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Band, *1985 GB, Abingdon-on-Thames
Rock and Electronic
A.k.a. On A Friday Shindig (2)

Alternative Rock (Modern Rock) band from Oxfordshire, England (United Kingdom). The name Radiohead comes from the Talking Heads song, "Radio Head", from the "True Stories" album. Formed by school friends in 1986, Radiohead did not release their first single until 1992's "Drill EP". The cathartic "Creep", from the debut album "Pablo Honey" (1993), became a worldwide hit as grunge music dominated radio airwaves. Radiohead were initially branded as a one-hit wonder abroad, but caught on at home in the UK with their second album, "The Bends" (1995), earning fans with their dense guitar atmospheres and front man Thom Yorke's expressive singing. The album featured the hits "High & Dry", "Just" and "Fake Plastic Trees". The band's third album, "OK Computer" (1997), propelled them to greater attention. Popular both for its expansive sound and themes of modern alienation, the album has been acclaimed by critics as a landmark record of the 1990's, some critics go as far to consider it one of the best of all time. "Kid A" (2000) marked further evolution, containing influences from experimental electronic music. "Hail To The Thief" (2003) was seen as a conventional return to the guitar and piano-led rock sound. After fulfilling their contract with EMI, Radiohead released "In Rainbows" (2007) famously via a pay-what-you-want model. Their latest album, "A Moon Shaped Pool", was released in May 2016. Radiohead's original influences were cited as alternative rock and post-punk bands like The Smiths, Pixies, Magazine, Joy Division, and R.E.M. (with lead singer of the band, Thom Yorke, refering to himself as an 'R.E.M. groupie').

PortraitThom Yorke
voc, g *1968 GB
PortraitJonny Greenwood
p, g, org *1971 GB
PortraitPhil Selway
dr, perc GB
PortraitColin Greenwood
b *1969 GB
PortraitEd O'Brien
g, voc GB
Popular Tracks   
Creep on Pablo Honey by Radiohead
Karma Police on OK Computer by Radiohead
High And Dry on The Bends by Radiohead
No Surprises on OK Computer by Radiohead
Fake Plastic Trees on The Bends by Radiohead
Paranoid Android on OK Computer by Radiohead
Weird Fishes/ Arpeggi on In Rainbows by Radiohead
Everything In Its Right Place on Kid A by Radiohead
Reckoner on In Rainbows by Radiohead
Daydreaming on A Moon Shaped Pool by Radiohead

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Title Artist Year Type
Openair St.GallenRadiohead2016Album
A Moon Shaped PoolRadiohead2016Album
Summer Sonic 2016 Complete 2016Radiohead2016Album
Present TenseRadiohead2016Album
NOS Alive 2016Radiohead2016Album
Burn The WitchRadiohead2016Album
Live At St. Triphon - Switzerland 2012Radiohead2015Single
Other Colors... BBC SessionsRadiohead2015Compil.
The Brighter North - Live In Canada - Vol.1Radiohead2015Album
The Brighter North - Live In Canada - Vol.2Radiohead2015Album
Radiohead Con Jools HollandRadiohead2014Album
Radiohead Con Jools HollandRadiohead2014Album
2 Shows From IEM 2012Radiohead2013Album
Radiohead Live At Tramps June 1, 1995Radiohead2013Album
At The Beacon Theatre, NYC 2003Radiohead2012Album
Hunting BearsRadiohead2012Single
Best Of Radiohead Vol 4Radiohead2012Album
At Beacon Theatre NYC 2003 CD1Radiohead2012Album
Amazing AustinRadiohead2012Album
At The Beacon Theatre, NYC 2003Radiohead2012Album
Austin City Limits 2012 -Collector’s Edition-Radiohead2012Album
5 Album SetRadiohead2012Album
Bonnaroo 2012Radiohead2012Album
Best Of Radiohead Vol 3Radiohead2012Album
Other Colors... BBC SessionsRadiohead2012Compil.
Bloom (Jamie xx Rework Pt. 3)Radiohead2012Single
Supercollider / The ButcherRadiohead2011Single
Bloom (Jamie XX Rework) / Separator (Anstam RMX) / Lotus Flower (SBTRKT RMX)Radiohead2011Album
The King Of Limbs Live From The BasementRadiohead2011Album
TKOL RMX8Radiohead2011Album
The Daily Mail / StaircaseRadiohead2011Single
Lotus FlowerRadiohead2011Single
In Rainbows From The BasementRadiohead2011Album
OK! Live In Belfort 03Radiohead2011Album
TKOL RMX 1234567Radiohead2011Compil.
Good Evening Mrs Magpie (Modeselektor RMX) / Bloom (Objekt RMX)Radiohead2011Single
Morning Mr Magpie (Nathan Fake RMX) / Bloom (Harmonic 313 RMX) / Bloom (Mark Pritchard RMX)Radiohead2011Album
Little By Little (Caribou Rmx) / Lotus Flower (Jacques Greene Rmx)Radiohead2011Single
Feral (Lone RMX) / Morning Mr Magpie (Pearson Sound Scavenger RMX) / Separator (Four Tet RMX)Radiohead2011Album
Give Up The Ghost (Thriller Houseghost RMX) / Codex (Illum Sphere RMX) / Little By Little (Shed RMX)Radiohead2011Album
Give Up The Ghost (Brokenchord RMX) / TKOL (Altrice RMX) / Bloom (Blawan RMX)Radiohead2011Album
Feral / Lotus FlowerRadiohead2011Album
The King Of LimbsRadiohead2011Album
Lotus Flower ‎Radiohead2011Album
Little By LittleRadiohead2011Album
Kid A / AmnesiacRadiohead2010Album
The Bends + Hail To The ThiefRadiohead2010Album
Creep - Live At Reading FestivalRadiohead2010Album
MP3 CollectionRadiohead2010Compil.
The Black Sessions, 1993Radiohead2010Album
At Saitama Super ArenaRadiohead2010Album
At Saitama Super ArenaRadiohead2010Album
Pablo Honey + OK ComputerRadiohead2010Album
These Are My Twisted WordsRadiohead2009Single
The Black Sessions 1995Radiohead2009Album
Entertaining AuntieRadiohead2009Album
Hola Buenos Aires!Radiohead2009Album
Right Place - Right TimeRadiohead2009Album
I Want To KreepRadiohead2009Album
All I NeedRadiohead2008Album
Rocks Germany 2001Radiohead2008Album
Japanese StepRadiohead2008Album
God Loves His ChildrenRadiohead2008Album
OK Computer (Collectors Edition) Advance 2-CDRadiohead2008Album
Greatest HitsRadiohead2008Compil.
Scotch MistRadiohead2008Album
Best OfRadiohead2008Album
House Of Cards / BodysnatchersRadiohead2008Album
In Rainbows - From The Basement: 15 StepRadiohead2008Single
In Rainbows - From The Basement: BodysnatchersRadiohead2008Single
The Best OfRadiohead2008Album
The Best OfRadiohead2008Compil.
At The BBC Radio TheatreRadiohead2008Album
Jigsaw Falling Into PlaceRadiohead2008Single
Panorama Box SetRadiohead2008Album
In Rainbows - From The Basement: House Of CardsRadiohead2008Single
In Rainbows - From The Basement: Bangers & MashRadiohead2008Single
In Rainbows - From The Basement: NudeRadiohead2008Single
In Rainbows - From The Basement: Weird Fishes/ArpeggiRadiohead2008Single
Secret RainbowsRadiohead2008Album
In Rainbows - From The Basement: All I NeedRadiohead2008Single
In Rainbows - From The Basement: VideotapeRadiohead2008Single
In Rainbows - From The Basement: ReckonerRadiohead2008Single
In Rainbows - From The Basement: Go SlowlyRadiohead2008Single
Down Is The New UpRadiohead2007Album
House Of CardsRadiohead2007Single
Rock Oz'Radiohead2007Album
Album Box SetRadiohead2007Album
Jigsaw Falling Into PlaceRadiohead2007Single
In RainbowsRadiohead2007Album
Punchup At An Underground / Sister RaverRadiohead / The Rapture2006Album
Erasing Warnings To The CuriousRadiohead2006Album
Greenhouse Effect Vs. RadioheadGreenhouse Effect vs. Radiohead2005Album
The Devils WayRadiohead2005Single
Greenhouse Effect Vs. RadioheadGreenhouse Effect vs. Radiohead2005Album
Beats And BreaksRadiohead & Panzah Zandahz2005Album
Новая Фонотека В КарманеRadiohead2005Compil.
Oxford's AngelsRadiohead2005Compil.
Lost Treasures 1993 - 1997Radiohead2005Album
Коллекция Альбомов 1993-2003Radiohead2004Compil.
There Electric There AcousticRadiohead2004Album
On a Friday DemosRadiohead2004Album
Mp3 Звездная серияRadiohead2004Compil.
No Way OutRadiohead2004Album
A Punchup At A WeddingRadiohead2004Single
Ale To The ThievesRadiohead2004Album
MP3 CollectionRadiohead2004Album
Com Lag (2plus2isfive)Radiohead2004Compil.
The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth Of All TimeRadiohead2004Album
There ThereRadiohead2003Single
The Kid ParadeRadiohead2003Album
Never A Dull MomentRadiohead2003Album
Go To SleepRadiohead2003Single
Bizarre Love Triangle / Everything In Its Right Place (Nigel's Progressive House Mixes)New Order / Radiohead2003Album
Acoustic 2003Radiohead2003Album
Bush Out!Radiohead2003Album
Glastonbury2003 (27-29 June)Radiohead2003Album
Hail, Hail U.K.Radiohead2003Album
Live In ItalyRadiohead2003Album
The Best OfRadiohead2003Compil.
Hail To The Thief Live PromoRadiohead2003Album
Hail To LondonRadiohead2003Album
Live In The UKRadiohead2003Album
Hail And BacktrackRadiohead2003Compil.
Thieves In New YorkRadiohead2003Album
Special Sampler 2003Radiohead2003Compil.
Un-Wired & RawRadiohead2003Album
Everything In Its Right Place (House Mix)Radiohead2003Single
Canadian AndroidRadiohead2003Album
Sail To MontreuxRadiohead2003Album
Not My FaultRadiohead2003Compil.
Interview CDRadiohead2003Compil.
Eloquent MetaphorsRadiohead2003Album
Go To SleepRadiohead2003Album
Alternative CollectionRadiohead2003Compil.
Hail To The ThiefRadiohead2003Album
Exit ThereRadiohead2002Album
Up On The RequestRadiohead2002Album
Packt Like Sardines In A Crushd Tin Box (SM Remix)Radiohead2002Single
Rock Am RingRadiohead2002Album
Mists Of AvalonRadiohead2002Album
Greatest HitsRadiohead2002Compil.
Holly PlaceRadiohead2002Album
Ultimate CollectionRadiohead2002Compil.
The Kid ParadeRadiohead2002Album
Amnesiac Tour 2001Radiohead2001Album
Later 08.06.01Radiohead2001Album
Pink MusicRadiohead2001Album
Pyramid SongRadiohead2001Single
Knives OutRadiohead2001Single
Special - Dollars And Cents (Live)Radiohead2001Album
4 Songs From AmnesiacRadiohead2001Album
Amnesiac Outtakes Film & TVRadiohead2001Album
Amnesiac B-SidesRadiohead2001Album
The RemiXfm (Radiohead Special)Radiohead2001Album
Catachresis College LibraryRadiohead2001Album
Updated ExperimentationRadiohead2001Album
Later With JoolsRadiohead2001Album
New York AndroidRadiohead2001Album
I Might Be Wrong - Live RecordingsRadiohead2001Album
Kid Eh?Radiohead2001Album
Still Paranoid In OxfordRadiohead2001Compil.
NPA LiveRadiohead2001Album
NPA FranceRadiohead2001Album
Live At South Park, Oxford 7th July 2001Radiohead2001Album
At Ground ZeroRadiohead2001Album
Pyramid SongRadiohead2001Single
I Might Be WrongRadiohead2001Single
College EPRadiohead2001Album
the golden unplugged albumRadiohead2001Album
Towering Above The Rest Complete Vol.2Radiohead2001Album
Kickoff AmnesiacRadiohead2001Album
Wires From The GroundRadiohead2001Album
Concert Canal + / Diffusion FNAC Juin 2001Radiohead2001Album
Before Kid ARadiohead2000Compil.
How Long To Appear Since The First NightRadiohead2000Album
Extraits Du Nouvel Album "Kid A"Radiohead2000Album
There Are Stars Enough For Everyone... An Audience With RadioheadRadiohead2000Compil.
Sampler 7 TitresRadiohead2000Compil.
Collection 2000Radiohead2000Compil.
Live In Berlin 07/04/00Radiohead2000Album
Maximum Radiohead (The Unauthorised Biography Of Radiohead)Radiohead2000Album
Kid ARadiohead2000Album
Optimistic/The National Anthem/In LimboRadiohead2000Single
An Interview With Jonny And Colin GreenwoodRadiohead2000Album
Boots, No Crushing HandsRadiohead2000Album
Kids Are All RightRadiohead2000Album
The National AnthemRadiohead2000Album
Special Sampler 2000Radiohead2000Compil.
More BellsRadiohead2000Album
No Kid No ComputerRadiohead2000Album
Kid A World PremiereRadiohead2000Album
Karma In The ArenaRadiohead2000Album
Creepy Alien SingalongRadiohead2000Compil.
Freakshow CopenhagenRadiohead2000Album
Just NewRadiohead2000Album
Hit Collection 2000Radiohead2000Compil.
Street SpiritsRadiohead2000Album
Looking Back At ....Radiohead2000Compil.
How To Disappear CompletelyRadiohead2000Album
Kid A BlipsRadiohead2000Album
Unplugged 2Radiohead1999Album
Radiohead.....Before ComputersRadiohead1999Album
Human RightsRadiohead1999Album
Unplugged And UnreleasedRadiohead1999Album
The Best OfRadiohead1998Compil.
Airbag / How Am I Driving?Radiohead, Cassius1998Single
New Yorke StoriesRadiohead1998Album
In The ZoneRadiohead1998Album
Meeting People Is EasyRadiohead, Grant Gee1998Single
Let Down DJ CopyRadiohead1998Compil.
Airbag / How Am I Driving?Radiohead1998Album
The InterviewRadiohead1998Album
7 Television CommercialsRadiohead1998Album
Central 4 Diversion TVRadiohead, The Verve1998Compil.
Star ProfileRadiohead1997Album
The Interview SessionsRadiohead1997Album
No SurprisesRadiohead1997Single
The Daily Show Comedy CentralRadiohead1997Single
Karma Police / Paranoid AndroidRadiohead1997Single
Planet AcousticRadiohead1997Album
Super Golden Radio ShowsRadiohead1997Album
OK ComputerRadiohead1997Album
OK Computer The Singles Collector's BoxRadiohead1997Single
OK Computer unofficial releaseRadiohead1997Album
Let DownRadiohead1997Single
Glastonbury '97Radiohead1997Album
5 Tracks CompilationRadiohead1997Album
No Surprises / Running From DemonsRadiohead1997Album
Paranoid AndroidRadiohead1997Single
Radiotick TracksRadiohead1997Album
College Karma EPRadiohead1997Album
Fully Illustrated Book & Interview Disc (The Unauthorised Edition)Radiohead1997Album
Karma PoliceRadiohead1997Single
The BendsRadiohead1996Single
Pop Is DeadRadiohead1996Album
The Bends + Pablo HoneyRadiohead1996Compil.
Live From Planet EarthRadiohead1996Album
Street Spirit (Fade Out)Radiohead1996Single
Radiohead - In-Store CompilationRadiohead1996Album
In Concert - New RockRadiohead1996Album
The Best Thing That You Ever HadRadiohead1996Album
Planet ParadisoRadiohead1996Album
The WarehouseRadiohead1996Album
The Bends (Pinkpop Edition)Radiohead1996Album
The OutbendsRadiohead1996Album
6 Programs TiedSpearhead / Radiohead1995Album
27 5 94 The Astoria London LiveRadiohead1995Album
Fake Plastic TreesRadiohead1995Single
High & Dry / Planet TelexRadiohead1995Single
France LiveRadiohead1995Album
The BendsRadiohead1995Album
Live At The AstoriaRadiohead1995Album
I Wanna Be Jim MorrisonRadiohead1995Album
Live On MTV Most WantedRadiohead1995Album
Anyone Can Play GuitarRadiohead1994Album
England 1994/U.S.A. 1993Radiohead1994Album
My Iron LungRadiohead1994Album
Creepy BrothersRadiohead1994Album
Stop WhisperingRadiohead1993Single
Thinking About YouRadiohead1993Single
Pop Is DeadRadiohead1993Single
Pablo HoneyRadiohead1993Album
On The Edge (The Weekend Of May 29, 1993 - Show # 93-22)Aimee Mann / Radiohead / David Bowie / The Posies1993Album
Pablo HoneyRadiohead1993Album
2+2=5, Are You Listening?RadioheadAlbum
English Civil WarRadioheadCompil.
Glastonbury Festival 2011RadioheadAlbum
Ballroom AlienRadioheadAlbum
World Ballads CollectionRadioheadCompil.
No More JokesRadioheadAlbum
Electric SessionsRadioheadAlbum
OK Computer + 6 Bonus Tracks!RadioheadAlbum
OK Computer - A Classic Album Under ReviewRadioheadAlbum
On A FridayRadioheadAlbum
New Songs Live - A's & B'sRadioheadAlbum
Fake Plastic ShockRadioheadAlbum
Non Lp TracksRadioheadAlbum
All Stars Presents: Radiohead - Best OfRadioheadCompil.
BBC In Concert 725RadioheadAlbum
You Could Be PresidentRadioheadAlbum
Les Eurock ÉennesRadioheadAlbum
The Fifth ElementRadioheadAlbum
Idiot ComputerRadioheadCompil.
Non Lp TracksRadioheadAlbum
Blocked Frequency B-Sides Volume 1RadioheadAlbum
Benefit For Haiti 2010RadioheadAlbum
Ok CataloniaRadioheadAlbum
Screaming outRadioheadAlbum
Destroy Rock & RollRadioheadAlbum
Unplugged - The Complete Acoustic SessionsRadioheadAlbum
Lost Trax Vol.1RadioheadAlbum
Radioshow New York 19th December 1997RadioheadAlbum
Unplugged AgainRadioheadAlbum
Non Lp Tracks From "Hail To The Thief"RadioheadAlbum
MP3 Домашняя коллекцияRadioheadCompil.
Black TuesdayRadioheadAlbum
Feral Beat -Fuji Rock Festival 2012-RadioheadAlbum
Bostonova 2001RadioheadAlbum
Hail To The Thief - Live At The Eurockk'eennes Of Belfort Festival France 04/17/03RadioheadAlbum
Platinum Collection 3 In 1Muse, Radiohead, OasisAlbum
The Street Spirit In Argentina 2009RadioheadSingle
Black SessionsRadioheadAlbum
MTV Music HistoryRadioheadCompil.
Spot 30" InterviewRadioheadAlbum
DeLuxe CollectionRadioheadCompil.
Paid In FullRadioheadAlbum
Unplugged - The Complete Acoustic SessionsRadioheadAlbum
Bonnaroo 2006RadioheadAlbum
B Side Androids Vol.2RadioheadCompil.
More T, Vicar ?RadioheadAlbum
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