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Band, 1967-1998

Formed in 1967, Genesis are among the top 30 highest-selling recording artists of all time. Their early work is characterized by complex song structures, elaborate instrumentation and the theatrical antics of founder member and vocalist Peter Gabriel, who left the band in 1975. Unable to find a suitable replacement, it was drummer Phil Collins who assumed vocal duties. This change, as well as the departure of guitarist Steve Hackett, two years later, saw the remaining three members (Phil Collins, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford) move into more accessible pop-based music. This change in style resulted in a huge growth in Genesis' popularity throughout the 1980s and early 1990s. In 1996 Collins left to concentrate on his solo work and other projects, leaving erstwhile bandmates Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks to forge ahead with new recruit; Stiltskin vocalist Ray Wilson. This line-up lasted for one album only (1997's "Calling All Stations") and Genesis soon found itself on hiatus after the poor performance and critical reaction of the new album. In 2006 - after years of speculation - Phil Collins, Tony Banks and Mike Rutherford reformed Genesis for the successful "Turn It On Again" tour. A reunion involving ex-members Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett remains much talked-about and unrealised. Inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame 2010 (performer) Members: Peter Gabriel (1967-1975) Mike Rutherford Tony Banks Anthony Phillips (1967-1970) Chris Stewart (7) (1967-1968) John Silver (2) (1968-1969) John Mayhew (1969-1970) Steve Hackett (1971-1977) Phil Collins (1970-1995, 2006-present) Ray Wilson (1996-1998) Live Members: Bill Bruford (1976) Chester Thompson (1977-1995, 2006-present) Daryl Stuermer (1978-1995, 2006-present) Nir Z (1996-1998)

PortraitPeter Gabriel
voc *1950 GB
PortraitRay Wilson
voc *1968 GB
PortraitAnthony Phillips
acg *1951 GB
PortraitPhil Collins
voc, dr *1951 GB
PortraitSteve Hackett
g *1950 GB
PortraitDaryl Stuermer
g, b *1952 US
PortraitMike Rutherford
b, g *1950 GB
PortraitTony Banks
key *1950 GB
PortraitJohn Mayhew
dr, perc 1947-2009 GB
PortraitJohn Silver
dr, perc
PortraitChris Stewart
dr GB
Popular Tracks   
That's All - 2007 Remaster on Genesis by Genesis
Invisible Touch - 2007 Remaster on Invisible Touch by Genesis
I Can't Dance - 2007 Remaster on We Can't Dance by Genesis
Follow You Follow Me - 2007 Remaster on And Then There Were Three by Genesis
Land of Confusion - 2007 Remaster on Invisible Touch by Genesis
In Too Deep - 2007 Remaster on Invisible Touch by Genesis
Throwing It All Away - 2007 Remaster on Invisible Touch by Genesis
Jesus He Knows Me - 2007 Remaster on We Can't Dance by Genesis
Hold on My Heart - 2007 Remaster on We Can't Dance by Genesis
Misunderstanding on Duke by Genesis

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Band Membership

Title Artist Year Type
Definitive Sheffield 1980Genesis2019Album
Live In Rome, April 1972Genesis2018Album
Definitive Lakeland 1975Genesis2017Album
Live In Rome April 1972Genesis2017Album
Live At The Shrine Auditorium January 1975Genesis2017Album
Greatest HitsGenesis2017Compil.
50 Years AgoGenesis2017Album
Definitive Liverpool 1975Genesis2017Album
Descending On PhoenixGenesis2016Album
Live in West Palm Beach (January 1975)Genesis2016Album
Maple Leaf LambsGenesis2016Album
Swiss WutheringGenesis2016Album
Wasted WingsGenesis2016Album
According To Phil CollinsGenesis2016Album
Rochester 1974Genesis2016Album
Live At The BBC - May 1971/March 1972Genesis2016Album
Selling Unplanned By The SoundGenesis2015Album
The Lamb Master CollectionGenesis2015Album
French EncoreGenesis2015Album
Manchester WindGenesis2015Album
Live Archives: The Early Days 1971-1973Genesis2015Album
Tokyo 1978 2nd NightGenesis2015Album
Empire Of ConfusionGenesis2015Album
Definitive MontrealGenesis2015Album
The Complete BBC Sessions 1970 - 1972Genesis2014Album
Ripples On The TyneGenesis2014Album
Sum Of The PartsGenesis2014Single
Voice From The PastGenesis2014Album
Live At The Rainbow 1973Genesis2014Album
That´s All,DetroitGenesis2014Album
Genesis In Concert 1974 Selling England Tour 2Dvdr SetGenesis2013Album
The Magic Of TimeGenesis2013Album
BBC Sessions (January 1972 - September 1972)Genesis2013Compil.
The Italian JobGenesis2013Album
In The BeginningGenesis2013Album
BBC Sessions (January 1970 - May 1971)Genesis2013Compil.
In The CageGenesis2012Album
Deep In The SalmacisGenesis2012Album
Genesis - The Lamb Comes Alive On BroadwayGenesis2012Album
Live At The Rainbow 1973Genesis2012Album
Live In Shepperton, London 1973Genesis2012Album
A Bedtime MustGenesis2011Album
The Definitive CollectionGenesis2011Album
Genesis LIVE...TONIGHTGenesis2011Album
Land Of ConfusionGenesis2011Album
Cryme Of PassionGenesis2011Album
Live In Pittsburgh 1976Genesis2010Album
Rock & Rock'n'Roll For YouGenesis2010Album
Live In PolandGenesis2009Album
Live In PolandGenesis2009Album
The Movie Box 1981 - 2007Genesis2009Album
Greatest Hits Part One (1970 - 1978)Genesis2009Compil.
BBC Crymes - A Collection Of Genesis BBC Performances From 1972Genesis2009Album
All The Help I Can GetGenesis2009Album
Live In Poland (CD2)Genesis2009Album
Live In Poland (CD1)Genesis2009Album
Dance In DetroitGenesis2009Album
Greatest Hits Part Two (1978 - 1999)Genesis2009Compil.
1973 - 2007 LiveGenesis2009Album
Complete Roxy NightGenesis2009Album
Forwards, BackwardsGenesis2009Album
The Lamb Lies Down On LiverpoolGenesis2008Album
Fan Club DVDGenesis2008Single
1970-1975 Box Set (Discs 5 - 7)Genesis2008Album
Cleveland 1976Genesis2008Album
The Lamb Lies Down On TorontoGenesis2008Album
Beginning Of The Selling England ShowsGenesis2008Album
1970 - 1975Genesis2008Album
Live At The ApolloGenesis2008Album
When In Rome 2007Genesis2008Album
Genesis Members Only DVD Assembly CutGenesis2008Single
When In Rome 2007 - 3 Track SamplerGenesis2008Album
14 From Our PastGenesis2008Compil.
January 28, 1975 Civic Plaza Assembly Hall, Phoenix, AZGenesis2008Album
Members Only DVDGenesis2008Album
MP3 CollectionGenesis2007Album
Live - Dusseldorf, DE 27.06.07Genesis2007Album
The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway - The Demos • Part IGenesis2007Album
The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway - The Demos • Part IIGenesis2007Album
Live 1977Genesis2007Album
Live - Berlin, DE - 03.07.07Genesis2007Album
1976 - 1982 Audio Sampler CDGenesis2007Album
Live - Brussels, BE - 24.06.07Genesis2007Album
Live - Amsterdam, NL - 01.07.07Genesis2007Album
Live - Düsseldorf, DE 26.06.07Genesis2007Album
Live - Toronto, ON 09.07.07Genesis2007Album
1983-1998 Audio SamplerGenesis2007Album
1983 - 1998Genesis2007Compil.
Live - Helsinki, FI 11.06.07Genesis2007Album
Live - Hannover, DE 23.06.07Genesis2007Album
1970 - 1975Genesis2007Compil.
Live - Berne, CH 17.06.07Genesis2007Album
Westwood One Off The Record Classic (OTRCL # 07-27)Genesis2007Album
Live - Frankfurt, DE 05.07.07Genesis2007Album
A Living Story - The 1977 TourGenesis2007Album
Live - New York, NY 09.25.07Genesis2007Album
Live - Rome, IT 14.07.07Genesis2007Album
Live - Leipzig, DE 04.07.07Genesis2007Album
Live - Prague, CZ 20.06.07Genesis2007Album
Live - Linz, AT 19.06.07Genesis2007Album
Live - Buffalo, NY 09.08.07Genesis2007Album
Live - Chicago, IL 10.03.07Genesis2007Album
Live - Albany, NY 09.12.07Genesis2007Album
Live - Boston, MA 09.11.07Genesis2007Album
Live - Pittsburgh, PA 09.09.07Genesis2007Album
Hamburg, DE 15-06-07Genesis2007Album
Live - Hamburg, DE 06.15.07Genesis2007Album
Live - San Jose, CA 10.09.07Genesis2007Album
Live - Washington, D.C., 09.23.07Genesis2007Album
MP3 CollectionGenesis2007Album
Remember Knebworth 1978: Featuring Genesis - A Midsummer Night's Dream (DVD, 2007)Genesis2007Album
Даёшь Музыку MP3 CollectionGenesis2007Compil.
The Lamb Rock OperaGenesis2007Album
Live - Herning, DK 14.06.07Genesis2007Album
Winterland 1977Genesis2007Album
Live - Manchester, UK 07.07.07Genesis2007Album
Live - Montreal, QC 09.14.07Genesis2007Album
Live - Ottawa, ON 09.15.07Genesis2007Album
Look Like TodayGenesis2007Album
Live - Cleveland, OH 09.29.07Genesis2007Album
Live - Philadelphia, PA 09.19.07Genesis2007Album
Live - Munich, DE 10.07.07Genesis2007Album
1970 - 1975 - 5.1 Surround Sound Sampler DVDGenesis2007Album
Live - Hollywood, CA 10.13.07Genesis2007Album
Live - Hollywood, CA - 10.12.07Genesis2007Album
Live - London, UK - 08.07.07Genesis2007Album
Live - Lyon, FR - 12.07.07Genesis2007Album
Live - Sacramento, CA 10.10.07Genesis2007Album
Live - Denver, CO 10.06.07Genesis2007Album
Live - Katowice, PL - 21.06.07Genesis2007Album
Live - Philadelphia, PA 09.18.07 ‎Genesis2007Album
Live - Stuttgart, DE 28.06.07Genesis2007Album
Live - Hartford, CT 09.16.07Genesis2007Album
Live - Detroit, MI 09.30.07Genesis2007Album
Live - Columbus, OH 09.22.07Genesis2007Album
Live - Chicago, IL 10.04.07Genesis2007Album
Live - Chicago, IL 10.02.07Genesis2007Album
Live - East Rutherford, NJ 09.27.07Genesis2007Album
Live - Paris, FR - 30.06.07Genesis2007Album
Live - Philadelphia, PA - 09.20.07Genesis2007Album
In LondonGenesis2007Album
Live Over Europe 2007Genesis2007Album
1983 - 1998Genesis2007Album
Deluxe Numbered Road Case - EuropeGenesis2007Album
1976 - 1982 - 5.1 Surround Sound Sampler DVDGenesis2007Album
L'Ange GabrielGenesis2007Album
1976 - 1982Genesis2007Album
1976 - 1982 - Sampler CDGenesis2007Compil.
Five Rivers StoryGenesis2006Album
Turn It On Again (The Tour)Genesis2006Album
Stars Live 2Pink Floyd, Robert Plant, Genesis2006Album
Digesting EnglandGenesis2006Album
Live "Revisited"Genesis2006Album
The Gabriel EraGenesis2006Album
Definitive ChicagoGenesis2006Album
The Silent Sun 2006Peter Gabriel, Genesis2006Album
Seconds OutGenesis2006Album
The Genesis of GenesisGenesis, Peter Gabriel2006Compil.
The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (The Alternative Version)Genesis2005Album
Cleveland UpgradeGenesis2005Album
Earls Court 1977Genesis2005Album
The Ultimate ReviewGenesis2005Album
Live In LondonGenesis2005Album
Live/Video Anthology 72 - 75Genesis2005Album
A Living New StoryGenesis2004Album
Duke's MisunderstandingGenesis2004Album
Genesis Live 1972-1973Genesis2004Album
Live 1973 - 1974Genesis2004Album
DeLuxe Collection MP3Genesis2004Compil.
Mp3 Собрание Of Rock MusicGenesis2004Compil.
Inside Genesis 1975-1980Genesis2004Album
The Video ShowGenesis2004Album
Platinum CollectionGenesis2004Compil.
Digital Collection Vol.2Genesis2004Album
Last Super LiveGenesis2004Album
Big Jim Must Be Mad! 1978Genesis2004Album
Inside Genesis 1975-1980Genesis2004Album
Digital Collection Vol.1Genesis2004Album
Inside Genesis 1970 - 1980, An Independent Critical ReviewGenesis2004Single
(1975-1977) CD2Genesis2004Compil.
MP3 Звездная СерияGenesis2004Compil.
MP3 Collection CD1Genesis2003Compil.
MP3 Collection. CD3Genesis2003Compil.
Charisma Festival 1973Genesis2003Album
Total Rock ReviewGenesis2003Album
In The Studio With Redbeard Show # 796: Genesis Self Titled Album 20th AnniversaryGenesis2003Album
Live At Wembley StadiumGenesis2003Album
Alone Within A StormGenesis2003Album
MP3 Collection CD2Genesis2003Compil.
Double WatchersGenesis2003Album
The Ultimate CollectionGenesis2002Compil.
Duke's Travels In LondonGenesis2002Album
Genesis And Solo - It's Only Knock And Knowall (10 Jahre Deutscher Genesis Fanclub It)Genesis2002Compil.
Just A Pool Of TearsGenesis2002Album
The Genesis SongbookGenesis2001Album
German Melody Of 1975Genesis2001Album
Man On The CornerGenesis2001Album
In The Studio With Redbeard Show # 689: Duke / Abacab 20th AnniversaryGenesis2001Album
One For The ShowGenesis2001Album
White Mountain SideGenesis2001Album
Royal Cinema ShowGenesis2001Album
(1978-1997) CD2Genesis2000Compil.
(1969-1977) CD1Genesis2000Compil.
Two Sides LiveGenesis2000Album
Play: The Videos / The Video ShowPeter Gabriel / Genesis2000Album
In & Out Of DarknessGenesis2000Album
Emperor & EmpressGenesis2000Album
BBC Sessions 1970-1972Genesis2000Album
Euchre ShowGenesis2000Album
Willow Farm In RainbowGenesis2000Album
Hallam TapesGenesis2000Album
Hit Collection 2000Genesis2000Compil.
Archive #2 1976-1992Genesis2000Compil.
Archive #2 1976-1992Genesis2000Compil.
Echoes Of The BroadwayGenesis2000Album
Los Endos "Bills"Genesis2000Album
Greatest Hits 2000Genesis2000Compil.
Collection 2000Genesis2000Compil.
Live In Boston 1974Genesis1999Album
The Steam Of The Medley 1984Genesis1999Album
A Voice In The DreamGenesis1999Album
A Trick Of The StageGenesis1999Album
Outside And InGenesis1999Album
Turn It On Again (The Hits)Genesis1999Compil.
Me And Virgil Europe Tour 1981Genesis1999Album
A Living Story - The 1977 British TourGenesis1999Album
Dance Right On Through The NightGenesis1999Album
The Carpet Crawlers 1999Genesis1999Single
Awed Man Out - The 1975 British TourGenesis1999Album
Музыкальная Энциклопедия. MP3 КоллекцияGenesis1999Compil.
Robbery, Assault & BatteryGenesis1999Album
Never Forget JesusGenesis1999Album
Show It Again Peter!Genesis1999Album
Outvisible SideGenesis1999Album
Master Of Chicago ShowGenesis1999Album
Turn It On Again (The Hits)Genesis1999Album
Water & WreckingGenesis1998Album
Tow Down Three Left Twelve CompleteGenesis1998Album
Live / The Way We WalkGenesis1998Album
A Scream From BelowGenesis1998Album
Archive - Volume 1 SamplerGenesis1998Compil.
Live rehearsal CDGenesis1998Album
Archive 1967-75 - Display DummyGenesis1998Album
Voices In The AcademyGenesis1998Album
The Light Goes Down On EmpireGenesis1998Album
Once In A WhileGenesis1998Album
A Trick Of The TakesGenesis1998Album
Archive 1967-75 The InterviewsGenesis1998Album
Inédits - ...Calling All Stations...Genesis1998Single
The InterviewGenesis1998Album
Small Club At MarqueeGenesis1998Album
The Story Of RaelGenesis1998Album
Return To RomaGenesis1998Album
The Demo Mix Down On BroadwayGenesis1998Album
Live Rarities 1970-1973Genesis1998Album
Calling Radio StationsGenesis1998Album
Violent Dreams - Live At Imperial College, London, England - November 18, 1972.Genesis1998Album
Long Ago In The Rome HillsGenesis1998Album
Archive 1967-75Genesis1998Compil.
Revelations On BroadwayGenesis1998Album
Deep Mega Phil Collins + Genesis Part 2Genesis, Phil Collins1998Album
The GreatestGenesis1998Compil.
Not About UsGenesis1998Single
Live After DividingGenesis1998Album
The Lamb Lies Down On DusseldorfGenesis1998Album
Simply FollowGenesis1997Album
...Calling All Stations...Genesis1997Album
Suppers Ready With A Little Lost LambGenesis1997Album
Romeo ShowGenesis1997Album
...Calling All Stations... Non Album Tracks - Edit Versions - Acoustic Versions - Promotional Use OnlyGenesis1997Album
... Nothing Left Now ...Genesis1997Album
...Calling All Stations...Genesis1997Single
The Dividing LineGenesis1997Single
Calling All Stations Tour Ticket CDGenesis1997Single
Melody Of 1976Genesis1997Album
Moonlit QueenGenesis1997Album
Shade Of DawningGenesis1997Album
Live (Ultra Rare Trax)Genesis1997Album
More Fool MeGenesis1997Album
Dance On A BerkeleyGenesis1997Album
Real ImperialGenesis1997Album
Second NatureGenesis1997Album
...Calling All Stations... Album Sampler...Genesis1997Album
Invisible Touch / ...And Then There Were Three...Genesis1996Album
The Lamb Descends On WaterburyGenesis1996Album
Welcome To Epping ForestGenesis1996Album
Tales Of Ordinary MadnessGenesis1996Album
We Can't Dance / Wind And WutheringGenesis1996Compil.
A Trick Of The ShowGenesis1996Album
Moonlight KnightGenesis1995Album
On The ShorelineGenesis1995Single
Wilderness Of The MindGenesis1995Compil.
Firth of FifthGenesis1995Album
Live At Uptown Theatre, Chicago, Part 2Genesis1994Album
Super Golden Radio Shows No. 22 - Live In London 1975Genesis1994Album
Before RichesGenesis1994Album
Live At Uptown Theatre, Chicago, October 13,1978 - Part 1Genesis1994Album
MegaPhil Collins & Genesis1994Compil.
Home By The SeaGenesis1994Album
Before The LambGenesis1994Album
In Concert 1976Genesis1994Album
No Replay At AllGenesis1994Album
Live In U.S.A. & Germany 1987/88 Part 1Genesis1994Album
Cinema ShowGenesis1994Album
Progressive PowerArgent, Genesis1994Compil.
Musical BoxGenesis1994Album
In The Glare Of A Light...Genesis1994Album
Dynamic LiveGenesis1994Album
Live In U.S.A. & Germany 1987/88 Part 2Genesis1994Album
The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway - OuttakesGenesis1993Album
First We Were Five...Genesis1993Album
Driving The Last SpikeGenesis1993Single
Live Vol.2Genesis1993Album
Live At The Rainbow Theatre, London U.K. 1973Genesis1993Album
Live / The Way We Walk (Volume Two: The Longs)Genesis1993Album
Roma, 18 Aprile 1972Genesis1993Album
Live Vol.1Genesis1993Album
Land Of ConfusionGenesis1993Album
Tell Me WhyGenesis1993Single
In The Beginning Vol. 5Genesis1993Album
Providence LambGenesis1993Album
Ultimate LambGenesis1993Album
...And Then There Were Four...Genesis1993Album
In The Beginning Vol. 4Genesis1993Album
Giant LiveGenesis1993Album
In The Beginning Vol. 3Genesis1993Album
Never A TimeGenesis1993Single
Live - The Way We Walk In ConcertGenesis1993Album
From One Fan To All OthersGenesis1993Album
Domino Part II - The Last DominoGenesis1993Single
Live in Bruxelles-Frankfurt-London-Boston 1972Genesis1993Album
The Easy Rider Generation In ConcertGenesis1993Album
Two Songs From The LongsGenesis1993Album
The Lamb LivesGenesis1993Album
Out Of The CageGenesis1993Album
Happy The ManGenesis1992Compil.
Famille Heureuse / Mala Vida / I Can't Dance / Questione Di SfigaLes Negresses Vertes / Mano Negra / Genesis / Marco Carena1992Album
Jesus He Knows MeGenesis1992Single
World Dance 1992Genesis1992Album
Hold On My HeartGenesis1992Single
The Invisible CageGenesis1992Album
Featuring: I Can't Dance & Jesus He Knows MeGenesis1992Album
Legend 2 August 1992Genesis1992Album
I Know What I LikeGenesis1992Album
Live In Boston - Basel - London 1972Genesis1992Album
All The Hits In ConcertGenesis1992Album
Sincerely Yours...Genesis1992Album
Live USAGenesis1992Album
Invisible Touch (Live)Genesis1992Single
Summer NightsGenesis1992Album
Interview + Hold on my heartGenesis1992Album
18 Million Dollars To Dance - Live USA '92Genesis1992Album
Live / The Way We Walk (Volume One: The Shorts)Genesis1992Album
Dance With Me (Live Usa 1986-92)Genesis1992Album
In The Beginning Vol. 2Genesis1992Album
Live USAGenesis1992Album
Live At The SkydomeGenesis1992Album
Interview DiscGenesis1992Album
Off The Record Specials With Mary Turner (OTR # 92-03 Part II)Genesis1992Album
Three Sides LiveGenesis1992Album
Live In The Big AppleGenesis1992Album
In The Beginning Vol. 1Genesis1992Album
Live In Chicago 1978Genesis1992Album
I Can't DanceGenesis1991Single
The Unreleased Live CollectionGenesis1991Compil.
Illegal AlienGenesis1991Album
We Can't DanceGenesis1991Album
Live In London (The Rainbow Reels)Genesis1991Album
Kansas Memorial Hall February 1st 1975Genesis1991Single
We Can't Dance (Special Edition Volkswagen)Genesis1991Single
No Son Of Mine / UstmamòGenesis / Üstmamò1991Single
Selling England By The Pound / The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway I & IIGenesis1991Album
No Son Of MineGenesis1991Single
Recorded Live In Basel, Switzerland, January 1972Genesis1991Album
The Unreleased Live CollectionGenesis1991Album
I Can't Dance (Sex Mix) / Questione Di SfigaGenesis / Marco Carena1991Single
We Know What We LikeGenesis1991Compil.
Genesis - In the Studio "Genesis"Genesis1991Album
Turn It On Again - Best Of '81 - '83Genesis1991Compil.
Live In Knebworth 1978Genesis1991Album
Knebworth '90Genesis1990Album
The Carpet CrawlersGenesis1990Album
Live At The Uptown Theater 1978Genesis1990Album
The Real Last TimeGenesis1990Album
Dijon 1978Genesis1990Album
Live USAPhil Collins And Genesis1990Single
Live In Houston 1978Genesis1990Album
Limited Edition Interview Picture DiscGenesis1990Album
History Of Genesis [II] 1976-1986Genesis1990Album
The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway / I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)Genesis1990Single
Lamb Stew ( The Lamb Tour )Genesis1990Album
The Musical FoxGenesis1990Album
No Reply At AllGenesis1990Album
History Of Genesis IGenesis1990Album
Steeltown RevelationGenesis1990Album
Live SupperGenesis1990Compil.
Trespass / Nursery Cryme / FoxtrotGenesis1990Album
Watchers Of The SkiesGenesis1990Album
The ShepherdGenesis1990Album
Genesis A HistoryGenesis1990Album
The Genesis Story: Together And SoloGenesis1989Album
Twilight AlehouseGenesis1989Album
Genesis King Biscuit Flower HourGenesis1989Album
Follow You Follow MeGenesis1989Album
Perfect MontrealGenesis1989Album
Live In MontrealGenesis1989Album
Cinema LandscapesGenesis1988Album
The Phil Collins & Genesis StoryPhil Collins, Genesis1988Album
Legends Of RockGenesis1988Single
The Conversation Disc SeriesGenesis1988Album
Genesis Videos/Volume 1Genesis1988Album
Invisible Touch TourGenesis1988Album
Westwood One Star Trak Profiles # PS 88-18Genesis1988Album
Best Collection SeriesGenesis1988Single
Invisible TourGenesis1988Album
Genesis Videos Volume 2Genesis1988Album
King Biscuit Flower HourGenesis / King Crimson1988Album
Tonight, Tonight, TonightGenesis1987Single
And Then Here Are ThreeGenesis1987Album
Visible TouchGenesis1987Album
Off The Record Specials With Mary Turner (OTR # 87-12)Genesis1987Album
Anything She DoesGenesis1987Single
2 Great Pop Classics (Abacab & Genesis)Genesis1987Compil.
King Biscuit Flower Hour / Best Of The Biscuit: Genesis Live At The Los Angeles Forum, 14-15 October 1986 Show #683-87 A-C & #684-87 A-CGenesis1987Single
Westwood One Star Trak Profiles # PC 87-08Genesis1987Album
Just A Pool Of TearsGenesis1987Album
A Piece Of The ActionGenesis1987Album
Off The Record Specials With Mary Turner (OTR # 86-41)Genesis1986Album
Land Of ConfusionGenesis1986Single
The Genesis Event Part IIGenesis1986Single
Toque InvisibleGenesis1986Single
Radio Interview 8-15-86Genesis1986Single
Invisible Touch / Throwing It All AwayGenesis1986Single
Land Of ConfusionGenesis1986Single
In Too DeepGenesis1986Single
Tonight, Tonight, Tonight Exclusive Candid InterviewGenesis1986Album
Westwood One In Concert: BBC Concert Classic IC 87-09Genesis1986Album
Invisible Touch / L'OndaGenesis / Riccardo Cocciante1986Single
The Genesis Event Part IGenesis1986Single
Mama / In Too DeepGenesis1986Single
Don't Give Up / In Too DeepPeter Gabriel / Genesis1986Single
Invisible TouchGenesis1986Single
Invisible TouchGenesis1986Album
Throwing It All AwayGenesis1986Single
Invisible Touch Interview 1986Genesis1986Album
Follow You Follow Me / Illegal AlienGenesis1985Single
Pioneers In Music Starring GenesisGenesis1985Album
NBC Countdown To Christmas: Phil Collins / GenesisPhil Collins, Genesis1985Album
Your Own Special Way / Go West Young Man (In The Motherlode)Genesis1984Single
Live - The Mama TourGenesis1984Album
Man On The Corner / PaperlateGenesis1984Single
King Biscuit Flower Hour: Live In Philadelphia Two Part SpecialGenesis1984Single
Off The Record Specials With Mary Turner (OTR # 84-10)Genesis1984Album
Westwood One Superstars Concert Series # SS 84-5Genesis1984Album
Taking It All Too HardGenesis1984Single
Home By The SeaGenesis1983Single
Second Home By The Sea / That Was Then But This Is NowGenesis / ABC1983Single
Who Needs Peter Anyway?Genesis1983Album
That's AllGenesis1983Single
Illegal AlienGenesis1983Single
Three Into One: An Authorized 3 Hour SpecialGenesis1983Album
Firth Of Fifth (Live)Genesis1983Single
Pale Shelter / MamaTears For Fears / Genesis1983Single
Follow You, Follow MeGenesis1982Single
Off The Record Specials With Mary Turner (OTR # 82-39)Genesis1982Album
Man On The CornerGenesis1982Single
BBC Rock HourGenesis1982Album
Paperlate / Ti StringeròGenesis / Nada1982Single
Three Sides LiveGenesis1982Album
The Lady LiesGenesis1982Single
3 X 3Genesis1982Single
Genesis Live ...It's Been A Long TimeGenesis1982Album
Super Groups In Concert: Genesis Live At The Nassau Coliseum 29 November 1981Genesis1982Album
Turn It On Again (Live)Genesis1982Single
Abacab / No Reply At AllGenesis1981Single
Picture AboutGenesis1981Album
No Reply At AllGenesis1981Single
No Reply At All / Sausolito SummernightGenesis / Diesel1981Single
The Robert Klein Radio Show (December 13, 1981)Robert Klein Featuring Genesis, Treat Williams1981Single
Keep It Dark / She's A LadyGenesis / Richard Sanderson1981Single
Abacab / La Nena Del SalvadorGenesis / Alberto Fortis1981Single
Twilight AlehouseGenesis1981Album
Cinema ShowGenesis1981Album
White Mountain U.K. Tour 1976Genesis1981Album
Keep It DarkGenesis1981Album
White Mountain U.K. Tour 1976Genesis1981Album
BBC Rock Hour #243Genesis1981Album
Misunderstanding / DuchessGenesis1980Single
Turn It On Again / RobinGenesis / Antonello Venditti1980Single
In ConcertGenesis1980Album
Turn It On AgainGenesis1980Single
BBC Rock Hour #123Genesis1980Album
Revelatory Genesis 80:78Genesis1980Album
Duchess / T'InnamoriGenesis / Alberto Fortis1980Single
The Rarest Live Vol.2Genesis1980Album
Misunderstanding / Turn It On AgainGenesis1980Single
The Genesis SpecialGenesis1980Compil.
The Source: Live At The Lyceum Ballroom, London 7 May 1980Genesis1980Album
Follow You Follow Me / Heart Of GlassGenesis / Blondie1979Single
Nursery Cryme / FoxtrotGenesis1979Compil.
Genesis-SoloBrand X, Tony Banks, Genesis1979Album
Some Old Some NewGenesis1979Compil.
...And Then There Were Three...Genesis1978Album
Many, Too ManyGenesis1978Single
In Concert-180Genesis1978Album
Go West Young Man (In The Motherlode)Genesis1978Single
Record Live At Carnegie Hall In Nineteen Hundred And Seventy ThreeGenesis1978Album
Live - From The Mouth Of The MonsterGenesis1978Album
The Story Of GenesisGenesis1978Compil.
Pamela Is Watching YouGenesis1978Album
Follow You Follow MeGenesis1978Single
Many Too Many / Follow You Follow MeGenesis1978Single
Innerview: Genesis "Phil Collins - Tony Banks"Genesis1978Album
All We Need's A HitGenesis1978Album
Spot The PigeonGenesis1977Single
In ConcertGenesis1977Compil.
Earls Court 24.6.77Genesis1977Album
Supper's Ready / The Lamb Lies Down On BroadwayGenesis1977Single
Seconds OutGenesis1977Album
Your Own Special WayGenesis1977Single
2 down, 3 leftGenesis1977Album
As Though Emerald CityGenesis1976Album
A Trick Of The Tail / A Tower Struck DownGenesis - Steve Hackett1976Single
A Trick Of The TailGenesis1976Single
Wind & WutheringGenesis1976Album
Live In Newcastle 1973Genesis1976Album
Nightbird & Company: Cosmic ConnectionsGenesis / America / Chris Squire / David Pomeranz1976Compil.
Entangled / RipplesGenesis1976Single
A Death In Anytown Recorded Live At The Felt Forum Nineteen Seventy ThreeGenesis1976Album
Your Own Special Way / ...In That Quiet EarthGenesis1976Single
Rock Around The World # 107 - "Genesis Through The Looking Glass"Genesis1976Album
Ripples / It's YourselfGenesis1976Single
A Trick Of The TailGenesis1976Album
The Best... GenesisGenesis1976Album
Entangled/A Trick Of The TailGenesis1976Single
British Tour 1975Genesis1975Album
Awed Man Out (The 1975 British Tour)Genesis1975Album
Stereo Pop Special-98Genesis1975Album
The Best Of GenesisGenesis1975Compil.
The Carpet CrawlersGenesis1975Single
The Lamb Lies Down On BroadwayGenesis1975Single
Rock TheatreGenesis1975Compil.
Swelled And SpentGenesis1975Album
Genesis Collection Volume OneGenesis1975Compil.
Genesis Collection Volume TwoGenesis1975Compil.
I Know What I LikeGenesis1975Single
The Lamb Lies Down On BroadwayGenesis1974Single
I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) / Counting Out TimeGenesis1974Single
In The Beginning / The SerpentGenesis1974Single
The Lamb Lies Down On BroadwayGenesis1974Album
Presenting GenesisGenesis1974Compil.
Counting Out TimeGenesis1974Single
I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe)Genesis1974Single
In The BeginningGenesis / Les Humphries Singers1974Single
Counting Out Time / Timore E TremoreGenesis / Mai Lai1974Single
In Concert 1973Genesis1973Album
Genesis LiveGenesis1973Album
Selling England By The PoundGenesis1973Album
Watcher Of The Skies / What Made Milwaukee FamousGenesis / Rod Stewart1973Single
70's Pop SoundGenesis1973Compil.
Twilight AlehouseGenesis1973Single
Moonswept ParadiseGenesis1973Album
Quebec City 1973Genesis1973Album
Watcher Of The SkiesGenesis1973Single
Nursery CrymeGenesis1972Single
Happy The Man / Mama Weer All Crazee NowGenesis / Slade1972Single
Happy The ManGenesis1972Single
The KnifeGenesis1971Single
Nursery CrymeGenesis1971Album
Looking For SomeoneGenesis1970Single
From Genesis To RevelationGenesis1969Album
Where The Sour Turns To SweetGenesis1969Single
A Winter's Tale / One Eyed HoundGenesis1968Single
The Silent SunGenesis1968Single
In ConcertGenesis With Phil CollinsAlbum
We Are The Lamia Of The PoolGenesisAlbum
A Journey Into Warm WorldGenesisAlbum
Going Out To Get YouGenesisAlbum
Réflexion / Genesis Sur GenesisGenesisSingle
In ConcertGenesisAlbum
Eat Your Supper!GenesisAlbum
Music CollectionGenesisCompil.
Live - JadecaGenesisAlbum
The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway Demo TakesGenesisCompil.
After GlowGenesisAlbum
Angels OutPeter Gabriel / GenesisAlbum
White Mountain U.K. Tour 1976GenesisAlbum
Revelation Without A CauseGenesisAlbum
Live / TrespassGenesisAlbum
Genesis Vol. 2 The BestGenesisCompil.
Perilous SchizophreniaGenesisAlbum
Limited Edition Interview Picture DiscGenesisAlbum
Live USA - Live At It's BestGenesisAlbum
The Bedside Yellow Foam (Rescued Recordings From The First Time Around)GenesisAlbum
The Hiding PlaceGenesisAlbum
Dallas RehearsalsGenesisAlbum
The Down And Out ShowGenesisAlbum
Follow Us - Live 1978 & 1991GenesisAlbum
We - Live USA 1992GenesisAlbum
I Can't Dance - Live USA '92GenesisAlbum
Lord Of Lords, King Of KingsGenesisAlbum
Chloe In The GardenGenesisAlbum
...And Then There Was NurnbergGenesisAlbum
Recorded Live At The Marquee Club In LondonGenesisAlbum
Genesis MP3GenesisCompil.
Genesis - The Best Of! - Special Club EditionGenesisAlbum
Supper's Ready AgainGenesisAlbum
Six Of The BestGenesisAlbum
Broadway EvergladesGenesisAlbum
A Classic Broadcast RevisitedGenesisAlbum
Live In Cleveland 1976GenesisAlbum
Besides The Silent MirrorGenesisAlbum
Frankfurt Am Main 1981GenesisAlbum
1983 - 1998 5.1 Surround Sound Sampler DVDGenesisAlbum
Syria Mosque - Definitive EditionGenesisAlbum
Entangled At The Hammersmith OdeonGenesisAlbum
MTV Music HistoryGenesisCompil.
The Chamber Of 32 LambsGenesisAlbum
Chicago 1977GenesisAlbum
In Too Deep / Blow Your SpeakersGenesis / ManowarSingle
Zurich RevisitedGenesisAlbum
More hits in concertGenesisAlbum
Burning MarylandGenesisAlbum
In The Beginning Vol. 6GenesisAlbum
Live In Rio De Janeiro 1977GenesisSingle
The Watchers Of MontrealGenesisSingle
Live Hallenstadium, Zurich, Switzerland July 02-1977GenesisSingle
Live USA - Vol. 2Genesis with Phil CollinsAlbum
Live In Dallas 1977GenesisAlbum
Six Hours Live 1972-1980GenesisSingle
The Waiting RoomGenesisAlbum
200% Ultra HitsGenesisCompil.
Live In Sao Paulo 1977GenesisAlbum
Live USA Vol.1Genesis with Phil CollinsAlbum
Genesis часть 3-4: Коллекция альбомов (1978-1982) (1983-1997)GenesisAlbum
Genesis часть 1-2: Коллекция альбомов 1969-1977GenesisAlbum
Definitive TrickGenesisAlbum
Slipperman At The PalaceGenesisAlbum
Definitive Zurich 1977GenesisAlbum
A Trick Of The TapeGenesisAlbum
Strictly MechanicGenesisAlbum
Archive 1967 - 75GenesisCompil.
Live In Milan 19/5/87GenesisAlbum
Live In San Francisco 1977GenesisSingle
The Sophisticated 70'sBeggars Opera / Magna Carta / GenesisAlbum
Musical BoxGenesisCompil.
Connecticut '75GenesisAlbum
Executive ActionGenesisAlbum
German RepliesGenesisAlbum
Some Of You Are Going To DieGenesisAlbum
Windy Day SouthamptonGenesisAlbum
Definitive Florida LambGenesisAlbum
Live From Central ParkGenesisAlbum
Glasgow 1976GenesisAlbum
The Lamb Lies Down On EmpireGenesisAlbum
The Lamb Lies Down In PhoenixGenesisAlbum
Lamb Master In Los AngelesGenesisAlbum
MP3 CollectionGenesisAlbum
Man On The HammersmithGenesisAlbum
Something Inside MeGenesisAlbum
Romeo And JulietGenesisAlbum
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