Album
Даёшь Музыку MP3 CollectionBjörk2008Compil.
The Dull Flame Of DesireBjörk2008Single
Complete Glastonbury 2007Björk2008Album
Scatter Heart (Senzar Remix)Björk2008Single
Declare IndependenceBjörk2008Single
The First Four Videos From The Volta AlbumBjörk2008Album
Earth IntrudersBjörk2008Single
Make Your Own FlagBjörk2008Album
Raise Your FlagBjörk2008Album
Live At Fuse ClubBjörk2007Album
Аллея ЗвездBjörk2007Compil.
140993 Live At Manchester AcademyBjörk2007Album
Volta Tour 2007Björk2007Album
Золотые ХитыBjörk2007Album
Edited InterviewBjörk2007Album
Даёшь Музыку MP3 CollectionBjörk2006Compil.
Medulla Remix + Rare - Ver.3 (-Best"Rare"Remixies#7-)Björk2005Album
The Live ArchiveBjörk2005Album
The Television ArchiveBjörk2005Album
Полное Собрание СочиненийBjörk2005Album
The Best 2005Björk2005Compil.
The Music From Matthew Barney's Drawing Restraint 9Björk2005Album
Best "Rare" Remixies #4Björk2005Album
Medulla Remix + Rare - Best "Rare" Remixies #5 -Björk2005Album
Новая Фонотека В КарманеBjörk2005Compil.
Medulla Remix + Rare - Ver.2 (-Best"Rare"Remixies#6)Björk2005Album
‹Army Of Me› Remixes And CoversBjörk2005Album
Who Is It / Where Is The LineBjörk2005Album
The Medúlla VideosBjörk2005Album
Triumph Of A HeartBjörk2005Single
Коллекция Альбомов 1988 - 2001Björk2004Compil.
The Inner Or Deep Part Of An Animal Or Plant StructureBjörk2004Single
Homogenic LiveBjörk2004Album
Music BoxBjörk2004Compil.
Debut LiveBjörk2004Album
Post LiveBjörk2004Album
Berlin PoetryBjörk2004Album
Athens 2004Björk2004Album
Музыкальная ЭнциклопедияBjörk2004Album
Who Is ItBjörk2004Single
An Illusion Of A LandscapeBjörk2004Album
Best "Rare" RemixiesBjörk2004Album
Exclusive Free Björk CD-ROMBjörk2004Album
Best "Rare" Remixies #3Björk2004Album
Vespertine LiveBjörk2004Album
Sunrise Of A HeartDuran Duran / Björk2004Album
Violently Happy / UltravioletBjörk / U22004Album
An Echo, A Stain (Luke Chable & Chris Gainer Mix)Björk2004Album
Best "Rare" Remixies #2Björk2004Album
iTunes OriginalsBjörk2004Album
Digital CollectionBjörk2004Album
All Is Full Of LoveBjörk2004Compil.
Inside BjörkBjörk2003Album
Pagan PoetryBjörk2003Album
A Sudden Turn HappyBjörk2003Album
Shepherds Bush Empire & MTV UnpluggedBjörk2003Album
Kindness Kind (Delikate Impostors Mix)Björk2003Single
Live In MoscowBjörk2003Album
The Iceland MysteriesBjörk2003Album
Summer 2003Björk2003Album
One Night With BjorkBjörk2003Album
This Is Me...Björk2003Compil.
Master CollectionBjörk2003Album
Livebox SamplerBjörk2003Album
Greatest Hits - Volumen 1993-2003Björk2002Album
Royal Albert HallBjörk2002Album
World Music Collection 2002 #2Björk, Britney Spears, Dido, Kylie Minogue, Natalie Imbruglia, No Doubt, Victoria Beckham, Westlife2002Compil.
Gold HitsBjörk2002Album
Björk (Exclusive To Readers Of The Observer)Björk2002Album
Greatest HitsBjörk2002Album
It's In Our HandsBjörk2002Single
Volumen PlusBjörk2002Album
No Place Like HomeBjörk2002Album
Rare B-SidesBjörk2002Compil.
Vespertine Live At Royal Opera HouseBjörk2002Album
At The Royal Opera HouseBjörk2002Album
No Place Like HomeBjörk2002Album
The Shepherd's PieBjörk2002Album
Family TreeBjörk2002Album
Whispering PoemsBjörk2002Album
All Is Full Of BjörkBjörk2002Album
Vespertine Live At Royal Opera HouseBjörk2002Album
Greatest HitsBjörk2002Compil.
Hidden PlaceBjörk2001Single
St. John's Chapel - 29 August 2001Björk2001Album
Pagan PoetryBjörk2001Single
Коллекция Альбомов 1988-2001Björk & The Sugarcubes2001Compil.
Greatest Music GalleryBjörk2001Compil.
Maximum Björk (The Unauthorised Biography Of Björk)Björk2001Album
MTV UnpluggedBjörk2001Album
ビョーク (→2001·········································→)Björk2001Album
The Greatest StarsBjörk2001Compil.
Press Conference 21/8/01Björk2001Album
Simple PleasuresBjörk2001Album
Sus Mejores VideosBjörk2001Album
Frozen SagaBjörk2001Album
Bring On The EskimoesBjörk2001Album
Exclusive CollectionBjörk2001Compil.
MTV Unplugged & LiveBjörk2001Album
A Song From Vespertine (Aurora)Björk2001Album
I've Seen It AllBjörk2001Single
Музыкальная ЭнциклопедияBjörk2001Compil.
Selections From 'Vespertine'Björk2001Album
...Like Someone In LoveBjörk2001Album
Alternative CollectionBjörk2001Compil.
Ultimate CollectionBjörk2001Compil.
Un Titre De L'Album Vespertine (Aurora)Björk2001Album
Star ProfileBjörk2000Compil.
Greatest Hits - Platinum Collection'2001Björk2000Compil.
Quiet Fireworks (Rarities 1993 - 1997)Björk2000Compil.
2 In 1Björk And The Sugarcubes2000Compil.
New WorldBjörk2000Album
Домашняя КоллекцияBjörk А Также The Sugarcubes2000Album
Dancer In The DarkBjörk2000Album
Press Conference 13/7/00Björk2000Album
Collection 2000Björk2000Compil.
Grand CollectionBjörk2000Compil.
Hit Collection 2000Björk2000Compil.
All Is Full Of Love (Kirby Remix)Björk2000Single
Homophonic (Best Of)Björk1999Compil.
World Ballads CollectionBjörk1999Compil.
The Mystic Of IcelandBjörk1999Album
All Is Full Of LoveBjörk1999Single
The Outer LimitsBjörk1998Album
Live At Shepherds Bush EmpireBjörk1998Album
Live At Shepherds Bush EmpireBjörk1998Album
The Iceland SagaBjörk1998Album
All Is Full Of LoveBjörk Mit Funkstörung1998Album
Alarm CallBjörk1998Single
Joga / BacheloretteBjörk1998Compil.
Diamond CollectionBjörk1998Compil.
Emotional LandscapesBjörk1998Album
Violently HappyBjörk1997Album
South Bank ShowBjörk1997Single
Hyperballad • EnjoyBjörk1997Album
Big Time Sensuality • One DayBjörk1997Album
Possibly Maybe • EnjoyBjörk1997Album
Cover MeBjörk1997Compil.
I Miss YouBjörk1997Single
Celebrating Wood And MetalBjörk1997Album
I Miss You • Cover MeBjörk1997Album
Isobel • HyperballadBjörk1997Album
Tibetan Freedom ConcertBjörk1996Album
Ssshhhhhh .....Björk1996Album
It's Show TimeBjörk1996Compil.
王菲的最愛Björk / The Cranberries / Cocteau Twins1996Compil.
Possibly MaybeBjörk1996Single
The Live DebutBjörk1995Album
In Concert: New RockBjörk1995Album
Army Of MeBjörk1995Single
Vulcano Of IcelandBjörk1995Album
It's Oh So QuietBjörk1995Single
In Concert: New RockBjörk1994Album
Violently LiveBjörk1994Album
3 Songs From Debut (Special Adult Alternative Sampler)Björk1994Album
Disque Promotion - Interdit à La VenteBjörk1994Album
Live BehaviourBjörk1994Album
The Best Mixes From The Album-Debut For All The People Who Don't Buy White-LabelsBjörk1994Compil.
Violently HappyBjörk1994Single
Candy KissesBjörk1994Album
Sugar Candy KissesBjörk1994Album
The Girl From OuterspaceBjörk1994Album
Big Time HappinessBjörk1994Album
Human BehaviourBjörk1993Single
Big Time SensualityBjörk1993Single
Björk Cut By The Sabres Of ParadiseBjörk1993Album
Venus As A BoyBjörk1993Single
Debut SamplerBjörk1993Album
Björk Bitten By Black DogBjörk1993Album
In Concert 579 - BjörkBjörk1993Album
Play DeadBjörk And David Arnold1993Single
Björk And The SugarcubesBjörk And The Sugarcubes1993Album
Play Dead / Cold Cold HeartBjörk / Wet Wet Wet1993Single
Big Time Sensuality / Run Baby RunBjörk / Sheryl Crow1993Single
Ooops808 State Featuring Björk1991Single
So HappyBjörkCompil.
Acoustically HappyBjörkAlbum
The Roskilde SagaBjörkAlbum
USA Oakland Paramount 2001 Oct 17BjörkAlbum
Boston Wang 2001BjörkAlbum
Live Under The MountainBjörkAlbum
The Best OfBjörkCompil.
MP3 CollectionBjörkAlbum
Music Digital Stereo MP3BjörkCompil.
7 Track CompileBjörk / Skunk AnansieAlbum
Björk LiveBjörkAlbum
Фонотека В КарманеBjörkCompil.
Neon HunterBjörkAlbum
Romantic CollectionBjörkCompil.
Venus As A Gnome - Buenos Aires 1998BjörkAlbum
MP3 CollectionBjörkAlbum
Radio Mixes - Rarities On Compact DiscBjörkCompil.
2 In 1 - SelmaSongs / The SugarcubesBjörkCompil.
Björk - MP-3 КоллекцияBjörkCompil.
Björk - MP3BjörkCompil.
Violently Happy / Your HouseBjörk / Alanis MorissetteAlbum
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